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@agrestessive told me about a pink hair Adrien trend on twitter a while back and I love that idea???? Cause that means Adrien and Marinette are now matching hair pants pals :DD

  • Random idiot #1: Hey Slytherin! I wonder how you threatened that Hufflepuff into being your friend!
  • Random idiot #2: Not like you deserve any friends, anyways!
  • Slytherin: (glares at both of them but continues to eat)
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Slytherin: Hey Puff, you okay? You've been awfully quiet.
  • Hufflepuff: Well, duh. No one plots murder out loud.
  • Slytherin:
  • Slytherin: What?
  • Hufflepuff: What?

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Hello do you know any friends to enemies to lovers fics lol like they used to be close until something happened (like a fight or one of them leaving) but eventually they’re reunited and then get together :)

alrighty dear friend! this is a very specific kind of rec and i was worried at first because i could only think of one fic that fit this lolll BUT i think with the help of my wonderful group chats and my bookmarks that i’ve been able to pull together a decent list for ya haha SO here is your friends to enemies to lovers fic rec hehe I’m starting with the one fic I have that kinda sorta fits what you’re looking for and then on to everyone else!

A Real Work of Art by lululawrence
Harry and Louis were best friends who just kind of grew apart, but when Harry decides he needs a makeover to claim the affections of his crush, Louis is just the person to help. They fall right back into their close friendship…and maybe something more :D

Love is like this; not a heartbeat, but a moan by @angelichlangelichl
A/B/O with omega Louis and alpha Harry. They were good friends until Louis presented as an omega and then they hardly had any contact at all. Until…Louis needs a favor. hehehehe

Cut Deep Into Your Soul by @hereforhappylarryEleven_11 (WIP)
Louis and Harry are figure skaters who built a tentative friendship as kids but it’s all gone to pot. Surely the rivalry between them can’t keep them apart, right? I’m still waiting to find out how this ends, but the first two chapters are excellent, so it’s worth it hehe

Don’t Want Shelter by @fullonlarrieFullOnLarrie
The guys in this one are just idiots. hhaahahah honestly the “friends” is kinda loose, but it is there. There is a friendly type history behind them but it is mostly filled with the enemies bits and them having to finally get over themselves hahaha enjoy the ride! It’s insane and worth it.

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Sansa Week // DAY SIX: Relationships or Heroes

“I must be as strong as my lady mother.”

also, i completely buy and support karen not involving frank in all of this, she very much was one of two people in his life pushing him to take off the vest and HEAL. of course she wouldn’t risk his peace and safety by dragging him back into this mess. she cares way too much about him to do that.