just laugh pls

Just saw an argument against the split attraction model saying “the orientations just weren’t meant to be mixed like that.” And another being, “the split attraction model shouldn’t be used bc it can cause confusion.” And the obligatory telling of people who use the split attraction model to just identity as one orientation.

And like, I’m utterly laughing at the parallels between their arguments and “the races just were meant to be mixed like that!” And, “The children will be so confused about what they really are!” And ofc pushing mixed people to identify more with one side over the other.

hi it’s me hannah aka the only person who didn’t know about #caratmakeup (thanks jeonghan) here with a psa to pls tag me in any of the jihan ‘battle like’ posts you see so i can reblog it and cry over how amazing they did today.
this has been a psa from premium a+++ jeonghan trash. thank you.

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I honestly wonder if you just write all these anons yourself 😂

lmao i just laughed! pls. is it so hard to believe that maybe i just have really wonderful followers who leave me incredibly sweet and thoughtful messages from time to time?? c'mon. i’m not that desperate.