just staring out into the distance


Last night I had a dream. It was you and me. We were standing on this long and empty road which seemed to never end; and we stood there…just staring at each other. I was crying and you were crying too. I opened my mouth to try and speak but you immediately turned your head, you just looked away towards the distance. You turned back and opened your mouth but I just covered my ears, screaming “lalalalala” trying to drown out the sounds of your protest…so you stop and I lowered my arms and we just stood and stared again. The tears welled up in my eyes as I reached up to touch your blurred face but my hand just went through you. I tried again and it went through again so I let out an exhausted and sharp whimper and exhaled as tears rolled down my checks and I tried and tried again and grew angry and frustrated. I closed my eyes and reached for your hand so I could put it on my chest and hoped you’d just feel but your hand wasn’t there and, panicking, I looked around and saw you had moved up the road; so I ran. I ran and I ran trying to catch up and saw you with your arms half open but also half closed…so I opened my mouth and screamed then heard a faint “I’m here”…”where?”. It went dark. Last night I had dre-…Nightmare. It was a nightmare.

His Scent

Y/N wrapped her arms around herself, leaning against the wall as she stared out the window. It was pouring rain, the drops beating against the glass as if they wanted to break in. In the far distance, thunder could be heard rumbling across the sky.

Shuffling her feet, her eyes followed a drop as it mades its path down the window. Moving one hand to pull the collar of the sweater she wore closer to her nose, she inhaled the scent that lingered behind in the fabric. The smell washed over her, bringing a sense of calm. She closed her eyes, pushing out the sounds of the storm and just focusing on that single scent and the calm it brought with it.

As a pair of arms wraps around her waist, she lowers the sweater and leans back into the body now behind her, smiling as she opens her eyes, taking in the rain drops once again.

“I love when you wear my clothes.” A masculine voice mumbles into her ear, kissing the spot on her neck just below it.

“And I love the scent of you on them.” Turning around, she meets Joe’s eyes, smiling up at him as she wraps her arms around him.

“You saying I stink?” He wrinkles his nose, and Y/N lets out a laugh before reaching up to kiss him on his nose quickly.

“Well if it is a stink, it is a very pleasant stink.”

“You are a weird one if you enjoy stink.”

“You’re the one with me.”

“Shut up, Joe.”

“Make me, Y/N.”

And she did, raising up again to kiss him, this time on the lips, preventing him from making any more comments.

They broke apart, just as another rumble of thunder made its way across, this time much closer than before.

“Come on,” Joe steps back, sliding his hands down her arms to link their hands together and begins to walk backwards. “The bedroom will be much cosier, and I do believe that the sheets are just coated in my stink.”

“Well doesn’t that just sound pleasant.” She replied, giggling as Joe guided them backwards down the hallways.

“You were the one smelling my clothes, you weirdo.” He smirked, but it quickly disappeared as he stumbled and almost fell over. Y/N’s giggles turned into full on laughter as Joe released her hands and braced himself on a wall with one hand, the other going over his heart.

“At least I know how to walk.”

“I was going backwards!”

“Well, who does that?” She smirked, walking past him, squealing as he reached out to grab her, diving onto their bed as Joe chased her into the bedroom.

After rolling around for a few minutes, the room echoing their laughter, they lay on their sides, facing each other.

“You’re right. This bed does stink.” It was Y/N’’s turn to wrinkle her nose.

“Oi!” Was Joe’s only response as he reached over to tickle her.

The next time the thunder rumbled over the house, it was lost in the sound of her laughter.

Reflections Of The Past

During my initial research I came across the comercial photographer Tom Hussey and his photo series under the name ‘Reflections of the Past’. The thought-provoking images show elderly people staring at a younger version of themselves through a mirror. 

It is extremely moving as it reminds the audience that Alzheimer’s patients may forget recent, day in day out things like switching the oven off or taking medication, but may remember memories from long ago and who they used to be.

In every image the elderly person is looking straight into the eyes of their former selves. I feel like this distances the other characters in the photographs and focuses in on just the two of them. They are essentially alone with only the company of themselves.

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shit u got me shipping Riteru too

Here’s some more Riteru hcs for your soul

Ritsu and Teru sitting together at WcDonalds just chatting about some stuff. Teru chuckles and says something like “You know, you really remind me of your brother.” With the most cutest smile that makes Ritsu’s heart flutter.

