Ok, I did the thing.
Please don’t mind my bad English/pronunciation and remember that I’m not a makeup artist, I’m just a kid who likes to dress up as her favourite cartoon characters :)
Few things I didn’t mention/show you in this video: take care of your skin and clean your contact lenses!
Before doing your makeup for a Con I suggest you to use a good primer and most of all HAVE FUN, because it’s the best part of this hobby! :3

For those who are wondering these are my contact lenses (Eos New Adult Green), but PLEASE ask your oculist before wearing them!

I don’t own the music, all credits go to Jeremy Zuckerman.

Oh and thank you Marco (mynerdybedroom) for editing this, I would be nothing without your endless support :)

Alright time to nitpick some things regarding the Archer vs Lancer fight this episode, because the anime left out a few things from the vn that, while not really important for overall enjoyment, are a key part of Lancer’s characterisation. Since he’s my favourite character and this fight got a bunch of new people to like him I want to make sure those people get to see those bits too.

First: Lancer’s reaction to Archer’s comment

They mistranslated Archer’s line to refer to Rin for some reason, and Lancer’s reaction is way underwhelming. Here’s the same part in the vn:

Up until this point, Lancer was just dicking around in his fight with Archer, but he went 0-100 real quick the moment Archer mentioned dogs in an insult. The anime didn’t really show a change in Lancer’s mood but in the vn he was far angrier than he’d been at any point before. It’s not Rin being insulted that makes him use his Noble Phantasm in a fight that was just fun and games before, she’s not referred to at all here. Just the word dog.

Then, at the end of the fight, the anime has Lancer just leave.

Which isn’t entirely inaccurate but they forgot the second part:

After showing some of the strongest killing intent in the series so far he goes from 100 back to 0 just as quick, to the point of lying down to chill the grass, simply because the fight is over and there’s no more need for it. 

Creating My Bullet Journal!

The time has come for me me once again to begin a new bullet journal. My previous one has become full and was more of a test run to see if I would enjoy it and so far I definitely have. One of the things I love about bullet journaling is the flexibility, although I must point out is that I still use my agenda in addition to my bullet journal- its just the method that works for me. 

First things first, this is my journal: 

Its a black and white lined A5 journal from Typo- simple but super cute!  (psst…there is currently 30% of journals at typo now, so if you guys are on the look out for a new one check them out!) 

I gathered a few inspirational quotes I wanted to have in my bullet journal for inspiration. 

These are my favourites: 

Next I developed my key- symbols for general items and then colour coding for my units this particular semester. 

Then it was time to stick everything in! 


My bullet journal has officially started, however as I am on my mid semester break, I wont be properly using it until I go back next week! 

If you guys would like an updated bullet journal after i’ve used this one a bit more, just let me know :) 


I don’t have a favorite movie. There are movies that I immensely enjoy, but there isn’t one that I would put above the rest. Ones that I think to be wonderful and magical include:



Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly version)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 

10 Things I Hate About You

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 

The Polar Express

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The Road to El-Dorado 



When I say I draw Irish dancers a lot I’m not kidding. They’re my number one favourite thing to draw.

I draw them mostly because of the interesting movement, poses and dresses. But I also draw them because when I was young I was constantly disappointed artistic depictions of Irish dancers.  For starters there were so few drawings of Irish dancers to be found. Secondly, the ones that I could find were always wildly inaccurate. Many were about ten years out of date with big old panel dresses, and no wigs. Others were just completely inspired by Riverdance and really didn’t look anything like the Irish dancing I knew. And then there was the leprechauns. So. Many. Leprechauns!! 

I also found a  problem with all dancers always being represented as ballerinas. I distinctly remember going to the vendors at a feis only to find bags, shirts, shorts, jewellery boxes, anything really, with ballerinas on it. At a FEIS!

So I’ve kind of made it my mission to draw accurate modern Irish dancers. 

People were running out into the middle of the street giving high fives, honking their horns and flags were everywhere. A few people actually thought I was Mony (Sean Monahan), and they got really excited. And then when they saw it wasn’t him, it was just me, they tempered down a little bit. The response has been awesome, and I know every single guy in this room is having the time of our lives right now and enjoying every second of it. My memories from the Red Mile are some of my favourite from growing up. I was just trying to get everyone honking and waving their flags. It’s just one of those Calgary things – just having pride in your city, and I’m sure the restaurant and bar owners are happy, too.
—  Joe Colborne on Calgary’s Red Mile and citywide celebration 

Because there’s been a lot of talk recently about Livejournal making a resurgence, I thought I’d help those who may not know why LJ meant so much to us understand one of the best things about it: LJ ICONS.

