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Thoughts on Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I want to be Holly Golightly (or Audrey Hepburn, because she’s gorgeous). Yes, I know that isn’t her real name, but she’s so fabulous and has an awesome sense of style. I also LOVE Tiffanys rings, they are some of the most gorgeous things on the planet. I would NEVER go in because I would just want to buy it all! Ain’t nobody got that kinda money (except like, really rich people…)
"I’ve never been a millionaire, but I just know I’d be darling at it.” -Holly Golightly


quailboyfriends replied to your post “also another note: am i the only one whos kinda afraid that all those…”

There’s a quote that says there are two ways of dehumanizing someone and one way is to idolize them, throwing comments on selfies of marginalized groups can definitely come off as forced esp when exaggerated like “look at me being progressive!!”

Exactly, I remember that quote actually, and it definitely applies here. It’s not progressive to put a marginalized group on a pedestal and brand them as ‘ethereal beings of light who cant do anything wrong uwu’ just so people dont think you’re a bigot

Just a point of discussion…but what do you all think Carol would be like with respect to relationships? 

One thing I don’t like with respect to Caryl shipping, or to put it better into words, find questionable, is how some tend to rely on those Norman quotes of Daryl being a virginal kinda guy who would whimper and cry and prematurely “ya know”, and that the woman would have to make the first move etc etc…I feel sometimes people misconstrue that and assume Carol is going to be this confident, bolshy, get what she wants kind of woman………I 100% DISAGREE. 

She’s probably never had a healthy relationship with a man in her entire life. We know, that she married Ed because she was lonely..this was alluded to in season 4, therefore it stands to reason she never had a properly fulfilling relationship before him, married Ed in desperation and never really loved him (also alluded to in S4). Therefore….she is INEXPERIENCED. 

In addition, her marriage was a deeply unhappy one….Ed physically, sexuall, emotionallyy abused her…..convinced her she is ugly, unloved, unworthy, hence I personally doubt she has ever had romance on her mind in the ZA, and would therefore by shy with regards to a potential relationship, because she wouldn’t believe that a man (or woman?) would even contemplate her as a match for them. Moreover, I understand this is a sensitive topic, but it’s one that is rarely discussed…and that is the probable reality that Ed repeatedly raped her………..going into a relationship, she MUST be anxious and worried, maybe even traumatized with regards to physical parts of relationships……is that even a hurdle she could overcome? What does that mean in terms of the type of person she’d need to be with? Someone patient, caring, understanding, sensitive etc etc. At the moment, she’s putting on a strong front, closing herself off from everyone, isolating herself, in pure survival mode, refusing to let herself feel ANYTHING at all, not even grief, or sadness, let alone happier things.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how CAROL would approach the idea of romance?

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since you'er a cyborg girl, read The Lunar Chronicles- AMAZING book series, better than the hunger games, has a cyborg girl main character, new york times bestseller, you'll love it. BTW if you DO read it, which you HAVE to do, then tell me how you liked it.

that’s actually kinda funny, cause have indeed read this series, which is why my url is “thecrazycyborggirl”, it’s a reference to one of Thorne’s quotes about Cinder. I’m so glad that there are more Lunartics out there than I expected!! And yes, it is definitely better than the Hunger Games, agreed. (It’s actually one of my favorites as well!) Thanks for the Recommendation tho! C: (Just wondering, have you read Fairest: Levana’s Story yet? it’s so gooooood)

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OKAY I NEED A RANT BUT I KINDA WANT FEEDBACK SO IM SORRY IF THIS BUGS YOU BUT HERE I GO. If a guy says, and I quote, "Dude, ______ is like my sister, but fuck dude! She's so fuckin hot! I wanna bang her so bad" WHILE he has a gf he says he's utterly devoted and loyal to, isn't that pretty sleezy? If you love someone should you be thinking about fucking someone else? And to say "oh that's guy talk". That's just as bad! "Boys will be boys". How about owning up to your own doucheyness. Excuse me.