But hearing that he was once again compared to his brother stung him a bit, causing jealousy to rush inside of him. Ritsu stood up and leaned closer to Teru, just mere centimeters between their two faces. 

“I’m not like my brother at all.” He breathed out. “I’ll definitely make sure you see that.”

And with that he picked up their empty trays to put away. Teru felt his face redden after he left, clearly flustered at the sudden closed distance. Meanwhile, passerbys in the restaurant stare with concern at the boy leaning against the trashcan with flushed face buried in his hands. He tried acting cool but he immediately regretted it. 

Roleplay Sentence Meme: Angst Edition (May contain triggers!)


  ‘ We’re just caged birds, with zero chances of freedom.’

  He didn’t even glance at her as he gestured. He was too focused on something off in the distance. It wasn’t hard to spot the figure of a man; briefcase in one hand, the other straightening his tie. Turquoise eyes stared down the physicist with the same intensity that he watched with. With a small nod, the stranger turned and walked away.

  It was only then that Dr. Freeman snapped out of his daze. He glanced away from her, shifting awkwardly. How did he know others could even see his employer? His intense staring had to be questionable. He shook his head slightly, as if telling her to disregard what he’d previously ‘said’.

  ‘ I’m sorry, I- … never mind. ‘

The Creature (Part 2)

I’m watching from a distance,
glad I followed her today,
and yet I stand here frozen,
unsure of what to say.

She climbs the tree, hefting the rope
to fasten it in place.
My heart sinks low as I see the look
of determination on her face.

I want to run and cry aloud
“This is not what you have to do!”
But still I stand, just watching her,
still not allowed to move.

She stare down at the rope,
as if questioning her mind.
But shakes away, the thoughts of hope
I’m running out of time.

I realize now, the things I did,
the help she asked me for.
I think on it now, and realize
all her cries I did ignore.

As a tear escapes my eye,
she tugs the noose over her head.
I realize I still have a chance,
and that no one is yet dead.

I run out from my hiding place,
I shout and scream her name.
She looks down at me with empty eyes.
Her stare is not the same.

We talk a bit, I try very hard
to coax her from that tree.
It takes some time, but after a while
she comes back down to me.

I hold her tight, close to my chest.
I promise to listen fully.
I walk her home, she tells her tale,
and now knows she is loved truly.

November 23rd, 2015

Update #2

This week is Homecoming week and I’m super excited. Why? I can stare at my TC’s from a distance without them seeing me lol.

S has decided to start talking to me again. Last Friday I was wearing a tight tank top and a over the shoulder sweater. As I walked past his room my sweater was falling off my shoulder and I did the usual walk-past-you-like-I-don’t-even-know-you. I was walking pretty swiftly past him when he finally said hello. I said hi and proceeded to turn the corner and freak out. I felt as though I had just began to get over him but since then he has said hi to me everyday now calling me different nicknames every time I pass him which he didn’t do last year. Then today we had a pep fest for the first day of homecoming and as I watched him I fell in love all over again. I forgot how beautiful his smile was and how his nose wrinkles every time he laughs. Getting over him will be a lot more difficult than I thought.

H has been adorable as always. Last week he was sick so his voice was very hoarse and very sexy. It was gravely and deeper than normal. I also learned that he is in fact only 22. Someone asked him if he was sick and he said “No my voice is just now changing at 22.” He is so sarcastic and sassy i love it! At the pep fest he seemed super confused on what was going on but he seemed excited. He even took a selfie with our choir because he was so excited. More and more girls have been asking who he is and jokes about how they need to join choir. 

So ya not a lot of stuff has happened just a short little update :)

She got her rolling suitcase stuck in the gap between the platform and the car. Jerking it up and over, she momentarily lost her balance, and the sound and motion of her stagger step and recovery drew my attention up from my phone. Long, wavy brown hair pulled back into a low ponytail, eyes that had clearly been crying all night, a well-worn tan cardigan. She sat opposite me and began organizing her shoulder bag, clearly hurriedly packed moments ago. She’d arrive at the airport in about 40 minutes.

It’s time to wake up from this, it’s time to make up for this

I stare at his feet, always three steps ahead of mine as we walk up and out. I pace him exactly and I am aware of someone behind me doing the same, possibly a chain behind him, too, the same. Three or a dozen grey men trudging upward into the Monday dawn, single file, not looking up or even forward, just focused on maintaining distance, staring at something besides the droopy ass a foot in front of each of their faces.

