@lackadaisycats​  I think it goes without saying, I admire the brilliant artist that is Tracy J. Butler, her characters, her humor, and her storytelling skills. What also goes without saying is I can’t really support her financially, no matter how much I’d love to shower her beautiful potato face with dollars. I go to her shop every couple of days just to yell ‘TAKE MY MONEY’ at the Lackadaisy volumes and throw a bunch of random papers at my screen for the dramatic effect. Sigh.
What I can do, however, is to encourage each and every one of you, dear watchers, to get acquainted with her work at Lackadaisy.com and support her like I wish I could.

Tracy, if you ever get to see this, Merry Christmas

(Yes yes, I chose this scene for selfish reasons. If you thought, even for a second, that it smells morafenish, it’s because it does.)


Uh, raise the mizzenmast, ship the topsails. That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn’t notice…but we did.


jaspar fave things 0/? 

‘you’re not only a youtube sensation, you also happen to be my roommate, so i sometimes forget i’m living with someone so incredible’


“I don’t want to be just the singer guy. I want to film ‘Austin & Ally’ for three or four years, do some movies in the meantime, ultimately put out an album with R5. We’re writing songs now. I want to do both at the same time, maybe do a short world tour during our hiatus. That’s my dream. Then I want to do a huge world tour, like nine months, sold-out arenas around the world. In a bus with a surfboard, skateboard and a bunch of random clothes.”

jimin is like the type of friend to be trying to make a decent vlog about his day (and a bunch of random shit) while taehyung inserts himself in the middle of the taping 

and jimin is just “no, please stop. youve had more than 2 seconds of introduction now leave, youre embarrassing me”


* this is not an accurate representation of Gravity Gunners. i am only the artist. this is an artist’s reconstruction of the gameplay of Gravity Gunners. this is the telephone game lost-in-translation version of Gravity Gunners, a game that i am not actually supposed to be programming, but i did because i got bored

look, if you leave a guy in a room long enough with game maker and a bunch of art assets and you tell him to scrutinize the assets for faults eventually he’s just going to crank out goofy bullshit and you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself

also id like to point out that if you freezeframe that gif you’ll notice that 50s bob cut girl is visibly freaking out as the recoil runs out of control

like, there’s only so much characterization you can do in the cold, soundless vacuum of space between characters whose only interactions are shooting at one another almost completely at random but i think i did a pretty good job

not to toot my own horn or nothin but look at all that drama

behold the gravitas’ of the human condition

So for a while I have been agonising over the fact that the fandom doesn’t seem to have a collective edit tag for edits, gifs, graphics and whatnot of royalty.

Often the “royals” or “royalty” tags are filled with spam, reposts and things generally unrelated to royals. Therefore I propose we may use “royaltyedit” as our tag for edits/gifs of royals. Some of us have used it for a while and I find it to be extremely delightful to know that if I am looking for pretty edits, gifsets and graphics of royals, I know where to go. It helps your work to reach further and you will be able to discover new blogs.

Please reblog to signal boost if you’re with us!