Make Believe

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean and reader pose as a couple to lure a vampire

Word Count:  2540

Warnings:  Smut, language, near death situation

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Make Believe

We were in the middle of this hunt when Mary called. We couldn’t exactly walk out on this, so Sam had volunteered to help Mary while Dean and I stay behind to finish the job.

Which led to the situation that I’m now in. It’s not so much a situation as a ‘how the holy fuck did it end up like this’ type of scenario. At the moment, as I sit in the Impala at the edge of a secluded forest with Dean, I wish that Dean had gone and Sam had stayed.

Not that it wouldn’t have been weird with Sam. It would have been weird, just a different kind of weird. Normal weird, not weird-weird. Sure, Sam is six plus feet of handsome, but the relationship I have with him is more sibling-ish. I just don’t have those kinds of feelings for Sam - the kind where my heart races a bit faster when he’s near and my girly bits get all tingly. Dean, on the other hand, has that effect on me. My relationship with Dean is strictly platonic, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream. And boy, do I ever dream. The man is fucking sex on bow-legs. Can you blame a girl?

Here’s the thing about this particular vampire - he’s got a bit of a twisted fetish. His tastes run into the kinky. He likes to take his victims mid-coitus. Doing the nasty. Knocking boots. The horizontal Mambo. He’s a real piece of work. Like I said, he’s a kinky son of a bitch.

His modus operandi is to kill the male and snatch the female. We haven’t quite figured out what he does with the girls, but our best guess is he turns them. And keeps them for his own amusement, if you catch my drift.

But I’m getting off course here. Right now my gut is swirling with butterflies, my heart pounding loudly enough that this vampire can probably hear it a mile off. In just a moment, I’m going to be making out with Dean. Sure, it’s for the greater good, I volunteer as tribute, blah blah blah. I know it’s not real, it’s just for show, but I’m nervous as hell. I’m staring at his lips and he’s giving me that cocky as hell smirk, you know the one I’m talking about. His tongue darts out to lick his lower lip and I practically swoon. I’m like Scarlet fucking O’hara, I’ve got a case of the vapors. I might actually pass out.  

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fyi if a real larrie hacked him they would’ve retweeted aimh, thats it, sweet and simple, we dont need a tacky larry porn post to get the message across because louis love tweet is enough but we are gonna get blamed anyways so hey what can you do just another day in the life lol

B’s story time...

I was cleaning my room earlier and I put on Harry’s performances on the Today Show and as I finished up, I grabbed my Rolling Stone mag and I turned to my brother and said “look how pretty”. I always do this and he always offends Harry but I do it anyway cause I know it annoys him BUT, to my surprise, he turned to me and said “he looked way sexier with his long hair”. Since I am a long haired Harry lover, I agreed but then told him “he looks sexy with both hairs but I like long hair better” and he nodded and then looked up at my tv and asked “You think THATS sexy tho?” (the short hair + pink suit) and I was like “what do you THINK?” and he just looked at me and said “you’re so whipped” and walked away. 

Is he lying? No. Am I ashamed? No. Should I be? A little bit, yeah lol And this is just another day in my life, you guys lol

P.S.: he offered to help me recreate my picture my Leo DiCaprio poster  from when I was a kid with the Harry poster from the AM mag. I’m dying LMFAO

How the Outers Respond to Hotaru Growing Up and Moving Out

Michiru: Refuses to admit she has feelings other than pride that her child is coming into her own.

Setsuna: Is used to the inevitably of people leaving, this is just another day of her life

Haruka: Desperatly hopes for an apocalyptic scenario that necessitates Hotaru becoming a baby again.

Cole Sprouse | Last night

Count of words: 916

Warnings: mention of smut (next part will be smut)

A/N: Okkk… So this is huge and I still haven’t even gotten to the point so I will upload a second part tonight as well.

