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this is a weird thing to focus on but you draw really nice hands. especially skele hands but toriels paws are cute too.

((I would be outright lying if I said I didn’t find this to be a HUGE COMPLIMENT. Besides expressions and faces, hands are my FAVORITE things to draw. I love drawing them so much. It’s probably obvious with how much I zoom into them on every shot but- like. They’re just FUN and I can’t HELP IT. THANK YOU <3 ))

Playdate// Young Derek Hale

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Request: “ Hi! Can you do a young Derek and the reader is Scott’s older sister and she and Derek are supposed to go on a date but she has to watch Scott and stiles and Derek ends up have to watch Cora but they still go and take the kids with them and maybe they get ice cream or something? Just cute and fluffy! Thanks! Love your writing! You’re really good! :)”

Warnings: None

Word count: 914

Word density: “Derek”

Y/N Mccall was the oldest child. Everyone knows that being the oldest child came with the most responsibilities. When her parents split, those responsibilities increased. She had to go to school, go to work, watch Scott and Stiles, and everything inbetween. The girl was closed to being robbed of her childhood. When her mother had a day off, she took that to her advantage.

She brushed her hair and made it as presentable as she could. Everyone knows how these things go. He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious? Derek was a guy that she had her eyes on for awhile. A knock on the door almost caused Y/N to burn her face with the curling iron.

“Y/N!” Her little brother called from outside the door.


“Ms Mccall wants you!” Stiles yelled with a giggle.

She put down the curling iron and left her room. What did her mother want? Usually on her days off she stayed out of her hair and hung out with Scott. It was rare that both Y/N and her mother had the day off.

Melissa was in her blue scrubs. She scrambled all over the itchen, throwing things into her bag. Oh no, Y/N thought. Please don’t say what I think you’re going to say.

“Honey, I know that you already made plans tonight and that you don’t have to work, but the hospital just called. They need me to come in, I need you to watch the boys. I’m sorry. I love you guys. Dinner is in the oven!” She placed a kiss on each child’s head and ran out of the house.

Y/N plopped down on the couch and sighed. Another night would be spent at home with the boys. She’d have to call Derek and explain to him why she couldn’t go out tonight. Tears welled up in her eyes and she resisted the urge not to cry. Why does this have to happen to me? Why can’t I be a normal teenager? Why didn’t dad stay?

“Hey, Y/N. If it makes you feel any better, you look really pretty.” Stiles sat next to you and held you hand.

“Thanks, Stiles.” She smiled and wiped the tears away. “I’ll be right back, you two behave.”


This cannot be happening right now. Derek stared at his parents in shock. They told him that they had some important meeting to go to. Meaning, Derek was stuck babysitting Cora.

“Mom, I have a date tonight. With Y/N Mccall. You know, the girl I’ve been going after since elementary school?” He exclaimed.

“Derek, don’t argue with us. Watch your sister and stop complaining. One day we’re going to be gone and you’ll have no one to complain to. We’ll see you when we get home.” His parents quickly walked out of the door.

Cora walked into the room and pulled out her book. He was supposed to meet up with Y/N in thirty minutes. What would she think? Would she get upset? His thoughts paused as his phone rang. A picture of her flashed across the screen.

“Derek.” She sounded exasperated.

“I have to tell you something.” They said at the same time.

“I have to watch Scott and Stiles.” She sighed. Derek was shocked.

“Same, my mom and dad told me to stay with Cora for the night.”

The line went quiet for a while.

“I really wanted to go on this date tonight, I really like you.” He could tell that she was blushing.

“Oh yeah?” He smirked.

“Stop being cocky! I’m being serious!” She laughed.

“How about this, there’s an ice cream place near my house. I’ll pick you three up, I’ll bring Cora. They can have a playdate and we’ll have an actual date.”

“I like the sound of that.”


Derek and Y/N sat at the table eating ice cream and flirting. The kids were at another table, devouring their ice cream. The two teenagres were love struck and it was obvious. Derek got up from his side of the table and sat down next to Y/N.

