Airaze’s Fic Recs: #2

it must be fate, i found a place for us by @catteo, @b-isforbombshell

This rec is actually for an entire series - it’s an amazing Club AU. It’s Skye and Ward’s first meeting, her as someone who just wants to dance at club Hydra, him as owner of said club. After a rough first encounter, sparks fly in no time. This series is straight up electric. It’s got a huge amount of sexual tension(followed by smut), flirting, dance floor antics, and I think it perfectly captures what Skye would be like if she weren’t a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. The authors really nail this weird balance of hopeful but trying to play it cool, I really like you but I’ve been hurt before, pure-but-jaded Skye. The imagery’s also great, especially with Skye’s dress and Ward’s attire/home/office/everything. I really can’t say enough about it. Super intense. Read everything by these two as well.


Confirmado. El single de Zayn “LIKE I WOULD” formará parte de las nuevas canciones del juego Just Dance 2017.

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Why do you like Stevie Nicks? I mean, I don't know her, would you recommend to listen to her?

MY STARS, YES! stevie is seriously my patron saint. she is free and wild, and her lyrics are so raw and beautiful, they just dance such an enchanted forest of magic in your bones… she is everything i aspire to be in every way. (can you tell I’m in love?) <3

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what's your favourite memory ?

oh boy i don’t really think i can pick one so here are a few;
last saturday at gable’s house, everything has been kind of hard lately and that was just the best day i’ve had in a while, i was laughing so hard i was crying and i fell asleep on him and it was just really nice
or dancing in the rain at the melanie martinez concert at music midtown
or even just getting out on the first day in new york, seeing all of the buildings and seeing how different it was from where i live

  • Someone:Why do you need four boyfriends?
  • Me, internally:Red Velvet has 5 members and I look stupid dancing to their songs alone, we could all just dance together.
  • Me, externally:Idk I just really like boys.

Like I Would by Zayn is coming to Just Dance 2017


I Sing I Swim by Seabear from The Ghost That Carried Us Away (2007)

When the birds are sleeping
That’s when the trees sing
You left your winter clothes
And your teeth marks in my skin

So shake the leaves off the trees
Watch them float down the stream
Your son, your daughter
Swimming in the water

I miss you
Even when you’re around
A black cloud
Sending lightning to the ground

Darling, please show your teeth
Just one more dance to help me sleep
All good, cold water eyes
Fill the past with friendly nights

Human skin can be hard to live in
You’ll feel better in the morning
Swim, wash your hands in the lake
Swim, you got a heart in the way

Trails lost in the snow
Make way for winter’s eerie glow
And that black rock in your bedroom
I hope you’ll climb it soon

In your boat tied to a tree
I hope you’ll find the sea

Throw me a dream please
It’s been a dreamless sleep
For such a long time

Sing myself awake
Watch the branches break
No one could
Ever take your place

Swim, wash your face in the lake
Sing, you’ve got a diamond under your skin


OH MY CHICKEN NUGGETS. THE MV WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME, DOPE, SICK AND ASDFGHJKL. Sooooo epicccc their raps, vocals, dance and just everything 😍😍😍😍 the beat is no joke like omg asdghkll they all looked flawless *.* I need help like asap….

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