Part two




anonymous asked:

Can you do a cole sprouse smut where you two have been best friends and you accidently both get drunk so you have sex and then wake up not knowing what so you ask the person who threw the party and find out about it and he finds out that he was your first so he recreates the perfect night for you two. (lol sorry it’s so long)

It was just another day in my boring life. I got up this morning realising that once more I was going to be late. The warmth of my bed seemed to cling to my body cause I felt as if something was holding me down. As a matter of fact there was; my best friend, Cole. I have been putting him up for a while now and since my apartment is so tiny, the only place for him to sleep was with me. Unless the bathtub sounded more appealing to him.

After I was over procrastinating and considering the option of calling in sick I desided to start my morning routine and get going as fast as possible. When I finished with everything I walked to the little coffee shop that I work. Conviniently, it’s just in the corner of my street, calming my nerves about being late disappear.

As I walked inside the small building I was met with the smell of my favorite coffee, (favorite coffee name). This was the thing I loved about this place. It was very boring and tiring but the smell of (favorite coffee name) was always taking over the warm and cozy atmosphere. I greeted my co-workers and took my place right behind the cashier, agonizingly waiting for my dear friend, Cole, to wake up and come make this boring day a little funnier.

Just as I expected the familiar, currently, raven haired boy walked through the doors of the vintage cafe, making his way towards me. “Hello stranger, I don’t live in the same house with!” He exclaimed jokingly earning a giggle from me and my co-worker. The coffee shop was nearly empty so Cole just stood infront of me making small talk. “So, there is this party tonight. A friend I have here is the host and I have two invitations,” he announced holding up two pieces of paper, I assume were the said invitations. “One is for me and one for my plus one,” he finished, handing me one of the two papers. I smiled at him reassuring him that I would defenitely be his plus one in yet another of those parties. “Exclaimer, it’s one of those drunk-teenagers kind of party so be prepared,” he winked, leaving the cafe as someone entered after him.

It was finally the time for that party and we were both getting ready. Cole was still finishing with his hair as I just had to simply slip on my shoes. Once that was done I made my way towards my best friend, checking out himself in the mirror, ready for his comment. “How do I look?” I question the green eyed boy infront of me as he turns around to see me. His mouth stands open for a while as his eyes wonder from every part of body. “You look hot!” He declared. “Yeah, not a chance you’re going to that party like this,” he said roaming through my closet to find something less revealing. I was wearing a tight black dress that stoped just above my knees. The only thing revealing was my cleavage from the low cut it had, and maybe my curves that were purposely enhenced from the said dress. “No time for that,” I mummbled pulling him out of the door and towards his car. “We have a party to go to.”

It was already the next morning and the memories of the previous night were blurry. I only remembered getting dead drunk and then nothing. I didn’t remember anything else, neither where I was nor how I ended up there. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the light falling inside the room I was met with a pretty different room than mine. It was big and I was inside a king sized bed. But how did I end up here? I tried walking out of the bed but a severe pain between my legs and the bare hands of someone kept me still in my place. I looked at the pair of arms wrapped around me turning my head to meet the owner of them. It was Cole,but what was Cole doing inside my bed naked with me evidently naked as well. 

The confusion and fear overwhelmed me as I finally escaped his grip. I run to the bathroom, well, tried to, with my phone in my hand as I locked the door behind me. I obviously didn’t remember anything about that night so I thought taking a shower, waiting for Cole to wake up and talk to the host of the party would be a good idea. Maybe he knew a bit more about what happened.

Apparently, me and Cole got dead-bit drunk to the point we started making out in the middle of the party, and later we went to one of the many bedrooms in the enormous manssion and had sex. My eyes widened as I heard that and I felt tears threatening to spill. That was defenitely not how I expected my first time to be. Cole caught up to that and rushed us into one of the bedrooms, away from the living room we previously were in. “What is it? What’s wrong?” He asked as the tears finally left my eyes. “Sh, sh, whatever it is it’s going to be ok!” He assured me and rubbed my back vigorously. “It’s not Cole,” I stuttered looking up at his puzzled expresion. “That was not how I expected my first time to be.” I explained and everything clicked.