“Your ice cream looks good, may I have some?” She nodded and reached for he spoon.

“Thank you.” He whispered and connected his lips to her’s.

The kiss was soft and sweet. His hands were at her waist and she had her’s on his shoulders. The kiss was short lived once they were interrupted by three tiny voices. Three voices that they forgot were there.

“Eww!” Derek pulled away from Y/N and they both looked at their siblings.

“Stop kissing my sister!” Scott demanded, even thouh he had a small smile on his lips (and sprinkles too)

“Y/N, how could you do this to me?” Stiles wined, watching his crush kiss someone else was the cause of his first heartbreak.

“If you don’t buy me more ice cream I’m telling mom!” Cora finished her spoon of ice cream and laughed.

the anime Bodacious Space Pirates is like a love letter written directly to me

> NEXT TO NO FANSERVICE contrary to everything you’d expect from something with that title. Miranda and I were watching and made conscious note of the girls in zero gravity in their skirted school uniforms and how there wasn’t a SINGLE panty shot

> MOSTLY ALL GIRL CAST, there’s like a single major dude character??

> LOTS OF LADY FRIENDSHIPS the yacht club especially is really diverse and all very clearly care a lot about each other, they have a lot of fun being friends and doing things together and it’s really cute


> I ship the main two girls something fierce and neither of them have male love interests

> There’s a CYBORG

> the first time Marika goes pirating she has her crew take over a luxury cruise spaceship’s electronic systems and clumsily announces over their intercoms that she’s the captain and she’s taken over their ship, they’ll be boarding and taking their valuables momentarily so don’t resist, and everyone CHEERS


> did I mention the lesbians

10 Reasons to watch ERASED (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi)

1. The Characters Are Adorable!

The whole cast is cute in design, and our protagonist is just the sweetest, most awkward little pumpkin that animé has ever seen!

2. The Scenery

Just look at that!
The masterful idea of shooting the scene from this angle allows us to see the full body of both characters, giving off the full view of what they are both really thinking.

3. Metaphorical Viewpoints

This scene has already been explained too many times, in enough detail, but the show is full of them. This scene is mostly focusing on Satoru’s view towards Kayo. Note the long-shot camera angle being used again.

4. Take A Lesson In Badass

Because the characters just take casual swings at their managers and somehow don’t get fired.

5. It’s got Time Travel

Satoru is basically Ethan Kairos.

6. The Cliffhangers

Almost every episode leaves you on one, which is one of the reasons why your whole week will consist of you counting down until the following Friday morning.

7. The Deaths

No less than 6. Starting from Episode 1. This one is basically part of the plot synopsis.

8. The Friendships

Walking to school having a chat?
Defending someone over the theft of money?
A competitive ice-skating race?
Laughing while taking a piss at the urinals?
This animé has it all, they’re all good friends and support each other, even going so far as to set up the two most awkward kids in class on a date.

9. It’s Romantic

Even when they’re just going as friends, it’s adorable, and some of the scenes may as well have come straight out of a romance animé.

10. It’s Heartbreaking!

The circumstances with Kayo’s home life.
The reactions expressed by Satoru when she died. Again.
Then when he sees the birthday present he gave her days earlier being thrown away by her mother while he was still mourning her death - that he failed to prevent, after sharing their birthday, which was choreographed in such a cute, awkward way that the birthday invitation he gave her may as well have been him asking her on a date.

In fact, be prepared to spend a lot of time crying…

Because whether it’s the characters crying, just being adorable, someone dying, or Satoru doing something unbelievably stupid, cute, or reckless, it’s basically 25 minutes of wet-faced, raw emotion.

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the pictures that you referred to that could be used as lock screens? i'd love if you posted the originals!

