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I'm kinda new to the muslimblr community.. So I don't get why everyone hates aboonoor hahahaha he seems normal, just posts a lot of Islamic stuff

yeah but some of the religious stuff he posts is like rlly mysognistic bc its taken out of context. but studying stuff like this, one would know that we shouldnt take hadiths/quotes at face-value but study the context that it was in

i asked my friend if he shipped anyone in haikyuu and im quoting
  • Him:There are only like two girls, though...
  • Me:Wait, no what????????????
  • Him:I can't ship any of the girls with any of the guys because they don't seem like a good match, except for maybe Kiyoko and Daichi
  • Me:Wait WHATRDOISsdlfjjsIOJ?????????
  • Him:???? It's just that I kinda think she looks cute with Daichi?
  • Him:What do YOU mean? It's just that I kinda like them you don't have to like them either okay
  • Him:What?
  • Me:LIKE DO N T Y OU S h I p a Ny GUy S????
  • him:WHAT???
  • Other friend a:what are you guys talking about stop yelling dude
  • other friend b:fucking weeaboos

however, even with this race and all, i feel like im having trouble allowing myself to be a good runner. i kinda want to go back to being near-last on jv with mediocre times because thats where im comfortable. theres this quote that goes “dont be afraid to give up the good and go for the great”, and thats my problem. jv is good. but varsity is great. and its hard to make that transition when youre so used to being the “slow” runner or the runner that “always has a bad race” i just need to allow myself to improve..

“Her crazy self got a new job and making history!
The school hired Lakatriona Brunson as its new head coach. "Today was kinda crazy ‘cause I was sitting down eating my lunch and somebody said, 'Congratulations,’ and I had to figure out what for,” she said. “And after I figured out what for, I just had to put on my big coach panties, and that was it.” High school football is serious business in Florida. Principal Carlos Rios introduced Brunson, the only female head coach in the state, giving students something to talk about. “She’s really into football, and she knows what she’s doing,” said student Deomi Portillo. “She’s gonna do good in it.” Student Edwin Samayo thinks Brunson would be a good asset to the team. “A female football coach?” he asked. “That’s actually not that bad. You never know, she probably knows more stuff than most dude coaches know.” Another student said it’s all about equality. “I mean, anything that a boy could do a woman could do, too,” she said.

Brunson is also known as “Bernice” from the series “South Beach Tow,” on TruTV.

She said years of coaching football is what she’s about. “I don’t want people to think we’re here for publicity or to do anything else,” Brunson said. “We’re here to let Miami Jackson be contenders and win. That’s it.” Also making headlines is the school’s new assistant head coach: former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell. The rapper is also well-known in South Florida among community activists and as a defensive coordinator with several Miami-Dade County School programs.

Campbell told 7News he could not be happier to be working alongside Brunson. “She’s always been the girl in the neighborhood. She’s a legend,” he said. “She won’t tell you that, but she’s always been the girl in the neighborhood that played football.” Brunson played for the all-female Miami Fury Football team, is a graduate of Miami Northwestern and was an assistant basketball coach and head flag football coach in Tennessee. “Everybody want equality? Well, guess what? We got it,” Brunson said, "'cause I’m here.“ She said she’s ready to make history with wins for the school.

Via wsvn.com” by @fameolous_ on Instagram http://ift.tt/1TZTC8F

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one, twentyone and thirty

1. if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

-they would read The Martian because i myself am a lot like Mark Watney (though if i was stuck on Mars i wouldnt last as long oops), i really dont know what they would watch but i guess the Office cause im a lot like most of the characters in it (kinda cringy ya know), and they would listen to Lorde and the Neighbourhood cause obviously Lorde is about being young and being yourself and what not and the Neighbourhood just cause they sad 

21. do you love easily?

-thankfully not as much as i used to, but when it comes to some random dog i find i will fall in love instantly

30. pick one of your favorite quotes.

-”you’re the only friend I need sharing beds like little kids laughing ‘til our ribs get tough but that will never be enough“ by Lorde from the song Ribs just cause its the best song of all time and yeah me too Lorde

(and on a side note “happiness is figurative” by the Neighbourhood from the song West Coast is a tough contender for my favorite quote)

(also notice how my favorite quotes are from songs lmao) 

(would those count? idk kid) 

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Name your favourite:

