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Because I don’t already have enough to do…

Sometimes I get asks on here or questions in real life that are like “what’s this Yiddish phrase?” “what’s this quote I vaguely remember by Rabbi Kushner?” “what’s the word that means — in yeshivish?” “what’s the title of that song that goes like —?” “isn’t there something in Deuteronomy where…?”

Soooo, I’m making a blog for this. Kind of like an ask.com for simple Jewish questions. Not halacha, not big existential questions, not major life-decisions, just those small little things on the tip of your tongue.

I will not answer asks from that blog. Ever. I will post them. And if I give an answer, I’ll be reblogging from here or my personal.

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I already put up a question I had about a Jewish song, so feel free to jump in and help if you’re able.


Eavhen looks at the ensemble set before her and feels something roil within her.


“No?” Josephine repeats, obviously startled. “Inquisitor, it’s important that we show a united-”

“I understand that, and we’ll come up with something that fits, but…” Eavhen takes a breath and straightens her spine. She’s postured enough by now. “I go as the leader of the Inquisition, of course. But I also will not go to Halamshiral and let them forget that I am Dalish and proud.”

Painting the rest of her body to match her vallaslin may be a bit overdramatic, but she thinks she’s allowed that much by now.


isak + raising his eyebrows in wonder during the 5:10 kisses.


I have a lot of asks about my Kanas to get to, so take some Takumi!Kana while you wait for answers.

[other Kana stuff]


Hiya everyone! (๑꒪▿꒪)*

This is just some IzuOcha I wanted to translate! Gotta love some hugs!

I needed something to take my mind off of machine learning and data mining so I just did this small little thing…But any who, reason why I haven’t been posting as much is that I just don’t have a lot of time currently. As soon as I get more free time (aka, not working/studying 12 hours every other day) then I’ll do more and also answer your asks!

Well, now back to studying for midterms…

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Source/オリジン:  ほろよい   |   hrakログ 【ほぼデク茶】

Twitter:  @deku_cha_

i’m out of my head
of my heart and my mind
‘cause you can run but you can’t hide
i’m gonna make you mine
out of my head
of my heart and my mind
'cause I can feel how your flesh now
is crying out for more

i find myself continually thinking that there is not enough Russ (sf pap) content out there, so… i spent a ridiculous amount of time making some.

all i want is some quality russ content where he’s his own individual and not just a doormat for blackberry is that too much to ask TvT

saw this outfit and couldn’t help but imagine winry in it

I love how much Horikoshi values relationships between boys.
And chapter 140 made me realize there’s a pattern. Mirio used to compare Tamaki to the sun and Mirio is the reason why he decided to call himself “Suneater”. And that rang a bell to me. We have seen this happen twice before… with Aizawa and Present Mic (Horikoshi literally drew an extra sketch telling us Mic suggested Aizawa’s hero name and Aizawa kept it for real) and with Izuku and Katsuki. Even though Uraraka was the one to confer a positive meaning to “deku”, it all started with Katsuki. I just love this tiny little detail. Just how much Horikoshi focusses on these small things between these guys that become so much more than just names and it makes me happy.

rejah91  asked:

Hey :) Regarding HCs I always imagine Toshinori making Aizawa little presents throughout the day, just small things like making him coffee just the way he likes and using his favorite cat mug while doing so. Aizawa would never thank him with words, but there's a special face he makes that only Toshi knows :) Sorry this got away with me xD

aaa, i’m sorry if i changed this one a bit too much!?! it’s basically the same but i tried to set it up after the USJ fight, so when Toshinori is getting to know everyone and Aizawa is hella angry at him but coming to terms with the idea that he isn’t as big of an asshole as he though he was (?) but then i went full ooc just to make everything cute lmao sorryHfjdkfh

BTW: Aizawa is holding a laugh because i conveniently hc (for this comic thing at least hdjsfkh) that he made up the “i dont like this kind of thing” stuff he said when all might wanted to give him a greetings gift because he just didn’t like allmight at all and wanted him to go away lol

Little Things

Prompt:  I don’t know if you take direct prompts but if you do, could you write something ((maybe polysanders)) of them just being cute and taking care of each other? It doesn’t need to be anything dramatic, but maybe like reminding Virgil to drink some water and letting Logan they on one of them when he’s stressed, stuff like that. Really love your work, btw, it super helps me stress level to read ❤️ ~ @koalamuffins 

CW: Food mention, anxiety mention (very very mild) 

Summary: This is less a story and more a series of headcanons masquerading as one, but I hope you enjoy anyway! 

Pairing: Polyamsanders/LAMP (romantic or platonic)

They do things for each other, sometimes. Little things, mostly. 

