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Are you ok? You seem to be posting really sad quotes lately.

I’m ok. In fact, i’m fine

It’s just the idea of moving on kinda scares me a bit. Not like in a bad way but I’ve been through this road before and… it does suck… like a lot.

But hey, part of life right.

The sad post… those are just my way on yelling to the horizon about this whole thing + my way to practice writing. I may not write fan fics anymore but this is the closest thing I could do to practice the craft.

But I’m ok… I just need time to reset and reboot and all my sad posts are my only way to do it.

I’d like to make a point about terfs. They make the argument that they can’t date trans lesbians because of their “"dicks”“. Y'all know that some trans women have gone and done bottom surgery? And that its completely indisguisable from a cis vagina? Are you gonna do a fucking inspection of your girlfriends vagina everytime y'all get to third base? Like,,,some cis women have a hard time with discharge production, some have larger labias than the average vagina, some are more hairy than others so,,,,how would you kmow which is a "trans” vagina or a “cis” one. You don’t, and your left with the choice to look past your girlfriend as more than her parts and love her 💕

Also if your trans gf does have a dick, thats fine! You don’t have to have sex, and most likely she won’t either due to dysphoria so,,yeah don’t worry about it. I’m a lesbian and I would date a trans girl with a penis, I just wouldn’t have sex with her. Its all very simple really. If someone forces you to have sex than that is rape, but a trans woman asking you out isn’t. (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

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Hey Tori. I eat a hclf vegan diet, not rt4, but more starch-based. I'm regularly active (running) 3-4times a week and walking around daily. I've been vegan for about 2,5yrs now, but in the past year I've been struggling a bit with getting in enough calories. I eat about 1500-2000 calories a day. In the end of the day, I then feel stuffed and bloated, even though my calorie-intake is pretty low. Should I just push trough? Even though I feel very full and kinda gross.

hello :)! you could try more high calorie food choices!! but yeah running on that low amount of calories while exercising is slowing your metabolism and is very unhealthy. id say maybe try up each meal. when you start eating more your running training will improve massively!!!

every night i look preggo i like to go by a quote “go to bed like Buddha and wake up like Ghandi”

having a bloated belly is normal :)

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So.....judging by your clothes you're that Sans everyonce call quote on quote "edgy" huh? And apparently the monsters of your world are kinda all like this. Tell me then, bonehead, why?

“Edgy, huh..? Maybe just cuz we choose better clothes and aren’t as sissy as our counterparts. Unlike them we are prepared to fight to get out instead of just waiting for the right human child to fall down and save us. We’re stronger.”

Asked a customer what his plans for the evening were and he kinda pauses, laughs, and then is like “just playing dungeons and dragons tonight” like as if he had that moment of ‘should i tell the truth" and then as im helping him hes like “hey u like plums?” And he just opens his car and reveals a whole like box full of plums so i grab one for me n my coworker

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How I feel about this character:

Well I didn’t expect to love him as much as I do? Like when I first got into Shadowhunters he annoyed me a little, because he was willingto just follow Clary everywhere and do everything she wanted and I was like ‘omg this dude needs a spine’ but then in Season 2 it was like ‘oh wait, that was just the bad writing because in this season he isn’t like that’. And then I saw him struggling and his father being abusive as hell and everyone hating on him and him being kind and helpful, even to people who hurt him and I just kinda… fell in love? What’st he quote from Alec? 

“But to me everything aobut him said “Love me, because nobody else has”

All the people I ship romantically with this character:

Alec and Magnus.That’s it. Either one. Though I only ship Jagnus in fanon after the past 3 epsiodes. 

My non-romantic OTP for this character:

Simon! I loved them as buddies, though I don’t ship it romantically. 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

He’s selfless. He gives no fucks about Alec being with men (unlike 90% of the fandom thinks, seeing as they always right him as ‘grossed out’ when he sees Alec kissing someone). And I think he’s bisexual. Jace gives off the most insane bisexual vibe. 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

Jalec and bisexual!jace. I want that scene where Jace kissed Alec, but instead of th ebullshit ‘you’re confused’ mess that CC wrote I want a ‘I love you too, but just not in the way you loved me and I think at this point you’ve moved on’. I also am dying for the Sebastian mind control. 

@richkicl | starter call!!

“u-uhmm…— you haven’t seen a cat-shaped wallet around here, have you..?" she talked in such a low tone, mi-sun was convinced he was going to ignore her and walk away. (and she wouldn’t blame him..)

but it’d been a present her father had gotten her a long time ago, giving up without a fight was just too wrong; she’d give teeth and bones for that wallet. never mind the contents.

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Hey I need some advice. I've recently met this girl on Her and she lives in my city, pretty close to me, which is crazy because I always though I'm the only girl from my city using Her. So, the thing is, I'm 15, turning 16 soon, going into 10th grade after summer vacation, and she's 18 and just graduated. And idk, she's just so perfect, she's aesthetic, listens to good music, has this kinda boho style. And the first we got to talk she was like "oh my god I can't believe you live // pt.2 coming

so close to me!!“ And she was all excited, and I was too kinda. Now we’ve been talking for a bit, and I think I really like her, but she keeps making these comments like "oh you’re so young” “damn I wanted to go to that shisha bar but you’re so young”, and well I know I’m younger but now I just feel like that “unexperienced” baby that knows nothing or something like that. Like I really wanna meet her and maybe develop things but not when she keeps giving me the impression that I’m “nothing”.

