just in appreciation of a sweet moment

ARIES: eat frozen yogurt and take not-so-shitty Polaroids because these memories mean more than you’ll ever know. you are unique. go on adventures, and let yourself be taken with whatever these heated days have to offer.  you remind me of the good that will persevere no matter how bad it gets. i have so much love for you in my heart, and thank you for being the closest thing to home i know. you have saved so many people with those warm arms of yours. i am lucky enough to be one of them.

TAURUS: i hope you let your skin get painted over in gold from sunshine and your cheeks hurt with the weight of your smiles. see new things,  but be safe.  if it gets rough, just know there’s nothing you can’t get through. you are a smart and beautiful everywhere. embrace your humor, you’ve always had a knack for keeping me laughing.  

GEMINI: this is your time. the skies are blue with your name painted in every breeze. it’s all yours if you want it. i think you should spend as much time as you can outside, because there is something about summer that will always love you. eat your birthday cake on a picnic with the most loveliest person you know, and let all your stress fade into the chlorine smell of swimming pools and sticky sweet smell of skin and sunscreen. it’ll be good, i promise.

CANCER: you deserve to shine as bright as you possibly can, you deserve to see the stars, and taste galaxies, and love someone who knows what that word means. you deserve so much, much more than i’ll ever be able to give. but i will give it up anyway. no more regrets. dance a lot to loud music, and sleep with your entire body and soul, take care of yourself in the most gentle way you know how. i want you to have fun. go out and do something only mildly reckless. i want you to find stories, to tell, to write, to capture, to paint, to sing half badly at the top of your lungs. you are so lovely. none of these words will ever be enough to tell you how grateful i am that you are here.

LEO: we’ve got a calendar of things to do but it’s gonna be alright, trust me. you’ve got an army of love ready to fight the stress any hour of the day. there is so much good waiting for you, so much greatness you deserve.  if there is a battle, you are the winning side. you’re the strongest person i know but please remember take care of yourself. travel far and i hope you find different places that feel like home.

VIRGO: i just want you to smile. a little, a lot. i want you to feel lighter than things have been recently, or in the past, just want you to relax. the world is always moving, turning, constantly, and it can be deafening the amount of noise. sometimes people act like they don’t hear you, but they do. they’re just too stupid to admit it. you’re so goddamn gorgeous. enjoy the sun, i hope you find something new to love.

LIBRA: you mean so much, you matter so fucking much, there will be never enough of my stupid poetic sayings to describe it. this is what this is, stupid. just another time i couldn’t keep my mouth shut. you’re a different aspect of life, one that i’ve neglected. my most sincere apologies.  you’ve always believed so much, i admire that about you. i hope you’re happy every possible moment you can be, and i hope you are loved. this summer should be good. you deserve it.

SCORPIO: calm down, breathe in, breathe out. you are always there, like a constant thrum in the background or the sound of screaming poetry, no matter the noise, i am nothing but appreciative of your love. i hope you live your days breathing in salty sweet air of the sea and that your skin is speckled gold with sand and that your soul is breathing and alive. things will work out, i like to believe the universe has a way of giving back to the good ones. you’re one of them. good. calm. pure. something sinful, yeah maybe, but i’m alright with going to hell as long as i see you there.

SAGITTARIUS: there is sunshine loving adventures waiting for you. i think you’ll hate and love airplanes a little bit more, and get a little pissed at the way time seems to run on it’s own agenda, but all in all, i know it’s going to be a good month. draw, paint, laugh, go on road trips with good music playing in the background and take a selfish amount of pictures. there are memories that will keep you warm longer than the sun ever has.

CAPRICORN: i don’t know what to expect out of you that’s anything less than greatness. don’t run forward but a walk in the park can do wonders sometimes. you’re life. don’t forget that. have fun, don’t sit idle. move around, go downtown and look at sculptures and art you have no idea what they mean. laugh. a lot. be a child, cause you know things are only getting harder. but you’re better. you’re good. things will work itself out. what is broken, will always rearrange.