It’s time to make up for it

That empty bottle of Hennessy seems like it was placed there intentionally under the fence line. Upright, label facing us. He even put the stopper back in, like maybe he’d come back for it later. There’s surprising richness in the detail of the glass above the label. I don’t drink Hennessy and had never noticed.

All we ever do, all we ever do, is all we ever knew

Look at their map on the sidewalk before they dig, not unlike the way surgeons use sharpies on skin before their own finer digs. Red for electrical, blue for water, yellow for gas. I’m not sure about the orange and green. Data, probably. There’s a lot of data down there.

I’m feeling low, feeling high, feeling down, why isn’t this enough?

So, listening to this episode of Talk Is Jericho and Dean brings up that Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt are both super in to Ancient Aliens.

And now I’ve been giggling for a solid ten minutes imagining the two of them running around a hotel between shows, hassling everyone else in the locker room about how aliens made all the things while the object of their hassling just stares into the middle distance hoping it will all be over soon because seriously boys, this is getting out of hand.

Our Differences


Megatron rolled his shoulder as he casually strolled from the Lost Light. The ship made a supply stop at the nearest Cybertronian-friendly planet and one of its co-captains decided to spend a few hours in the day with his own thoughts. Weeks had passed since his mysterious and rather rough encounter with Tarn. How Megatron escaped alive still perplexed him. Shaking his helm and letting out an vent Megatron stared at the city in the distance. His crew would have their time without him just fine. While the planet was peaceful towards Cybertronians it didn’t guarantee that they would welcome his presence.

Dear people who think about life while staring in the distance,

stop??? doing that?? you’re not a gloomy protagonist and you’re just making me look where you look, zone out on a phone or book like the rest of us.

reminder that when it comes to drawn art, the line of action/movement is super important yea

but you don’t have to have it in every image you draw. you don’t have to have a shitload of motion in your drawing. you don’t need awesome exaggerated poses all the time. it is actually okay to just draw someone standing there and staring off into the distance with their hands behind their back in a ¾ view.

the fact that you’re drawing is enough

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There’s blood on his knuckles, he wasn’t even sure if it was his or not. There’s ringing in his currently barely functioning ear and everything is just so god dang blurry.

He deserved this he guessed.

Muted blue stared off into the distance, body screaming at him behind a cloak of dullness. A hand reached up, back of hand clumsily wiping some of the blood dripping down from his nose- he ignored the shot of pain that run up his nose and instead let his eyes close. He lent his head back and let out a deep sigh.

      Bad habits die hard apparently.

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Abby crosses her arms and uses her best Stern Voice. "Thomas. Where is my knife?" Eventually, Tom takes her out to where he buried up, digs it up, and hands it to her, scowling all the while. "It hurt you, ma'am. It got what it deserves."

abby laughs and tells him that makes no sense, “it’s not the knife’s fault that i got a little cut, it’s just an object!! i was just clumsy. aren’t you clumsy sometimes?” and thomas just stares into the middle distance and mutters “all the………..time”

Finally (Bucky Barnes imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Could you do a smut of Bucky Barnes? Like very smutty, like with spanking and all Okay this is awkward…
Summary: Bucky fucks you pretty much.
Warnings: smut
Word count: 310

It wasn’t everyday when Bucky just walks up to me and kisses me so hard I’m pretty sure I almost passed out. I mean sure, we were in a relationship, had been for a very long time, but Bucky always liked his distance. So naturally, when he pulled I was so in shock, I just stared at him with eyes as wide as plates. 

“Too forward?” Buck asked, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck, pulling me out of my thoughts. I quickly shake my head. “I wasn’t expecting that, sorry!” I say, smiling brightly as a blush makes it’s way on to my face. I wrap my hand around his neck, pulling him towards me, kissing him with as much force and passion as he had, he quickly mimics my motion and our lips mold to each other, tongues having a passionate dance. 

Soon enough I’m laying on our shared bed, grabbing at one another. Soon enough were both naked, him trailing kisses down my neck. “Get on all fours” he mumbles. I of course complied. “Good girl”, I could just hear the smirk in his voice as he spanks me with his metal arm, soothingly rubbing it afterwards.

