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1 - What’s your favourite fictional character? Humm there’s a few, I’m stuck! Its a draw between Zoro (one piece) and Levi (SNK)

2 - Have you ever lost a cool pencil and then three years later you have found it in Narnia?  Not a pencil, no, but I have lost many things to Narnia.

3 - Do you think your url is cool? Why did you choose it? I do think its cool, it has sorta become my nickname. I chose it because it was something suggested to me by a friend and I just liked it so much I had to keep it! (Isn’t this cheating? 2 questions in one! Senpai, you cheated!!! OOOOOOOOOOO XD)


5 - Do you think Quicksilver disserved more in the new Avenger movie? Aha >_> well you see I haven’t actually managed to see the film yet :/ I haven’t been able to persuade anyone to go see it with me :(

6 - If you were a cat… what would you do? Ooooo I don’t know. I’d probably sleep a lot because I could get away with it. Maybe I’d kill a few things cos again I’d get away with it…

7 - dogs or cats or both and fluffynesssssssss? FLUFFINESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

8 - What did you eat yesterday? I can only remember what I ate for tea and that was pastaaaaaa!!

9 - Are you listening to music right now? Actually no, good reminder. I’ve been sat here with my headphones on for a while tho XD

10 - One random word: Plinth!

11- Now, make a sentence with that random word: The owl came to rest of the plinth.

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uum I dunno who else :/ (I know I don’t talk to all of you >_> Soorrrryy to annoy you!)

My Questions:

1 - What’s your biggest dream?

2 - What’s the best and most exciting thing you’ve ever done?

3 - Are you still in school or currently doing exams? (if you are, good luck!!)

4 - Are you getting enough sleep? Should you be sleeping now?

5 - You hungry? (I’m hungry!)

6 - If you won the lottery, what would you spend the money on and why?

7 - Do you have a favourite book?

8 - How good is this book? Should I read it?

10 - If you were and an animal what you be and why?

11 - Did you have a good day?

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Nickname: Rach / other random things
Star sign: cancer
Gender: female
Height: 5′9 lol 
Time and date: 2nd june 15:13
Average amount of sleep: 8hrs usually but recently its been weird cause of stress :/
Last thing I googled: im looking for a new mirror for my room :)
How many blankets do you sleep with?: in the summer just one 
Favourite fictional characters: furiosa (mad max) elizabeth (pride and prejudice) liesel + death (the book thief)
Favourite famous people/musician: hozier, lana del rey, charlie cox, tom hardy
Fav books: the book thief, my sisters keeper, its kind of a funny story, pride and prejudice, to kill a mockingbird, the daughter of smoke and bone, exodus, the song of achilles (to name a few aha)
Last movie I saw in the cinema: i actually went to go see mad max: fury road last week and it was amazing!
Dream holiday: road trip of japan or somewhere like prague <3
Dream job: i’d love to be an engineer and be part of a big project like the curiosity rover was :)
What I’m wearing right now: pyjamas :)
I tag:   i follow so many people so i got these from my ‘tumblr crushes’ <3 skyestudies claiae study-world studyingandsucculents relentlessreading studyingzoneonly kimberlystudies studyrelief and anyone else who wants to do this! tag me so i can get to know you all better :)

Just a few of my favourite Graham Norton Eurovision quotes...

“Well, that wasn’t embarrassing at all, well done.”

“Small children and pets should probably move from the room. Here’s Cezar, proving that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

“The song is called ‘Alcohol is Free’. Ironic to sing that in Sweden, where it’s anything else. You have to sell your car to get a pint.” 

“This will put fear into your heart – she’s a devoted experimental jazz musician. She can do extraordinary things with her voice…not pleasant things but extraordinary.”

“He looks like a nice boy who’s fallen in with the wrong lot, doesn’t he?”

“It’s an unusual Eurovision this year. There are lots of songs that are really quite good and brilliantly sung. This is not one of those. It’s Russia.” 

