I want to take a few minutes to talk about someone named Nicole Arbour.

About two years ago, Nicole was dating the guitarist of my favourite band at the time - Marianas Trench. I was pretty involved in the fanbase and naturally, being pretty much solely made up of young teenage girls, the fans (including myself) started to be curious about this woman. This wasn’t as creepy as it sounds since she was semi “famous” already - by that I mean she had a couple hundred (thousand?) twitter followers and a few videos up on youtube. I believe she was popular at that point for being a cheerleader/model or something. So I and many other fans followed her on twitter and some of us would tweet her regularly to which she usually responded.

At this point, the fanbase generally loved her. She was pretty, active on social media, and pretty nice. During the time she was dating Matt (the guitarist) and gained an influx of popularity from his fans (as I’m sure she was aware) she started up a “campaign” that she called #GOTEAM. It was drawn from her experience in cheerleading and the idea was to spread positivity. She also wanted to encourage people to stop sitting around feeling sorry for themselves and improve their own lives. She started making youtube videos on “how to deal with bullies” and “how to love your body image.” Sounds great, right? So a lot of us got behind this and supported it online, and it genuinely seemed to be having a positive impact on some scale.

Here’s when everything started to go downhill. Nicole started to notice that a number of the young fans following her were struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, and self-harm because they would send her tweets about their struggles hoping for advice or just wanting to vent, I don’t know. But she started to adapt and spread the mentality that any problem you have can be fixed simply by being positive and working for it, which as we know just doesn’t make sense when you’re talking about mental illness. She then made a video titled “Why self harm is stupid.” This video essentially mocked people who dealt with self harm and BLAMED them for their problems along with people with eating disorders and people in abusive relationships. All with the mentality of ‘if it’s hurting you, just stop!” It didn’t help that she regularly used the slurs “b*tch” and “sl*t” but that’s a whole other issue. At this point I still believed she had good intent, but was just going about everything completely the wrong way. SO myself and others went to twitter to try and let her know that what she was saying was very offensive and she had no idea what she was talking about.

At first she would engage in conversation (still claiming she was right), but eventually Nicole started to block anyone on twitter that even mildly disagreed with her. This went on for months, with most of the fans turning against her because she was generally an ignorant piece of trash. Nicole eventually responded by claiming she was being attacked and bullied (excuse me?) and released a video explaining that this whole time she was orchestrating a social experiment to turn people against her so they would cyberbully her (what?). The whole thing was honestly so ridiculous and by this time 90% of the people who followed her because of Matt decided she was fake, rude, and ignorant and abandoned her for the most part. Sometime after this, Nicole and Matt broke up and I pretty much forgot about her. Oh yeah, and during this time she also released a really terrible song called “Bang Bang.”

And then here we are in 2015 where her name pops up on my Twitter feed - I don’t know the specifics of this argument because it involves people on YouTube that I didn’t know, but she was clearly causing problems and getting backlash from some prominent YouTubers which was funny to me since she had been the cause of so much grief two years ago and was apparently still going strong. Being curious, I looked her up and discovered that she was now dating a popular Youtube coincidentally also named Matt and had continued to make videos for the past 2 years such as once I noticed called “Dear SL*TS.” I didn’t watch it because I knew it would be terrible.

A few weeks later she pops up again, this time on my Facebook feed with a video titled “Dear Instagram Models.” I all but groaned but the video seemed to be getting a lot of attention so I decided to watch it. I couldn’t even get through half of the video. It was just horribly offensive and very typical of Nicole. Here is a criticism of her video by albinwonderland that I thought was very good.

And then AGAIN, today Nicole pops up on Facebook, this time with a video titled “Dear Fat People” and I just couldn’t ignore her anymore. I got through about a minute of the video before I had to stop. I can’t even put into words how harmful this video is - another thin, conventionally attractive rich white woman shitting on fat people and thinking she’s somehow revolutionary. I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. This woman is so unbelievably toxic and it sickens me that she actually has her own fanbase and a large enough platform to spew this shit and have it go viral. Over 80,000 YouTube subscribers and over 38,000 Twitter followers. I don’t even know what the point of this post was other than to spread the word NOT TO SUPPORT THIS WOMAN. Nicole Arbour is no longer preaching to a few of her boyfriend’s fans but to thousands and thousands of people and she is causing so much damage. I am so sad and angry that it has come to this. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT NICOLE ARBOUR.

