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Happy Couple- Auston Matthews

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Ok I struggled with this one, but I think I got it to where I like it so I hope you guys like it as well! Enjoy!

Warning: the word h-e- double hockey sticks once

Anon Request: One where you and Auston are matchmakers to your friends but then you get together in the process?


              “Yet another happy couple” you said as you dropped onto the couch next to Auston.

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On the topic of Mac’s Teeth

Alright so the hot topic of MacCready seems to be his his teeth. Love them? Hate them? Doesn’t really matter, cos it’s canon and they’re here to stay.

But why? Between all your companions, why is Mac the only one afflicted with awful dental hygiene? Well, there’s a bunch of reasons as to why Mac’s teeth are the way they are. Let’s explore this.

Note: it’s r e a l l y long and took me a few hours to compile but I really hope you guys find it informative and/or interesting.

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Insecure. [Peter Maximoff Drabbles.]

A/N: In light of father’s day, here are some Peter Maximoff father drabbles, focusing more on the pregnancy of his significant other, up to the birth. Based after what happens in my oneshot ‘Excuse Me, What?’

Title: Insecure.
Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Female!Reader.
Words: 2190. (Total of 7 drabbles)
Rating: T (Mentions of sex).


“Peter,” You pressed a hand to the side of your stomach with a small gasp. The silver haired man mumbled slightly next to you, turning his head on his pillow and murmuring a small, ‘I’m trying to sleep’. “Peter!”

“Whhhaaattt?” He opened his eyes, peeping at the clock. Groaning slightly, he turned his attention back to you and began speaking in a groggy voice,  “(Name), it’s 4 in the morn-”

“The baby is kicking.”


“I said the baby is kick-ing.” Your voice was slow, and he realized right away that you were mocking his tone from when you’d complain about him speaking to quickly. Rolling over into his side, so he was facing you, Peter let his eyes linger on your face for a few seconds. It was hard to make out details in the dark, but, he’d long memorized your expressions so he could imagine what it’d be at a moment like this. Tired, but, lingering senses of excitement for experiencing something new. “Peter!” Laughing, you grasped his hand and put it on the side of your stomach.

“Oh my god,” Peter murmured to himself, feeling the small bit of pressure on the palm of his hand, “OH MY GOD!” He said a bit louder, sitting up to readjust himself next to you. “Does it hurt?!” You shook your head, and a moment later, he was lifting the fabric of your shirt so he could trace your bare skin under his fingertips, “They’re moving a lot.” Peter noted, furrowing his eyebrows. “Did you eat somethin’ funny to make them this active?”

You shook your head once again, swallowing softly as their foot patted against your side again, kicking at Peter’s hand, “I think…” Sighing, your shoulders dropped, “In the books I’ve been reading, they said that the baby can respond to the sound of voices so maybe… They just like the sound of your voice.”

“I think they like the sound of yours,” Peter retorted smoothly, peppering some kisses onto the bridge of your nose, “You sound like an angel.”

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clarkeisinlovewithbellamy  asked:

Tate my light i need one of your 10min fics omg i choose bellarke(duh) and the prompt is " theres a truth or dare game on my packet of gum that says write your number on your gum wrapper and give it to the cutest person you see and in not usually one for dares but youre just too cute" ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sandy you’re the cutest ever *hands you my gum wrapper* thank you!!!! also so sorry for the quality i promise it gets a little better but that intro oh boy

Bellamy has a few pet peeves. Well, okay, a lot of pet peeves, but it’s not his fault the sound of open-mouthed chewing sounds like claws on a chalkboard, or that leaving the toilet seat up is beyond gross, not to mention rude, or that there can really be no logical explanation for telling Greek myths wrong.

           One of the biggest ones is bad breath, which is why Bellamy always carries a few packs of gum in case he or someone else becomes in desperate need of some hygienic help, but somehow he’s run out and this subway station reeks.

           “Hey, Miller, got any gum?” he asks, leaning over his friend’s shoulder.

           Miller side-eyes him with a small smirk. “Aren’t you usually the gum god, Mr. Please-Take-One-I-Can’t-Even-Stand-Next-To-That-Stench?”

           “You say that as if gods aren’t extremely forgetful,” Bellamy quips, pushing into Miller’s side. “They forgot things all the time in Greek days, especially Zeus, which is funny because of all the god he should’ve—”

           “Okay, okay, I have some gum, just shut up,” Miller grumbles, rummaging through his bag. Bellamy forces himself to swallow his grin. “Here. No more Greek mythology, okay? Geez.”