Yeah, of course! A lot of them honestly aren’t ideal because they’re wider shots, but I’m including them because I think they’re all really cute. And they can either be edited so they work, or just be nice for something else. Anyway, here are a bunch underneath the cut (mostly Ben/Leslie and group shots):

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Please expect more (gay af) I mean respectable femslash related things from me! DO YOU HAVE ANY HEADCANONS FOR DATING REY THE SPACE JEDI BAE?! *is shot*

Oh man I’m so gay for Rey! I love talking about her tbh

These are just a jumble of regular headcanons and relationship ones hehe

  • She’s always picking up little things and gifts, she never really grows out of her scavenger tendencies but now instead of finding parts for food she finds little nick nacks and gives them to people. You have a whole shelf full of shinny rocks and pressed flowers now. It’s actually quite cute.
  • She isn’t much for PDA and physical affection was something she needed to get used to over time. But once she knew she could trust you things like hugs and cheek kisses were common place.
  • She can be a little on the over protective side when it comes to her loved ones. She knows you can take care of yourself but that doesn’t stop her from worrying and wanting to keep you out of danger.
  • The two of you often talk about going to certain planets you’ve heard stories about, Naboo with all it’s beautiful waterfalls and rolling hills is at the top of your list. You don’t know how to pull it off but you’re pretty sure one day you’ll live out your retirement together on a planet full of lakes and forests.
  • Rey hates the cold, and to her mild temperatures are cold, so she’s always wearing jackets and coats and scarves. One time she forgot her jacket while you two were out so you just pulled off your own and put it around her shoulders.
  • When you two sleep in the same bed you often wake up to her arms wrapped around you. Wow she’s super cuddly when she’s sleeping and gosh she’s so cute you don’t want to move for fear of waking her up.
  • She takes really long baths/showers, it’s relaxing and specially after training with Luke she sometimes uses that time to meditate. Not to mention it’s fascinating to her how people can just use water whenever they want?? Like wow water isn’t treated like gold who would have thought.
  • If anyone has set a record for trying every different kind of food in the galaxy, Rey is determined to break it. Whenever she gets a chance she orders something new for meals because who knew food could taste so good and not just be plain, barely edible rations.

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i just found your blog and i'm in love <3 SPARROW AND DUCHESS SIGN ME UP!! okay. sorry but do you know any good fanfics about them???

Aaaah oh my Thank you!!💓💓 I’ll gladly help you! I’ve probably read every single Duchess/Sparrow fanfic that exists on the internet lmao

There are a lot of really good fanfics about them, here are just my personal favorites:

Ruffled feathers: This one’s a really cute One-Shot
A New Light: Also really adorable
Pas De Deux: I have to warn you this one’s really sad, but lovely written
Swan Lake: Again very very sad
Now to the longer fics:
What Duchess Wanted: This one focuses more on Duchess herself and sadly It’s discontinued but still very good to read!
Partners in Crime: hilarious and really cute too
Miss Ever After: This has got to be my favorite eah fanfic of all time, It’s not solely about Duchess and Sparrow, but it contains a lot of hilarious scenes with them. I actually recommend everyone to read it, It’s really good!

Hope I could help you and Have fun reading! And don’t forget to leave a like or comment for the authors, if you enjoyed a fic :3

Infinite Valentine Party 160206 {4pm} Fan Account

The show was only exactly 1 hour long…so sorry there’s not much to account about, lol..definitely not in order of occurrence! 

~ Jungle Jjong & Solo Namu confirmed again..

~ Sungyeol held Dongwoo’s butt when Dongwoo was poking it out for the picture. 

~ L kept trying to shoot hearts with an “arrow” but Sungyeol kept “catching & stomping on them”. So L reached around Sungjong {who was trying to ignore them, as usual} and shot one from beside Sungjong’s head..but Sungyeol still “caught it”.. 

~ Sungjong did the aegyo 3 combo set!

~ Hoya tried taking a cute selfie but changed his mind and just did a standing pose instead. 

~ Hoya decorated his chocolate as the MC’s face. And when the winner of his chocolate came up to receive it, he really tried to make the MC give it to her instead, omg lol!! 