No pictures yet - will try to get a good one tomorrow when there’s better light since I can’t use the flash on my black baby.

Here’s the story, for anyone just tuning in.

A few weeks ago, Bubble stopped eating his lettuce like normal. It’s his favourite veggie and normally he just chows down and it’s gone really quickly. I realized that he wasn’t eating his carrot either, but I initially thought he was just going through a phase of not liking some foods (he does that).

As time went on, I noticed he was losing weight rather dramatically. Suspecting teeth, I had a look at his incisors and yup, they were too long. I could only get a glimpse because this is the pig who hates being handled in any way.

I e-mailed the vet to ask for a quote on both getting the molars trimmed back since I thought that would be the problem and euthanasia because I wasn’t sure we could afford the teeth procedure (normally I don’t worry about vet costs but my husband was laid off in June and we were still wrangling the company regarding severance; that was finally sorted last week so money is not a question anymore). On top of that, Bubble is over five years old now and with how much weight he’s lost I wasn’t sure anaesthesia was really advisable. Turned out that it wasn’t a big difference in cost because of cremation, though I wouldn’t have wanted cremation; I never did ask if that’s required.

Anyway, today I was finally able to take Bubble to the vet.

His top teeth were growing slanted into his mouth and his bottom teeth were weird. One is really narrow and the other is normal width, and then it looks like he has peg teeth coming in but they’re in front. I don’t understand what’s going on there at all.

Anyway, we talked about it and she trimmed his front teeth today (and didn’t charge for it, I love my vet). When I got home I weighed Bubble, and I’ll weigh him daily over the weekend. She’ll call me on Tuesday to see how he’s doing and if he’s eating normally again and gaining weight. We are hoping that his molars aren’t implicated; she looked (he had a lot of grass back there) but they didn’t look overgrown, so fingers crossed on that one. I picked up some Critical Care and I’ll give him that mixed with the last of the baby food that my son didn’t like (he’s just starting solids and apparently peas and carrots are gross) and then do it just with water after that (and force feed if necessary).

I will try to get a well-lit photo to share tomorrow morning, of his bottom teeth and the peg teeth. Teeth trimming may be a regular part of our lives now. If so, I should probably get some tools and learn to do it myself.

I have the jacket!! I just have a few things to do in town and then I can open the package and admire it!!
I’m so excited about this, I rarely cosplay my favourite characters and as I’m sure we’re aware, Frederick is in my top 5 faves.

Tips & Tricks - - part 28❤️x

Hey lovelies! For today’s tips and tricks I’m just going to post some things to help you distract yourself, when you’re feeling a binge coming on. These won’t work for everyone, they are just the things that I like to do, and work for me. What works for you may be entirely different, but my goal is just to provide a few suggestions. Enjoy!

O1. Get into a new tv series. There is nothing that distracts you from life better than a good TV series, and I happen to be the queen of series. Here’s a list of a few suggestions. These are just a very few of my favourites, if you want more suggestions let me know what your favourite types of shows are, I’d love to suggest some for you.
-Finding Carter: follows a teenage girl who discovers her mother is really her kidnapper, and the events that follow this discovery and her adjustment to life with her real family.
-Humans: set in a world where robots are a part of every day life. But some of these robots have developed consciousness, and are perceived as a threat to humans. The story follows a group of robots as they fight to stay alive.
-Made in Chelsea: it’s a brittish reality series, kind of like the hills but way fucking better. It’s set in a posh neighbourhood, Chelsea, and follows a group of rich friends as they party, fall in and out of love, and the ensuing drama,
-Orphan Black: follows a girl who finds out she’s a clone, and her fight to find answers.
-The Leftovers: set in a world where 2% of the entire population disappeared into thin air, and the worlds attempt to deal with incident, and understand why it happened,
UnReal: this concept is really kind of cool it’s set on the set of a bachelor type show, and all the drama and manipulation that takes place. It’s not a reality series (I originally thought it was).
The Whispers: an unseen force is manipulating the children of parents in powerful positions, and the parents struggle to protect their children and stop the force.

O2.Get lost in a book. Try and find a series. If you love to read, like I do, a book is a perfect way to distract yourself. I also have a lot of great suggestions for books but i don’t want this post to be too long. So send me an ask for suggestions. Otherwise, try anything by Ellen Hopkins. She writes beautifully, and pretty much any teen that read any one of her books would love it. She has a knack for writing about mental health issues. Check her out!