I completely agree with you. 110%. If you’re talking about fucking someone other than your partner is seems kind of.. iffy. I mean they’re at the point of thinking about fucking someone other than their significant other. It’s sad, and it’s not excuse whatever gender they are. ):

So suddenly people on tumblr and facebook, people are reblogging photosets of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and I feel like I’m back in high school when we’d all just quote the movie at each other non-stop until it got so old that none of us even wanted to see a killer rabbit again, and oh my gosh, it’s that the bebe’s have discovered Monty Python…

I don’t know if I have followers that are seniors and live in the US, but I know a lot of people are worried because a lot of college admissions come out today. I just wanted to leave a quote I read before. “Your worth as a person and a student is not diminished or influenced in the least by what these colleges have decided.”

Best of luck to everyone \^^/

let me just let it out a little. I’ll probably delete it after a while. so today was such a crazy day. I was supposed to meet my junior because she wanted to pass me something but turns out it was some plan for me to meet my previous coach ms tan who apparently wanted to talk to me about track & stuff. so the first qn she asked me was “ what happened to you” I knew it. I knew that she was going to talk to me about this. I couldn’t say anything. Not that I was speechless, I just couldn’t all I did was shed tears. many tears in fact. ms tan continued on about how it pains her to see me run now. She mentioned how I looked incredibly depressed, like I’ve completely given up. I didn’t know what to say because it was kinda true. i quote “I don’t want to see this carys running like that, because it pains me you know.” I can’t help but cry even more. It was so embarrassing because I was in the shed & there were other trackers walking about. She went on “ Looking at you run, anybody can tell that you have given up. Even if you lose, I don’t want you to lose without giving your best.” “I don’t want to see you coming in 5th because I know you’re better than that” My heart broke. And what’s more, my tears just kept falling. I felt so sorry for her, to have to see all this. I told her I wouldn’t give up during cats. then she continue to tell me how great a runner I was & told me how much belief she had in me. I told her I didn’t feel fit at all the entire season but she still had so much faith that I could still get that medal. I am really really thankful to have such a supportive coach. She also mentioned how she & a few of my friends gathered to actually talk about me, talk about their concern about my performance. it never occurred to me they would be so worried about me but I’m so blessed to have such friends nonetheless. Ms tan then constantly reminded me how she has never met a better athlete & continued to recall past races which made her so amazed and proud of me. I really couldn’t control my tears again, just when I managed to stop. it’s so hard not to let it all out especially when you’ve been holding it in for really long. and finally she ended with “I am so glad that even without me needing to talk to you, you wouldn’t just give up this nationals. Go out there and enjoy your race. Continue to smile no matter what.” I think it is really a big relief for her that I still have that hope and & perseverance in me. And yes, I am definitely not giving up. The greatest takeaway from this is that you should never assume that nobody cares, that nobody bothers about how you’re doing because actually many people are conscious of changes in your mood/behaviour. Even though they might not show it, they are deeply concern & these are the people you should never let go of. ahhh yeah so that was it & I couldn’t believe how much I actually cried (or rather, teared) Ms tan was like “oh man I feel so bad for making you cry” but I wanted to tell her it’s okay, I needed this assuring talk from her. For you ms tan, I will run my hardest, and enjoy my last race. Thank you so so so much for believing in me. 

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Amsterdam Cairo Mumbai :)

Amsterdam: What is your ideal night out? 

It kinda depends on the company. I like going out and seeing places and being around lots of people at once and exploring, but I love just relaxing with people I love at the close of the evening. 

Cairo: What’s your favorite quote? 

Oh jeez I dunno, here’s a random one I have marked in the book next to me: “…there is no happiness like that of being loved by our fellow-creatures, and feeling that your presence is an addition to their comfort.” (Jane Eyre)

Mumbai: What’s your favorite scent?

I love Rose Jam from Lush, and jasmine, and freshly baked bread, and books, and whatever soap or cologne my boyfriend uses.

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For every ☠ I receive in my inbox I will reveal a roleplaying pet peeve.  

    Like okay. I really kinda dislike genderbends. Now hear me out. I’ve had some really nasty experiences of somebody who okay take DMMD as an example. I legit used to have a “friend” who would have genderbent Aoba just so and I quote “Now it’s not gay!” 

….You stop that shit. Don’t gb a character just so your ship isn’t gay or so it is gay. 

