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idk if this has been asked of u. But what's your ultimate Otabek/Yurio headcanon/guilty pleasure/etc? :)


OH hmm this is hard tbh because there’s so many things I love about their dynamic in general? I guess I’ll just list a few of my favourite things!

  • Yuri always does ridiculous things and we know he has a thing for Being Dramatic but Otabek indulges him and always goes along with his antics anyway (gotta love a supportive bf(f))
  • both of them smiling and blushing a lot around each other at first
  • Yuri stealing Otabek’s (way too big) sweaters/hoodies bc ‘they’re warm and comfy shut up’ but let’s be real he wears them bc they smell like Otabek
  • both of them being super shy and especially Yuri being extremely embarrassed about everything when they just start becoming A Thing (but Otabek is patient so it’s okay)
  • since Yuri is so lithe he probably gets cold easily so when they’re out Otabek always offers him his jacket
  • Yuri that fucker will stick his cold toes between Otabek’s calves when they’re in bed
  • also ‘Otabek my hand is cold you need to hold it’
  • calling the other just ‘because they wanted to hear their voice’ gross I know
  • you know that thing cats do where they just walk onto your lap turn around a few times to find a comfy position and flop down? when Otabek is reading a book Yuri squishes himself under Otabek’s arm and snuggles into his side
  • Yuri sits on Otabek’s lap all the time like,,, chair? I haven’t heard that name in yrs /dramatic look into the distance/
  • I’ve been talking about this for 3 years now buT OTABEK BRAIDING YURI’S HAIR (and also just towelling it dry and brushing it for him after a shower/bath)
  • motorbike rides to places from where they can see the sun set
  • also Otabek teaching Yuri how to ride a motorbike
  • comfortable silences

THIS TURNED OUT LONGER THAN EXPECTED I’M SORRY also thank you for sending the ask! what a cute thing to see first thing in the morning ;;;; I hope you have a great day! ♡

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He mentioned some of the things he finds handsome about you, what are some of your favorite parts of him? (PG obviously)

I… don’t think I’ve answered this on here before.  somehow.  I don’t remember if I’ve been asked this before.

sherlock is… see, I dunno how I’m supposed to even put this into words.  he makes me… he drives me mad.

he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.  person, I’ve ever seen.  I look at him sometimes and I can barely breathe.

I love his hands.  they’re broad, and long, and graceful, especially when he plays or when he talks and gestures with them.  it’s the stupidest thing but I love how big his hands are.  I love when he touches me, and holds me, or strokes my stomach, or whatever he’s doing with them

and I love his eyes, and how much life there is in them, and how intensely he looks at things.  at me.  and how he smiles with just them sometimes.  and how he narrows them and furrows his brow all the time like the world is so moronic it baffles the hell out of him.  or how he narrows them and furrows his brow when I touch him sometimes.

he is so… when he’s got his shirt off, he looks like one of those bloody marble statues, the greek things, it barely seems real.  I love how masculine he is and how strong he is and how lean he is and how warm his skin is even though it looks cold and how heavy he is when he lays over me and how his hair falls into his face

i love how deep his voice is.  i love how he rumbles at me in the mornings when he’s got stubble starting all over his jaw.  I love his ridiculous deep laugh.  i love how my name sounds when he says it.

and I love his arms and how strong they are and how it feels when he holds me and tells me against my ear that I’m safe and that he’s got me and that he loves me and how he puts his hands on me and how I don’t remember anything but him when he does that.

and this is more than just a few of my favourite things about him and this is probably too much but I don’t think… I don’t think I’ve told him these things, in as many words, and he should know.  he should know how incredible he is.  he’s brilliant.  he makes me weak in the bloody knees.