O3. Clean. I have OCD, so I clean.. A lot. But I find hours will go by, and I won’t even realize it. That’s a good two hours every day where temptation doesn’t even cross my mind. If your place is clean then get your organization on! Something that can pretty much always use some organizing is your closet. Take everything out, and colour code your clothes. You’ll pass time, and you’ll have a really clean closet! It’s a win win sitch.

O4. Pretty up! I’m a girl girl, in the biggest sense. I love anything girly. So when I’m feeling tempted I get my girly on. I put together cute outfits. I google DIY hairstyles and try some new braids and buns out. I straighten or curl my hair. I do my makeup and try out different techniques with eyeliner or shadow. Most of all I paint my nails. Looking good helps you feel good.

O5. Arts and crafts! There are so many easy DIY crafts out here, you can preoccupy yourself for days on end. If you want some suggestions download the app “craftsy” it’s loaded with tonnes of fun stuff. Personally i like to scrapbook. It’s something that I can work on continuously, and add to over time.

O6. Make a new blog. Find an interest completely unrelated to thinspo, weight loss etc and go with that. I have like a million other blogs, to go with my many moods, but my favourite is pastels. I love searching for new pastel photos, and creating cute line ups of photos and quotes to post. Feel free to check it out at pretty-x-pastel and then create one of your own. Here’s some ideas for your own blog, hippie/boho, hipster, grunge, hair and makeup, animals, dance or sports, art, fashion, photography etc.

O7. Have a bath. Next time you’re at a drug store get yourself some bath salts and oils and take a nice long relaxing bath. Light some candles, put on some soft music, sit back and relax.

O8. Thinspiration nation. Get online and fall down a rabbit hole on your favourite thinspo site. You’ll be distracted and motivated all in one! Or, better yet, go searching for some new thinspo sites. You can also check out weight loss and dieting sites for tips and tricks, but be careful! It’s easy to stumble onto pro Ana sites, which won’t put any healthy ideas in your head. Stick to sites that support healthy weight loss and body image ideals.

O9. Look for new recipes. Search online for new recipes to try out. I like to look for low cal recipes, that are easy to make, because I hate cooking. Plus I find I’m overwhelmed with all the healthy options out there today. This is a good way to learn how to use new foods. Then add them to your grocery list and try using 1 new food a week.

1O. Write. I love to write. I journal every day, but when I’m in need of a real distraction, I like to create characters and then write scenes for them. For example I’d create a character for a 19 year old girl. Her name, her age, what she looks like, her personality traits and flaws. What she’s good at, what she loves, what she hates. Where she works, or goes to school. What her family is like. What is her background, like how did she grow up, what major life events has she experienced. Then I write a scene that would suit her character. Like when she meets the love of her life, or when she gets drunk on the beach with her best friend. Sometimes to escape this world, I like to create another one.

Sweetly, 💋K x

I think so, there’s a few ballads on there that really speak for themselves and explain things we’ve been through whether it’s breakups or… there’s a song on the album which is probably one of my favourites and basically we were a year into writing the album and we were in a phase of writing songs that just weren’t good enough. I remember us sitting with Jess Glynne just breaking down thinking “we can’t find the single! There’s nothing there!” and that was at the same time as everyone was speculating that we were splitting up. So, we wrote a song about just, not giving up really. As long as we have each other it doesn’t really matter what’s going on in the outside world. It’s a really lovely song about believing in yourself and that as long as you’ve got each other, everything’s okay.
—  Jade for Project U about songs from  “Get Weird”. (x)



I don’t have a favorite movie. There are movies that I immensely enjoy, but there isn’t one that I would put above the rest. Ones that I think to be wonderful and magical include:



Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly version)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 

10 Things I Hate About You

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 

The Polar Express

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The Road to El-Dorado 

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

frfrdrrr requested: Hello, Sharon! I’m new to your Tumblr page, but I’ve already fallen in love with your reader inserts! You just really keep the characters in character and it’s so great! Do u think u can do number 32 for a Castiel x Reader? Thank you so much! :D

ahh you’re so perfect! Thank you for saying this, this is my favourite thing about writing! I love how I can get into any character I want for just a few hours and to hear that I’m good at it makes it so much better <3 I’m sorry this took me a while, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! <3    Drabble Game Masterlist

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Rapunzel Recommends is a new weekly feature for book recommendations. Look out for a new post every Saturday. Yay!

Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson

Kamala Khan is a normal Muslim-American girl living in New Jersey until she gets “superpowers”. Kamala has to balance life with her powers and her strict traditional parents (to mention just a few things going on in her life). One of my favourite graphic novels! It’s a lot of fun, relatable and features appearances from some familiar faces, along with lovely art.

Rapunzel recommends this book to fans of (and readers new to) comics/graphic novels, especially if you’re after a fun and diverse superhero read

anonymous asked:

Your favorite picture/s of suga ? Aaah and jimin heheheh

I started out with like twenty so I’ve tried to dwindle it down a bit. Here are the highlights of my camera reel.

Those two are the backgrounds for my phone, and they have been for a couple weeks now. Which is really a difficult task because I change my screensaver like once every few days. These two photos… I can’t stop loving them. 

Let’s start with Yoongi, since he’s older. 

Those are just a few of my favouites. Obviously, I have a massive thing for orange-haired Yoongi. 

Now for Jimbles 

This was pretty fun! If you’d like to see any of my favourite pictures of anyone else, then just ask! I liked this ask a lot and I spent all day picking out a bunch of my faves. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pick a “real” favourite, so I’ll probably stick to doing fiveish for each there’s six for both of these boys, but that’s just because they’re my backgrounds 

Oh! And both my icon and header are favourites, too.  

anonymous asked:

I'm very much looking forward to your Dragon!Bucky fic. Three of my favourite things, Dragons, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Actually it's probably gunna be all my favourite things. Possessive!Bucky, Needy!Steve, Steve and Bucky together... Your writing.... Everything! I'm very excited(these are just all things I've gathered from your posts talking about it so I hope I got them right)

Yep, you pretty much got it right!

Possessive Dragon!Bucky, needy Nymph!Steve, a little pining, a few instances of stealth dragon courting, a lot of gratuitous flirting/touching, a dash of angst/action there at the end, and then happy ending + orgasms.

That is basically it.

I’m hoping to finish it up this weekend and then you will get to judge its merit for yourself but we’ll see what happens. ^___^


I’m so happy about TWC right now because I case you didn’t know I’m kurofai trash. Here’s a few pictures from the chapters so far and look out bellow for my commentary.

Pic 1)
Okay so the first one has to be one of my favourite things because one, kuro with flowers in his hair. You don’t get much better than kuro with flowers in his hair. This was pretty early in the new series so when I first saw this it just made me, well, happy. Mostly because I’m a sucker for just plain old casual cute little interactions which this is the embodiment of.

Pic 2)
I don’t think I can count the amount of jealousy jokes people (including me) have made about this page. I think a little bit of protectiveness is unbelievably adorable especially between these two.

Pic 3)
I love this one mostly for poor little sweetie Syaoran being caught in the middle. Family action! Gotta love it.

Pic 4)
My main love for this one is being able to compare it Fai trying to feed poor kuro things he didn’t like. They’re such an old married couple I swear.

Pic 5)
Did kuro ever do this in the old series? If so I don’t remember it but oh my god it’s so effing affectionate.

Pic 6)
Just like the last but would you look at those smiles? You two, staph it plz.

Pic 7)
They just do not want to take their hands of eachother. Not that I’d ever complain.

Pic 8)
This one isn’t particularly shippy but it just looks plain adorable. Fai is so cute I can’t even.

Pic 9)

Pic 10)
Basically, I just love their facial expressions. Also kuro looks so protective.

wizerdmegic asked:

Honesty Hour: Why do you do all these things for the community (aceunity? acemmunity? acemunity?)? How do you have time for all of this? Also thank you for everything you've done, TAB. Are you ever gonna give this up? Ever gonna get this down? Ever gonna run around and desert this?


I love this community. Finding it literally saved my life, so doing what I do for it is my way of giving back and being a contributor to it. Running this blog is my favourite thing to do. I wish I were independently wealthy so I could do it full time and not have to have a day job. It’s not a hardship to find time to do stuff, because most of my friends are in this community and this blog is my main hobby. There’s literally very few points in my day where I’m not thinking about ace related stuff. It’s just what I do.

And no, I’m never gonna give it up. Never gonna let it down. Never gonna run around and desert it.

~The Astley Blog