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The reason why i love to tease Jimin is because i love him. There’s no special reason behind that and teasing him is really fun because he’s really cute. - Min Yoongi

boyfriend does my makeup! | youtuber AU

yoongi/jimin + yoongi does jimin’s makeup! + rated FC for FLUFFY AND CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHA  + i hope you guys enjoy this! + for my baby @yoonminist ♥♥♥ + THE HEARTS ARE THOSE CUTS IN YOUTUBE VIDEOS HAHAHAHA you know that thing they do where they just cut and like…yeah, i hope you guys don’t get confused since this is mainly dialogue!

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Just Jimin Things 🐶

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  • Happy Birthday to our softie, Park Jimin 
  • Park Jimin, 박지민
  • 13.10.1995, Libra
  • Chim chim (nickname given by Tony), Mochi, Mang gae ddeok
  • Jimin learned popping when he was 13
  • He got accepted to Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance
  • His dance teacher encouraged him to audition for entertainment companies
  • Thus he traveled to Seoul & got accepted to BigHit
  • He was the last member to join BTS & was a trainee for a year before debuting
  • Despite his dance experience, he did not have any prior singing experience which made him insecure & afraid he would not debut with BTS 
  • Even after debuting, he would constantly talk about his insecurities about his singing & how he was always trying to improve & become better 
  • He has a voice of an angel & OMG he still works so hard to improve himself in every aspect, it makes me so proud & soft
  • “I like my everything.” 
  • “Hey Jimin you nice, keep going” 
  • “Hello! I practice” 
  • His cute little squeaky laugh like bitch, please my 💜melts & I immediately smile
  • Usher fanboy “No limit baby~” 
  • His habit of running his hand through his hair 
  • The members & ARMYs tease him about it but we love it 😉
  • Praise Kink 😏

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  • 😂 you watched it? Watch it again, cause OMG that performance & song was made for him
  • ………..what? Yeah I’m still here, I needed to rewatch it.
  • Ah Ding Dong 
  • Beach? Bitch? Beach? 
  • Due to his looks & cheeks, he was self-conscious & thought he was not as handsome 
  • It got to a point where he starved himself and would be drained or even faint 
  • He also used to think the only reason he was getting attention was cause of his abs or his physique 
  • The other members, especially Jin helped him tremendously to stop starving & eat regularly & healthily 
  • His cute little hands OMG 😂17.5cm (he will probably laugh at my hands cause they are small af 😂)
  • Those smiles where he bites his lowers lips & his eyes crinkle before he lowers his head & blushed (OMG PLEASE I’M SO SOFT) 
  • He can drink, his alcohol tolerance seems to be pretty high 
  • Who can forget his iconic twerking moment on American Hustle Life

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  • He’s so clumsy, Omg that leg split he tried to do & ended up hitting himself 
  • During SBS Inkigayo winning speech 😂
  • When any member cries, or is talking about something emotional, he rushes to hug them 
  • He’s such a sweetheart, always worried about the members & taking care of them
  • LY World Tour, he was standing near the stage & watching over Jungkook when he was performing Euphoria while sitting 
  • His love for ARMYS is just so sweet & makes my heart swell with so much love & pride 
  • He loves wearing his ARMY necklace & shows it off every single chance he gets 
  • That shirt with ARMY written on it for his I’m Fine performance on Music Bank 
  • He can go from cute little bean to hip thrusting, hair flipping, lip licking devil 
  • He has a line of American Show Hosts soft for him 
  • Newest member: Chimmy Fallon 
  • Writes long ass heartfelt letters whenever he can 
  • If he did not become an idol, he wanted to be a police officer 
  • Remember when Jin was trying to teach him how to smirk & all
  • When Jimin tried he just looked funny & Jin started laughing
  • Biggest Fanboy of Jin’s jokes 
  • Literally, Jin: *breathes* Jimin: *cracks up*   
  • ISTG, they are so cute 
  • Oh god that Bangtan Boom video where Jin tried to do push-ups with Jimin on his back & failed 😂
  • JINMIN 💜

