Make Believe

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean and reader pose as a couple to lure a vampire

Word Count:  2540

Warnings:  Smut, language, near death situation

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Make Believe

We were in the middle of this hunt when Mary called. We couldn’t exactly walk out on this, so Sam had volunteered to help Mary while Dean and I stay behind to finish the job.

Which led to the situation that I’m now in. It’s not so much a situation as a ‘how the holy fuck did it end up like this’ type of scenario. At the moment, as I sit in the Impala at the edge of a secluded forest with Dean, I wish that Dean had gone and Sam had stayed.

Not that it wouldn’t have been weird with Sam. It would have been weird, just a different kind of weird. Normal weird, not weird-weird. Sure, Sam is six plus feet of handsome, but the relationship I have with him is more sibling-ish. I just don’t have those kinds of feelings for Sam - the kind where my heart races a bit faster when he’s near and my girly bits get all tingly. Dean, on the other hand, has that effect on me. My relationship with Dean is strictly platonic, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream. And boy, do I ever dream. The man is fucking sex on bow-legs. Can you blame a girl?

Here’s the thing about this particular vampire - he’s got a bit of a twisted fetish. His tastes run into the kinky. He likes to take his victims mid-coitus. Doing the nasty. Knocking boots. The horizontal Mambo. He’s a real piece of work. Like I said, he’s a kinky son of a bitch.

His modus operandi is to kill the male and snatch the female. We haven’t quite figured out what he does with the girls, but our best guess is he turns them. And keeps them for his own amusement, if you catch my drift.

But I’m getting off course here. Right now my gut is swirling with butterflies, my heart pounding loudly enough that this vampire can probably hear it a mile off. In just a moment, I’m going to be making out with Dean. Sure, it’s for the greater good, I volunteer as tribute, blah blah blah. I know it’s not real, it’s just for show, but I’m nervous as hell. I’m staring at his lips and he’s giving me that cocky as hell smirk, you know the one I’m talking about. His tongue darts out to lick his lower lip and I practically swoon. I’m like Scarlet fucking O’hara, I’ve got a case of the vapors. I might actually pass out.  

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Picture Perfect

“I don’t need a date, I’m perfectly fine attending on my own.” Betty Cooper sighed, wiggling her freshly painted nude fingernails and smiling at her stylist in the mirror as she curled and prodded her hair to perfection.

“Of course you don’t Neeeed a date but the fact of the matter is that you have one, what you choose to do with him is entirely up to you.” Cheryl Blossom, Betty’s agent and childhood friend tapped on her cellphone, not even bothering to look up at the annoyed Oscar nominated actress.

Betty Cooper was one of the most talked about up and coming actresses of the year, after having won two emmys for her role on the Hit Tv Show “Break Away Baby” she was currently nominated for best supporting actress starring in the Romantic Drama “Never Let Me Die”. Betty had played the role of the broken hearted second choice who fell in love with her first lovers best friend, reviews had idolized her, she was a shoe in for the Oscar, everyone knew it.

“I understand that it’s good to get people talking but I don’t want to be known as the girl dating the actor.” The beautiful blonde chewed nervously on her lip, Cheryl glanced up, swatting her friends arm

“You’re going to ruin your lipstick. It’s just a date, Jughead Jones is a hit with the teen girls, they love the moody mysterious bad boy thing that he has going for him. You’re much more popular with the older audience and of course with teen boys. That Victoria’s Secret fashion show you guest walked kind of cemented your place as every boys wet dream. But none the less we want everyone to love you. It’s one Red Carpet and then you never have to see his devishly handsome face again.” Cheryl moved to grab Betty’s custom Valentino, gold beaded gown from the rack.

“Is he really good looking?” The young actress quirked a curious brow, stepping out of her robe as Cheryl smirked and helped her step into the dress.

“You know I don’t swing that way but girl, he is something fine for sure.”

Betty giggled as three men zipped her into the stunning gown and she stepped into her heels. She sure hoped this Jughead Jones was tall because she defiantly had her legs on display tonight.

“We have very different tastes Cheryl.” Betty turned away from the mirror and made her way to the door, her entire crew following close behind.

“You’re about to find out, he’s waiting downstairs. Alright gang, let’s go win us an Oscar.” Cheryl lifted her arms over head and the entire room erupted in cheers and “goodlucks!”