           “Deal,” Bellamy agrees, unfolding the piece of gum. It’s one of those special ones with truth and dares on it, and even though they’re one of the oddest trends the kids have caught onto, besides maybe memes, Bellamy finds himself a little interested in them. “Write your number on the gum wrapper and give it to the cutest person you see,” he reads aloud.

           “I already have your number, so no deal,” Miller says offhandedly, just as a train comes into the station. Hordes of people swarm out, chattering and buzzing and grumbling about how couldn’t this line move just a little bit faster; among them is Clarke, who’s the reason Bellamy’s standing there in the first place. He likes to walk her home.

           Miller shoves Bellamy abruptly and he flinches, turning to look at his smirking friend. “Well, you’ve seen Clarke now, so I guess my work here is done. See you around, Bellamy.” And before Bellamy can come up with a good comeback, Miller steps onto the subway and Clarke takes his place.

           “Hey, Bellamy,” she says, giving him that blinding smile that makes it hard to respond without a few moments to gather himself.

           “Hey, Clarke. Any problems today?”

           “Nothing but the usual,” she replies, adjusting the art bag on her side. “Should we get going?”

           “Um—” Bellamy swallows and fingers the gum wrapper nervously. Why does he only revert to his teenage self around Clarke? It’s embarrassing.

           Fumbling, he holds out the paper. “You already know my number, but it should work anyway.”

           Clarke frowns and takes the paper, reading it with her brows furrowed in that cute way she does when she gets into a good book. When she finishes, she just looks at Bellamy, then the wrinkled gum wrapper, then him again. “Ah…thanks, Bellamy.”

           If someone could burn from embarrassment, Bellamy would’ve done it by now. “Don’t take it too personally,” he says, trying to salvage the conversation. “You’re still a giant dweeb.”

           “First of all, did you just call me a dweeb?” Clarke asks, mockingly offended.

           “I tell it like it is,” Bellamy shrugs, relaxing a little.

           “Oh, whatever, you grandpa.” She rolls her eyes and laughed, then pauses. “And, uh, second of all, what did you mean by ‘cutest person you see’?”

           Bellamy tenses up all over again. “Well, I looked at all the people I saw, and you were the cutest,” he says, firmly pretending his heart isn’t doing pirouettes across his ribcage.

           “Yeah, I got that part, but what kind of cute? Like Octavia cute, or puppy cute, or…or like Gina cute?”

           Bellamy swallows hard, which isn’t really necessary when everything in his body has already sunken straight to his feet. “Um—” He gauges Clarke’s reaction, not wanting to say something that would scare her. Why on earth did he hand her that wrapper? Her reaction is nearly unreadable, which is almost unheard of for him.

           For the love, Blake, just go for it. “Gina cute.”

           Clarke’s eyes widen fractionally, the same way they did when Bellamy first offered to walk her home, a few months after he started dating Gina. I’m not about to give up time with my favorite person because I have another one, now am I? This is a face he does recognize—surprise, and excitement, and…something else. Something purely for him.

           “Really?” Clarke asks, quiet and unsure, like she’s worried speaking loudly will ruin it.

           Gaining some courage, Bellamy pulls his hand out of his pocket and curls it against her cheek. Her eyes flutter and he nearly melts. “Yeah,” he murmurs, slowly drawing his face closer to hers. “Really.”

           Clarke fumbles for his other hand and holds onto it, the gum wrapper awkwardly tangled in their fingers. “Bellamy,” she whispers, and that’s all he needs.

           Their lips touch like the first rain of the season, all quiet excitement and solace and shivers dripping to the core of their beings. Clarke squeezes his hand hard and pushes herself onto her toes for a better angle; Bellamy, on the other hand, can’t even think beyond the feel of her cheek under his fingers, her mouth on his. He’s nearly dizzy with the sensation.

           When they pull away, Bellamy’s hand is shaking against her face, and Clarke curls her own fingers around it with a grin. “You’re the cutest person I know,” she tells him, and his heart nearly bursts because he sees that thing again, that glint in her eye only for him, and now he knows what it means.

           “Where’d you hear that?” he replies, leaning his forehead against hers.

           “Oh, you know,” she says, already lifting up for another kiss, “a dare.”