He repeats his action multiple times, before slowly thrusting his length in to me. “Finally” I hold my breath as that accidentally escapes my mouth. His thrusts are hard and rough, but our bodies are perfectly in rhythm. He places a kiss on my back every once in a while, as his thrust become erratic and breathing sounds quite forced, even a super solider has his limits you know. 

“Cum for me baby girl” He says, and after a few more thrust I become undone, as does he. He collapses next to me, smiling at me while trying to catch his breath. “We should do that more often” I giggle.


Sorry about being extremely inactive, Life is life, can’t ever tell what’s gonna happen next. Hope you enjoy this lil’ imagine !


With love,

looking out over

off out
       staring over the roads
by the way
       i was staring out off
into the distance, looking pushed up against the laundry
so cold
      that it felt wet even when rubbed close up into the face & i try every time to remember that just because its purple it doesnt mean it smells like lavender
       heaps of soil lay at the foot of the garden with weeds pushing them about
       thrown back against the smooth linoleum smearing cooling droplets together against my skin sticking with hot wet water my whole world in a giggly blur
and twilight
       sitting down gathering in orange
cold, cold,
       gathering up skirts and cotton panties – lace is a half baked dream to me,
he’s broken
soaring somewhere else in twilight and yet my hands                   back around
at me                                                                                                  looping

and wait             looping
       standing                          in the kitchen dark sailor legged and lonely        just
the way i like

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“i’m fine, it’s just a flesh wound, i’ll be okay.”

hurt meme. | (accepting!)

                      A POWERFUL GROWL  viciously tore past his lips,  fangs bared furiously,  his entire being simmering with nothing but pure rage.  he stands tall and tense at the cave entrance,  his unwavering stare gazing out in the distance,  zeroing in on the retreating enemy with the sole promise of vengeance.  his feet were just itching to chase after the cowards.  he knew star was just playing off the injuries as nothing but simple flesh wounds,  but even still,  he knew she’d survive them.  but even that was helpless to simmer down his growing temper.  he couldn’t even look at her again without exploding.

                                               ❛   oh,  you’re gonna be jus’ fine,  sis,  i know that for a fact.  but those damn bastards ain’t even gonna live t’ regret ever messin’ with one of my own after i get my hands on ‘em!  i’ll fuckin’ WASTE ‘em!   ❜


HOLY SHIT, what did I just hear with my own, two ears? I’m still so mad I’m shaking.

So, I was om the subway on my way home from work, minding my own business, earbuds in and all, staring off into the distance out the window. Suddenly these four-five dudes crashed down in the seats around me. Early twenties probably, in complete bro-mode, shoving and yelling and messing around. I tried my best to ignore their already kind of offensive convo about girls and ‘pro dating tips’ and whatnot, but then they started talking about feminism. And feminists. Let me give you a sample of what guys in their early twenties apparently think;

  • “The world would be a better place if there was no feminism” 
  • “Men would live longer if we just got rid of all the nagging feminists out there”
  • “There is no point in feminism, because women have MORE rights than men these days”
  • “Feminists are just bitter women who wake up in the morning looking for something to bitch about”
  • “Feminism is about trying to get women out of their rightful place in the kitchen”
  • “I don’t care if you’re gay, pan, asexual or whatever, as long as you’re not a feminist”
  • “Feminists are those women who tried getting a job or a boyfriend, but failed and now they are bitter”
  • “Feminists are women who are high on themselves, and they need to have a cock jammed roughly into their mouths”

“Feminists are women who are high on themselves and they need to have a cock jammed roughly into their mouths”. At this point I was too disgusted to listen to them anymore. I’m usually all about passive-aggressive glaring, but THIS? NO WAY. I felt completely outside myself when I removed my earbuds and turned to that guy. I looked him square in the eyes and said: “I’m a feminist. Is there anything you need to get done?”

I have never seen anyone’s face crumple so fast. He was obviously completly shell shocked, and couldn’t reply in any way except turning red and looking helplessly at his mates. Who were of course all howling with laughter by this point. I threw him my best “suck my cock” look and got off two stops too early, just so I could be away from that awfulness. I fumed about this all 20 minutes it took me to walk the rest of the way home, and I’m still so mad. What the actual fuck is wrong with people? WHAT. THE. FUCK.