when i say i said shitty things when i was a lot younger on here as a defense towards people bringing those things up regarding me being shitty it’s not sposed to be an excuse for thos things it just feels kind of bad when people bring things up i said a long time ago and try to act like that represents my current beliefs + attitude when i like to think i’ve actually changed a lot and’ve spent a good amount of effort trying to be not-edgy and not-dogmatic

Inktober x Inktober
Oct. 20, 2016 - “Squeeze”

Madhouse animator Niuya drew Killua with a Gon plush that makes it practically canon right? Maybe Alluka made it for him, she had a lot of stuffed animals.

Part of my (digital & traditional) Hunter x Hunter themed Inktober!
Prints available on INPRNT!

disneyrhydon  asked:

In your Trainertale AU, does Red exist? If so, what kind of Pokémon does she use?

Sure, why not? I feel she’d be a ghost/fairy trainer (ghost because taxiderby once said she preferred the headcanon where Red is actually a ghost possessing a giant doll’s body and fairy because 1. her attire is similar to little red riding hood’s, a character from a fairy tale and 2. her hair’s pink lol) As for her pokemon…

Diancie (may mega-evolve)
Banette (may mega evolve)  

Similar to Asgore and Undyne, Red would have 2 pokemon that could mega evolve, and whichever one she evolved would randomize each time you faced her. 

anonymous asked:

Top 5 favourite Jo/Nate moments?

I’m not going to include anything that’s happened at the World Cup because I feel like I’ve talked about it too damn much so. Juniors Jo/Nate moments:

1. Winning the Memorial Cup…….

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#inktober 4 - Benedict in the Smaug mic headset part 2, the fluffy sequel (part 1). Ballpoint in my spiral sketchbook. took so dang long (but it was fun). open in new tab, thanks for looking!

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8x01 was great. except for that little tiny party where it’s shown that damon remains holding on to elena instead of i don’t know maybe his brother? who loves him more than anyone in the whole wide world? or maybe bonnie? who actually made him a good person so it’d make sense if he’s holding on to what she left inside of him? but noooooo it gotta be the love of his life