(Phil Coulson) Just Another Day In Paradise

Fresh white powder covered the forest floor and clung to the lifeless branches overhead. The darkness overhead came from the thick clouds which threatened to drop even more snow, but it didn’t. The ominous cloud cover was merely a deterrent to keep anyone from trying to venture out too deeply into the forest.

The god let out a soft sigh, watching as the delicate flakes slowly fell to the earth, bits clinging to his lashes and hair. He’d been out for a long while now lost in his own thoughts, enjoying the solitude. One thing about Midgard that he did enjoy, the scenery, how vastly different the regions of this world were. It was beautiful…

The wound had reopened the day prior to this one. The stitches had torn free leaving the wound wide open. Thankfully though he had been able to re-bandage it on his own. It had been a shoddy job and he was bleeding through them rather quickly, but it would suffice for now.

It was the pain though… the pain that was dragging him down. It would not leave him. With every small move he made the wound seemed to tear a little more… It was maddening. Still, he moved on, not letting this beat him again…

Carefully, he sat down on a boulder to rest, hand going to cover the aching flesh. The prince was returning home, but every day the walk seemed longer and longer. It would be easier to teleport, but he needed to save his energy for other things.

It had been quite some time now since he’d felt less than godly…

Just Another Day In Paradise

The next 24 hours passed in a blur. The day before Cory had not only worked but got on a plane with Lea and Brooklyn and had flown down to Mexico for a weekend getaway. The night before had been bliss, once Brooklyn had gone done for the night, Lea and Cory had a dinner together before retreating back to the room and falling asleep together. He loved falling asleep with her in his arms.

Today was a new morning though and as Cory stirred, he slowly began to open his eyes thanks to the small crease in the curtains that was letting the light shine in. As he felt Lea’s body moving against his own, he smiled softly and gently squeezed her. “Morning…” he whispered. 


Phil Vassar- Just Another Day In Paradise

anyone else remember this song?!?!?


I know I promised you Crater Lake photos from last week, but instead you get Three Fingered Jack photos from today. It was screetastic.

We saw mountain goats.

That turquoise glacial lake totally snuck up on us. I actually gasped when it came into view. Nice views of Mt. Jefferson, too!

The last photo is of the section we slid down on our butts back to the moraine. Like grown ups.

Opening tumblr to a nice message starting with

"You can’t find peanut butter because you are a broke ass cocksucker!… "  and goes on and on how the supermarkets in Venezuela do not sell basic things on purpose etc. 

Someone is bothered by a previous message and the fact that I usually can’t even find milk or sugar  in the stores near and not so near my neighborhood and I guess should keep my mouth shut.

  • Me:What milky bar?
  • Me:I seem to recall you eating my last Terry's Chocolate Orange. How does it feel?
  • Jack:You are stone cold. There's ice on the Arctic tundra warmer than you. When the Titanic sunk and Leo died, he was warmer than you.
  • Me:You won't eat my chocolate again though will you...

It’s really sad when an amazing trip to the supermarket involves being able to find soap, shampoo, deodorant or toilet paper.

Oh, and by the end of the month supermarkets are obliged to start installing bio-metric machines (fingerprints readers) to limit the amount of “basic needs products” purchase per person.