just amazing

ok but platonically marrying your filthy rich friend so they can give you half of their money because you’re broke af is the dream 

not only that but like, living with one of your best friend as a platonic couple and getting to live the rest of your life enjoying doing random acts of kindness for strangers together because you have more money than you need ? THIS IS THE ACTUAL GOOD PLACE

like seriously where can i get in on this ? jason is so lucky

Sam: “This yoga seemed, uh… [splutters] like standard yoga? I don’t know what standard yoga is but we were doing poses that I had heard of before, child’s pose–”

Instructor: “Lean your head toward the floor.”

Travis: [groaning and straining] “Already can’t do it. Already can’t do it!”

TJ: [groans]

Instructor: “So look at yoga as a way of each–”

[everyone laughs as the goat falls off Sam’s back]

Liam: “Very, very standard things. Downward dog, very standard. Cat-cow–”

Sam: “I don’t know that one.”

Liam: “–which is arching your back and bowing your back. As we were on all fours and just sort of going into a haunted black cat pose–”

Sam: “Concave! Convex!”

Liam: “–where you sink down, right? Sure.”

TJ: “Am I supposed to be sweating already?”

Travis: “Yup.”

Instructor: “Sweating is a sign of health.”

TJ: “Good.”

Travis: “I’m healthy AF.”

Liam: “They would start a goat off on top of Mount Travis, and he would skip-skip-didoop-didoop down onto my back.”

Instructor: “We’re actually going to place a little bit of weight on top of your body.”

Liam: “Occasionally yeah, they would leap off your back and instead of going into my back they would dip under me.”

Sam: “Oh no!”

Liam: “And they would play London Bridge and go underneath my body.”

Sam: “Did you get a little chest music? As the, as the, as the goat went through?”

Liam: “What does that mean as pertains to a goat?”

Sam: “Well, you know, just–just like a little tickle as the goat went through, like if you, if you were on a pose the goat would just run through under you.”

Liam: “Could be, all I remember is giggling, um–”

[Travis laughing loudly]

Liam: “–from the beginning of the session to the end.”

[outro plays]

Idk bout you but i am hella happy proud excited and hyped for CLOAK!!! Watchin the vids bout the? Good vibes!!! Wishes the best for seàn n mark and the team working on this amazing project!!

one thing i can never get over is that our thoughts are literally just ours, just in our heads, never to be known if they’re not shared. i can think about someone all i want and they’ll never know, there isn’t any proof, nothing. they’ll just be living their own lives, doing their own thing, unaware someone’s thinking about them, someone’s complimenting them in their head, someone’s fantasizing about them. how amazing and cruel at the same time.