the hero duke mixtape: a recovery playlist for our favorite angel princess, courtesy of some wonderful lady vocalists

i. the end

one. october//bluebird//it’s perfect weather for breaking hearts
two. almost lover//a fine frenzy//should’ve known you’d bring me heartache
three. hallelujah//kate voegele//i used to live alone before i knew you
four. ignorance//paramore//you treat me just like another stranger
five. eet//regina spektor//it’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song
six. forever and almost always//kate voegele//just love me when you can
seven. skyscraper//demi lovato//i awaken and untangle you from me

ii. the (new) beginning

one. put your records on//corinne bailey rae//you’re gonna find yourself somehow
two. so yesterday//hilary duff//haven’t you heard that i’m gonna be okay?
three. something that i want//grace potter//she’s a girl with the best intentions
four. i heart ?//taylor swift//i guess you thought you’d beat me
five. time machine//ingrid michaelson//your broken sorrys don’t mean a thing
six. uncharted//sara bareilles//i won’t go as a passenger
seven. stronger//kelly clarkson//doesn’t mean i’m over ‘cause you’re gone

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Title: Color
Word Count: 2111
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader
Reader Request: On a hunt and reader us attacked and doesn’t come out unscratched saying she’s fine then faints from a wound she didn’t tell the boys about in the first place and loses lots of blood so they get super worried about how pale she is.
Warnings: Blood, Mentions of injury, hospitals, tons of angst with a little bit of fluff, I think that’s it?
Author’s Note: Another request from an anonymous person. :) I actually like this one a lot so I’m pretty proud of it! Also a side note: this takes place before Charlie died. You’ll understand why that needed mentioned. Lol
Tagging: @fiftyshadesofmoose@screechingfangirlnerd

If you want tagged just let me know and I’ll do my best to get you tagged! I know I’ve forgotten someone and I feel terrible so just message me and I’ll be sure to get this edited and get you tagged! I left my note to self to add you to my tag list at home and I’m visiting family right now. :( I’m so sorry!

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