Well, first of all, I don’t think that she thinks that you’re nothing, or that you’re just some stupid kid, or any of those things. The truth is that I think that she is developing feelings for you, too, and all of those comments about you being young are to keep you at arm’s length.

I think that you should respect her unspoken wishes. She wants to stay friends, and she might want to flirt with you, but she’s right to not want to date you. If you follow this blog you might have seen an ask that I answered in which I talk about how Mod A and I got together. She was a freshman when I was a senior, so 9th and 12th grades, respectively, so your age isn’t the problem here. It’s more about the places that you both are in life.

When you graduate from high school, it’s the first BIG change of your life. It’s the beginning of your adult years. I had no idea how much I would change with each year after high school. I was literally unable to fathom it just because I didn’t know yet. She doesn’t know this yet either, but she will learn. In the next 5 or so years she will become a totally different person. She has so much growing and changing to do, and you will too.

Mod A and I didn’t start dating until she graduated high school. We started off as friends, and it wasn’t until a few months later that our friendship turned into something romantic. We couldn’t have given a relationship a real go while she was in school; we were just too far apart in our lives. So, for your sake and hers, I think that you should put aside your romantic feelings and settle for just being her friend for now. A little flirting is ok, but you should really try to stay platonic at least until you finish high school. Then you know who to hit up when you finally graduate and want to be taken out on the town.

Love and kisses,

Mod M

maybe this is pedantic but even saying “i like people regardless of gender” seems off to me (im pan).

it sounds kinda like saying “other orientations are overly/only focused on gender!”

imo, “i like all genders” sounds better. it doesn’t throw lesbians/gay people under the bus for having “”“"limited”“”“ attraction

again maybe i’m just nitpicking 🤷‍♂️

I’m at the Jewish American History museum in Philadelphia. You may remember I visited before but it was a spur-of-the-moment thing and I just kinda ran through it. I figured this time I’ll really take my time and to help me do that, I would like to share with you all facts and quotes that I find really interesting and think you will too.

The tag is “MAC at the Museum” to follow along with if you’re interested or blacklist if you have no interest.

anotherler replied to your post “WOW if people get that freaked out by Biblical references then man do…”

Serious question: Why do you put Biblical references in your fics? Just curious. Thinking back on it, I know a fair amount of writers in the past and to this day have used them but I would like to know what your personal reason is for it.

Well, ‘cuz I’m a Christian and it’s kinda natural for my faith to show in the stuff I do. (Or it should be, anyway.) Of course I don’t have references in all my fics but I do in a fair number. In a few of my fics I have Wheatley quote (and mis-quote, I think? been a while since I’ve read my own fics) Bible passages, since that’s a thing he does in canon. (Like, in This Thing Like Seeing he tries to quote a Bible passage to dissuade GLaDOS from something, which backfires spectacularly.) He also talks about Christmas in Ace of Fours because that was a Christmas fic so why not. I had the Oracle Turret quote the Bible in my crow!Wheatley game too, since that particular verse worked for the situation.

Also, if I see a chance for a reference to be used as part of the central theme, you can bet I’ll take it. I mean, I did that for A Few Repairs (lots of heaven/hell/purgatory references, though the “purgatory” part is Catholic and not something I personally believe in, but it worked out for the theme of the story) and The Rodent and the Robot (I had the Oracle Turret make references to like three different Bible passages because they all fit perfectly with the story and one of the major themes).

I’m sure I’ve used references in other fics and stuff I’ve done but it’s been so long since I’ve read my own fics that I honestly can’t remember.

I guess like, because my faith is such a major aspect of my life, I like to show it through my writing whenever I can. Kinda like how my orientation (aro/ace) is also an important part of my life, so I like to have aro/ace characters in the things I write, or headcanon different characters as aro/ace, if that makes sense.

Break my heart

Junmyeon: Break my heart, Jongdae. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.

Jongdae: …What the heck are you on?

Junmyeon: Oh~! I was just reading–

Jongdae: Yeaah, let’s don’t do that again, it’s kinda creepy.

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12, 26, 30

12. dog person or cat person?
both!! im allergic to cats tho BUT i still lov em, and doggos are so good

26. how would you describe your gender/sexuality?
sexuality: i like everyone. i’m bi. i probably fall more under pan but i’m bi. also i’m ace. if u want all the specifics: bi-romantic and sex-repulsed-aceflux, but it’s easier to just say bi or ace lmao
gender: uh. uuuuuh. im a dude sometimes. im a girl others. sometimes both sometimes neither. kinda genderfluid but also bigender?? but i also usually dont care if people see me as a boy or girl or whatever. i just kinda exist man. they/them pronouns

30. pick one of your favorite quotes.