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Gom+Kagami+Takao+Kasamatsu kissing their s/o for the first time I really love your blog by the way. Have a nice day!

Aww, if you requested that after reading my Niji scenario, I love you! First kisses are adorable, even though if they’re not as romantic as some people think lmao


Kuroko had never thought about kissing a lot, mainly because of the lack of someone that he could possibly kiss with. Of course, he has had crushes here and there in the past, but they never blossomed further than that. But when you, the one that caught his eye had finally confessed to him, his thoughts about kissing had multiplied a lot. He also felt himself unconsciously look at your lips from time to time and wondered how they would feel against his own, before he realized what he was thinking and searched to catch your gaze again.

So, when the moment finally came, you both sat in his room, at the small table in the middle of the room and studied for thee exams coming next week and he was often tempted to just lean in and probe your reaction, but at the same time, he felt like it’d be a rude thing to do without asking first. So when his brain felt like exploding from all the English vocabulary he was learning, he placed his pencil down and slowly shifted closer to you.



You then turned your head from the paper you were working on to look at your boyfriend with a small smile and he felt overwhelmed all over again, just when you first confessed to him and gave him to matter to someone outside his family or basketball teammates. But he wasn’t going to back out now.

“Could I kiss you?”

The request was so politely said, you had trouble even progressing what the request contained, but when you did, you accidentally let your pencil roll on the floor, taken aback.

“If you feel uncomfortable, we don’t…-“

“N-No, I was just surprised, Kuroko-kun… But yes, y-you can…!”

You were wondering what was coming, as he leaned in and his hand was suddenly on the side of your neck as he looked you into the eye one last time and finally, your lips met. Now you were a bit unsure about what to do, but at some point, he began pressing against them a bit more and you responded with pressing back on your own and his lips felt so soft against your own, but after a few seconds, it grew a bit awkward, so you pulled back and when you spotted the little blush on his own cheeks, you giggled to ease the tension and the smile you got from him afterwards made you smile as well on your own, happy to have received your first kiss from him and not another.


Kagami took kissing very seriously, especially when Himuro first explained the meaning of tee gesture to him. That’s one of the reason why he always grows so angry when Alex kisses him and when he was younger, he was also always yelling about how you only kiss people you are in a relationship with and that it was bad behavior, almost scaring the living daylights out of the blonde. But when he got in a relationship with you, he was very quiet about it, not sure how you stood to that subject and not wanting to make you uncomfortable.

But when you sent him a few subtle signals, he wanted to try it. It was actually just before a game and his nerves were really on the edge as you approached him and he told his coach that he would follow right away. You smiled up at him and then hugged him, feeling his quickly beating heart (although you were quite sure it was because of the approaching game).

“Good luck, Kagami-kun. I believe that you’ll win that match, really!”

He blushed when he spotted the even brighter smile on your face, turning away a bit and that was when you realized that something else was on his mind and you were determined to take it off his mind before he went into his game, because he maybe wouldn’t be able to concentrate properly during the match. You fisted the material of his jersey and tugged at it, making him look at you, as you sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“N-Nothing… It’s just…-“

He cut himself off and coughed, now thinking about how he should approach the matter, because he had this feeling that his face could melt if he asked you, but he wasn’t going to invade your personal space without your permission, so he did ask in the end (although with a bit too much force).

“______, can I kiss you?!”

You were blushing as you got his question, almost inching away from the force in his words, but after an awkward pause, you finally did nod and now Kagami was suddenly thinking about how he should go about it, but then just cupped your face in his hands, leaning down and pressing his mouth to your own. It felt nice and warm, but the kiss was short-lived, because you got interrupted by Riko calling Kagami, although she looked a bit sorry as she realized that she had been interrupting a special moment, between the two of you, but Kagami knew the moment of the first kiss was gone, so he dived in and stole a second, shorter one, before running off with a wave, leaving you both blushing.


Kise had never dedicated too much thought to kissing, because it wasn’t something actually that special to him. He had kissed his girlfriends before, he had even received smooches from occasional fans, but none of the kisses had been extraordinary or meant a lot to him, so he wasn’t big on the topic. He had listened to actors explaining him how kiss scenes were like in movies and that the kiss didn’t mean much to both parties and that’s when he thought that kissing somehow meant the same to him. At least until he met you and fell in love.