Not only could you comment - and have actual, meaningful conversations! - on people’s blogposts, but you could change your avatar every time, which not only helped mitigate some of the problems of non-face-to-face discussion, but was always a good excuse to show off what a nerd you are :D

So here are just a few of my favourite personal icons, which as you can see proves I am very silly indeed :) 


Before anyone asks, I got everything from eCapcom store and Yahoo Japan Auction!

My latest Ace Attorney & Ghost Trick haul! * v * <3 These items were bought over the last few months and I just got them all in the mail yesterday! Except for the GT things, they’ve been in my shelf for a while now.

I love how Capcom is releasing all kinds of fun merchandise for Ace Attorney lately! The Ghost Trick iPhone cases were a fun surprise when they were released, too! Never expected to have any official GT merch. /sobs The official guidebook is also pretty great, as it doubles as an artbook!

My favourite items out of this bunch are the mini plushies of Feenie and Maya and the clearfile set; the latter is packaged so beautifully. * O *

Oh yeah, I have some leftover AA/GT merch up for grabs again; anyone interested? Please remember I only accept Paypal, and I ship from Finland, so shipping tends to be quite expensive if the envelope exceeds 2cm/0.78 inches in width! If you’re interested in buying something, please send me an ask. ´ v ` Sales over for now!

Prices (always negotiable, btw) are as follows:

  • Edgeworth mini plush $22
  • Maya figure $10
  • Franziska pin $8
  • Maya and Feenie keychains $12 each
  • Masking tape rolls $8 each, or buy two for $14 (available designs: 1 2 3 4)
  • Post-it note set $12
  • Ghost Trick iPhone 5/5s case $55 (sold out on e-Capcom; hence the price)

The less invested I am in a fandom, the more joy it brings me. 

A few months back I was getting so tired of the Buffy fandom, its ship wars, stupid anons, same things being chewed over and over again, meta slamming every aspect of the show, including my favourite ones, making me feel  bad for liking them because only a bad person can like such a problematic stuff right??? The word “problematic” was being used so much that it gave me a tic. At that point even Supernatural brought me more happiness, because I just watched it and didn’t participate in any kind of way in its fandom. I was very well aware of its fuck ups and flaws, but y’know, it still entertained me. And I had an epiphany: TV is supposed to entertain me, not make me feel bad for liking it.

And if that makes me shallow and not willing to be critical, so be it. 

Liquid-diamonds-flowing submitted:

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.“ 

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

This is one of my very, very, VERY favourite quotes, not just because of the surfing reference, but because it’s applicable to every situation, every day, at every stage of your life. Emotions especially.

We will always have good days and bad days. Even when  we’re a pro-surfer there’s going to be a few wipeouts. I myself have been feeling amazing and like I’m walking on water, and yet today what should not even have been a thing affected me way more than I would have liked it to and it left me feeling shit and questioning myself and many parts of my life. I had a vent and feel a little better now and know tomorrow will be fine, but it got to me and it’s so easy to spiral into being annoyed by that very fact. 

So as usual, we’re in synch and your post perfectly pulls me up to remind me that no no no, we’re human, we have ups and downs and being affected by them is a NORMAL part of life.

As is wanting to be in a relationship. We’re wired for connection - all forms of it. Love is a vital need of all human beings… Sometimes more acutely than others, and in different ways. And we all deserve to experience that. Whether or not we feel we do. However it is definitely the case that there are times in our lives when we’re not ready or are less receptive to certain forms of love and connection… And it won’t always neatly align with what you feel or need… But that need will ultimately move you towards the point where you are ready. It’s difficult to see when immersed in it all, but feeling you actually WANT to be in a relationship is a huge step forwards. Even if you don’t feel ready or worthy. ANd it will continue to move you, as it raises the question - why don’t you feel you deserve the love that is your birthright and mirrors your gorgeous soul? What are the obstacles that remain obscuring your vision from seeing the tremendous worth you hold and the light shines so brightly? A light that one day will attract the right person to share your life in that way you long for.Be patient with yourself. Trust the universe. You cannot be 100% certain about anything that is clearly changing… And your post is evidence of the change happening in your life. Ride the waves. You will not drown alone.

I know that fear very, very well… It’s still hovering about somewhere… But I’ve ridden that dark water for many years, and now I’ve learned to duck dive those waves, and keep my eyes on the horizon… Bigger, brighter things are coming.

Love and light xxxx

the-healing-nest says: 

Fark I love you more than my measly drunk words will ever be able to describe. You ALWAYS manage to settle my anxiety with your wisdom. Honestly, you just know exactly what to say. Thank you my soul sister. Always with you, sometimes riding the waves together, other times helping one another back up to the surface after being dunked…but no matter what, i’m always out there in the water with you my darling, that is of course until we get too wrinkly we both decide to go back to land for coffee <3 Love you! <3