Betty blushed Scarlet as she said her Thankyou’s and made her way into the elevator.

“They’re all gonna be so disappointed if I don’t win this.” She sighed, fingers nails tapping on her palms. As the elevator doors opened.

Cheryl flung her long red hair behind her shoulders and rolled her eyes.

“You are gonna win this. Stop doubting yourself. You look beautiful, you’ve worked so hard and you’re going to knock them all dead. Now get out there say hi to James Dean.”

Betty took a deep breath as she stood by the closed doors of her hotel building, the paparazzi and reporters were surrounding the streets, screaming fans were littering the crosswalks spilling out and holding up traffic.

Just another day in the life of Betty Cooper.

Walking outside with her head held high, She smiled, perfectly straight, shiny white teeth on full display. She loved her fans, loved that the paparazzi loved her but still it could be overwhelming. Today was one of those days, but then she saw him.

Jughead Jones was leaning against the slick black limousine, perfectly tailored Armani suit fitting just right, his jet black waves were styled purposely messy and his stormy grey eyes were staring wide at her, his mouth set in a crooked dazed smile as she approached him. He was gorgeous and the way he was looking at her was like something out of a movie.

“Hello Jughead Jones.” She smiled, standing before him with shaky hands.

He couldn’t tear his gaze away from her, eyes scanning her entire body from the gold sequined dress to the slit showing off her long, tan legs. He stared at her smooth 1950s starlet curls, one side of her long neck completely exposed, eventually he brought his eyes to her face, her ruby red painted lips and sparkling green eyes. After what felt like an hour but was more likely five seconds of his eyes locked on hers He seemed to snap out of it, a lazy smile grazing his lips.

“Hi, I’m guessing your Betty Cooper. I’m your date, Jughead Jones.”

Betty smiled softly
“I know I already said Hello, I think I used your name actually.” She giggled.

Jughead shook his head quickly, a blush forming on his cheeks
“Yeah, no i mean uh.. ya know.” His hand flew to the back of his neck to rub nervously.

“We should probably get going!” Betty shouted over the screaming fans “I think people are getting a little impatient.” She motioned towards the crowds rushing towards them.

Jughead was quick to lead her into the limousine, his hand burning the small of her back with his touch. When they were finally seated, squished together Jughead turned to Betty leaning over her to lock her window

“Just in case” he mumbled before turning to face her. “Congrats on the Oscar by the way, in case I forget to tell you.” He smiled, Betty’s heart nearly stopped when she caught a peek of his dimples.

“I haven’t won it yet. Lord knows I might not, I’m up against so much talent, Jennifer Lawrence is in my category, I’m kind of the low guy on the totem pole.” She giggled nervously, fingernails digging into the soft flesh of her palms.

It didn’t take longer than three minutes for Jughead to notice, his own hands shooting out to grip hers.

“Nervous tick?” He questioned, massaging the sore marks on her hands.

“How did you..?” Betty started before she was cut off by Jughead digging in his pockets and pulling out a handful of tooth picks

“I prefer to smoke cigarettes when I’m Nervous but I found out that they don’t typically let you smoke them on Red Carpets. Let’s just say I won’t be attending next years Kids Choice Awards.” He rolled his eyes playfully.

Betty snorted, smacking a hand to her mouth as she laughed at the insane boy beside her.

Jugheads grin grew even wider at her laugh

“Anyway, i chew these bad boys to keep me from sticking a cigarette between my lips. They even wrote the habit into my character “Cole”.

Betty nodded understandingly taking the toothpick he held out to her and rolling it between her palms.

“I heard you pretty much swept the Teen Choice Awards this year. I wish that I got the chance to watch atleast a little of your show before… ya know.” She motioned between the two of them.

Jughead laughed out loud, swinging an arm over her the back of the seat.

“Before we were forced into co coupling awards ceremony dating. I couldn’t even believe it when my publicist said you were gonna be my date. I mean you said it yourself. I’m Teen Choice Awards and you’re… well you’re The Oscars.”

Betty turned her body closer towards his

“Are you crazy? Everywhere I turn I see your name on some new magazine, "Jughead Jones- Heart Throb of the summer.” “Jughead Jones- top five Disney actors.” You’re kind of a big deal Jones.“ She playfully nudged him, a bump in the road nearly sending her flying into his lap, his hands clutching her waist.