You were on a minor date in a little café and he was watching your whole face as you told him about how school was for you, before he would tell you about his day and he smiled dreamily when he thought about how your eyes flickered around and your fingers curled around the cup you ordered earlier, like they did around his neck when you occasionally cuddled at his place and he almost missed how you ended your part.

“So, how was your day?”

“Oh, well… Nothing much happened, although I got a passing mark on my chemistry exam, isn’t that amazing?!”

He smiled so brightly at you from the side, his arm around your shoulders, you couldn’t even roll your eyes at him for being satisfied with only this much, so you responded with a sarcastic remark, while still wearing a smile and took another sip of your drink.

“I’m soooo proud of you, Kise-kun.

“Aw, c’mon, ______-cchi, you know that this mark prevented me from failing chemistry! Be a bit serious about it!”

You giggled as he pulled you closer and held onto your cup a bit tighter, due to all the movements and shifting he did, before taking another sip of your drink and just leaning against him in silence, as Kise caught you chewing on your lips, sending his thoughts in another direction. He remembered when he asked an actress, who had been modeling with him, how they did kiss scenes in a movie and she told him about how they had to keep open mouths, since the fast leaning in might lead to missing the spot a bit and then he was grossed out. He wanted his first kiss with you to be good, as close to perfect as possible.

“______-cchi, can I kiss you?”

You looked up at him in surprise and question as to where that request came from, but your lips were slightly parted in surprise and he felt the urge to lean in and claim them grow, but he wouldn’t kiss you without a positive reply from you.

“Uh, yeah, sure…”

You weren’t sure what to do, but suddenly Kise caught your chin between his thumb and pointer finger, tilting it up to make you look at him and then he closed the distance between your lips, kissing you gently and the contact was soft and you didn’t know where to place your hands, so you shyly grabbed hold of his jacket, as the contact broke and you were surprised to see Kise’s flushed face under your blinking gaze.

“Kise-kun, are you blushing…?”

“Y-Your lips just felt so soft, ______-cchi…! Can I kiss you again?!”

And you giggled and suddenly got kissed again and you were wondering why the two of you hadn’t tried this out earlier already.


Kasamatsu had thought about kissing a lot more than he’d ever like to admit. He was almost jealous when he watched friends or teammates kiss their girlfriends when he himself could barely talk to a female being. He always hears that kisses are there to show your affection and love for someone and that it contained a nice feeling when you kissed someone you loved, so he was actually interested in the topic. But of course, he never had anyone to kiss before you confessed and he shakily accepted, almost fainting in the progress.

It also took some time for Kaijou’s captain to grow adapted to your mere presence without his face exploding into the hade of a tomato, but at some point, he grew comfortable around you, even letting you invade his personal space by some chances, if he felt like it. But with affectionate touches, it was a bit different. Already at the start of the relationship, he had thought about what kissing you felt like, but he shied away from the idea, thinking it was too soon.

“Kasamatsu-kun, are you alright?”

He got pulled out of his thoughts as you poked his hand with your chopsticks, raising an eyebrow at his absent state of mind, as he quickly shook his head and came back to earth, tightening his hold on his own chopsticks, before grabbing some of the squid you made him in his lunchbox.

“It’s nothing.”

You shrugged, until you came across the shrimp you had filled with special sauce at home and realized that he hadn’t eaten it yet and so you swiftly grabbed it from his lunchbox, making him let out a gasp, as you held it out for him.

“C’mon, this is my specially made shrimp! Say ‘aah!’, Kasamatsu-kun!”

He blushed at the idea of you feeding him and refused at first, leaning as far away as possible, but you cooed him into it at some point, so he looked alone to make sure no one could see you, before quickly catching it from your chopsticks and you giggled at his tsundere-behavior. He was still flushed at some point, but at the same time, he felt this desire to kiss you when he watched the way your lips moved when you laughed, but he would need all of his courage to actually man up and ask you.

“C-Can I kiss you, ______?”

And suddenly, the question already slipped over his lips, before he could pull them back and you froze in your tracks, looking at him in surprise at how he was actually asking this question in a setting like this, but of course, this matter was not to be taken lightly. You thought for a second and Kasamatsu felt as if god was judging him in those few seconds, until he heard your answer.

