courfeyrac keeps a “list of things that make me happy” diary that he makes a list in once every 2 weeks to help him with his mental health

combeferre reads it secretly just to keep check that he’s actually filled it in and that he’s reached his target of 20 things, whenever combeferre notices he has less than 20 he makes courf pancakes or watches courfs favourite movies with him or buys him cute socks to remind him of all the little things he can add to his list

this results in most of courfs bullet points reading “combeferres hugs” instead of just “hugs” and “watching hairspray with combeferre”, “shopping with ferre”, “when ferre cooks me breakfast”, etc.

a few weeks pass and one of the bullet points is just “ferre”, another few weeks pass and combeferres name is the only thing on the list and that’s the day ferre decides to kiss him

now every 2 weeks ferre sits with courf and helps him list things, he doesn’t complain when his name is written down first every time but insists courf needs to find other things too

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Really random question but do you remember when/why you first started shipping narry?

Okay so, I was a bit late coming into the fandom – like, mid 2013. My friend had introduced me to Little Things, which happened to be a song I actually really liked that would play on the radio at my work literally every day, so I watched the video…and then I watched a few other music videos, and some funny moment videos and suddenly Niall was my favourite. And through watching videos of Niall, I sort of just fell into the Narry thing – mostly because I could just tell how much they adored each other.

So, naturally, I started to watch Narry videos and, to me, their chemistry as friends was palpable. Like, their friendship was just so pure and adorable, and you could tell that they truly enjoyed each other’s company, and that they had their own thing going on. And then I saw this:

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The most frustrating in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi to me is we still barely know anything about Ritsu’s past after the break up. We know from Yokozawa and Takano how bad Takano was after the break up with family problem and found out two painful things (Ritsu had fiance & his father wasn’t his biological father). He skip school, drink heavily, and sleep with anyone. Until Yokozawa helped him to stand to his feet again. 

Either I missed few things, the only thing that I know after the break up was Ritsu was in shock and didn’t go to school for god know how long until he chose to study aboard. He did mentioned he was depressed the whole time he was in England. But how bad? He also mentioned he had few girlfriends before. But for how long? Why? And did he sleep with them too? 

I wish Nakamura-sensei would put more their past in the future. 

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where Luke is secretly in love with Ashton [ preferably not an au and something actually regarding the band and real life x ] thank you soooooo much :)

Here are a few :-) There’s a pining tag we have as well.


you’re just a little bit out of my limit

make you blush

Le Chatelier’s Principal ((favOURITE THING EVER))

Maybe You Are Fireproof

stick to the status quo


‘I’m already something, to someone I don’t know’

you fill my lungs with sweetness

(me & you) if i woke up next to you


I had my back to school meeting today and they said a few interesting/unexpected things (from most to least positive):

-I’m the faculty’s favourite student(?!)
-I’m taking too many classes; they’re giving me specifically an infinite drop period if it becomes overwhelming
-my English teacher wants me to teach a “class”/info session on how to plan and execute projects/independent studies
-my principal realllllly wants me to apply to a super high up there school just to see “if the system works”
-they asked “are you doing a senior project?” and I was like “here’s my proposal” and they died of laughter
-apparently my counselor met my kindergarten teacher and added the input “even her kindergarten teacher says she’s amazing” (so that’s awk)
-apparently no one but me has ever skipped a year of French (or any language) so they’re kinda worried about me
-they’re putting me in the advanced AP CompSci class but also they think I know Python which I dONT omg
-econ is supposed to be super super hard, oh dear

so yeah! it was all pretty positive and interesting and idk. that happened

i’ve just finished rereading order of the phoenix for the first time in aages and it’s gone from being my least to (second?) most favourite. i forgot how beautiful the last few chapters are, how much i love them all pulling together against umbridge, its just such a perfect mix of the best things about the hp series

if not because they’re technically…well i don’t know what kind of -ism but it isn’t pretty

i kinda like jesse and james

Featured Blogs - Lifestyle Edition

If there’s one thing I love more than blogging, it’s reading other blogs. Especially blogs similar to mine. I’ve been wanting to share to you guys a few of my favourite bloggers for a while, so I’ve decided to introduce a featured blogs by edition to showcase the blogs I’m currently loving and can’t get enough of. I classify these blogs as lifestyle because you could really see the the way in which the blogger lives and the things they love to do. The contents are actually written from their personal experiences and you know, not just some reblog posts that they can relate their life to. You can also see how organize their posts are and you have a lot of categories to read from. There are galleries and stuff. It’s very inspirational. So, in no particular order, let me introduce you to these 5 amazing bloggers you should follow.

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I totally think the whole Broadway thing is neat and coolio and fun for people who love it, but it’s just not my thing, ya feel? But cheese and crackers it’s a nightmare talking to some hard-core Broadway fans in real life. Cause I’ll be talking about Hamilton and they start speaking mad fast about these other shows and I’m always kinda like “Oh, I don’t really know Broadway, I just like the Hamilton soundtrack” and the ANARCHY that ensues! Like…Like I’ve dishonored their family lineage. They just don’t stop. This girl lectured me for MINUTES about how you can’t be a fan of Hamilton unless you already appreciate Broadway. How, I guess, bandwagon jumpers like me don’t appreciate Broadway enough to deserve Hamilton and how I need to get into some other shows to be, I dunno, a valid fan or something. What does that even mean bruh?

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Been rereading from the start for the fifth time. Aside from realizing that Sette really is like a vacuum cleaner around all valuables (steadily emptying that tip jar in chapter 3), I also realized something else. Sette tried to offer the waystation lady a stick that was supposedly from the Wandering Root Duane killed. Was that stick actually from the Wandering Root, and if so, does she still have it? And more importantly, does that make it First Wood?

