just staring out into the distance

  • Evan: *Sitting in the corner of the room*
  • Connor: What's up with Evan?
  • Jared: *Eating crisps* They only just figured it out that you can't describe colours...
  • Connor: What? Yes you can, Green as grass!
  • Jared: that's using the colour to describe something else
  • Connor: Okay, how about this. Red is warm
  • Jared: That's associating the colour with a feeling
  • Connor: *staring off into the distance* Holy fuck...
  • Connor: *Joins Evan in the corner*

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The question came out of the blue. Law snapped out of his daze and furrowed his brows in surprise. He clutched the can of beer in his hand and stole a sideways glance at Corazon. Huh? Why now? Was Corazon totally smashed?

“…One thing? Just one thing?” Law scrunched up his face with feigned and exaggerated bemusement. “I wonder… where even to start.” He swished his beer and leaned back, stretching his legs and placing his shoes on the table while he stared off into the distance. He was left momentarily speechless. They didn’t talk about personal or private stuff often. He took a swig of beer. Did Corazon really want to know?

“Where would I start… Where…” Law rocked the chair back on its hind legs, nearly tipping it over. He crinkled the can, crushing it slightly. CRACK. CLACK. CRACK—

“Let’s see,” he began, returning the chair to rest on four legs with a loud thud. “A, you’d have more fat and muscle on your scrawny body. You’re stiff as a rod. Boy, do you even lift? Do you even eat? I can count your ribs from miles and miles away.” He drummed his fingers restlessly on the armrest.

“B, you’d have a large, thick, fat, bushy, bushy, bushy mustache for me to stro— comb. It’d suit your ugly, ugly face much better, especially when you cry, which is like, all the time?

“C… C… C…” He drank more beer, feeling a flush spread over his cheeks. He gargled the beer in his throat before swallowing loudly and turning to Corazon, a playful smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “C, you’d spare a thought for yourself more often. Be kinder to yourself and all tha— Stop being so selfless, compassionate… What are you, Mother Teresa?” He threw the empty can behind him, not caring where it landed. He reached for another and pulled the tab. Although, perhaps he had had enough to drink for an entire week…

Something about Kim that I am not sure was discussed here in the finale.

As I watched the accident scene with her, something clicked with me that I have noticed about her throughout the entire series that was extremely subtle and could explain a lot.

I believe Kim suffers from Absence Seizure disorder and it would explain some of the scenes we see her just stare out into the distance like she is daydreaming. As someone who suffers from seizures and gets auras that similar to that, it really hit hard with the accident scene(no pun intended). A lot of the things that trigger these seizures are stress, lack of sleep, too much stimulants, and anxiety.

I will go have to go back and watch the entire series and watch her even more closely with her ticks and possibly pinpoint each one in a new thread if I am satisfied with my hypothesis.

If this is revealed to be true, she may go awhile without getting it diagnosed and something worse could happen. If you noticed near the end of the finale where she starts working after her accident, she stares blankly and Francesca has to snap her out of it. This scene confirmed my suspicion even more and I have a feeling it is only going to get worse where she might have it during a pivotal moment and Mesa Verde may have to rethink who represents them.

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True evils- closed rp

The guards didn’t dare move as the commissioner of the complex came in with the visitor. This was the highest security prison in the world. And it housed what the president had taken to calling doubles. Demonic splits of human people that were polar opposites of their hosts. Demons that came out when their host was weak and were,… for the most part,. violent. Some had murdered hundreds of people and others had successfully found ways to kill or just take over their host’s. But none of these creatures were as terrifying,…. more horrific as the devil himself. He had his own floor. Six hundred meters below the surface encased in steel and concrete. Die. That is his only name. 

The commissioner stays a good distance away as he stares down the white haired creature. Chained and muzzled like an animal. All ten guards are basically shaking in their boots but they stay put. And then two blood red eye’s lock on them. Smiling beneath the muzzle. And in a tongue unknown to humans he spoke. “Dark,…. Brother.”


Nicolas leaned against the wall just outside of the nightclub, a cigarette in his mouth as he stared out in the distance and contemplated leaving early and just meeting his room mate back at home. His anxiety was starting to get the best of him and it seemed as though hanging around the crowd inside was only making him feel worse and he’d rather be far away from people if shit hit the fan. He took another drag of his cigarette, his head moving to the side to look at the people walking into the club. He watched them all carefully, wondering if it would ever be as easy for him as it seemed to be for everyone else around him to take part in an event as big as this.