“Um, yes, you can…”

You awkwardly trailed off, not sure what you were about to do or say afterwards, but he already looked so surprised, you had trouble believing that he set all his mind into asking that question if he didn’t count on a positive reply from your side. But he moved a bit closer to you nonetheless and your hearts were beating faster as you leaned in, eyes open just enough to make sure not to miss the other’s lips.

And when they met, you were pretty sure that you almost felt the heat radiating off his face, but the taste of your special sauce on his lips caught your attention as well, but before you could search for other things during the moment, it was over and Kasamatsu was sitting next to you, close to exploding as you patted his shoulder with an awkward smile.

“Don’t worry, Kasamatsu-kun, it was great. We can also try it again, if you want to.”

And that was enough to make him jump off the bench and excuse himself to the bathroom, leaving you behind to giggle and finish your lunch happily.


Midorima has also not paid a lot of attention to the thought of kissing, only when he saw someone in public or like on the train, he asked himself what it felt like or what the kiss was for, but his thoughts never went much further than that. And sometimes Takao asked him about how far he would go if he had a girlfriend and that’s when such thoughts return briefly and he just tells Takao to shut up, because he doesn’t want to think further on about the topic and the question was stupid, anyways.

But here he was, actually sitting next to you on the couch, his sister in your lap, while you rested against his side, actually just braiding his sister’s hair and not actually paying attention to the movie and he wasn’t sure if he should think it’s sweet or just selfish, because you wanted to watch the movie in the first place. But he grumbled silently and when he shifted and you were laying on him in an uncomfortable way, he just pulled his arm out between your bodies to prevent it from being squished and wrapped it around your neck from behind.

His sister hummed quietly to the song the drama was playing and Midorima already had the ending all figured out, so he was wondering why he was still laying there, but then it dawned on him that he was still here because of you (and not only because you were practically laying on him).


His little sister happily pointed at the screen as the two main characters kissed and Midorima rolled his eyes at the obviously girly reaction, while you giggled and finished the last braid, letting it fall against his sister’s back, before you leaned back fully against him one more time, making you sigh in content as the ending credits rolled across the screen. You still giggled when his sister jumped off your lap, but as she stopped in front of the TV and turned around to face the two of you, you raised a curious brow.

“Why haven’t you and Nii-san kissed yet, ______-chan?”

You were about to laugh and reply that it would take Midorima another ten years before he would be able to kiss you, but then looked back at him for an answer, since you didn’t really have a believable one. But he looked like a ripe cherry, so he wouldn’t be too much help, so you sighed and were about to say the first thing that came to your mind, but you luckily got interrupted by his mother, that called Midorima’s little sister to do her homework, so she left with a pout and you exhaled in relief, sinking back against her older brother, before looking up at him again.

“Actually, why haven’t we?”

“W-Well, that’s because…-“

He was desperately searching for a reason that might answer right his behavior and you quickly placed a hand on his cheek and turned around in his embrace, before his inner tsundere appeared and you smile shyly as you looked at him fully.

“D-Do you… want me to kiss you?”

“Well… Would you?”

“If you want m-me to…”

You then paused, tracing the pattern on his shirt with your finger for a second, before looking up at him and nodding. He breathed out quickly and then collected all information he had on kissing, but when your thumb brushed his jawline, his thoughts were gone.

“You think too much…”

You muttered and he quietly agreed, because it was in his nature, but when he felt your cheek rest against the inside of his hand, he couldn’t help but feel right and concentrated on just meeting your lips halfway, but the sensation of having so many senses stimulated at once almost made him jump, because it was new and pleasant at the same time. He could feel the slight cracks in your lips against his own, but they were still soft and plump, but when he heard yelling from the entrance, he pulled back, turning his head, only to see his flustered sister jumping around.

“Oh my god! Mama, Nii-san and ______-chan just kissed!”

And he groaned and panicked, but you dived in for another kiss and his arms relaxed and he didn’t regret the last kiss, even though his sister had witnessed it. He knew he was blushing when he pulled back, but so were you and he was glad that he had collected so many answers regarding the topic of kissing (but exactly you answering them was even greater to him).


Takao had always been a person that had no idea of the meaning of personal space. Even after a few hours of knowing someone, he already walked around with his arm carelessly thrown across their shoulders. So when he had a partner, kissing came soon and pretty natural to him, unless it didn’t make him feel great and it resulted in a breakup. But when you found your way into his life, his first high school love, he wasn’t exactly sure on how to approach the topic, until he grew frustrated with himself in the cinema and decided that he was going to kiss you tonight.

