16) Do you have a favourite VC blog?

Instead of choosing one or two people, I’m just going to put a list here. I’ve followed a lot of you guys for a few years since I discovered Vulture Culture, and even though I might not talk to you because of my social anxiety, I still adore and appreciate every single one of your blogs and enjoy seeing your posts in the tag.

Even though we may not agree on every little thing, I really love this community and (most) of its members, and if any of you ever want to talk or want to ask me about my collection I’ll be here for you. Also, sorry if you have multiple blogs and I @’d you twice >o>;


a few of my favourite things ☆ (35/50) female characters: pam beesly

it would be great if people saw this documentary and learned from my mistakes. not that i’m a tragic person, i’m really happy now, but it would just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this and she said to herself ‘be strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears’ just go after what you want and act fast because life just isn’t that long.


a few of my favourite things ☆ (33/50) female characters: miranda bailey

yeah, i pay attention. i pay attention! i pay attention to people in all walks of life, all types. i notice people. i see people. it’s guys like you who don’t see people like me. i’m not talking about you, shepherd. just guys like you. who don’t see girls like me. we don’t exist for you. we exist to do your homework! we exist to build your ego up… i am a successful married mother. i am chief resident, i am chief resident of a major metropolitan hospital! i am a surgeon, who saved his life today! and he still doesn’t see me… i may as well still be that high school girl with the mushroom haircut and the coke bottle glasses and the band uniform. the girl who didn’t get to go to homecoming dance cause it didn’t even occur to him to ask me. all those late nights tutoring him, and it didn’t even occur to him to ask?




I don’t have a favorite movie. There are movies that I immensely enjoy, but there isn’t one that I would put above the rest. Ones that I think to be wonderful and magical include:



Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly version)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 

10 Things I Hate About You

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 

The Polar Express

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The Road to El-Dorado 

Saudade // chapter two

So I guess I am very impatient so instead of Monday the next chapter is out! Please let me know what you think. I know few things might surprise you :) 


“Val dear brother it’s so good to see you!” Maks said happily pulling the younger Chmerkovskiy into a hug.

“Same here Maks, same here.” Val said feeling a little bit of relief in his stomach. “I am sorry I haven’t been here.”

“I understand, we all do trust me.” Maks tilted his head. “Okay so where is my favourite nephew?”

“I believe I am your only nephew.” Luka said grinning slightly at his uncle.

“Ah smartass! Just like his father.” Maks ruffled Luka’s hair. “Come on are you ready to see your little sister?”

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It was the weekend, and I had me some {lazy} fun.

And suddenly it’s Tuesday, February 2nd. On man, I just love it when a new month starts on a Monday. Probably because of the whole new start fresh slate thing times two. Or, perhaps because I love when my budgets start on a Monday. Either or. 

Last weekend was a quiet one.  A beautiful rainy stay-in-and-don’t-feel-bad kind of weekend. It was glorious. Except I did venture out for a few exceptionally awesome reasons. They are as follows:

As the clocked striked 5pm last Friday I scurried out of work and headed to the cake shop to get a birthday cake for one of my favourite friends, Wasila. I then squeezed the cake onto a very very very crowded subway to head to the balloon store before it closed. And then with a thousand and one balloons, got on the street car to head to the venue early to decorate.  I love doing extra special birthday surprises for friends.  Who doesn’t love a bouquet of balloons and cake? Exactly. 

A huge crowd of friends came out for Wasila (which included a lot of my old running crew!) so it was wonderful to catchup with everyone, but my favourite part of the night was from 2am - 3am when there were four of us sitting in the restaurant when the lights came on talking about everything under the sun. We then wandered through the Distillery District with it all to ourselves as we took photos with the twinkle lights on our way to our cabs/ubers. 

(I took an Uber Pool home that night, and had three separate very chatty drunk ladies join me. One girl had just changed jobs and told me the story about how she asked for more money when the new job sent her the contract, and that they gave her what she asked for!  I was legit very proud of my drunk female companion. More women need to do that!)

On Saturday morning I slept in, then walked from my bed to my couch and binge watched “Younger.” It’s a light hearted show with Hilary Duff, who holy hell, is so beautiful, how did I not already know this?

At 3pm I met my sister for a manicure and pedicure at Tips Nail Bar on the Danforth. And? Oh man, what an incredibly disappointing experience.  The manicure and pedicure was a gift from my sister’s husband. It was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon just the two of us, but, umm yea.  I got shellac on my nails and look at it… 

The tips of my nails looked AWFUL (see the black?!?!), and the girl who did them just straight up seemed so lazy. She didn’t touch my cuticles and wasn’t very pleasant. She also must have seen the black forming on my tips (no idea what it’s from!), but said nothing. For a $50 manicure, it better be perfect.  

I complained. Obviously. Because Younger-Liz wouldn’t have, but Older-Liz doesn’t give a sh*t anymore, and they were nice, and removed it, but after THREE HOURS there, I walked out with no nail polish on my fingers. What a disaster.  I’m still really annoyed, because now I have to go back to get it done. And I have to go back alone. And technically they didn’t really really give me anything for it, just not charge me. (Also my pedicure was sub-par.) Would not recommend this place. 

On a brighter note, after that incident I took my sister’s dogs down to the lake for a beautiful evening walk while I collected my Fitbit steps. 

I ended up eating dinner at their house, and we watched the Iris Apfel documentary on Netflix. I hope I’m that awesome at 93. 