“They’re drinking quite a lot. It’s almost like they think they’re not going to perform again.” -Graham talking about the UK’s backing dancers

“Miraculously, and I mean that, she has made it through to the final”

“The bad news is, you’re about to watch Albania. She’s only 17, so please bear that in mind. Where was her mother? Why didn’t she step in and say no?”

“Oh thank you, it’s so fun! It’s like the gay wedding I’ll never have! It’s gone in my wine!” - When they threw confetti over Graham

“Oh thank you, three points! I won’t make fun of your jacket now then!”

 "Certainly the cleaner won’t be pleased.“ - When the streamers opened

(feel free to add more!)

A Monsterrific Buffet

One of the scariest things when you’re just a few days old like I am is catching up on everything the other monsters already know. Luckily, my ghoulfirends are here to help. My favourite subject : food. A good thing Clawdeen and Draculaura took me to this restaurant with a monsterrific buffet where you can taste about any dish. Here are the specialties I likes best (gorelicious!) and worst (clawful):

Macaroni and Screams - gorelicious and zen at the same time!

Crizza - dreadfully tasty and so many choices!

Ice Scream - gorelicious and goreliciouser! If I had started with it, I wouldn’t have tried anything else!

Brussel Sprouts : clawful! I’ll never have them again, That’s for sure!

Shivers and Onions - scarily clawful! Draculaura and Clawdeen had warned me.

Cucumber salad with scream - Gorelicious! Si light and refreshing. I’d love to try it at home, but I need to learn how to cook irst.

Scarrots - gorelicious! Nice crunchy orange taste! Yummy…

Monster High Figurine Collection Booklet -  Issue number 3 : Frankie Stein (Part 3) Close up of the middle picture and a quick translation of the diary entry.


I don’t have a favorite movie. There are movies that I immensely enjoy, but there isn’t one that I would put above the rest. Ones that I think to be wonderful and magical include:



Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly version)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 

10 Things I Hate About You

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 

The Polar Express

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The Road to El-Dorado 




(via lookbook | Ready to Stare)

One of my FAVOURITE things about blogging is getting to sneak peek at lookbooks by your favourite brands and designers.  So when Alysse of Ready to Stare posted how excited she was about the lookbook and the launch, I HAD to get in touch to see if I could take a look!

My jaw hit the floor when I saw the sample of images she sent and I had to ask for more details on a few of my favourite pieces!

Did your jaw just hit the floor too?!  Not only are the photos stunning, but the pieces shine right though!

My personal favs would include the “Simone Ladder Body Chain” which is the black chest harness, the “Nicki Caged Body Chain” which has a slightly more dainty and intricate front detail and I’m just dying over the “Laverne back chain” so much so that I included 2 striking photos to open and close my lookbook choices.  Not only are the two photos stunning, but the mix of chain weights has me swooning!

a little something from the designer:

The collection is inspired by powerful women living their daily lives confidently and authentically. The collection features 12 different body chains, belts, head chains, anklets and introduces leg chains for the first time to the Ready to Stare family of everyday statement pieces. Every piece in the collection is named after a famous feminist of today or the past such as Lucy Stone and Laverne Cox. Pieces range from $35-$99 and are available in sizes S-5X.

The lookbook was shot by Cleveland photographer Linda Ford across two days and features nine different models varying from a size 2 to a size 26. The lookbook shows models both in basic black swimwear paired with the body chains and 90s vintage garments to show you that body chains are for everybody and every occasion. The vintage garments will also be on sale. Hair and make-up was done by Mary-Morgan Byrd.

I think my favourite name is for the silver thigh chain { which can come with a garter strap if you so chose! } which is the “I Met God She’s Black”. LOVE IT!

The collection is available TODAY on etsy and you can also check out more images from this lookbook on readytostare.com.

Thank you Alysse for letting me share this today! I adore supporting indie designers and brands, especially those who value inclusivity! I cannot wait to get my paws on a couple of these chains!