“So, how did you think the movie was, ______-chan?”

“Hm, I liked it. The special effects were actually fairly well. What about you?”

He shrugged and suddenly, his hand was around your waist, but you had already grown accustomed to his touchy-feely persona, so you just looked up at him for an answer. He was deep in thought and only when he felt your gaze rest on him, he finally realized it was his turn to talk, laughing sheepishly when you commented on it.

“I think I liked the actors. They were really realistic.”

You nodded and looked up at the dark night sky, making him follow your gaze as he pulled you closer, because you were coming close to the train station and he didn’t want to lose you in the small crowd around there, while his quick eyes were searching for the train you had to take. He was too focused to notice you clinging to his jacket, until he walked again, pulling you along and he smiled at the adorable action, quietly pulling you into the train and letting you sit down beside him, before pulling you close all over again.

“Thanks for watching the movie with me tonight, ______-chan!”

“Don’t worry about it, Takao-kun. How could I refuse when you were willingly to even pay my popcorn?~”

You giggled and leaned over to kiss his cheek, something you had been doing quite a lot lately, but he only took it as encouragement to kiss you later and could barely keep his foot from pacing in nervousness, because he was a bit scared of what your reaction might be. What if he messed up accidentally?

And before he realized it, the train came to a halt and you had to get off. He guided you outside by your shoulders from behind, before he pulled you a bit apart from the crowd entering or exiting the train. You looked a t him with a raised eyebrow, because you had to walk home from here and he had to take one more train.

“What is it, Takao-kun?”

“______-chan, would it be okay if I maybe… You know, kiss you?”

You were so glad that there was almost no street light nearby, so he couldn’t spot the extreme blush on you face, quietly and quickly thinking of a good answer, before you nodded shyly and the grin on his face made you blush even a bit harder. You had a hard time controlling your blush, especially as he pulled you a bit closer to a street light to make sure to see your entire face, so he wouldn’t miss (your reaction).


You nodded one more time, not sure where to hold on, but he giggled and took a hold of your arms, wrapping them around his neck and then placed his hands on your hips experimentally, but as you didn’t complain, he exhaled one last time, before closing the gap between your lips. And suddenly he felt the softness only his cheek had experienced up to now even closer and longer, getting the slight taste of the salt from the popcorn earlier on your lips and pulled you impossibly closer. And when you parted, you were both panting a bit, blushes dusting your cheeks as you hid your face in his jacket and he chuckled as he patted your head.

“Don’t worry, we’ll do it many more times, so there’s no need for you to get embarrassed!”


Aomine had thought about kissing a lot. Sometimes he even asked Momoi to try it with him when they were younger, but she refused, arguing that he was too gross to ever be able to kiss her and he never really had time for a girlfriend when he had basketball. But he often wondered what was about tasting each other salvia that made it such a popular and pleasant thing to do. Although he never got the answer, you came along at some point and he itched to satisfy his curiosity more than ever before.

Now you were both at a streetball game that the teams all arranged and you had to practically drag him here, because Momoi went ahead with Imayoshi, but somehow you managed and you were pretty close to dying as you sat between Wakamatsu and Susa, who watched the one-on-one Aomine and Kagami were having with interest, while you just laid on your back, staring at the sky and breathing heavily, until Susa offered you a water bottle, which you gladly emptied in one go.

“I know Aomine is heavy, but did you have to carry him all the way here?”

“Well, I pulled him here, but yes, he is heavy. I knew he would regret it if he stayed at home, so I kinda brought him…”

You finally found the strength to sit up, but the scene unraveling in front of your eyes was a bit unusual, to stay the least. Aomine had his arms crossed in a defensive manner, while Kise and Kagami seemed to tease him about something. What surprised you more was that it actually worked.  And what wondered you the most is what they were teasing him about.

“… I told you! He’s too much of a pussy to do it!”

Kagami’s native tongue made the word sound even harsher and at some point, Aomine threw a basketball at his face and it escalated. Kise tried to calm them down, but after getting a kick in the shin from Kagami, he also got pretty involved and in the end, Wakamatsu, Kiyoshi and Kasamatsu broke the whole thing up and Aomine was dragged over to you and sat down there, making you sigh and inspect his face. He growled as you tried to soothe the bruise above his cheek and then he kind of looked the other way and you sighed again.