  • Asahi: *Sitting in the corner of the room*
  • Daichi: What's up with Asahi?
  • Sugawara: *Eating crisps* They only just figured it out that you can't describe colours...
  • Daichi: What? Yes you can, Green as grass!
  • Suga: that's using the colour to describe something else
  • Daichi: Okay, how about this. Red is warm
  • Suga: That's associating the colour with a feeling
  • Daichi: *staring off into the distance* Holy fuck...
  • Daichi: *Joins Asahi in the corner*
  • Gikwang: *sitting in the corner of the room*
  • Yoseob: What's up with Gikwang?
  • Junhyung: *eating pig ears* He only just figured it out that you can't describe colors...
  • Yoseob: What? Yes you can! Green is grass!
  • Junhyung: That's using the color to describe something else.
  • Yoseob: Okay, how about this. Red is warm.
  • Junhyung: That's associating the color with a feeling.
  • Yoseob: *staring off into the distance* Holy fuck...
  • Yoseob: *joins gikwang in the corner*
  • Person A: *Sitting in the corner of the room*
  • Person B: What's up with A?
  • Person C: *Eating crisps* They only just figured it out that you can't describe colours...
  • Person B: What? Yes you can, Green as grass!
  • Person C: that's using the colour to describe something else
  • Person B: Okay, how about this. Red is warm
  • Person C: That's associating the colour with a feeling
  • Person B: *staring off into the distance* Holy fuck...
  • Person B: *Joins A in the corner*

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kinky (socklsjfkcjd)


11.  My muse kisses your muse with tongue

     Taesung had begun to zone out, Hyejung’s arguing over another one of his reckless antics beginning to sound like nothing more than a BUZZ in his ear. He practically had the lectures memorized by now. The more she criticized, the more he found it hard not to just watch her mouth. Even when the insults began, he stared, letting dark eyes roam over the shape that he had already  i n g r a i n e d  in the back of his mind. “Hyejung.” Her name was spoken suddenly as he snapped out of his daze, eyes nearly half lidded as his expression shifted from pure boredom to desire. The distance was closed a moment later, large frame pressing hers against the wall. One hand moved to grip her waist, the other letting long fingers splay across her cheek in a surprisingly tender manner. “Just shut up for a while, won’t you?” It was but a moment after the rude words left him that plump lips were claiming Hyejung’s. He didn’t give her more than a split second to react before his tongue was CONQUERING, wanting nothing more than to both silence her insults and taste the loudmouthed brunette.

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“ I feel like I’m just missing something whenever you leave.” (something Freya would say for Sakuya)

Melanie Martinez “Cry Baby” Sentence Meme

The confession renders her a little bit speechless. She stares at the smaller girl, mouth open slightly and hazel eyes widened with surprise. This is the first time that she’s heard Freya admit something like this.

“I had no idea…” Her deep voice comes out hushed, trailing off at the end as she closes the distance between them by wrapping her arms around Freya. She gives her a tight squeeze, leaning down to nuzzle her face into the other’s pale hair. “You really miss me that much? Geez… What am I gonna do? Now I can never leave again.”


The dragon sat at the base of the mountain, awaiting the human company that was to meet him here. When they last communicated with him, they intended to sway his various raids on their surrounding villages with an offering. They never specified exactly what, but he had to at least hear them out. More than likely they’d just bring him a herd of goats or cattle with the thought it would satisfy his appetite.

Eventually he spotted the procession approaching. Banners and torches waved in the breeze and the armor decorating the soldiers shimmered in the fading sunlight. The sound of metal clinking together and hoofbeats thundering closer clashed with the beautiful melody of nature. Elyan stared down the little humans as they gathered before him, all making certain to keep their distance from the unpredictable beast.

(Starter for @subukunojess )

Heavy mist and fog rolled through this side of Lalotai, muffling all sounds outside the large sandy clearing of the plateau. To one side was the edge of the forest filled with a mixture of coral trees, palms, and ferns, and to the other was a sheer cliff leading over two thousand feet down into a chasm. Across the fissure the river basin stretched out only several hundred feet below the cliff’s narrow overhang.

On the edge of the cliff stood an immense structure of brilliant, light pink and white coral in the shape of a nautilus shell cut in half and the halves stacked on top of each other, outwardly appearing as a rough, spiky dome.

Two dragons, a nightwing and a skywing, guarded the entrance. The nightwing’s expression was terribly frustrated as she stared into the trees from where she sat in front of the prickly wall, while the skywing just seemed bored as he lay a short distance away with his talons folded under his head.

“If Tamatoa takes much longer to get here, I’m going to throw one of those giant barnacles at his head,” grumbled the nightwing.

The faded-orange skywing cast her a sideways glance. His tone managed to sound disbelieving, sarcastic, and teasing all at once. “Oh really? And how far do you think he’ll throw you afterwards?”

With a snort of annoyance she flicked her wings out at him. Her blackish-purple scales cut through the white fog like a knife. “Shut up, Nimbus. I can do without your mockery,” she bit back in response.

