just my bro on his xbox


Okay I know it’s late but I’m super curious if anyone knows or has played Blue Dragon before? Like is there a fandom? It came out in 07 but I was curious.

My brother used to play this and I would watch since it was his game and I loved the story around it and now that my bro has kinda forgotten about it I’m startin to play it. It’s cheesy as hell but really cool so far too. 

Again, just curious if there are any other fans out there.

The signs as things my friend Noel has said

Aries: My computer is made out of sticks and dried up dog shit

Taurus: if you dont do it, i will shove a 50 caliber up your rectal cavety and unload 27,000 clips of amunition into you 3 kidneys

Gemini: im sweating mayo like a fucking platipuss

Cancer: you are going to love walking on very tall and itchy grass, and capturing innocent little animals and putting them in you pocket so you can exploit their amazing natural powers so you can beat the shit out of other little innocent animals, just so you can be the best pocher, i mean, pokemon master in the world


Virgo: so your saying you have a baby sized dick?

Libra: an udder is like, a boob with four nipples

Scorpio:  ugh look at this tourist shitting his pants

Sagittarius: Okay so my friend’s dog just like, used to hump his xbox alot, and one time we were in a call with him, and his dog just humped his xbox so much that is just shut off and busted, so the next day at school we were like “bro what happened last night” and he was just like “my dog stuck his dick in my xbox”

Capricorn: I cant jelly my dick in your ass

Aquarius: Isint vagina like??? a state???

Pisces: Okay so like, i was in summer camp because like i don’t know, and i went fishing, and my friend was drinking monster and i caught a fish, and i put it in this bin like bucket thing, and i looked at him and i was like “Dude what if you pour your monster in the bucket” and so we did it and the fish like flew 5 feet in the air, and flopped around on the ground for like, 2 minutes, before cracking it’s own neck.

Michael is your brother’s best friend - Part One

Summary: Michael is your brother’s best friend and you both hate each other but something happens and your feelings start to change….

AN: Y/N is 16 years old in this and Michael is 19. ~Katie x

“Oh God, why is he here again?” you groaned, throwing your school bag onto the sofa.

“Nice to see you too, sweetheart,” Michael answered sarcastically, looking you up and down and giving you the once over.

Michael was Josh, your older brother’s, best friend. He was over at your house all the time, playing Xbox with Josh and listening to weird punk rock bands that sung songs that just sounded like lots of random screaming. He was a total dick, for the lack of a better word, and always teased you about being a little girl when you were only three years younger than him. You thought he was reasonably good looking but his unabashed arrogance kind of overruled any inkling of attraction that you had to him. Not to mention, he seemed to hate you with a passion when you hadn’t even done anything wrong.

You rolled your eyes at the pet name and grabbed a couple of school books and your pencil case out of your bag and sat down cross legged in front of the coffee table placed in the middle of the living room.

“Hey Y/N, good day at school?” your brother asked, messing up your hair with his foot as his hands were currently wrapped around the Xbox controller. You glared at Josh and used your hand to pat down the hair he had moved out of place, “Yeah, pretty good I guess,” you replied.

“Shit!” Michael said suddenly and you looked up from your text books and looked at the screen and saw that Michael had just lost some points on the game. You sniggered and remarked, “Serves you right, douchebag.”

“Shut up Y/N” Michael ordered.

“Hey bro, thats my sister!” Josh said, smacking Michael in the arm.

“She called me a douchebag!” Michael protested. Josh shrugged and continued to play the game. However, Michael had other ideas and threw the controller at the back of your head.

“Ow!” you said and rubbed where the controller had hit to soothe the pain.

Michael smirked and got up and put his hoodie on, obviously preparing to leave. “Serves you right, douchebag,” he mimicked, repeating what you had said to him earlier. Josh said goodbye to Michael even though he was obviously confused as to why he was leaving so suddenly. As Michael passed you to leave, you punched him on the back of the leg for revenge. Michael swore but didn’t say anything to you and continued to leave, he was obviously upset. Oh well, he would probably be over it tomorrow when you saw him.

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