1K Follow thingy

For 1K (which I am 10 away from!) I want to do a thing.
Where first you must be following me- dil-howlters-black-chair - then REBLOG this post. I will then select a url and do a drawing based on their blog/favourite things (I may ask for a selfie to use as a reference for the drawing and a few questions about what they like/hobbies/etc…)+a shoutout to all 1000+people whom have chosen to follow me.

The deadline is; SATURDAY THE 6TH OF JUNE
ps, Im sorry for the shitty “prize” I just saw my follower count this morning and I was like, -hoLY SHIT, but I promise the drawing will be top notch (I will message the winner seeing their preferences on it, making sure I get it perfect) xx

Good luck to all! And have a lovely day x



here are some of my highly recommended must watch japanese series and movies! I have included my personal thoughts about it and some pictures would contain spoilers! 

BE READY TO CRY, LAUGH, GET MAD, AND GO CRAZY if you start to watch japanese dramas and movies. I swear to god they’re the best thing ever. everything is unique on it’s own. my favourites would be the tear jerker films though. 

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theladyinquisitors asked:

i'm here asking the really important questions which need answering: will lucie be kissing any girls, or will girls kissing girls be in tell the wind and fire?

… I can’t say. I will explain!

It is my new policy not to talk too specifically about representation in any of my future books. When they are out I will, but not before then.

When I was writing the Lynburn Legacy series (and was super excited about it, but didn’t know if it would ever be published, because… wow, it seemed long odds!) I went online and talked about the book. Unspoken was my favourite book to write and I was really happy writing it, and I just wanted to talk about it all the time. ;) This meant I mentioned in a few different places, among other things, that I was writing a book that included ladies who loved ladies, and that generally I wanted to see more of that in YA. I didn’t go into any details, I mostly just went ‘wurble wurble laaaaaadies.’

One reader who’d been very kind about the Demon’s Lexicon series assumed that I was talking about different characters in the Lynburn Legacy than the characters I was talking about. When she read Unspoken she was disappointed. She was hurt, and discussed that publicly, and I felt horrible she was hurt, and like I had done a horrible thing. I also believe she didn’t read the rest of the Lynburn Legacy, which is a shame as she loved the Demon’s Lexicon series and obviously the Lynburn Legacy has far more about ladies and ladies loving ladies in it (not that I don’t like TDL… because I do! My two serieseses are just doing different stuff).

I’m not sorry I wrote my story the way I did, because I like my story. But I blame myself for talking about the story to the extent I did. I’m really sorry I publicly talked about representation in any way more specific than ‘I try to write stories that have some’–because representation is a fraught issue, and so important, and when that collides with people having certain expectations of literature or characters it can get very messy, and people can get hurt.

I do not enjoy talking people out of reading, or into hating, my books. I enjoy hurting people even less.

I have a friend who vaguely heard about the racist outcry over Idris Elba being cast as Heimdall in the Thor movies, and he went into the movie confidently expecting Thor to be black. He was very excited.

His viewing experience went like this:

FRIEND: So, this blond guy gets thrown out, and they elect a new Thor. Black Thor.

FRIEND: This movie has been going on for a while. They are not going to have enough time to properly introduce our black Thor.


(I was sorry for his pain. I too think Idris Elba would be an amazing Thor. But the movie wasn’t ruined for me the same way, because I didn’t have expectations for something I didn’t get.)

I have thought about maybe being more specific, so there wouldn’t be misapprehensions, but I’ve seen that backfire with other authors.

AUTHOR: Character B will be gay.

READERS: Oh that seems bad. He seems very stereotypical. 

AUTHOR: Well, I think he has many layers but you haven’t read about him yet so I understand that you haven’t seen them… crap.

I’ve also seen:

AUTHOR: Character C will be bisexual.

READERS: Character C is my favourite LGBTQ character.

(That seems actually way worse, because–oh wow, you’d be bound to let the readers down!) 

There’s all sorts of specifics about your books you probably shouldn’t talk about before the books come out, and I’ve come slowly to believe representation is one of them.  

I totally understand if people disagree with me. It does counterintuitive to say: I won’t talk about representation before the book is out, because I used to think I definitely should talk about it. I thought: oh, if I tell people, the readers I want will want to read these books. I myself am always thankful to get a heads-up about representation!