“What was that about?”

“Nothing, ______.”

“Fine, I’ll ask Kise-kun, then.”

Before he could even protest, you walked across the court towards Kise and his senpai and he looked awfully guilty when he saw you approach them, so it raised your suspicion even more.

“Kise-kun, what did you guys say to Aomine-kun?”

“It wasn’t anything important, really…- Ouch!”

“A girl asked you something, moron! Answer properly!”

You smiled thankfully at Kasamatsu, who wore a light blush as he shrugged it off, but made sure Kise was going to spill, so you were fine. But what he answered was beyond everything you had thought of up to now. You were truly surprised that it had shaken him up this much.

“Alright, alright, we teased Aomine-cchi because me and Kagami-cchi had already kissed our girlfriends, but you didn’t kiss yet! Please don’t hit me again!”

And to say the least, you barely thanked the blonde as you sat beside your boyfriend again, raising a brow at his still slightly sulking manner. You let a hand trail across his upper back and he groaned leaning against you as you breathed out, not sure what would happen if you stepped upon such territory with this guy. But it was worth a shot, so you did.

“Kise-kun told me what it was about… I can’t believe you really lost your cool like that about something so minor…”

“It’s not that minor, okay.”

He leaned forward again, stealing a glance at you, but the situation wwas still embarrassing for him, so you didn’t want to press any further, but decided to solve this whole issue the easy way. Perhaps he would stop beating up people for something so silly.

“Just kiss me here, no?”

“What, seriously?”

He never brought the matter up, because he wasn’t sure if you were ready yet, but that you were that forward about it surprised him. Although he was now really nervous, but he would prove to you, Kagami and Kise that he was very well able to kiss you.

“Well, alright…”

It was awkward and because you weren’t sure what to do at some point, you just randomly closed your eyes to not pressure him too much, but one moment you felt his breath hit the skin of your nose slightly, the next he had his lips pressed against your own, but the sensation was gone again too fast for you to grasp it properly, so you opened your eyes in an almost demanding fashion, making him grin all of a sudden.

“Wasn’t that bad, was it? Wait, let’s do it again. Kagami, Kise!”

And he stole another kiss from you, this time pressing your mouths to each other a bit longer and when he proudly wrapped an arm around you after receiving stares from his two rivals, you really had to blush, feeling his excitement and pride after kissing you.


Murasakibara had only thought about kissing when he saw people kiss or heard them talk about it, but still not more than a couple of seconds. He sometimes even asked his friends or family about it if he was curious about something certain or was merely too lazy to think himself. But when he learned about a lot of tastes over the years he consumed lots of snacks, he began to wonder what some people tasted like. And when you became his partner, the urge to discover your taste grew almost daily, until it became almost unbearable. So he decided to satisfy his curiosity after practice one day.

He knew there was a low chance of the two of you having any privacy at his place and your place was too far away, so he would just ask you about it when no one was around, which was luckily right now, after practice when everyone had already left and he purposely took longer to change, so you would look for him in here, also causing him not having to get up and bring you here. And when you arrived, you were almost angry at him for letting you wait so long, but as you caught sight of the extraordinary intensity his gaze contained as he laid eyes on you, you quieted down.

“Murasakibara-kun, is something the matter?”

For a second, it seemed as if he ignored you, but you knew that he had just focused on finishing the snacks that he opened earlier while waiting for you, before throwing the now crumpled and empty box in the trash bin besides the entrance where you were standing and when he didn’t respond right after, you slowly entered, placing your bag to the side and slid onto the bench next to him.

“Hm? You can tell me if something is bothering you.”

He still thought a few more seconds, but then decided that he went through all the trouble to create such circumstances as there were now, so he just needed to ask the question and do it and that was it. Case done and finished, so he would do exactly just that.

“______chin, can I kiss you?”

“W-What? Where did t-that come from…?!”

He almost raised an eyebrow at your reaction that was almost defensive, but you were really only genuinely surprised that your boyfriend would ever become romantic to this extent, but now there was the opportunity and you didn’t know when a chance like this would appear the next time. That’s why you nodded shyly and he was obviously fine with that and still as composed and disinterested as ever when he leaned in to rest his big palm against your face and fit almost your whole jawline in his hand.

And he leaned in and that was when you instinctively closed your eyes, as your lips met. He did minimal movement when they rested against your own, but somehow he was still unsettling, until you jerked back after feeling his tongue run across your bottom lip, breaking the contact out of reflex.