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  • Because Jimin is such an affectionate person who does not shy away from expressing his feelings
  • Yoongi too feels comfortable to share his feelings & affection with him
  • “Jimin’s butt is angry” 
  • He’s so soft for Jimin it’s adorable 

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  • Roommates with Hobie 
  • Honestly, they hype each other up like no body’s business 
  • They get along so well & they are always laughing & smiling 
  • Jhope is always hugging him & OMG IT’S SO FREAKING CUTE

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  • Listen he’s Namjoon’s baby
  • He’s so soft for Jimin & Jimin is so soft for Namjoon
  • Tries to highjack his vlive
  • “Jimin needs a lot of love & attention” 
  • Jimin proposed to Namjoon 
  • Jimin is always clinging onto him 😭💜
  • MinJoon 

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  • BFFS with Taetae
  • Jimin & Tae talk about anything & everything 
  • Especially when they are going through something, they confide in each other & comfort each other
  • They are always goofing off & hyping each other 
  • Jimin making everyone say ‘I love you’ to Tae on BV3
  • And when they were reunited on BV3 he did not let go of Tae’s hand 😭💜
  • VMin

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  • Busan Men 
  • “I was born in Busan first and then he was born there” 
  • Even though Jungkook annoys him & teases him
  • They end up having such soft & cute moments 

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  • He’s such a sweetheart & he loves BTS & ARMYs so fiercely 
  • I hope he knows how beautiful & special he is 💜

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A/N:  Since it’s his birthday week, I wanted to dedicate this post to him. Please  tell me your thoughts in the comments/ask box  💜


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The fact that Jimin has so many other qualities and the most people always go to compliment his dance skills or his stage presence but yet Yoongi always choose to talk about how much he loves Jimin’s vocals, It’s really heartwarming specially because we all know and he knows better than us how insecure Jimin is about his voice.

yoongi: from now on we will use code names. you can address me as “eagle one.”

yoongi: hoseok, codename: “been there, done that”

yoongi: jeongguk is “currently doing that”

yoongi: jimin is “it happened once in a dream”

yoongi: seokjin, codename: “if i had to pick a boy”

yoongi: namjoon is… “eagle two”

namjoon: oh thank god

“Yoongi leans on the wall by the window, head turned to gaze out. His jaw is a sharp line, the tendons in his neck apparent. Strands of messy blond hair fall into his lidded eyes. He brings the cigarette to his lips and inhales. His eyes drift shut, lashes playing across smooth skin, and he exhales. Smoke curls around his lips and dances among flecks of dust in the air, catching the sunlight that bathes him. Shadows move across his face but the light brushes the edges of his body like a halo.

Yoongi is so beautiful it hurts.”

Please read Running in Place by jonghyunslisterine ;v;;

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“The greatest attractions are not always hidden behind curtains, they can be on the tip of your fingers, in the sparkle of your eyes, they come from deep within your heart. It’s what makes people crave for, it’s what I need you to perform for me, you have it all, fly for me.“

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anonymous asked:

i follow you on twt and i saw that post abt the magic mike showering kfjskdjfs oh yoongi,,,, he got Flushed, for one thing, and jm doing the hair move in response even tho he's like 'you're ridiculous what are you talking abt'?? this Blatant Flirting?? the other member's faces?? modern art, really (also for the pairing and concept thing - ym + flowers??)

TRULY BLESSED MOMENTS lmao first there are the member’s faces

and then jimin’s reaction to him

yoongi: “maybe he loves to wear the collar only, which is cut from a shirt”

jimin: ”people who wear a tie without a cloth on?? who does that?!”

yoongi (flustered): “there are people like that!!”


((And then he talks in one of his video on accident and eVERYONE NUTTED))

Can someone please write a Drabble abt this, pretty pleeeaaase?? (Idc the ship I just need this in my life)