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Lazy day with H, you in panties and his white shirt and him in his calvins. Dancing into music, drinking tea, cuddling and watching tv, ordering food and getting weird looks from the delivery guy, casual sex on the couch, you on his lap.

That’s the dream. Cuddles, sex, music, and food. All day. Never leaving the house. Just, all day. Together.

Please. please. please.
God in another life, can i be hot and can I please, please, do this with harry?

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I love the Pokemon go vids but they just make me want another day in the life especially a festive day in the life It's been so long

i enjoy videos where dan and phil actually go outside bc everyone looks at them like they’re some Weird Emo Giants With Outdated Fringes from another planet

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mood: jamie and mako are in the kitchen, mako is filming and jamie is attempting to make grilled cheese. jamie flips the sandwich, and it flings onto the floor. because of the copious amounts of butter jamie put in the pan, the pan bursts into flame. jamie starts screeching and mako sighs and gets the fire extinguisher. amelie opens the door and sees the kitchen on fire, mako gone, jamie trying to put out the fire with a towel. "same shit as always" she says, and walks out the door.


Today’s highlights

Slept through my morning alarms for the first time in residency. 

Had “weeping scrotum” as a physical exam finding. 

Had the EMR go down and bring patient care to a grinding halt. 

Had a patient bring in their medication from home. One of his pill bottles was full of bullets. 

Had a patient ask, “If you went camping and woke up with your butthole full of vaseline, would you tell anyone?” He wasn’t even kidding. 

Just another day in the life…

Scared how weak you are every time you see me ?. What I want to see is just how weak and stupid you are. How pathetic and horny I make you .

As long as your hard, I keep on taking your Money and Pride away .

Your hand is the only pussy you will ever get to feel.Your life hasnt changed, just another lonely day mindlessly jerking your cock . 



I mean, I know i grew up in Oasis but when i moved to new crest on those years ago I became acclimated to cold winters and cool summers. Being back in my hometown is lovely and all…but this heat? Winter please come. I am begging you. There is sweat in some places I’d forgotten existed. Oasis is the 7th corner of h e l l.

In regards to my reasons for my return (to jump start my fashion dreams bc Oasis is “the land of opportunities” -___-) So far…no progress. Which is fine. I’m still selling on online stores which is going like always–but I want more. 

I’m just thankful I got another day to give another stab at this thang called life. 


“Memorable, For The First Time” (Jimin x Reader)

“Oh of course, can you do a Jimin imagine where he surprises me on my birthday at school? Despite the fact that he was forbidden to see me he went to my school anyways because it was my birthday? Thank you!! ❤️❤️ “

Name: “Memorable, For The First Time”

Character: Park Jimin (BTS)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 943

Originally posted by jitamin

(gif credit to the original owner)

You exhaled deeply. Your eyes were glued to the clock. The hands edged slowly around the face. You eagerly awaited the hand to pass the 12, signalling the end of the laborious hour you were still enduring. The teacher’s voice was nothing but another murmur fading into the orchestra of background noise. Nothing here interested you. Of course, today had to be your birthday. However, throughout your entire life, it always felt like just another day. It had never been a memorable celebration so you decided that it should never have to be a memorable day. You were just turning another year older, what was the big deal? Jimin had always found that a little sad. His whole face dropped when you told him you had never properly celebrated your birthday. He had sent a message that morning wishing you a happy birthday alongside a cute emoji. You simply smiled, replied with a thank you and went about your day. Beneath the cynicism, you had wanted to see him. His smile and personality lit up any day so at least your average day would be that much more pleasant. Yet, both your strict school schedule and his strict contract meant that time together was sparse. You made it work. The classroom began to fidget. You glanced back up at the clock: one minute to go. Relief crept in. You could finally escape from the cramped classroom. The bell rang. The once idle and clearly bored class sprung into action. The scraping of chair legs on the ground and the excited muttering of students filled the previously monotonous atmosphere. Casually, you collected your things and mentally prepared yourself for the stroll home. You made a beeline for the gate when you spotted an unfamiliar figure. He was short but built. You could tell he was nicely dressed but his face was covered by a mask and he had a hat on. A phone was in his hands. Then, your phone vibrated against your leg. You pulled it from your bag and read the message. “Come on (Y/N), let’s go! <3”

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Life Jacket - WhenTheCanonShootsOnlyBlanks - Jane the Virgin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rose whistled a familiar tune as she walked home. It was a warm day in January, the mild Florida climate making her suit jacket warm enough to walk around in even if the sun was already setting.

She was pulled from her thoughts when she heard yelling coming from the water’s edge. A couple of people were standing at the end of the pier, looking at something in the water. It was too dark already for Rose to see exactly what it was they were looking at, but she could still make out the faint cries of “help” coming from the water’s surface.

Rose broke into a sprint as she realized what those people were doing at the water’s edge: there was someone in the water. And judging by the panic-stricken bystanders, it wasn’t for a late New Year’s dive.

Scales and Claws

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bbuHix

by Tsuki_Amano

“Tony, there are, what appears to be, dinosaurs running amok on the streets of New York.”

“Gee Cap, that’s not a very nice way to talk about yourself and Barnes. I mean, I know the media calls you guys living fossils, but I’d hardly say that you’re running amok.

What starts out as just another day in the life of an Avenger leads Tony to understand just how his boyfriend really feels about the 21st century.

Words: 3357, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of 365 Days of Stony

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bbuHix

The hardest part of living
is remembering your touch–
is the absence of touch at night
when my eyes are olympic weights,
rainbow lights behind the lids, and I know
I’m going back to strange.

If I could, I’d reach my arms across
flood waters and flooded eyes,
birds struggling to fly under the heft
of their own bodies, across cats
who climbed too high, into trees
slick with rot. But I am still
just as small as the day I was born.

In another life, where your hands don’t
shake, will you hold mine
and offer the quietest of apologies? Or should I
keep reaching, keep scaling
these walls behind my eyes until
I am ghost, until I am baleen, until
I am siren, glowing scales on my knees
as I finally swim away?