“I-I’m sorry, Mura…-“

“Like the candy I gave you earlier… Sweet and mine.”

You didn’t exactly know what his words referred to, but you weren’t too surprised and neither protesting as he pulled your face closer to kiss you one more time, not entirely sure if he ever would be able to live without that taste from now on.


Akashi had thought about kissing when he was younger sometimes. Like when his mother or father kissed, even though it was a rare event. And when his classmates talked about kissing pretty grades way above their grade (and level), he thought what was so great about it. His mother taught him that kissing someone meant that you loved them and the kind of love you feel when you want to marry someone. That was the only proper explanation he ever got, because his classmates’ arguments were way too vague for him to figure out. He did his homework on it when he met you though.

And now he had collected all the clues and hints your body language were giving him, encouraging him to kiss you and he remembered his mother’s words, which only added to his confidence about the whole thing. You were taking a walk in the big park in Akashi’s neighborhood and when he even looked at the expression of joy you wore when you merely stared at the scene around you, he felt the urge to kiss, claim you.

“I’m glad you found time to visit the park with me today, Akashi-kun.”

“Don’t mention it, I’m glad you suggested it. I have never seen the whole park, either.”

He admitted as you quietly walked along the river that led to a tiny lake in the middle and that was when he was stuck just a bit too deep in his thoughts. Kissing was also a first to him and he didn’t know how it would feel, how to make it perfect or when the best moment came…-

“Akashi-kun? Is there something on your mind? You seem quite deep in thought lately.”

He was tempted to deny the actual answer and just choose another place and especially time to kiss you, when he mentally strengthened his nerves a bit more, but he wouldn’t be an Akashi if he backed out now. So he slowly took hold of your waist and pulled you close against him, making you arch an eyebrow, which made him chuckle in return, establishing eye-contact before speaking softly.

“______, will you allow me to kiss you?”

You seemed surprised by the intimate move and he couldn’t deny the pink hue clouding your cheeks made you even more appealing to him, but as he earned himself a shy nod, he knew that it was do or die now. And he had quite the conflict inside his mind, because he didn’t really know what he was doing, but before he knew it, your lips were pressed together and he couldn’t believe that so many senses were responding to a mere thing as this and he was close to not letting go of the feeling, but of course, you pulled apart and he smiled as you shyly looked to the side with a small smile.

“It felt nice…”

“Indeed. Would like to try it again?”

And your nod was more confident and faster this time and when he kissed you again, he felt as if the plants around him bloomed even brighter when he opened his eyes again

Preference #6 Michael gets jealous

Michael Gets Jealous

“Come on Ashton just try it” I giggled pointing the fork at him.

“No it’s so gross” He whined

“I’ll try it first then” I said, biting half of the pickled onion, trying to chew and swallow without being sick.

“See it’s not that bad” I continued.

“Fine” Ashton said opening his mouth. I slid the fork into his mouth feeding him the other half.

“Oh my god your liar it tastes awful!” Ashton said spitting it out making me burst into a fit of laughter.

“I’m gonna get you for that!” Ashton said jumping up and chasing me around the house.

I jumped over the couch trying to escape but Ashton grabbed my leg making me fall on top of him.

“N-No Ashton stop!” I squealed as he dug his fingers into my ribs tickling me.

“No way” He said, i squealed again squirming around in his grip.

Ashton’s eyes widened and a noticeable blush spread across his cheeks as i felt something hard press into the back on my thigh. I looked down and saw the position we were in, I had been straddling him and grinding him which probably caused his little issue

A loud cough startled me and I looked up to see a rather not amused Michael standing there.

With one swift movement he lifted me off Ashton and carried me into the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” He said, folding his arms across his chest.

“Ashton was just tickling me and then-” I began before he cut me off

“Well that’s what you should be doing with me, not him” He said rather calmly, which was surprising for Michael.

“Because your mine, and i’m not sharing” He said pressing his lips to mine.

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Do you ever close your mouth?

No. I have never, not once, closed my mouth in my entire life. It’s a constant struggle, so many things I’ve never been able to do!! Humming? Forget about it. Smooches? Not gonna happen. Eating is an absolute disaster, it’s just gross open mouth chewing all over the place, you don’t want to see it (trust me). It’s not a fate I would wish on my worst enemy.