AQUARIUS: summers are either chlorine stained hearts or the breath of fresh air in your lungs, and this time around might feel a little bit of both. work with what you have, i don’t know what else to say. but remember you are not poison. yes there is black ink spilling from your pen and sometimes your gushing veins, but it is not a part of hell you have to keep inside of yourself so you don’t infect and destroy and hurt hurt hurt. humans, we’re heaven and hell combined in one animal. and that’s it. you’re only human. nothing more, nothing less. and that’s okay. keep breathing. i know you can take care of yourself, but thing is, you don’t have to. you are not alone.

PISCES: i don’t see you around much, but your tenderness is always in my heart. i hope you pick flowers and decorate your hair with the aesthetic cause you’re a sunflower in a garden full of weeds. you told me that once. i’ll never forget. i hope you love yourself. if things are spiraling, i will do good on my promise to sink with you, no matter the distance, no matter the time spent apart, we’re always together. somewhere. i miss you yeah. there is no battle ship, there are no more gun shots and bullet wounds, and you’ll be okay. the sun will be sweet to you. listen to good music and visit a new cafe. you have so much love to give.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how sweet Seamus is?

The other night I was watching Goblet of Fire for the 528th time, as you do, and I noticed something I’ve never payed attention to before…


Yes, yes, he’s just making making sure Harry doesn’t freeze to death. But… I mean… look at how sweeeeet he is!

“More blankets. He needs more blankets. MORE BLANKETS!”

“Yo, Hermione, what are you doing? That’s my job!”

The hand on Harry’s shoulder makes me grin so hard. But also… WILL YOU PLEASE LOOK AT HIS FACE??! He looks so worried! It’s so cute!

You Make Me Feel...

Aries: Inspired! You’re so goal orientated and you’re perseverance inspires me to work harder and pursue my own dreams.

Taurus: Open. I can literally say anything and tell you everything. You have an open heart that I’m grateful for. Your trust in me is refreshing ily

Gemini: Safe. My Guardian Angel. I know I can trust you and confide in you without judgement. You’ll be there for me through anything and for that I’m forever thankful (:(:

Cancer: Stunned. You’re so unpredictable. One moment you could be happy and the next you’re roasting your ass off it’s hilarious. You’re anything but dull

Leo: Excited. Every moment with you is a memorable one. You make me want to be the best person I can be. I love you (;

Virgo: Timid. You’re so smart and outspoken. Around you I don’t really speak, I just listen to whatever you have to say 

Libra: Good. I feel competitive around you. I constantly want to be better because of you. Thank you.

Scorpio: Sweet. You’re appreciation for life inspires me. Your kindness towards others is beautiful

Sagittarius: Alive. There’s never a moment where i’m not laughing with you. With you, we took life by the hand and showed it love and fun

Capricorn: Competitive. You are so. damn. hardworking. You constantly want to be the best, inspiring me to be the best

Aquarius: Safe. You’re wise. Intelligent. I can always depend on you to be rational. You make me feel safe and empowered

Pisces: Happy. Your jokes, no matter how dumb they are, make me laugh. You have a happy soul that rubs off on me

I’m sorry can we just take a moment to appreciate the amount of photos Stan has in the Mystery Shack of him and the twins?

I mean

it’s just so sweet how many there are

and Stan even has one in his bedroom

not to mention his own mind.

Can you imagine how drab the Mystery Shack must have been before Dipper and Mabel arrived? How drab Stan’s life must have been? In a way these photos began defying that. When those kids showed up it was like little splashes of energy and color started bursting all around the place, like the musty air finally began circulating again, like old light started to shine in once more through the darkness. The Mystery Shack slowly grew from something, well, mysterious and even depressing into something full of life. Something of a home. And these photos show that. I don’t know about any of you guys, but I think the way they deliberately showed strings of photographs in the Shack throughout the series was an amazing way to show how drastically things in Stan’s life and the Shack began to change when the twins came to town. How Stan finally started to open his heart up again.

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Can you do a top 5 Haikyuu characters with the saddest or emotional backstory? The ones that really pulled at your heart strings and made want to cuddle them forever? At least so far in the story. Thanks!

Top 5 tragic (or not so tragic) backstories of haikyuu characters?