"Whoa there.” He whispered, foreheads brushing, almost in slow motion both of the teen actors leaned forward.

Suddenly the window was being rolled down and Cheryl poked her head through.

“Alright you two! Who’s ready to walk the carpet as the worlds most adorable new couple?” Without another world Cheryl rolled the dividing window back up and Betty slowly pulled away, gnawing on her lip and staring nervously out the window.

She turned back around when Jughead laced his fingers through hers.

“We got this.” He smiled reassuringly, fingers squeezing hers.

Taking a deep breath Betty smiled weakly

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast?” She questioned

“You got it Betts.” He smiled back.

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*Derek Hale Imagine*

Request by anon: Hi, I recently found your imagines along with Teen Wolf (on Netflix) and am absolutely in love with Derek. So I was wondering if you’d write a fluffy alpha parent imagine? Caring, softy Derek, where he shows this side in front of the rest of the pack? Children of your choice.

Thanks for requesting! I’m glad you fell in love with Derek…but I call dibs on him!

Readers POV

I remember the day I told Derek I was pregnant. Of course he was happy but he was also scared that he wouldn’t be a good dad. I never worried about that for a second. Derek has always been kind, protective, and loving towards me throughout our entire relationship and I knew he would treat our child the same. Here we are four years later and it’s like fatherhood was meant for Derek.

“Daddy, can we go play outside?” Our daughter, Isabel asked her father.

“Sorry Izzy, but the pack is on their way over for a pack meeting.” Izzy was Derek’s nickname for Isabel.

“But tomorrow I’ll take you outside to play for as long as you want, okay?” He compromised. Isabel thought about it for a second before nodding her head in agreement. There was a knock on the door and I went to go answer it.

“Y/N, what’s up?” Stiles asked as he and the rest of the pack came inside.

“Just another day in my amazing life.” I responded back while bringing him in for a friendly hug. Isabel came running once she noticed Stiles.

“Stiles! I missed you!” She exclaimed as Stiles picked her up into his arms.

“I missed you too pup! I brought you something just don’t tell your mom.” I glared at him for that. He pulled out a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. Isabel squealed in excitement and reached out for the chocolate candy but Stiles pulled it back.

“But first…who is your favorite person in the whole wide world?” Stiles asked her.

“The whole wide world?!” She asked.


“UNCLE STILES!” She yelled excited to finally get her hands on the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

“Hey!” Derek yelled from across the room, obviously he heard their conversation. He walked over and took Isabel into his arms.

“I thought I was your favorite person?” Derek questioned her. Stiles walked over where the rest of the pack was while chuckling, obviously proud he managed to irritate Derek.

“Sorry daddy, but I really wanted some chocolate.” Derek didn’t look convinced. Isabel kissed her dad on the cheek.

“Don’t worry daddy, you will always be my favorite person…just don’t tell uncle Stiles.” Derek chuckled.

“Okay pup, I won’t.” He gave her a kiss on her temple and set her down. The pack was watching them the whole time, admiring how great of a father Derek was. Isabel ran off to play with some toys and the pack got down to bussiness.

One Hour Later

The pack meeting was coming to an end. For once there actually wasn’t some supernatural problem or villain so this pack meeting was basically just to catch up and see how everybody was doing. I looked over at Isabel and saw her yawn. I knew what that meant. Whenever Isabel was tired she would always seek out her favorite cuddle buddy, Derek. Isabel stood and made her way to the armchair where Derek sat. She crawled up into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck while her head nuzzled into him. Derek wrapped his arms around her and started rocking back and forth slowly. He gave her a kiss on her forehead while whispering “goodnight Izzy. I love you my sweet pup.” The pack made an ‘awe’ face at them and Lydia and Malia took out their phones to take pictures. Derek glared at them.

“Alright, alright that’s enough. My pup is tired and you all should be heading home.“ Derek took Isabel to her room to put her in bed. I said my goodbyes to the pack and gave them each a hug.

“Thanks for coming guys! I’ll see you all next pack meeting. Oh and Lydia and Malia be sure to send me those pictures you guys took of Isabel and Derek.” I said and winked at them not realizing Derek was right behind me. I shut the door and two warms arms wrapped around my waist from behind. I felt a pair of lips next to my ear.

“I heard that.” Derek whispered. Oops.