Logan studies subjects he knows the others are interested in so he can present them with little-known facts about them. He distributes these like little gifts when the others are quiet or stressed or sad, and the effort alone is enough to turn a thoughtful frown into a quiet smile. 

Patton knows when Logan is getting a headache, and he will walk up behind him while Logan is sitting on the couch and gently massage his neck. Neither of them will speak a word, but Patton can tell when his probing fingers hit the root of the problem, and he will work at the knotted muscle gently until it releases and Logan’s posture relaxes under the tender ministrations. 

Roman has learned Virgil’s tells, and has come up with a variety of strategies aimed at distracting him and soothing his worries. If Virgil is feeling particularly anxious about something, Roman will start humming songs Virgil likes. He will do so without looking at Virgil, but his voice is low and clear, and Virgil’s shoulders will relax after a few minutes of the singing.

When Patton is feeling sad, Roman will invite him into his realm and conjure puppies for them to play with (he is working on a hypoallergenic cat, as well, but that will be a surprise for a special occasion). Ten minutes with the animals and Patton is usually feeling better.   

When Roman is feeling creatively stifled, Logan will engage him in a discussion about the theoretical physiology of mythical creatures, and Roman will soon be passionately designing anatomically feasible dragons or debating the physics of unicorn magic. 

Virgil has created song lists on Spotify for each of them. Logan’s is full of songs intended to enhance concentration and focus; Patton’s is full of upbeat, cheerful tunes. Roman’s is a mishmash of Disney and Musical Theater. Virgil is constantly on the look out for new songs to add to each of their lists and updates them regularly so they don’t get boring. 

Patton has learned to bake each of their favorite desserts, and does so on a regular basis (though not so often that they get tired of them). He’s also invented a few of his own based on their tastes and experiments to find things they’ll enjoy even more. His double-dark chocolate chip cinnamon brownies are Virgil’s new favorite thing in the world. 

Roman will brew coffee for Logan when he’s up late working and will often keep him company long into the night. 

Logan has a ‘recommended reading’ list for each of the sides, full of things he thinks they would enjoy or find helpful. 

Roman will sit up with Virgil all night if he’s feeling too anxious to go to bed.

Patton will get up at night to check in on Virgil and make sure he’s not having bad dreams; if he is, he’ll gently wake the anxious side and bring him into his own room to spend the rest of the night there.

Virgil is almost always willing to run lines with Roman.

Patton makes sure everyone stays hydrated by bringing them glasses of water now and then. 

Logan schedules meals and makes sure everyone eats. 

Virgil keeps an eye on everyone’s sleep patterns and makes sure to spend time with anyone who has been having trouble getting rest–he’s mastered a number of insomnia cures and treatment strategies. 

Roman never forgets important dates and spoils the others on their birthdays or holidays. 

And so on. They’re little things mostly. Just small gestures. 

But to the sides, they don’t feel small. 

To the sides, they mean the world. 

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Imagine your monster being really into your scent. And they certainly don’t mind if you get a little sweaty.
At first it’s just small, subtle things like them nuzzling your hair, or casually nosing your neck after you come back home from a work out. But then you notice them smelling your dirty clothes that you forgot to pick off the floor. Used towels even. You choose to ignore it until you catch them red handed. Their giant head buried as far as it could go inside your dirty laundry basket. Hunched over and inhaling deeply. Silent, huffed out growls escaping them with every breath. Despite being so obviously invested in your smelly garments, they notice you standing behind them almost instantly. Massive head lifting to fixate you with a predatory gaze. Your favourite sweatjacket sliding of their muzzle with a puff of air leaving their nostrils. They drag they tongue across their maw irritatingly slow to collect some of the drool that’s been dripping to the floor and the mood shifts to something dangerous. You want to tell them it’s and that you wouldn’t judge them, just to relieve some of the tension. But the way their pupils are dilated and their tongue just keeps running along their fangs like a hunter only moments from mauling their prey, knocks all air out of your lungs. They take a swift, confident step towards you. Letting their presence loom over your pointedly smaller frame as they raise themselves to their full height. Your body is frozen in place but there is no point in running from them now anyways. Not when your scent has been burned into the very core of their being like this. They would find you anywhere in the blink of an eye.

But really… why would you even try to escape? After all, your monster being this invested in you is nothing but endearing.

Guys, I had literally the fucking best day today. Went to church, chatted with my mom (hey that 1:42 thing worked), went to the gym, dyed my hair and spent time with my cousins.