~ The girl who received Sunggyu chocolate was a Sunggyu fan! But when she was leaving the stage, she almost dropped it, LOL!! {And i laughed maybe harder than i shouldve ROFL!!} 

~ The members bullied L into doing his infamous line from his drama..L turned into Myungsoo and threw a tantrum..and then he did it really calmly.

~ {L was overall being a bit Myungsoo~y today, lol!}

~ Dongwoo drew a number in the 800’s, but he kept laughing because he had a difficult time pronouncing はっぴゃく/ha-ppya-ku/eight-hundred.

~ The members were asked their favorite Infinite song.. Sungjong said one of Sunggyu’s songs..but when he tried singing it, turns out he doesn’t know it, LOL!! So the members threw him under the bus saying he didn’t know it while Sunggyu pouted while giving Sungjong a death stare..then he got up like he was going to punch Sungjong and Sungjong apologized.

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Junior of RvB, of course.

This one is going to he hard since there isn’t that much on him in cannon but i will do my best.

  • do I like them:  Junior fuck yes!  best minor character by a long shot.
  • 5 good qualities: 1) is a tucker. 2) his blargs and Honks are so god damn cute. 3) he likes his daddy they have a bond only after a few moments together and he picked out junior name for himself. 4) he does normal kid things like basketball 5) Stoped a war by just existing.

  • 3 bad qualities: 1) not on the show enough 2) his name isn’t clear. 3) and since im running out if things here since he isnt really on the show that much, he is a pain in the Ass to draw.

  • favourite episode/etc: I really really like the every second with him on screen,  but his crowing moment of Glory may be basketball thing, or the Psa going to movies where he attacks and takes down Simmions.  

  • otp: he’s like at the max 5 years old so i dont have one.

  • brotp: Tucker and Junior all the way.

  • ot3: again he’s a small child.

  • notp: Since there is so little of him on screen, I guess i’ll just pick at the fandom thing i Don’t like with him, That is People Make Tucker Trans to explain away how he came to be, I Have nothing against people headcanon Characters as Trans, But it really strikes a nerve with me if thats the only reason people do that for Tucker. Im a huge Sci-fi Nerd and  it always bugs me that Alien reproduction is something they basically for the most part stays the same as humans. That very Few stories change how reproduction works, and when they do like something like Junior is meant to scare the shit out people. you are meant to be horrified by just how not normal it is.  when its born not meant to see anything but a monster, I.E. Church’s to reaction Junior calling him an “abomination of nature.” But every one else reacts is such a Brilliant counter measure to that common Sci-fi view. from the start Junior is treated so the opposite of what you come to expect with Sci-fi. thing that is not born normal isn’t anything but a normal little baby. 
  • best quote: Blaaarg *crashing sounds* Blarg Blarg honk

  • head canon: I’ll Give a few since i skipped a few here. 1) Junior is cold blooded so he would be extra Fussy, if Tucker tried put Junior to bed by himself, that the only way to get him to sleep was for Tucker to go to bed with junior so Junior can steal body heat, even to point where Junior got ridiculously big 2) Junior is super popular at school cause what Kid doesn’t want to be friends with an Alien. 3) Junior knows nothing of the tooth fairy because Tucker would go broke. 4) That Junior exists cause   sangheili really wanted to make sure  the great weapon  will go back to their race, that the Sword locks on to Dna and only when the line dies will it be freed up So when Tucker dies, The sword will go to 100% go to Junior.   

There’s actually a few episodes where they hide behind Mem and??? honestly it’s so precious and cute, he really fits into the role of gay alien space dad. ill see if i can find anymore shots of them doing this then idk make a masterpost of them.


Week 7 Outtakes: Monster Madness // Images // Voting

This round made me nervous because there are so many monsters I love in this game, and I had so little time to take screencaps this week.  I just went around slapping glamours together, checking angles, smashing the screencap button, and then hoping for the best :’D

As usual, captions detail why a specific shot was rejected (with the exception of the final one which I submitted.)

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Sw new generation procedural cop show for the au thing, please

Procedural cop show? I have no idea how I would do this…. can I make this funny? I’m going too.