Place: home probably
Person: me I’m great
Colour: red I dunno
Food: some kinda pasta probably
Smell: new books tbh
Book: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Movie: I like too many to just pick one
Music artist: the naked and famous
Genre of music: fuck if I know
Genre of literature: I don’t read anything anymore
Day of the week: I hate them all
Tumblr: kingghidorahtheexplorer.tumblr.com
Thing to do when bored: watch smthn on Netflix
Celebrity: keanu reeves is nice
Drink: I like apple juice
Animal: dogs probably
Flower: they all suck
Tv show: again too many to pick
Fruit: peaches
Vegetable: carrots
Store/shop: I hate shopping
Quote: “fuck” - me
Boys name: kieran
Girls name: kieran
Ice cream flavour: strawberry
Popcorn flavour: toffee
Season: winter
Month: October
Disney princess: Mulan
Insult: too many to pick
YouTube channel: I don’t watch a lot of YouTube
Eye colour: green
Language: Spanish probably
Thing about yourself: I’ve got a nice ass ngl

Everyone’s been tagged already :/

get to know me multifandom meme
  • 10 movies
  • 9 tv shows
  • 8 books or series
  • 7 favourite protagonists
  • 6 favourite side characters
  • 5 favourite antagonists
  • 4 favourite celebrities
  • 3 favourite quotes
  • 2 favourite scenes
  • 1 favourite fandom

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Ashley is the rude one. Omg she's so obnoxious

I’ve heard that she’s just shy but I kinda agree about the rude part

no its not about how she acts in public its mostly about her tweets..

like  "Every year…Same thing.”

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send “peck” for a reaction from my muse when yours give them a kiss on the cheek.

          “C’mon, ma, quit it.”

    On the outside, he’s petulant. He’s twelve, he’s not supposed to like kisses from his mom anymore. But on the inside, there’s a part of him that lights up every time his mother praises him or hugs him or just gnereally loves him. As much as he complains, there’s never gonna be anyone on this earth he loves more than his mother. There’s a movie quote about that, right? That Norman guy said it, though it sounded kinda creepy at the time…

    A boy’s best friend is his mother? Something like that.

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What's one of your favorite quotes?

One of my favorite quotes is actually from Audrey Hepburn! 

“I never think of myself as an icon. What is in other people’s minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing”

I like thing blog because it kinda relates to how my blog grew so popular yet I still stayed myself the whole way and that’s why I think I have a good relationship with all of you!

Being yourself is how you’ll get far! Because you are you and you’re absolutely wonderful 

Doing your own thing can take you far! 

I kinda just realized that in Undertale, it’s almost impossible for fan theories to be wrong.

A quote from an interveiw with Toby Fox was “…There are some times where people ascribe things to me that I didn’t intend. But I feel like when they do that that’s what I wanted. I wanted to create something where people wouldn’t know what was intended and what wasn’t, and they could just keep going deeper and think ‘Woah, this just keeps going deeper? Forever?’ So it’s kind of validating when people do that. It’s only bad when people read into it and they get something weird out of it.”

In other words, even if it’s something that Toby didn’t really intend, that doesn’t make it completely wrong etheir.

So that’s basically saying all that all fan-theories are actually valid, and possibly canon wether he meant it or not.

Except Matpat’s “Sans is Ness from Earthbound” theory.
Because really-

  • Dan and Phil:buy a house together
  • Dan:ironically lol
  • Dan and Phil:come out
  • Dan:everything’s a joke my life is a joke
  • Dan and Phil:get married
  • Dan:#nohomohowell fyi I like vagina
  • Dan and Phil:adopt a child together
  • Dan:lol wtf did I just do that in my sleep whatever it’s kinda funny I’m gonna leave it

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2 7 and 20 💪😊💪

2. Are you tall or short?
I’m literally 5" even so I’m shoooooort frick off 
7. What are you really, really good at?
mmmmmmmmm?????? idk I draw ok but that’s kinda generic to just say online so like I’m rlly rlly good at making carrot cake 
20. Are we raised into what we love, or do we come to love it based on how we were raised?
nsnxnxn i don’t even know what this question means. like I’m p sure u like things just bc ur like “o that’s cool” & it has no correlation w how ur raised so ???? id k

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#15, #20, #21, #22, #24, #28, #31, #41, #51, #59

15- kinda quiet until you get to know me, then annoying as hell
20- Demons by Social Repose
22- 15 July 21st
22- tall, cute, shoulder length brown hair, pretty smile
24- 5'4"
28- I don’t really have any lol
31- I just finished a painting, bid teddy bears give me life, soft pillows are just so ^_^
41- no clue at this point in time. It’s like we’re dating but we’re not
51- cancer
59- Katie (aka @dumbclum) told me to so I did

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10, 5, 6, 27!

10. Quote
”I will face god and walk backwards into hell”

5. Color
I love pink and have always loved pink even though one time in 5th grade I had a phase where I tried to deny anything “pink and girly” but, man. Ho boy you should see my room everything’s literally pink or white.