1. Oikawa. His backstory taught me a lesson that will stay forever with me. It taught me that’s it’s ok to be afraid, that’s it’s natural to feel despair when you’ve always been on top and suddenly other people start to catch up on you. It taught me that the only way to go on is to keep fighting. It taught me that’s ok to fail, but never to give up. Oikawa is such an inspiring character who went through so much, and hides everything behind his perfect facade. His backstory of struggles and his self awareness journey towards the realization that he’s not a genius, that being surpassed is not a possibility but it’s already his reality made him incredibly human and gave his character a force to be reckoned with. He will never stop trying to make the flower of his talent bloom again, again and again. It made me feel…so much. I love Oikawa, in all his fragile, flawed, indomitable self (ಥ﹏ಥ)

2. Tendou. *slams fist on the wall* WHO DARED TO HURT MY BABY TENDOU??? His flashback broke my heart in so many pieces. Those kids were so mean to him, calling him a monster just because he was different? He was just a little child who wanted to have fun and play volleyball…I’m so proud of how he turned his pain into his ultimate weapon (and kicked so many asses with it)

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3. Kageyama. More than his backstory as a kid, what hurt me was his time in junior high. When he arrived to Karasuno, Kageyama was like a hurt wild animal, so aggressive just because he was trying to desperately protect himself. He never had a true supportive team and was convinced that he always had to do everything by himself. He was ostracized, made fun of and abandoned, by his teammates and by the only guidance he ever looked up to. And now here we have him, our beautiful blueberry who learned to trust and to rely on others and who’s constantly improving to be the best setter possible, to his favorite spiker and to the rest of the team. He’s finally home, and that’s beautiful

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4. Tsukishima. Eh, another pretty painful one that explained us why the Tsukki that we know is like he is. The contrast between his little self and his older self is heartbreaking. He was a still cocky but very happy little kid…who was lied to all that time. The sport that his beloved brother introduced him to now is just a constant reminder of the pain and anger he suffered. But still, he kept playing, even if…“It’s just a club”. These were all the elements we needed to appreciate the moment he was hooked on volleyball to the fullest :’) I’m so proud of Tsukki, his character development is one of my favorites.  

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5. Ushijima. “The fact that he’s different from other people, will probably end up being his strength”. This was just a calming and comforting backstory, I loved Ushijima’s dad so much, he was really sweet. First of all, refusing to correct his left handiness was an incredible gesture of love (as a left-handed person, I relate so much), he never pressured him to become a volleyball player, and yet Ushijima did, he joined a strong team, he faced so many opponents that made him stronger, became the ace his father admired so much, he liked volleyball, and he made his dad happy. This is such an perfect (and unexpected) backstory for him. 

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That being said, I’m dying everyday waiting for Bokuto’s backstory. I’m ready for the pain Furudate, slay me. 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

I would just like to take a moment to appreciate that while most of the characters decided on reliable weapons,

my sweet son, Michael Wheeler, decided that this was the best option to fight an army of Demadogs

So i went to the Adventure Time Q+A Panel with Jeremy Shada and it was amazing. But someone went way out of line and asked him an awful question about LGBT+ rep and was essentially dogging on him and then ended their stupid rant with “are you gonna fix that?” and he responded so professionally and so calmly to the rude question/comment. you can HEAR everyone in the room grown and cringe because WHY would you ask something like that.

So he also has a autograph area after. so my friend and I ran down so we could see him. when we talked to jeremy the first thing i said was “im so sorry about the panel” and he just responds with something along the lines of

“its hard to please everyone. its nearly impossible. I tried my best to respond to it in a correct way but it wasn’t what she wanted… i wasn’t good enough. it was a really awkward situation and when its on social media I try not to respond as so I dont add fuel to the fire and I try to stay away from that part of the fandom. in real life its much harder to handle because when its in front of a group of people like that, its hard to try and please them. you can feel the whole room get tense and it just makes a bad situation out of it all for the moment.”

im not sure if it was his manager or just a staff member for bcc but he was standing next to jeremy, counting the money for the photo ops and whatnot. so he thanked us for being so considerate because thats “all his character gets”. which i can only assume to mean Jeremy gets So Much Shit about lance and all of the ships.

But Jeremy is now my new favourite celebrity. He honestly was super sweet and genuine and thanked us for being so “appreciative and cool” and he gave us an extra hug and talked with us for a while. He didnt rush us through our conversation and when talking to him it felt like talking to a friend honestly. i will forever respect and love how patient he is and how much stuff he has to put up with.