Speaking of rereads, I had to reread chapter 10 the other day to double-check a few things and I think that’s my favourite chapter. I felt pretty proud of it, going back. Also, Unsounded is a weird friggin’ comic, what’re y’all doing reading this twisted garbage.

That twig was indeed from the Wand’ring Root and was indeed a tiny bit of First Timber. It’s somewhere in Duane’s bag at the moment and may pop up again one day, but mostly that was just a gag that amused me :)

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Can you tell me your fave things about Harry? I just read this horrible thing about how he's such a womanizer and how he has slept with all these girls and it made me really sad.

Ah, I’m sorry it upset you! There’s so many things I love about Harry, but these are a few of my favourite things..

His smile! 

Look at that, all squinty eyed and crinkly! So genuinely happy, it warms my heart. 

His contagious laugh, his dimples, his sense of humor, his ability to make everyone smile, his wit, HIS VOICE, both singing and talking! The way he pinches his bottom lip while he’s thinking, the way he fiddles with his rings, they way he can entertain an audience of 80,000 people by just flouncing around on stage and looking gorgeous while doing it. The way he wrinkles his nose when he sniffs. His two front teethies. His quirky little ears. How supportive he is. His face when he first saw the Liam wax figure..

But most of all, his massive heart. And how much love it holds. So much love that it spreads to everyone who’s seen him, and makes them feel warm, happy and cared for. He’s just amazing, and I’ll stop now before I get carried away… but those are just a few of my favourite things.. I could write a whole book.

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who are your favourite people on tumblr and why? also, what is australia like?

ill start off with how Australia is right now and to answer it is great. its coming into spring now so its getting warmer and isn’t cold as anymore which is great!! 

and ill just list a few of my favourite people on here! I have more but the list would continue on for ages if i listed you all! 

@dalmascas - Jamie is incredible, she is a next level human being of pure joy. She tags me in all the things that kills me, and she has listened to all my problems. She is overall a great human and i couldn’t be more happy we started talking! 

@wonhobe - Sydney is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. funnily enough we are incredibly similar too which is awesome! She gifs all the best things too, never a regret following her! 

@2ho & @chgkn - Lana and Enya honestly make me laugh everytime i see them on my dash! They both have the funniest tags and reading them makes my day! Incredibly great chicks seriously!

@jaehwansgf & @jooheon - Yotaka & Taylor!! I owe them my life, ive made so many great friends on here thanks to them seriously they are incredible people! 

Theres just a few of my favourites, but like i said again i appreciate everyone on my dash!!! 

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K :)

K -Say something nice about someone in any of your fandoms

I’m really glad someone asked me this! But I’m going to cheat a little and say nice things about a few people in the Rainbow fandom :)

@adixiebelle is my favourite person in any fandom, she’s a disney princess, a mermaid and the kindest person I have ever met. I’m super lucky she’s my BFF!

@theinsidiouspitch​ is the absolute coolest Fangirl I know! She’s super creative and innovative, juggling everything from hosting Harry Potter themed parties to organising booklr scavenger hunts and reading billions of ARCs. And on top of all that is just the lovliest human being <3

@damecatoe​ Is super kind and a mega talented graphic artist! She’s made some wonderful pieces including this infamous one. And she’s also a crazy cool cat when it comes to fashion!

@bethanyactually​ is the absolute nicest and most welcoming person I’ve ever met in a fandom, she was one of the first people to follow me and is always chatty and thoughtful, she definitely makes the internet a better place <3

@susannedraws​ is a CRAZY talented artist but is also as cute and sweet as a hufflepuff cupcake <3

@magicath​ A.) has the BEST URL in the whole fandom B.) makes a phenomenal Belle C.) is an absolute sweetheart

@yasminwithane makes stunning collages and is a really dedicated booklr fangirl

@gayclaryfray runs a really awesome blog in the fandom called @incorrectrainbowrowellquotes and is super cool human *u*

@deservingporcupine is super nice and the queen of fringe fandoms, like I whole heartedly believe she is the queen of the Carry On fandom, I would be her knight 100%

@eleanorford is really thoughful and helpful and has great taste in jewellery!

And finally I’m going to give a shout out to the centre of the Rainbow fandom @rainbowrowell because I think she is exceptionally lovely, makes an incredible effort to engage and respond to her fans, is off the charts talented and is just a generally all round amazing person!

All of the women I’ve mentioned above are amazing and I hope to meet them all one day. There are still tons more I want to mention but this could actually go on forever!

Fandom Meme

So I went to an art gallery/museum last Saturday and it’s one of my favourite places here and they had this exhibit. It was the work of a portrait artist.

Now, I love portraits and I loved the whole exhibit. It was pretty amazing. His work was stunning. The same people painted over a few years. Strangers, friends, family. It was brilliant.

But here’s the thing, they didn’t just display his oil paintings and finished work. They also displayed the initial sketches of things, practice studies, doodles of his family, little sketches that never became anything.

And that just made me feel so much better about my own art and writing.

Because my art doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to exist. It matters that I did it, that I created, that I willed something into existence from nothing.

Imperfect, incomplete, polished or sloppy, this is my art.

It exists and that’s pretty cool, I think.

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Because there are a lot of insecure little minds who would rather hate than understand. Because it scares them. Because it is the latest rage. Because everyone has to have some special kind of issue to stand out. And frankly, because some people just need something to hate. Welcome to Tumblr. No one’s “normal” and everyone has some kind of drama.

(( TRUE. Unpopular opinion under cut, so sue me.

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