the maximoff twins are actually the cutest ok

long words for simple concepts (A Nursing School Memoir)

why would you say “it stops clots from forming” in conversation when you could instead say “It’s prophylaxis for thrombotic events”

heart attack–>myocardial infarction

they aren’t itchy hives they’re urticaria with pruritis

“blood-thinners” are anticoagulants (This one actually drives me a little nuts, because they don’t “thin” your blood–coagulation=clotting.  There is no “thinning” involved)

Plus there’s a procedure called an esophagogastroduodenoscopy, so why would you NOT want to say that as often as possible.

honestly Grainne Godfree & Kai Yu Wu (the writers of Grodd Lives) deserve a damn edible arrangement and champange


  •  built on the allusion that Iris is Barry’s lightning rod.
  • had Caitlin support Iris’ inclusion on Team Flash
  • had everyone be honest with Iris and admit they were 1000% trash when she confronted them.
  • had Iris read Barry and Joe for filth but still being believably empathetic towards them.
  • had Iris admit that she would have gotten with Barry if Eddie wasn’t in the picture.
  • made Grodd just a bad ass villian.
  • had General Eiling bring up the issue of the metahuman jail ( and I don’t think this will be the last time either).
  • gave us the most Joe and Iris interactions we’ve seen all season.
  • showed that Team Flash don’t need no damn Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne to make shit happen

RM: it really is like watching your parents

ES:  Imagine them just sitting at home….David is watching a show and Gillian comes up to dust the TV because the dust is driving her nuts and he throws his hands into the air and is like, ‘Babe! The game is on!” And she’s like, ‘If you had dusted when I told you to dust then you could be watching your game right now.’ These two. Sigh. Also I keep staring at the way she grabs at his hand in the first frame. 

Bacoose's "I messed up on math and I have less money than I thought I did" commissions.

The title pretty much explains it all, it’ll be pay whatever you want with a minimum of 5 dollars and they’ll be nice cleaned up sketches. I’d show examples but I’m at work, you can find all sorts in my art tag though.

Please email baconcaboose@gmail.com or send me an ask for any questions or commissions.
Thank you!

johnwatsonfalls asked:

It makes me really sad when I'm scrolling on the Crowley tag, and I just see all this hate to his character. I saw all these ones basically saying "I love Rowena because she wants to kill Crowley." Or "I really can't wait to see Crowley's lifeless body after Sam is done with him..." Like, I just don't understand. Why do people hate him so much? What... I can't even think why there's so much Crowley hate... :(

I wish I could shield you all from the Crowley hate since he gets the full brunt of it from the fandom. Don’t let the haters get to you. I’ve seen all kinds of reasons for people hating him and some are just plain ridiculous. Haters usually see him with black and white bifocals on, using the boring argument that he’s a demon and he’s done awful things… every character has flaws, being a demon isn’t one of them but they apparently think so. The fact that he’s a demon has a lot to do with it. I’ve also seen the disgusting argument of Mark’s age used in the form of Crowley hate which is pretty common too.

The only thing you and I can do is to keep being the Crowley appreciation blogs that we are. I’ve actually converted quite a few people to like him so that’s definitely a plus but let’s not forget the most important thing: all of you guys out there. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Crowley’s got the most talented, intelligent, witty, sarcastic, hilarious fans like yourselves writing his character the way it should be in fanfics, the artists and writers are creative, there’s numerous RP blogs that does a fantastic job of characterizing him, and lots of other people who appreciate him and reblog everything positive about him, defending him if need be - I could go on and on. That’s all that matters really. Focus on the love, not hate. ^__^


Is it just me or are there others who had more expectations from the moment when Melinda finally tells Phil about Bahrain ? I mean yeah that was an intense scene, but I always had these scenarios about when Phil finally finds out about Bahrain. So yeah anyone else who felt this way ?


4 months ago today, I got brave and asked this beautiful goof ball to be my girlfriend. Even though sometimes the distance makes things hard, I wouldn’t change our relationship in any way. We are absolutely perfect for each other and need each other so much. In just a few days, there will be over 1,000 miles between us, but we will always make it work no matter what. Allie, I love you so much. Every day I fall for you all over again. You’re smile is enough to make my entire day. You’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been. And I have no doubt in my mind, you will only continue to do that. I love you, babe. Happy 4 month anniversary. :) ❤❤❤👭