I love you Jeremy, you dont deserve any of the shit you get from the awful part of this fandom. I personally appreciate you more than you know and you are too pure of a person for you to get this much hate. I have never met anyone kinder or more appreciative. You took the time to talk to me and my friend Gabby and ask her questions about how long her Allura cosplay took to make. You genuinely care about your fans and I feel it. We all can. I love you. Thank you for being such a good person.

can we just take a moment to appreciate that the boy who spent years trapped in the dark was given aN ACTUAL RAY OF SUNSHINE aka jeremy knox bless


“Ronaldo was really very sweet with me.

He asked the people in the room for a special applause for me. I really liked that, really. Just like Sergio Ramos who congratulated me.
These are really special moments. I look up to those guys. And now noticing that they appreciate you! It seems like a movie, this is so fantastic. I’ll never forget this day, never. Gee, you can’t imagine how happy I am.”

- Lieke Martens

namjoon. namjoon’s fluffy hair when it’s all messed up and he doesn’t notice. namjoon’s cheeks when he smiles and they look like they’re begging to be poked. his cute button nose. his caring, sweet eyes that light up when he smiles, the way his dimples show. the look on his face when fans show they care about and appreciate him and you see him flourish in that moment. the way he looks good in anything he wears. how he’s the perfect height for warm hugs. his big hands that break almost everything he touches. the way baggy clothes accentuate just how soft he is, and the comforting, safe aura that surrounds him. his intellect yet clumsiness, his class yet his dorkiness, the way his presence commands attention but doesn’t make you feel small. his love of nature, of walks in the rain, his love for animals, for his family, and every one of his fans. his love and care for the brothers he’s been the leader and friend of for years. the way he’s always sensitive to how armies feel, how he stands up for them in interviews with tact, and how he puts in effort to show us who he is beyond RM. the way he grew through the years and threw away the toxic masculinity and the image that didn’t suit him, to become himself, and be confident in that real self. the way he puts thought and meaning into his music, and the way he becomes like an excited child when explaining his creations. how he enjoys travel, and his passion for collection of figures. how inexplicably cute he is when he uses filters. his voice, the way it flows gracefully when he raps, and the way he sings. how he’s the best leader we could ever wish for. namjoon.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate Tatsuya’s dream. It’s so pure and innocent and my favourite moment in the game.(also this is why tatsujun is the canon ship). Anyways, it’s really sweet that Tatsuya still remembers that promise and this scene shows us how Jun is, in fact, very important to him. He could dream anyone from The Masked Circle, since they’re all friends and they are like a family, which supports the claim that Tatsuya holds romantic feelings for Jun. But, there are also claims that he liked Maya romantically and that he and Jun are just friends. First of all, I always got the feeling that he saw Maya as an older sister and of course he’s overprotective of her because who wouldn’t be if they saw a person who was like family to them die in their hands? I think also this scene is quite symbolical because if they weren’t the canon ship, or if they were just best friends, they would talk in front of a toy shop, candy shop, something characteristic for two friends. But, no, they were making a promise in front of a wedding dress shop, which is more likely for a couple. They both still held their mementos, even after 10 years of not hearing for each other. This is truly my OTP because of everything.

Baby Fever (Part V)

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Pairing: Thor x Reader

Summary: The one where you and Thor finally get a break.

Word Count: 4.6k

Warnings: non-descriptive smut at the beginning, some swearing, Thor being husband material.

A/N: Last part of this series and I’m so happy but so sad it’s almost over! I promised this would be a good one, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Decided to give y’all a break from the angst, I hope this did the trick. As always, I live for feedback, and thank you for reading! Enjoy :)

Baby Fever Masterlist / (masterlist) 


“I forgot how much I missed this.”

You’re laying in bed, breathless and sweaty from the previous activities you and Thor partook in. Your body aches in all the right ways, emotions running high thanks to the multiple orgasms he took out of you.

Thor hums from his place between your legs, warm hands running over your even warmer skin. He gently pries your thighs further open, a deep grumble releasing from his chest as he appreciates the sight before him. His fingers reach out to touch, two of them teasing your entrance as he collects the wetness seeping from inside you.

He revels in the way you shiver when his fingers dip inside, body sensitive to any more stimulation. Thor’s always loved this; the closeness, the intimacy of being able to release inside you, basically claiming you from the inside out. He loves it even more in moments like this, when he can just appreciate how full of him you are, how well your body takes his come.