Peter was not quite like other boys; but he was afraid at last. A tremor ran through him, like a shudder passing over the sea; but on the sea one shudder follows another till there are hundreds of them, and Peter felt just the one. Next moment he was standing erect on the rock again, with that smile on his face and a drum beating within him. It was saying, “To die will be an awfully big adventure." 

I desperately want to do an ohmtoonz fic with toonz as a ghost because I really want to write him saying that line from Beetlejuice: “I’m the ghost with the most, babe.” 

Because instead of him being this invisible kinda just there being, he’s got powers that he probably shouldn’t have, but does anyways and therefore he’s pretty powerful. 

And ohm is his warlock boyfriend who’ll help him with his ghostly pranks and laugh from the sidelines as humans get spooked and maybe he’ll ask toonz why he likes causing havoc everywhere, to which toonz will respond “because…” with the above quote. 

I’m just really hyped for Halloween and can’t wait to start writing some fics centered around these two being creatures that shouldn’t work but most definitely do. 

my life out LOUD

It started when i was almost 7 , or maybe 8 . I saw the world kinda differently , i didn’t think like most of the children my age did . Yes I was curious like them , but I spent a lot of (almost all )my time thinking . Trying to understand why I wasn’t happy , i knew something was just not right . Everyday I asked myself this same question “ why couldn’t i just be happy by heart and see things like the rest did ? “ , I couldn’t find the answer , after all I was a 7 year old , so confused . I didn’t talk much , I was quiet , spent most of my time thinking and just thinking . i had a very few friends , I could share my words with them , but there was no one with whom I could share my mind . I kept thinking , trying to find reasons , trying to understand things . Sometimes I grew angrier upon myself , for I thought what a perfect example of failure I was , what a perfect piece of imperfection , I could do nothing . As a kid , I saw the others around me making more friends and being happier and happier , I thought i’ll have the same when my time comes , but I wasn’t trying at all . I was so immature . All I had to do was to just stand up and talk , yet i kept waiting . I was so dumb . I never stopped thinking , observing people , and asking myself “ What made these people so normal ? ‘ . I thought I’d have all that I wanted as I would grow up . I grew up to be almost 10 , nothing had changed . I thought I just wasn’t worthy to live a normal life , the only question was , Why ?
Was I a bad guy ? Did I do something I shouldn’t have done ? These were the things I thought . After a brief period , I realized I was doing well , asking questions and trying to find reasons , but my questions made no sense , they were irrelevant . All this time I had been trying to find answers to something so irrelevant , and that was the reason why I couldn’t answer myself .

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"Me neither. I seriously don’t get what’s so scary. I mean…you kinda look like my dentist, but he wasn’t that bad.”

“Yeah, exactly, I’m not really trying to be scary or- dentist? You must’ve had a weird-looking dentist…unless you just mean my face. If you mean the entire outfit and all that…that’s just odd for a dentist.”

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If you're taking requests at all pls make a phone wallpaper for trc that has the quote "He felt known." thankkkks

I have never really taken requests I just kinda do my own thing but I’ll do my best since you asked so kindly (it might take a bit though these next few weeks are gonna be like the busiest of my entire life)

So I know that no one is gonna like this, so I though I’d just kinda introduce myself for anyone that ends up finding this page

1. Currently 16, 17 in a few days
2. 5'5"
3. Virgo
4. Agnostic
5. Moderate for the most part
6. Ass
7. Honestly? Ice cream taste tester. But MRI Tech
8. Heteroflexible
9. PC is all I’ve ever had so I’m biased
10. If it’s gaming- Our World or Club Penguin Rewritten
11. 2.5 people
12. Haven’t had it yet
13. A friend and I sent each other posts that described each other
14. Kinda? Being tied up I guess
15. Archer, South Park, and Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
16. Grim
17. Kia Optima
18. Orange tshirt and black shorts
19. Yea, I want 2, but 3 at most
20. I’d go back to when Stonehenge was being made, I want to know the whole purpose of it.
21. I am English, Irish, Norwegian, German, and Dutch or Danish
22. https://youtu.be/3c9m3DvlWsg
23. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
24. Realizing my best friend turned against me for her boyfriend
25. I thought I’d have a super cool car and a job at an ice cream shop or something
26. Honestly me back then probably wouldn’t care
27. I guess the dark
28. I don’t care enough about politics to care about him
29. Me? Thicc. What I like? Thinn
30. I have quite a few. jacksfilms, Blaire White, Memeulous, Pyrocynical, Shoe0nHead, PewDiePie, Brandon Rodgers, and basic
31. PC - Sims 4
Phone - Hay Day
32. “Love is a Bitch” or “Twisted” by Two Feet
33. Basic stuff really. Have a decent job, find “the one”, have a couple kids, ya know be happy
34. Most people would say “in my sleep,” but I’d just want it to be quick. I don’t want to die old, but I don’t want to die young.

So there’s just a bit about me. If anyone does end up coming across this page please feel free to fill it out yourself, my dudes. If anyone wants to know more about me then please ask me more questions.

~Raven Black