  • Captain Leia Organa, head bitch in charge. Don’t mess with her, she will get pissed. She’s really good at getting suspects to talk, especially because they think she’s cute and innocent and then BAM, all of a sudden they’re spilling their guts out because she broke them. Everyone who works for her is scared of her (besides Poe)
  • Poe Dameron is the happy go lucky, willing to give you another shot kind of guy. Until you do something really illegal. Then you’re fucked. His German Shepard, BB-8, is the most loyal dog in the world. 
  • Finn prefers to just file things at the office, but he’ll go onto the streets if he has too. Really, really good shot. He passed literally every test and he’s not afraid to shoot if he has too. 
  • Rey is just as scary as Leia, but she knows how to blend in with the crowd. She’s really good at going undercover and getting information she wants. She and Poe team up together a lot and it’s an interesting duo.
  • Ben Solo is Leia’s son who is literally always arrested for petty crimes. Twice a week, you see Leia dragging Ben out the station by the ear yelling at him for being so foolish. Han is always waiting in the car to take him home. 
  • Luke was once a detective but left because his partner was killed on duty. Every so often Leia begs him to help them with a case, which he obliges to. 

If I ever became a general or some shit, I’d just start sending in really cute animals, like dogs or cats

Like release a few puppies and kittens and they’ll start chewing on enemy cables and while they’re distracted take them out.

Something like:
*puppies chews on cables*
*Enemy screams at it* “Oh come on, we need those cables!
*puppy gives cute eyes and starts to roll around, accidentally rolling in some blood*
*Enemy* Aw, isn’t it so cute, even rolling around in blood. Wait, blood? *is shot*

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I read your Nick and Linzy one shot last night for the first time last night (really enjoyed it, so super cute) and then had a dream that I married Chris Evans. I assume these things are directly related. (And it also helps that the female character's name is my name, just spelled differently.) So I guess what I'm saying is that if you were to happen to perhaps write more about them, I would 100% support that.

I love that other people get happy dreams from my fic. I wish I got happy dreams from my stories. My deal is when Nick shows up in my dreams then I will write him another chapter.


“ Rules: Post 15 kpop groups that you think aren’t appreciated and a song of theirs that makes your soul cry then tag 20 people. “

+ listen to the ones the person who tagged you posted, just to have listened to it once

I was tagged by @mybigfatcat! I listen to a lot of newer groups so I’m excited for this~

  1. Cross Gene - 나하고 놀자 (These guys are my BABIES. I discovered them after seeing Shin in a drama and I can’t understand why they aren’t more popular in Korea)
  2. ALLSTAR - Sugar (This is their only song right now as they JUST debuted but they’re cute as FUCK).
  3. HOTSHOT - Take a Shot (I honestly don’t know much about them yet, but I really like all their songs)
  5. HISTORY - 죽어버릴지도 몰라
  6. MONSTA X - Hero (I love this video, it’s so simple yet such a cool setting + CHOREOGRAPHED SHIRT LIFTS)
  7. NU’EST - Action (I’ve followed these guys since before they debuted and I’ve seen them in concert 3x + at their 1 year anniversary concert. AND HIGH-FIVED THEM EVERY TIME alkjfgnajng. REN IS SO BEAUTIFUL IN REAL LIFE…I’velistenedtothissong146times>.>)
  8. Speed - What U (THIS SHIT IS MY JAM RIGHT NOW FOOS. Like…I spend the entire 45 minute bus-ride to work listening to it. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE DANCE PRACTICE TOO)
  9. UNIQ - EOEO
  10. VIXX -  저주인형 (These guys wormed their way up into my top 5 groups ever. They’re getting more attention recently and I’m so happy for them!)
  11. 24K -  날라리 (BASS DROP LIKE A MAD FUCKER HOLY…like, imagine going INSANE to this in a club holy)
  12. A-JAX - One 4 U (These guys have the weirdest fucking videos ever…BUT IGNORE THAT FOR ALL THE ABS)
  13. JACE - My Serenade (Do these guys count? It’s a band…but whatevs, they cool…even if half their members are gone now >.>)
  14. JJCC - Fire 
  15. The Legend - Left Out

This was fun! And I discovered a few new groups along the way of finding these songs on youtube! Woo! I tag.. @inspiritkevin, @infinitepaperstars, @tamaqrl, @yeouya  aaaaaand, anyone who wants to do it? I WANT KPOP GROUP RECOMMENDATIONS. I’ve got an 80GB iPod and my goal is to fill it!

