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My fiancé’s dad’s first language is Arabic, has a really thick accent and doesn’t really understand cursing so when he gets road rage he just puts a bunch of curse words together. My favorite so far “Up shut your ass, motherbitch.”


when the BIGGEST lady makes the SMALLEST cutest breads and u just 


(jasper is equally nervous sldkghkds)


Audrey Jensen Appreciation Week - Day 5: Favorite Outfits


RaHyuk teaching us why we shouldn’t go outside 

You know a lot of people are suspecting a badass concept this next comeback but ever since hearing the boys admit they want to do something more mature I’ve been thinking of a gentleman type of concept? Like it would be very suave and cool maybe a midnight ball type of feel..? Idk

Just finished watching Crazy Rich Asians with my family, and I can’t stop thinking about making a TodoDeku/Kiribaku AU about it (even though it’s probably been done many times before). 

Obviously, I can see the cast being: 

  • Deku as Rachel
  • Todoroki as Nick Young
  • Bakugou as Colin 
  • Kirishima as Araminta
  • Uraraka and Iida as Peik Lin and Oliver
  • Endeavor as Eleanor

The roles interchange with each other a lot in my head but that’s basically the gist of it. 

(Slight spoilers for the movie below so I’ll put it under a read more) 

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