just stop bradley


Breathe deep, bottle it up
So deep until it’s all we got
Don’t speak, just use your touch
Don’t speak, before we say too much

You hate me now and I feel the same way
You love me now and I feel the same way

We scream and we shout
Make up the same day, same day


Have I told you lately…

I like to imagine that in the past, Wrath ordered asked Envy to attend an official meeting/ceremony/other boring stuff in his place. I remember how he was avoiding his assistants when he visited Ed at the hospital and it certainly wasn’t the first time he was escaping from his responsabilities as fuhrer.

So I’m pretty sure he convinced Envy to take his place once.


I don’t know what Envy did or said with his face, but Wrath never asked them again. (Also he may have slept on the couch that night.)