On Sunday… if anyone is still even here… because omg, so long(!), I watched 3,002 episodes of Younger thus completing my binge watch. At 3pm in the afternoon I had a solid 200 steps to my name. I was debating what to do with myself (as I needed to head out for a walk) when I got a text from my sister, “want to do something?” Ummmm, YES!

I ended up taking the bus to an Aroma in Leaside where I met Lily, my sister, brother and mom for a spontaneous coffee break. Lily upped her cuteness game as she played with my umbrella. 

Ahh jeesh, I love this little lady so much. 

Lily and I then did play shopping in Longos (Longos has awesome car-shopping cars for kids, btw), while my sister did her actual shopping. 

I then walked the 7km (4 miles) home to round off January’s 10,000 steps each day goal. GO ME!! 

I can’t believe I actually did it. Yippee! It’s a little daunting to think I have another 11 months of 10,000 steps a day, but it’s really become a large part of my routine, and I feel like it’s impacted most areas of my life in a positive way.

Yesterday I even walked the 6km home - thus saving a subway token, and enjoying this warmer weather.  I feel like all this walking is forcing me to have quality time with my own brain, and it’s quite nice. 

I also did my budget yesterday for the month of January. Here the details:

I pretty much ate and worked-off my income. Womp womp.  I seriously can’t believe how much I spent this month on FOOD and FITNESS. Although, to be fair, January was a big month for Fitness because of Weight Watchers and Bootcamp going through, and those two items are a once-every-six-months thing. 

But I don’t have an excuse for the food category. Boourns. Here’s the breakdown: 

I’m going to try hard this month to bring my own lunches, and eat out less. 

I’ve also been very good at tracking my Weight Watchers points this past week. My clothes feel SO MUCH BETTER than a few weeks ago, and I feel like I currently have really good momentum with everything.  It’s a nice change, I must say.  I’ve also had THREE people (yay!) notice my weight loss, which is really nice, and for the first time in a long time I feel like my cheekbones are coming back into play.  If I lose 1lb this week, I’ll hit 10lbs loss on WW. Fingers crossed for this Thursday. 

And with that, because this post has taken me two days to actually sit down and write, heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s back to work I go.

anonymous asked:

do you have tips on how to use post it notes/tab sticky things in my notes/planner? also what are your favourite bullet journal layouts? thanks! (:

I can’t answer the question about bujo layouts because I don’t have a bullet journal and I’m too lazy to try to go through and find favorites, but some great ones will be featured in the academic zine!

In terms of using stickies, I use them in a few ways:

  • To mark my place. I usually use a paper clip to mark the page I’m on in my planner so I can just find it from the top of the journal and flip right to that page, but if there are specific pages in my planner or notes that I want to reference, I’ll use the rectangle stickies for that. I’ll also jot down the topic so I can quickly reference it.
  • To organize. I really like those sticky notes that are sort of shaped like arrows/banners and are semi-opaque and colorful (hopefully you know what I’m talking about). I like to color code things a LOT, so I’ll color code each page if I’m not organized. For example, I have a notebook filled with totally random notes from like a bunch of different subjects, so I color coded that with stickies.
  • To-do lists or quick notes/questions. I use full adhesive stickies for to-do lists or checklists on my homework/notes/planner. Sometimes a planner isn’t good enough for a full on to-do list (it’s best for events and homework assignments), so I’ll augment it with a sticky filled with my list. I also keep track of questions I have in class on a sticky to go over with the teacher later.
  • To annotate. Even if you own the book and you can write directly on it (which I LOVE), no book ever has enough space for a student to actually annotate fully on it. This is where sticky notes save the day! I can go into way more detail on a sticky note, and if I don’t want it covering up the word, I’ll stick it on the inside book cover with the page and paragraph number to reference later. 
  • To write vocab words. Sometimes, at the end of a chapter, I’ll just jot down the vocab words without definitions for future reference. It’s kind of unnecessary, but I like it, and I supplement that with a full written summary of the reading.

That’s all I can think of for now, but feel free to add on!

  • (I worked from 8am - noon. After I'm done work, I swing by the mall to get a few things, including a stop at Lush to treat myself.)
  • Lush Employee:Have the day off?
  • Me:Actually, I just got off work.
  • LE:Oh! What do you do?
  • Me:I'm a stagehand
  • LE:That's cool! What's your favourite part about being a stagehand?
  • Me:*laughing, because I've already been thinking about this particular day* Well, today, for example, I helped assemble a skating rink on stage...that people can actually skate on, without ice.
  • LE:Wow! So, never same old, same old, huh?
  • Me:Pretty much!
  • (To be fair, that's one of the odder things I've done as a stagefoot, but not the oddest!)

anonymous asked:

a lot of people hated that episode :( what did you think?

overall, i enjoyed it. i wouldn’t say it was one of my favourites, but i enjoyed it aside from a few nuances.

things i loved:

  • dennis’s 80’s movie douchey antagonist persona
  • mac and dee teaming up and their reactions to those dudes they end up hanging out with  (DID YOU CUM IN MY BURRITO?!)
  • the commentary on popular “pranks” that are basically just people going around sexually harassing/assaulting others (i.e sam pepper, some youtube “pranksters”, etc.)
  • charlie eating the plastic trees and being confused by the whole 80’s movie logic and dennis’s need to win
  • dennis breaking his ankles whilst skiing and mac and dee like “his ankles are broken” (a direct reference to this video)

things i hated:

  • the entire charlie plot besides his confusion at the 80’s settings it was entirely unnecessary and uncomfortable and it wasn’t even funny (imo) like frank’s sex scenes and very out of character for him and goes against a lot of what has been established for him and his relationship with sex
  • unnecessary “let’s get these female extras as naked as possible” scenes