“That’s unfortunate…” he said in feigned disappointment. “I was going to wager the other side of the chasm..”

“Well, if your stomach was growling for the last hour and a half because the king was late for his own patrol and your scales were itching from all this mist, you’d want to bite his tail off too.”

Nimbus rolled his eyes. “Not if I want to keep my itchy scales from being ripped off,” he scoffed incredulously. “He can be as late as he wants because he’s king, you know that.”

“Doesn’t make me any less hungry,” she said with a hiss and lash of her tail before falling silent.

After a long moment, the skywing sighed in exasperation. “Vigil, if you want to go hunt just do it. If you’re back soon enough he won’t notice anyway.”

“Hmph,” she grunted as she rose to her talons as if seriously considering it. “Now that, I find hard to believe.” Her wings stretched then returned folded to her sides as she peered through the fog.

Then without another word Vigil stalked off into the trees, her tail twitching irritably while Nimbus relished in her absence. He could certainly do without her griping.

Carrot carefully lifted a small dragon out of a coffee cup. “The little ones get everywhere,” he said. “Just like kittens. But the adults just keep their distance and stare at us.”
“Like cats, then,” said Rincewind. He lifted up his hat and untangled a small silvery dragon from his hair.
“I wonder if we ought to take a few back?”
“We’ll be taking them all back if we’re not careful!”
“They look a bit like Errol,” said Carrot. “You know, the little dragon that was our Watch mascot? He saved the city by working out how to, er, flame backwards. We all thought he was some new kind of dragon,” Carrot added, “but now it looks as though he was a throwback. Is Leonard still out there?”
They looked out at Leonard, who had taken half an hour off to do some painting. A small dragon had perched on his shoulder.
“He says he’s never seen light like it,” said Rincewind. “He says he must have a picture. He’s doing very well, considering.”
“Considering what?”
“Considering that two of the tubes he was using contain tomato puree and cream cheese.”
“Did you tell him?”
“I didn’t like to. He was so enthusiastic.”

– on Errol, and Leonard’s paints | Terry Pratchett, The Last Hero

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"Um.. high pitch. I girl, I think. She's begging for her life. She wants to live." Alice says as she begins to stare off into the distance. "She has a little brother. She says he needs her. She- She's bleeding out. and I'm just standing there." She says has she begins to cry again. "How could I do something like that?"

Antis eyes glazed over a bit. “That’s all?” He frowned. “You did nothing. That wasn’t anything worth wallowing about.”

Darck sighed, as she sat out in the clear air, enjoying the rocky mountains breeze for now. A warm coffee in her hand as she stared off into the distance. Letting her mind wander and get lost. Just trying to enjoy some form of vacation, even if it was just for a day or two.

And she began to quietly sing out loud to herself.

“.. Know that, there’s a scar with your name in my heart,
That never will heal or fade with time.
If it were to vanish, then I’d forget…
But this scar in me, stays
As your laughter, it fades.
I plead, so it won’t be erased~.”

I was looking at my hands and musing about how they look so much darker and more saturated than my face, when I realised something. I’ve been compared to a lot of creepy things (which I find charming), but not yet what is possibly the most accurate one.

With my out-of-date clothing, pale skin and dark hair hanging in my face, I’ve not only been told I look a bit like a ghost (specifically a yurei, think Sadako from Ringu), and I believe it because I’ve caught a glimpse of my reflection in a darkened room in the middle of the night and freaked myself out.

With my fancy clothing, my habits of standing very still but very stiffly and staring into the distance, often with my hands folded in my lap, I’ve been told that I look like a doll. Or mistaken for a mannequin. Or, and this one is the most common, just not registered as a person until a person got close enough to me to yelp in fear as they realise I can move. I think the best one was the person who saw me reading, watched me for about ten seconds, decided that I was, in fact, a mannequin, and then had the mannequin ask if they could answer any questions.

But no. Those aren’t the most accurate descriptions of what I look like. I stand too still, I’m too pale, I’m dressed weird, I’m stiffly positioned, and my hands are darker than my face. What I look like is one of those Victorian post-mortem photographs that didn’t actually happen nearly as often as people act like they did. That’s what I look like.

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P2. You're singing and dancing and I paid like 10 bucks for a show not to make eye contact with me. And then at prom he went with another girl(not like dating) but while they were slow dancing I wanted to be dramatic and just look out into the distance up on the balcony and I look down and he's staring at me. Then I told him he looked nice and we locked eyes and he said you look lovely tonight. Then my friend and I were spinning around cause wht not and I feel him staring so I look up and he was

part two

okay i ship you two, this sounds so sweet! i hope you end up with your crush 🌹