6. Word
Cantankerous. I just like the sound of it, no idea why. 

27. Smell
Already answered!

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omg i'm sorry but i actually didn't mean it like shipping phan!!!! i just meant dan+phil like, you use quotes or memes from their videos and stuff! or, you can draw them being bros i'm sorry shipping real people is gross i agree i didn't mean like shipping them!!

aaaa sorry for misunderstanding! i just have a really short fuse when it comes to that topic so sorry that i kinda snapped hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

yeah that actually sounds like a fun idea! thank u for it!

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Fe: A :)


Favorite Male Character: Robin
Favorite Female Character: all of them  Lucina, Sumia, Nowi, Tiki, Anna, Cordelia, Say’ri, and Emmeryn. 
Least Favorite Character: Aversa. She just felt really plain to me? At least the other bad guys were kinda interesting.
Favorite Ship: CHROBIN B)
Favorite Friendship: Lon’qu and Say’ri, they would be such good friends and I’m still upset they don’t have any supports u_u
Favorite Quote: “We’re not pawns of some scripted fate. I believe we’re more. Much more… There’s something between us all. Something that keeps us together… Like…invisible ties, connecting us.”
Worst Character Death (if any): Emmeryn ): I hate all the dead emmeryn jokes I think they’re just disgusting honestly. I know it’s just a game but suicide isn’t a joke you assholes. And idk if Robin counts but that was painful so he goes there too.
This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: There’s like, no happy moments but I guess when Chrom found Robin at the end. idk.
Saddest Moment: Robin killing Grima and then ‘dying’ :/ kill me.
Favorite Location: I don’t have one!

Never talk to strangers unless you're in the bookstore

So i was in the bookstore today (buying Glass Sword) and this little girl comes in with her Dad, and she’s the cutest thing skipping (freaking skipping!) down the rows until she comes to the section for kids aged about 8+ and she just makes herself at home on the ground and starts racing through titles like “Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it."  and im just standing there staring and smiling like an idiot because thats what I did in the bookstore as a kid (and still do now) and suddenly she yells, "Daddy look this one’s new from last week!" so i kinda turn to her Dad and raise an eyebrow like, Last week?? and he rolls his eyes and gives this defeated sigh. so with a completely deadpan face i raise my armful of books towards him and say, "It never ends…” and this poor man is lowkey terrified so i turn back to the little girl who is looking through the Harry Potters and say, “If you like Harry Potter then you should read Percy Jackson.” and hand her a copy of The Lighning Thief. and she's like “Okay!” and then i just walk away feeling like a fucking god.  

Everyone has had that moment at least once or twice in their life, where they see the things in their life as a relatable object or machine or anything. Well to me, I believe that to me life is just like a ferris wheel, it keeps spinning and spinning and then all of a sudden done, it stops. Letting people off one at a time until it is completely empty, kinda like how when in your life you lose some people, important or not you lose them and there you are at the very top of it watching as each person gets off and watch them walk off, as you slowly keep going down.

Just as it’s your turn you are stuck you could never leave, it’s impossible for you because you just keep going along and spinning, but the good thing is you get more and different people who pop into the ferris wheel with you, and just so happens someone joins you, they make you feel less alone in that old cart that doesn’t even have locks on it because over time they just started getting rusted and broke.

This person gives you all of their time and makes you laugh and smile and makes you feel a reason to be happy about being stuck in this cart, but then it happens again, it stops. Once again you start seeing these people leave the carts as you are stopped in a different position now, the middle.

Slowly as you’re lowering down to the bottom and the person starts to slowly become quiet and starts the leaves. All you can do is watch, there is no stopping them. In life it’s all you can do, just watch as people go in and out of your life, there is no stopping or forcing them to stay, that is just cruel. You’d keep them stuck in that same old cart with you forever.

But then sometimes a miracle will happen, as I was stuck at the bottom with my broken locks on the cart, someone came in again, they brought a different feeling to the effect of being stuck into this dumb boring ferris wheel. The doors were shut and it slowly moved up, looking at this new person I saw myself in them, the good and bad, we were relatable. We were the same person, same mind, same ideas, same outlook of this dumb ferris world.

Just as we get to the top words i wasn’t used to or ever heard before with so much feeling and honesty in them..

“I Love You”

Everything started to glow, the lights had started to shine bright colors of red and gold, and soft playful music began to play as we spun in a circle on the ferris wheel. I couldn’t control it,all of this joy and happiness. I actually thought of this ferris wheel as something better. It was amazing. This person had gave me a reason to enjoy this wonderful thing that I was stuck in and hated for so many years.

—  Me (Personal)