We finally get to hear Kookie’s side of when he bumped into a street dance cover of “Boy in Luv”! More on the topic:

DJ: You should’ve surprised them.
JK: I thought of doing that but I held myself back.
DJ: You must’ve been really proud.
JK: Yes, I was really proud.


So I was watching the old version of Goner and saw this comment and it has totally opened my eyes. I never truly understood the meaning of Goner or the sheer impact of Blurryface and I am just so amazed at how Tyler has incorporated BF into his songs. And he has done so under our noses for a few years now.

(Here is a link to the video)

Another thing that I really like about Haikyuu!! is that almost EVERYONE gets a chance to shine, gets beautiful character development, not only the main character. You may even forget who the main character is. Everyone plays their part, not everything is in the hands of Hinata. Just… just beautiful… beautiful characters..

Some guy just came in to the store where I work and he stayed really close to the doors and kept eyeing where I was every now and then probably thinking I didn’t notice. Then suddenly he grabbed some incense from the table right in front of the doors and bolted out with a smirk on his face. He looked really proud of himself, especially since I wasn’t running after him and he knew he got away with it. Way to go dude, you just stole some free samples.