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a thing I am Emotional about tonight: so yurio is high key motivated by spite. like him being so fuckin’ pissed off at losing to jj motivates him to do better at both the rostelecom cup and the gpf and being pissed off at yuuri for maybe retiring motivates him to skate the hell out of his free skate and claim a narrow victory

the thing that is REALLY hecking me up rn is how yurio, bc he is smol and angry and 15, kind of just…. assumes that same strategy works on other people? which is how you get him yelling at yuuri in the bathroom after sochi – bc someone coming up to yurio, yelling at him, telling him to retire, that he’s a loser – that would absolutely motivate yurio to kick ass. same thing with the onsen on ice competition, honestly. yurio wanted to win (and being mad at victor for forgetting his promise was pretty motivating), but winning bc yuuri had an anxiety attack isn’t fair. yurio doesn’t just want to win, he wants to be better than the best.

which brings me to: the beach scene in barcelona in episode 10. there is some fascinating meta out there about victor the hero vs. victor the person and how yurio, who is pretty motivated generally by agape despite his claims otherwise, relates to both of those personas. but his lashing out at yuuri (”you’ll see the ring he gave you is garbage”) seemed a little… idk intense? yurio talks big but he does care for yuuri a lot and is, in his own fiesty tomcat way, protective of him. so I think maybe part of the reason yurio is so harsh to victor is more of the same – because victor-the-hero is gone, but victor-the-person had better not fuck it up with yuuri. yurio is so contrary – telling yurio his partner isn’t worthy of him would only make yurio double down. and he knows by now that yelling and spite doesn’t work for yuuri (hence katsudon piroshki) and it doesn’t really work for victor either – but he’s just so mad at them both, and the only way he can think to express it to them is by yelling.

and then: “this place reminds me of hasetsu”, yurio says. not st. petersburg, the place he lives and trains, the place victor said the gulls in hasetsu reminded him of. hasetsu, the place that means yuuri. it feels like something of an apology, I think – for the things he said about yuuri, for lashing out, even though he feels it was necessary. an olive branch that puts them back on more equal footing.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Thank god that Onceler phase is over...<p/><b>Brain:</b> Y'know you really liked the relationship between Joker and Batman in the Lego Batman Movie so...<p/><b>Me:</b> ... so what?<p/><b>Brain:</b> Just thought I'm gonna let you know that the ship name is Batjokes<p/><b></b> Me *scrolling, saving fanarts, reading fanfics* aaaaaaaAAAAAAA<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Hey so I love the concept for your movie ducks, but I just wanted to let you know that (thought its a trope) it's actually really unhealthy to feed ducks bread, it can make them overweight and get sick if they eat too much. Idk it's probably not a big deal for the movie, but if you can do something to help wild birds/ promote their safety you might as well!

Yes, I know. That’s why the ducks don’t actually eat the bread in the movie. They use it as their currency.

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Jess, any chance you could post the picture? I think we need it for closure. Thank you.

No, I’m sorry. I didn’t post about it to taunt any of you, I just thought you all deserved to know it exists and he was really there. 

lmao i live for anakin figuring out obi-wan’s got a secret thing with cody like.

literally trying to live for the scandal because that proves that obi-wan is human just like him, right? but also: “REX, REX YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS. REX LET ME TELL YOU. YOUR BROTHER. IS BANGING. MY MASTER”

ohh it’s so secret, oh it’s so wrong they can’t do that yadda yadda – no. rex loves all his brothers, and i mean this is CODY. he loves cody. anakin loves obi-wan. somehow they’re more family than they were five seconds ago.

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I am here to flagrantly harass you. I don't know why. I just thought I'd pile on. How you doin' over there, hon?

I am feeling feisty and sexual today (apparently?? ), and you?? Apparently the troll hate is free flowing today, not sure how I became so worthy! 😆
Your harassment however, is ALWAYS welcome. ❤️
Your boy has a LOVELY pout by the way. My goodness.

Ahem…… uh ….