For instance, I remember watching the pilot of Teen Wolf. I guess I was having a bad day, because I had a tantrum in the middle.

SARAH: Turn it off! Turn it off, I dislike these werewolves, and that guy Stilo is unfortunate in the face!

I turned it off. Some months later, I saw on the internet that there was a cool gay character in Teen Wolf called Danny, who was not stereotypical and was cute. And because I do not get enough representation in my genre media, I thought to myself: ‘OK, self! Time to give those werewolves a second chance!’ And I did, and I liked the show, and Danny is very cute, and Stiles (OOPS) turned out to be one of my favourite characters and totally OK in the facialur region.  

But you know, the showrunner of Teen Wolf did not tell me about Danny. Other viewers told me about Danny. 

In the last analysis, it seems best (to me, your mileage may vary!) to leave it up to the viewers/readers to say what’s there, and how they felt about it. 

Another way things get messy is not just misapprehensions that happen, but the fact that books change as you’re writing them. If someone had asked me while I was writing Unspoken if we would get a lesbian character’s PoV I would have said ‘Yes, absolutely, we’ll get the PoV of a lesbian character.’ I’d written it! But it’s not in the final books. (The PoV of a bi character, still in there, but they are different characters and one PoV doesn’t make up for the absence of the other.) If I’d done that, I would have lied to my readers in a really harmful way.  

Writing books means taking the risk of hurting people–doing almost anything does, but minimising the hurt to others is my goal. And once I’ve hurt people in a certain way, I do really try to learn and not do that again.

This was a very difficult decision for me, because I LOVE telling people stories and I want to tell them every detail I think they might be interested in. Whenever one of my friends asks me what I am writing, they have to brace themselves for a play-by-play of the story, with acting out of my favourite scenes and word-for-word dialogue I’m planning to write and extravagant hand gestures.

SARAH: And then they suspect her of MURDER-

FRIEND: Stop everybody is looking at you.


FRIEND: We’ve been in this restaurant five hours. I have appointments. I have a life!

I’m sorry! I hope this is not a weenie answer! I really am thinking all the time about how to make my books the best they can be, and how to behave myself online in the best way I can.

I am SO HAPPY that you think I did a good enough job with Holly and Angela (Holla!) that you’d like to see more. I’m so grateful you’re interested enough in Tell the Wind and Fire to ask, because I know you all have to wait a super long time for TTW&F, and I am always dreading you will all forget about me and go away! I’m so glad you asked, and I reallio trulio appreciate it.

anonymous asked:

This is really silly but the past few days I have been feeling so down and don't want to get out of bed and I just feel so unusually upset, which is not like me at all. I just need to someone to tell me what to do right now :( love u

Hey anon <3 I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling that way. Sometimes we just get a little down or into a bit of a funk and can’t seem to break ourselves out of it, until we do. Know that this feeling is temporary, and for the time being try to focus on things that will make you feel good. I know it’s probably the last thing you want to do, but exercise really does work wonders. If you don’t feel like going for a run or something, make a playlist with your very happiest songs, and just dance around your room to it. I promise you will feel so much better.

Here are a few of my favourites:

  • I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes
  • I Want You Back - Jackson 5
  • Uptown Girl - Westlife
  • Get What You Give - New Radicals
  • Good & Broken - Miley Cyrus
  • Love Is On The Radio - Carrie & Tom Fletcher
  • Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer
  • Keep On Moving - Five
  • Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney
  • Bet On It - High School Musical 3
  • Why Not - Hilary Duff
  • Elevator Love - Guy Sebastian
  • Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale
  • Lift - Shannon Noll (so uplifting I swear)
  • We Can - LeAnn Rhimes
  • I Believe - Yolanda Adams
  • A Few Of My Favourite Things - The Sound of Music
  • Flying - Peter Pan Soundtrack
  • You Are The Music In Me - High School Musical 2
  • So Much Better - Legally Blonde The Musical

Sending you all of my love and light!!