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People that post on the DTC thread 3+ times a page and take five minutes to draw did you mean Apollo because seriously they put no effort. Its not that their art is bad they have a cute style but they draw head shots that take two minutes all the time just to post again. Its really annoying. And all the good artists claim them it's like they get rewarded for laziness.

Regarding the new Super Sentai team I’m super excited for it, the characters look really cute and the costume department did a fantastic job from what I’ve seen from promo shots, although I don’t really like the suits they wear after they morph because they just seem unimaginative they may be able to grow on me eventually tho who knows, I’m also trying to grow to like the new zords, if they have a reason for them to be minecraft boxes then I’ll come to accept it.

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Ahhh that's a good point actually, shoot. Maybe they could have them in bed and have him sit up but keep his hand under the covers? Idk but I think it would be adorable if we got just a shot of them sleeping in the same bed, cuddling or something. I mean, we've already proven Killian is a cuddler why not give this to us! They really deserve a cute and happy moment like that. This baby plot could have been such a great OQ bonding time to show how strong of a couple they are :( such a shame

Oh man I want that as well! I think (minus OQ) the romance on this show should be given a slight back burner for friendships (SLIGHT, I still wanna see cs being perf and snowing being adorable mind you!) maybe with ruby coming back they could touch on their friendship a bit more? They were adorable and she could help snow and Emma burn some of their bridges! Aw man I haven’t seen any of those shows but I trust that you have excellent taste so maybe ill check them out! I miss this show so badly:(

I just have this little headcanon where Ruby & Emma were better friends than we saw and Ruby continued to call Emma her lemur, even after the curse broke. It’s probably not accurate but I like it so I’m sticking to it!

Here’s my thought on the romances: for as much as A&E try to say that the show is not only about ships, they seem to have almost all of the big drama resting on the ships! I’d like to see some time where all four of the “main” couples are stable (meaning either together and happy or apart and dealing), and the drama is entirely based on something else. But most shows aren’t structured that way because they want to mess with our delicate fangirl/boy/person hearts that are overly invested in romantic relationships between fictional characters. How dare they hahahah

Always great talking to you, CSSV! Can’t wait after the reveal when character limits aren’t a factor. 


February 1, 2016

I had a great time this last weekend. 

Cam, Pchung, Kale, and I made jello shot slices and watermelon slices. It was great and really fun,

The next day I picked up Pchung near her work with Cam and ate Hawaiin food and then I cooked them ramen. Oh wait we also went to Cams work for some errands stuff but that was fun too. They fucking love my ramen. 

We started the party. Pretty much just: weed + alcohal + spam masubi (Made my meh first time) and it was bomb. I was hella trying to bring out the wifeyy game :) Oh yes, I looked cute af. :) Hehe. Also more bonding with Pchung and Cam. They cute :-P. Kale too :-P. Pretty much Sabrina and Bae, Diego, Abdullah, and Jared and kale were there. (well and the three musketcheerios too)

After the party Pchung brought out her wifey game and took care of abdullah and cooked everyone breakfast. Hehe, she gonna make a cute wife. Anyway we went to SF and did some Dragon Fruit transcribing thing where i balled my eyes out reading Cecelia Chung’s story. UGH so good. I guess we have similar experiences except that her life was more on the unlucky side :(. I could imagine how just on single moment could of made me a very different person today. Ended the day driving home to my newphews birthday :).

What a good way to start my last semestter of college :). YER

I love my fucking friends

- V