just you wait dad

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: viktor 100% gushed about yuuri during practice to anyone that would listen until yakov had to make an intervention. as a result of makkachin became the main audience for viktor's yuuri adoration sessions. they would lounge around on the couch while viktor rubs his tummy going on about how beautiful and talented and precious yuuri is with a huge smile on his face. when makkachin launches at yuuri in hasetsu he knows exactly who it is. he knows that this is the person that makes his viktor happy. he settles in by yuuri's side as if they've known each other his entire life.
there's gonna come a time when their opinion doesn't bother you anymore. keep going. you're doing great.

The strength of Dad Might in this chapter is crushing me with kindness


@shortbutsopassionate Okokokok talk to me about the first place Jack would take Kent on his first visit to Montreal. Like the first spot jack needs him to see.

(in the “they both loved each other au”,) jack and kent bus out to the mile end. 

“this far to go get bagels? really?” kent whines 

jack playfully hits him. “itll be worth it. just wait.anyways, you know how my dad gets.” bad bob had specifically asked for these fairmount bagels. 

“fine,” kent says, and leans his head against jack’s shoulder. a few minutes later they get off at a street corner. jack leads him down a few blocks and then stops him right as he’s about to cross the street. jack points to a building on the opposite corner. theres an deppaneur on the first floor and what seems to be an apartment with a small balcony on the second. there’s a “for rent” sign in the window.

“there,” jack says. 

“there what?” kent asks

“that’s where we move in. we skip the draft, we change our names and we move in.”

:youre ridiculous,” kent says as he tries to move forward but jack puts out his arm and stops him.  

“we’ll get jobs as janitors or dish washers or whatever else we can find,” he says, getting more excited.

“we get a dog,” kent adds 

“we get a rescue,” jack says. “ we’ll grow terrible facial hair and we join a shitty beer league that plays at mcconnell areana. when it’s late at night we’ll go out to the rink in jeance meance parc and skate until the sun rise.” 

“yeah, when it isn’t -30 fucking degrees,” kent jokes, 

“yeah,” jack says quietly

“yeah,” kent repeats wistfully. 

they stand there for about a minute, imagining this secret, impossible life. 

“anyways, we should get going,” jack says as he starts to walk. 

“yeah,” kent says quietly, still looking at the second story apartment. 

what the diamond life taught me about members
  • s.coups: maybe he is cute dad but he will kill you, just wait for your turn, BOYFRIEND MATErIAL AND NICE HUGGER
  • jeonghan: angel with BEAUTIFUL hair and football skills
  • joshua: cutie patootie playing the guitar on the walls
  • jun: he doesn't talk too much but he is as dorky as soonseok and seungkwan, believe me
  • wonwoo: bRO, huge mingyu fan, murderer with deep voice
  • woozi: don't mess with him okaY, anyway hE IS GOLDEN PERSON PLS RESPECT HIM
  • seokmin: smile, sMiLE, SMILE, LAUgHHH, HANDSOME BUT STUPID
  • mingyu: GooD AT SPORTS FuCK, eiffel tower, tooth
  • the8: rude but he is hiding it under the cute mask, do you remember when he said "shut up" to jun cRIES, BBOOOOY
  • seungkwan: YOOOOO LAADIIEEEESS precious ray of sunshine, the best son ((his mom is the luckiest person alive)), dork, best quality
  • vernon: PULL OP ON YOU WHACKS WITH THE MAC FULLY LOADED AHHH, kidney function is not a right it's a privilage, he seems cool but he is still a shy baby trust me
  • dino: everyone's son, MICHAEL jACKSON, *acting cute* 1sec later *hot as hell*

guess what :) i can’t get testosterone until i’m out of high school :) i have to put up with dysphoria until i’m an adult :) and then until i have insurance to get testosterone :) the best i can get is birth control :) to stop my period :) in case i actually do get into show choir :) i’m so fucked up over this :)


Narrating People’s Lives: In the Aisles! (This man is my spirit animal XD) 📖

Best dads.

Stow Away: Hook X Reader

Requested by anon: Imagine being insanely stubborn an Killian’s daughter. He told you to stay in Storybrooke but Y/N didn’t listen So when they went to Neverland to find Henry she stowed away on the ship?


Originally posted by the-rollyjoger

The bean was the one way to Neverland. Sure you believed they could make it back once they got Henry, but you couldn’t just wait around and do nothing. The only way you could ensure your dad would be alright was to go with them. After all, he had a knack for getting into trouble.