… I have to apologize … for the delay and for changing plans … again…

I mean … you probably wouldn’t have noticed but I’ve decided to write a whole new (back-)story for this blog, like a month ago or so… (hence the delay). The one I’ve been talking about before developed into something that just won’t work as an ask blog, nor would it work well with ponie so I’ll try to make a comic of it insted … someday but not now.

So, yeah … I just thought you should know about that since, you know … you’re always so nice even though I keep failing to deliver and all that…

Also, I got this this new concept for 27′s redesign for you (finally something relevant):

Just the general direction I’m going for. Some things might change.

I hope that I’ll be able to perform a fresh start soon … I really want to…

See ya.


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(I don't know what to draw do you have an idea? )

1) Ok ok! So I thought about this before but I’m working on an ask and I don’t know if I could draw it but, Thomas getting super drunk at a party and thinking Herc was James (like “he looks so hot with a bandanna”) and confessing his love to him is and herc just rolls with it like what the heck why not (and they kiss >:3ccc) and then Madison walks over like “Thomas we got to go-” and walking in on them and Jefferson is just like wait whaAAAAT!? And herc is just, “you thought I was him!?

2) Or you know Philip meeting Jefferson and talking shit to him

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Hi! So, yeah, I stumbled upon your blog tonight and my hand slipped so I might have spent three hours on it instead of sleeping, and holly fuck, I think I'm in love with you?! And not just cause you're drop dead gorgeous. (I know I'm being creepy rn, sorry) But you are also so amazing, I adore every word of your hcs/stories I've read, and I'd very much marry you, and get matching tattoos and have hp everything in our place. Just thought you should know. Have a nice day! ^-^




you are so not creepy??? This brought so many smiles???? You are so good and wonderful and I’m

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hey i know someone whos gay for you...just thought i should let you know /:

:// terrible. as an avid homophobe this is honestly disgusting and i’m horrified, please tell whoever it is that they’ll have to fight me

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the term “gypped” is a racial slur deriving from the word “gypsy,” a slur for the Roma, just thought i'd let you know

oh thank u for telling me! i had no idea, i won’t use it

Turning multifandom

Okay so this is something that I have been thinking about doing for quite some time, being just Harry Potter I sometimes feel very restricted to what I can post and don’t get me wrong I love hp but I would like my content to be less of same old. I will probably be sticking to mostly Harry Potter (around 65%) still but I will be posting other fandoms e.g shadow hunters, tolkein, Star Wars and a few others. It doesn’t really change much I just thought I’d let you all know that my content wont be as strict anymore, also I’m quite close to 1.2k so thank you so much :)

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Hey I forgot to mention this on your post, but fyi: "Poly" is short for Polynesian, and "Ply" is short for polysexual. "Polyam" is short for polyamorous. People used to use "poly" for all 3 and it was creating confusion, and because it was hurtful to Polynesians who have a long history of using "poly," we had to change the abbreviations. Just thought I'd let you know!

thanks for the info! i’ll go edit my post for that.


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** I don't know if you remember, but a while ago I asked you about date ideas for an anniversary in winter. What we ended up doing was creating a cozy place inside with a futon, blankets and candles, then cooking a delicious three-course vegan dinner (including an amazing chocolate cake) and watching the first harry potter movie! I just thought I'd let you know :) Thank you for answering so many questions daily Ally! I really appreciate this and I hope I can meet you someday <3

Aw that sounds absolutely wonderful!!! I’m so glad you had a great time, and I hope we can meet someday too ✨

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What are your thoughts on Seidou and Kurona ? This latest chapter has me thinking they may get some big moments soon, and I just wanted to know what you thought of these two.

seeing them..kind of express respect towards amon was TT TT
it’s one of my favorite things about tg.. how tables turn easily. kurona&seidou&amon are now equals &even tho I was looking forward to kanek vs amon.. I’m also curious to see how these three will unfold in the next chapters—but i’ve learned with the past arcs that with ishida u either get a fight of 10 chapters or 10 panels lmaoo.