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❝ just because I'm immortal doesn't mean I'm fucking invINCIBLE, ❞ don't push your mate down the stairs, Kaede.


he stands at the top of the narrow stairwell . surprise writes itself across his expression : brows quirk upwards , eyes widen , lips part into a subtle line . when he pushed daisuke , PLAYFULLY at that , he didn’t expect the stairs to be close enough for him to fall . kaede stares down at the other in SILENCE        until the offended words reach his ears . he hears no pain , nor does he feel any in the static that is his mate .

he can’t help it . his lips twitch into a smile , and he bites down on his lip at the sudden BUBBLE OF LAUGHTER that crawls up from his chest . the continued glower from daisuke doesn’t help . in fact , the expression only seems to spur the laughter to fight harder to escape . a SNICKER finally breaks free . he has the decency to slap a gloved hand over his mouth , but it’s too late , and he’s consumed by the humor .

kaede STRUGGLES TO BREATHE between the teary laughs , and eventually has to sit at the top of the stairwell when his head starts to SWIM WITH DIZZINESS . truly , truly , he knows that the situation isn’t that funny . some people would even call it attempted murder        the thought brings forth new laughter , and he buries his face in his knees .          shit .

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What's the story of Tom's first kiss?

“i was twelve, it was a birthday party, pseduo slumber party kind of thing. meaning i was he one who was trying to go to bed at 10:30 while the rest of the boy were trying to sneak and look at a stash of playboys owned by leo holmes’ dad. how the entire eighth grade class didn’t catch onto me being gay that year beyond me; i had so many moments that year. hm, anyways – stupid slumber party. the rest of the dumb boys i called ‘friends’ were all of circle jerking to dusty magazines and i was left in the basement with a couple of other kids, another tom, actually. morris, tom morris. i went by tom, he was thomas or tommy, and i really don’t know what was it was about him. the shared names? maybe. he was the tallest and eldest of the group, already had a little bass in his voice. mm, he was a red head, i think – i only remember the freckles, honestly. the kiss itself was disgusting, honestly. we were too eager, didn’t know what we were doing, and he bit my tongue. swapping spit during a kiss is okay, but blood? weeeiiird. didn’t speak to him again after that night, and his family moved to kansas that summer; a part of me think he told his parents and the damn basket cases packed up and left. i bet you any money he’s a closet case now.”

Took the Otacute bouldering yesterday and she did better and enjoyed it more than she expected, but today she woke up with muscle soreness, that hadn’t even reached it’s peak by then, and complained about it all day. 😂 In the evening she rolled over on the sofa and complained: “I can’t even fully stretch my arms out anymore. I just can’t. How do people who exercise daily deal with this all the time…?” Told her she’d get used to it and that with daily training, there’d be changing patterns. She then sleepily poked my biceps and murmured: “These are already used to it…” 😂😂