You hid in the captain’s quarters as everyone came aboard. The plan was to wait until you had arrived at the island to show yourself. Maybe by then you would figure out the right thing to say to Hook so he wouldn’t be upset. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan.

The sound of the portal being opened was unmistakable. You held your breath just as the ship lurched through the portal. In a moment of panic you lost your footing and toppled into a nearby table. Holding your breath you edged toward a hiding spot. When no one came down you wondered if they hadn’t noticed until you heard Hook yelling.

“I’m going to ask you to come out once, and I don’t want to ask again!” You sighed and began making your way up the stairs. As you came into view you looked up.

Hooks eyes burned, “Was I not clear about you staying in Storybrooke?”

You flinched, “No, you were very clear.”

He stepped towards you, “I can’t believe you Y/N.” He shook his head, “Why would you come? You know what Pans like.”

“That’s exactly why I came,” You confessed, “I couldn’t just stay in Storybrooke doing nothing. I can help you all here. I can help get Henry back.” You glanced at Emma.

She shrugged, “I don’t know Killian. She might be able to help,”

“That’s not up to you to decide.” He spun on her.

“But it is up to you?” You snapped.

His eyes softened, “Yes. Because I am your father and I’m trying to protect you, it is up to me.”

“Well I’m sorry but I won’t accept that.” You said flatly. “I’m trying to protect Henry and I’m going to do just that.” He stared for a moment before Rumplestiltskin broke in.

“Not to be a damper dearie, but how do you expect to do that better than the rest of us?” He raised his eyebrow.

You scoffed, “I didn’t say I would be better, I said I could help. Not to mention Captain Hooks my dad, so I think I have a couple tricks up my sleeve.”

“You may have tricks up your sleeve, but you won’t be using them. You’re not coming.” Hook said.        

You looked back to him, “What do you mean? I’m already here, it’s not like I can go back now.”

“I mean, once we get to shore you’re staying on the ship.” He turned away.

“You can’t be serious,” You began, “I’m not just going to stay here-”

“That’s exactly what you’re going to do.” He cut you off. “I won’t put you in danger, and the only way to do that is for you to stay on my ship. You know the secrets of the Jolly Roger, your safe here.”

Taking in a breath you said, “I get what you’re saying, but I could really help get Henry back.”

“That’s not a risk I’m willing to take.” He declared, “When we dock you’re staying here. End of discussion.”

You thought for a moment before replying, “Okay. End of discussion.” Although you had agreed with him to stay on the ship, you had another idea in mind.

So this is obviously the hallucination Marc was talking about. I think it might take place an episode or two later. In a moment where present Felicity is feeling her weakest (being paralyzed) goth Felicity is going to appear and TAUNT her. “Why would Oliver stay with a person that can’t even take care of herself?” “You are weak. That’s why you ended up in that wheelchair.” “Soon Oliver is going to leave you. Just. Like. Dad.” I personally can’t wait for this scene. Its rrally going to portray the struggle felicity is going through and coping with her new way of life *temporary* (Plus: goth felicity is such a turn on fuck!)

It’s been a month now since the last time we spoke
You told me that you still loved me
Just had to wait
Your dad still doesn’t like me
So we have to hide our feelings for each other
I miss being able to talk to you everyday
Some nights are harder than others
There are those when I can do nothing but cry and scream
But I’m pushing through
Because you are worth it
And I will wait as long as it takes
Until I can call you mine again
—  You’re worth fighting for

Mr. Friar finally coming to John Quincy Adams to meet Lucas’ new friends

Lucas seeing Maya in the hallway and introducing his dad to her

Maya making some joke about meeting Lucas’ "Papa Friar" in a Southern accent

Mr. Friar, surprised, saying, “You weren’t kidding: she really does do that!”

Lucas introducing Maya to his dad as “the first friend I made in the city”

Maya becoming all flustered: “wait WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY CoWBOY”

Lucas telling his dad the story of how Maya introduced herself to him on the subway and later was the reason he met Riley and Farkle 

Mr. Friar pulling Maya aside to tell her he heard about what happened with Billy

Mr. Friar thanking her for being a “good influence” on his son

After finishing Smith and Jones:
  • Dad: Oh, I like Martha. That's good; I didn't really like the other one.
  • Me: *stops and whirls around to glare at him*
  • Little sister: ROSE?!
  • Dad: Nonono. Rose was great! The wedding one. She was kinda...
  • Dad: ... why do you like her so much?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me (River Song smile): Spoilers.