Your hand comes down to run through his short strands, nails scratching against his scalp as his fingers continue their exploration. They’re thick, though after taking Thor’s cock they’re not doing much to stretch your walls. You sigh when he inserts a third, his thumb starting to rub slow circles on your clit.

Thor coaxes one last orgasm from you like that, slow and sweet, his fingers dipping in and out of your come-slicked walls while his mouth places soft kisses on the inside of your thighs. He bites your skin a little when you come, your breaths airy and soft, fingers gripping his hair tight.

A few moments later you’re lying on his chest, steam from the hot bathwater encompassing you both in a hazy fog. Thor’s hands are warm on your skin, fingers locked on your stomach. It’s relaxing, a feeling you haven’t had much of in the past few weeks with work taking up all your time.

“Are you scared?” you whisper, afraid of disrupting the calmness of the room.

Thor grumbles a questioning noise from behind you, no doubt almost falling asleep.

“We haven’t used… protection at all again.”

You feel Thor tense behind you and you bite your lip, apology at the ready for even bringing this up. It’s been a while since it feels like life has gone back to normal, and you thank the universe every day that it has. Neither you nor Thor speak about it, but at the same time it’s not like you’re ignoring it - it’s more like you’ve both finally come to terms with your reality, and you’ve let it run its course, unwilling to dwell on the “could’ve beens” and “what ifs”.

“I’m not scared, no.” Thor’s tone is hesitant, and really, why did you ever bring this up? “Are you?”

“A little.” You reply after a moment. “I’m not scared of conceiving again, I’m just scared of life repeating itself again.”

Thor’s quiet for a moment, and you know he’s weighing his words carefully, still somewhat afraid of accidentally hurting your feelings. “Do you want to go back on birth control?”

You hesitate to reply as you think about your options. On the one hand, it would be a good idea to go back to it; it’s true that you’re scared to go through this emotional rollercoaster again - more like terrified, and it would seem as the best course of action to prevent it from happening. However, you’re not exactly opposed to the idea of being pregnant, and to do it right this time. You want the feeling you had those first few weeks; the love you felt for the life inside you, the promise of a future with yours and Thor’s child, the excitement of a new beginning.


The way Thor sighs, almost relieved, and the way he seems to squeeze you even tighter to his body is all the confirmation you need that he agrees with you.

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I just love how American Gods depicts moc as being so… gentle and soft. Not weak, but tenderhearted, kind, and loving. Shadow being sweet with Laura before her death and comforting her friend in the graveyard; Salim’s touching one-night stand with the Jinn; Mr Jacquel guiding Mrs. Fadil to the afterlife. Not all the moc are like this - looking at you Mr. Nancy - and Shadow, the big puppy, has his moments of aggression. But I appreciate any time a piece of media lets moc be emotional and vulnerable; not just cold, hard brutes all the time.

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In honour of Kino Makoto's birthday, can you post some favourite Mako moments, head canons, even just random predictions for pgsm involving Sailor Jupiter or something of that nature? You like procrastinating right?

I do like procrastinating, but do you know what I like more than procrastinating? MAKOTO KINO









The Shield to My Sword

Pidge: Technically I’m the sheath.

Art for the next chapter of my Quiet Kind fic that should be posted before the end of the day. Still testing styles and I am so bad at backgrounds…

Anyway, since the start of Kidgeweek happened to line up with my release schedule I just kind of threw as many of the prompts into this chapter as I could reasonably fit. Some are more sublte than others.

As always, reblogs are not only allowed but appreciated.

Below is an excerpt for Day 1: Shield and Sword.

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A/N: Request from @inlovewithnovels. Tony is kind of an arsehole in this one. It just happened, I needed a culprit. & I heard strange noises in my room while writing this. Not cool. Not cool at all.

16th October: Scare pranks. 👻 | feat. Loki

Words: 1679
Warnings: demons, mentions of exorcism, blood, gore and death, panic attack

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Can we all take a second to appreciate this quality moment in DSoD? You need to screen pause it just right, but look at that genuine happiness 💙


…I may have a fem!Keith problem…

That moment when you just wanted to draw different hairstyles and then suddenly your hand slipped into the shipping department.

Kind of a continuation of my last fem!Keith post.