Note: Said friend doesn’t have a Fem!Aoba, it was an example djfklsj;;

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1, 4, 15, 22, 27, 31, 36, 57, 63, 74, 79, 84, 97 (I missed this)

1. Name


4. Three things I love

My pet turtles, chocolate, extra fluffy pillows.

15. Favorite quote

“Once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.” by M. Williams.

22. Eye color

Brown with deep shades of green.

27. Meaning behind my URL

I don’t know, I just liked these words near each other. Like, you can choose to read it as “dream less music” or to interpret it as “music without dream”. The first meaning is joyful, a dreamy person who’s full of love for music that brightens their life, the second is kinda sad ‘cause they just listen to that music without finding any happiness in it as well as in thei lives. I feel kinda poetic now that I think about it xD.

31. How I feel right now

Stressed out because of uni exams and the fact that I can’t seem to even open one of those fucking books without having an anxiety attack ‘cause I’m really late on my schedule, plus pressuring parents. Also sleepy as the dwarf in Snow White.

36.Tatoos and pierciengs I have

Just two regular earlobs piercings, but I really want to have a nose one too (once money comes around). Zero tatoos for now.

57. What do I think about most?

“Try to relax” is my every hour mantra.

63. Do I believe in ghosts? What about aliens?

Nes. Sceptic on the topic until I see one for myself or have solid, concrete, undeniable proofs. As for aliens I do believe we are not alone. Thinking we are the only bloody people in all the bloody universe is kind of pompous, isn’t it? But we are a vain and ego-centered specie after all.

74. Favorite animal?


79. What would I want to be written on my tombstone

I wanna be cremated.

84. I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power?

To travel back in time. I love history so it would be great to see how it all went down. And even if I fail a uni test, who cares? I can always go back and nail it big time!

97. Had sex in public?

Nope. Still virgin here, so…but one day, who knows? I can think of a couple of scenarios where it would be pretty exciting to get some action on.

You put your money in your boots?! That’s the most badass thing I’ve ever seen!
—  this guy i met at a robotics competition who was probably about 6′2″, pretty buff, and does some sort of martial arts i can’t quite recall rn speaking to me, a 5′1″ average-kinda-skinny child who doesn’t do anything ever

I think at this point I’ll just keep creating and keep imagining and just keep releasing art, keep putting out art. I just have this urge to do it and if I didn’t I would feel like I couldn’t sleep at night. If I wasn’t making music, I don’t know what I’d be doing, I wouldn’t be happy though.

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maia mitchell !!

fuck alright lemme think for a sec!! okay so i rarely see her being played but when i do she’s always portrayed as some hella sarcastic person, but not much of an asshole rly„, so probs someone who believes in fate and destiny and is just really kinda wise?? basically jaden smith 2.0 with all his weird ass quotes that actually make you think for a bit… and everyone just feels >.> about her bcos they’re like nah shut up!! but whenever they need advice or need to talk to someone they always go to her obvs!! and they never really get in arguments or get mad in general bcos they always find a way to get out of an argument basically bullshitting their way thru!!  but she can have a bit of manipulative side to her since everyone sees her as a friend they can go to everything for „ but she rarely uses it !! n*ce… this is complete trash but here u go„, im sry„,

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umm this is gonna be kinda weird, but you're basically like the all-knowing doctor who person on my dash, so i was wondering if you know any quotes/articles/interviews/anything with rtd where he talks about what he wants/wanted to emphasize on his dw and what the show was about for him? and why he thinks/thought it's popular? (i'd just need something brief, i'm writing my final paper for a course on doctor who lol, and there's no way i'm only having moffat's thoughts there in that section ugh)

Hmmmm… nothing immediately springs to mind, there’s definitely a lot of that sort of thing on the first series of dw confidential where they spent a lot of the time talking about the foundations of the show, but i’d have to rewatch it. just from a quick google i’ve found ‘The marvellous thing about Doctor Who is that it tells stories that no one else can tell.’

your best bet is looking around for promotion of when S1 was coming back and he was doing lots of interviews about rebooting it and why the show is so great. oh and there’s probably some useful stuff here too i would presume

quantumtardis is probably better suited to this task than i tbh, sabrina is my go to rtd expert