Such an ordinary day but it was so nice!!! I hope y’all had a good weekend too :~)

Breaking Tradition

It’s almost midnight. Cas and Sam sit at the war room table, a laptop open in front of them; they’re watching a youtube video about indoor vegetable gardening. “See, Cas? We can grow all sorts of greens inside, as long as we get the right kind of light.”

Dean stands in the doorway, just watching and listening. Cas argues that nothing can replace sunlight and you’d surely be able to tell that you were eating inferior greens. Dean shakes his head, laughing softly. Only those two could argue about salad.

“I’m disappointed in you two,” Dean says. “Not surprised, but disappointed. You honestly couldn’t think of anything better to watch on New Year’s Eve than youtube?”

“Education is important, Dean,” Cas says, all seriousness.

Sam rolls his eyes. Glancing down at his laptop, he says, “Hey guys, there’s only about two minutes ‘til midnight. Get over here, Dean.”

Dean makes his way to the table, standing behind the other two. As Sam pulls up a broadcast of Times Square, Cas asks him, “What are the protocols for this holiday? I’ve never experienced this ritual with humans before. In heaven, one day is the same as the next, or the one before.”

“Well, people usually toast with champagne at midnight, but we’ve got beer as a stand-in. The other tradition, besides the obvious saying ‘happy new year,’ is to kiss the one you love at midnight.” Sam smirks slightly. “You’re on your own with that one though, Cas. I love you, but I’m not big into kissing my brothers.”

The countdown begins, and Cas glances over his shoulder, probably just making sure Dean had joined them. When he sees Dean standing there, the corners of his mouth turn up in a small smile.

It’s just a little thing, that smile, but it has a profound effect on Dean. I can’t let one more minute pass without telling him, he thinks. No more wasted chances.

Cas and Sam have counted down to seven, but Dean hardly notices. He pulls Cas to his feet and crushes their mouths together all in one motion. Vaguely Dean hears Sam say, “Oh. Uh…oh. Okay,” but he pushes it out of his mind, because finally, finally, he’s kissing Cas.

And–more to the point–Cas is kissing him back.

Cas’s lips are soft, softer than the lips of a badass angel have the right to be. Dean started out holding Cas’s hands, but after a moment Cas pulls them away to card his fingers through Dean’s hair. He wimpers slightly into Cas’s mouth.

“Uh, guys? Happy new year,” Sam says, interrupting the fireworks going off behind Dean’s eyes. He and Cas separate, but only an inch or two, their breathing labored.

“Happy new year, Sam,” Cas says, his voice like gravel. He doesn’t pull his eyes away from Dean’s.

“Yeah, so this is…great,” Sam says, gesturing in their direction, “but I don’t think I actually need to watch it, so I’m going to bed.” He sounds a bit bewildered, but also happy for them.

“Night Sam,” Dean says. He doesn’t look up either. “Happy new year.”

When they can no longer hear Sam’s footsteps, Cas says, “I thought you were supposed to kiss the one you love at midnight, Dean.”

Dean looks into Cas’s fathomless blue eyes. “I just couldn’t wait.”


♡ Jikook as Flashbird ♡

Jeon Jungkook —> Dick Grayson / Robin

Park Jimin —-> Wally West / Kid Flash


tuesday 18th sept 2018

i’ve emerged from under my rock!! hello wonderful people, it’s been a minute…or two… or like six months. BUT ! i’m hopefully going to be much more active in posting now that university is starting in about a week, and i’m so excited! :-)

i thought it would only be appropriate to share the fave corner of my room which is FINALLY done. we moved into this house in january but i feel like i’ve only just settled in :’) yesterday, i gave my bookshelf a thorough dusting and cleaning and i’ve set up my new desk too! i can already feel the productive vibes coming through. i still need to jazz up the walls a little but it’s just small things left. 

to those of you back at school, i hope you’re having a good time! to those who are about the start, like myself, best of luck!!! sending you all the positive energy for this academic year ✨🌱📚🌷

ok but do you realize that alec has been sleeping at magnus’ place for at least 4 days now and probably more bc of the indication that he misses waking up to magnus?? i imagine he has probably just been slowly moving in, leaving his stuff there in the drawer, the closet, the bathroom without even noticing it… just small things like maybe a green little toothbrush appearing seemingly out of nowhere next to magnus’ own purple one

pastel colours, candies, bead necklaces, rainbows, soft clouds, cuddles, sippies, cartoons on netflix, sleep-ins with bubba, being kiddy, silly slime, crayons, wax paper drawings, fluffy carpet, feather-light fingers across your eyelids, nose kisses, lavender, feeling loved, lanterns at night, candle nightlights, piggybacks, over-alls with front pockets, toy trucks to make farms with, washing dirt from your little hands, pom poms and strings of wool, glittery everything, pale stars at dusk