just keep trying


My mom’s car just got stolen. And she informed me that her house keys were with her car keys–as well as information about our address–and told me to lock the doors and stuff because I’m alone right now and basically anyone can get in while I’m asleep.

So uh, idk. Pray for us, I guess.


Travelling the Arctic with your weird uncles.

reminder to pet your kiri dragon often to let him know you wuv him


*me screaming in the background* asjdklf;j hOLY HECK oh my god you guys i cant say thanks enough

it was only like a month ago when i reached 1000 followers too ?? this is crazy i love all of you ??? so ?? much ? you guys dont know how much i appreciate it aagh

i might do an art raffle at my next thousand what do you guys think



I mean, the whole cockles space pants thing is gold, but I really love how Jensen says “I put misha in them.” I mean….. he could have said that any other way, but I just think that’s too cute. And he recorded it. I love thinking about the two of them spending time together in the trailer messing around. *jumps into dumpster*



- two last experimental drawings as finally figured out that thing I couldn’t quite do before, now it’s just a matter of practice~