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chanyeol’s ig goodnight live 🎀🌙 180908 c.r


THOR: RAGNAROK Period AU After Lord Odin, founder of Odin & Sons Gold Company, passed away from a mysterious illness, Thor Odinson is forced to come back from his two-year sabbatical to Asgard Hall as rightful heir of the land and the business. This immediately puts him at odds with his adopted brother Loki who, until then, was overseeing the property and operations (to little success) as the acting heir. Friction sparks between both brothers when Thor suspects Loki of his involvement with their father’s sudden demise—until an unexpected visitor, a woman named Hela, changes the game and claims to be their estranged eldest sister and the rightful heir of Lord Odin.

Hey remember that joke a few years ago where people would make fun of animals that looked intimidating from the side but very goofy upfront? Well I just found out about the Leopard seal and

They go from terrifying killer machines to ambient lump lads REAL quick


i made these because the world needs more marinette with a bun hairstyle

  • differences between each row: simple | white border | gradient 
  • 200x200
  • click on the pics for full sizes and hex colour codes
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  • credit is appreciated but not necessary~
The Espada + Aizen, Gin, and Tosen as troubled bird memes
















I haven’t drawn Klance in waaaay too long that needed to be fixed immediately

More Sim AU!! I’ve missed these two dorks. Lonely paladin boy and his robot boyfriend hhh

Sorry this is so sketchy I just wanted to do smth quick and cute :’)


BTS summer package'17 lockscreens 🌴

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66-74 gifs of lee minho

Um… do like Billy haters realize that they’re being actually even worse then the character they hate so much? They’re literally sending hate messages and tell innocent people to kill themselves over a FICTIONAL character?? (no jokes here, I saw it myself). Like are you for real?

Seriously, this needs to stop! If you get so angry over a fictional character, and can’t get over it, why in the first place you’re looking through the tag of this character and then go and send hate messages to people who actually like him?? This’s literal bylling, do you realize that? Just stay aside, no one forces you to like him. But what you’re doing here is in a whole different level, cause this’s fucking real! You can’t just go and tell people to kill themselves! And you’re thinking that we’re so bad for simply liking a character, when in fact it’s the other way around.

STOP bullying and harrasing real people, please! (Billy haters, you’re the worst, I swear to god).