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Countries Reacting to Australia's Emu War
  • England, on the phone: oh Australia, you finally picked up. I'm thinking of having diner with the fam, do you want to come- ... what is that noise??
  • Australia: huh? Oh just a bunch of bloody, motherfucking Emus charging towards my direction to try and kill me the third time~
  • England: ... why?
  • Australia: well, long story short, they were disturbing some people and I'm currently in a war against them.
  • England: ... is that gun noises??
  • Australia: huh? Oh yeah, it is. I was nearly pecked to death, so this war has escalated to death con.3. Oh, by the way, I would love to come for diner! I'll bring you a couple of these bloody, shitty, motherfuckers for diner, if you want~?
  • England: Australia, please!!

An episode where Pearl meets someone who acts like her could be interesting. Like they use their frail appearance and sad back story to get what they want from people or to stop people from critisizing them. Someone who won’t get over that one crush who moved on.

And at the end Pearl is getting sick of listening to them and either Steven or Amethyst goes ‘But pearl, don’t you do the same thing?’

And Pearl just has a big moment of self realization of what’s she’s done over the years. Her obsession with Rose and behavior against Greg.

It could end with the gems chasing the person away because now everyone’s just annoyed at them, and Pearl just kinda… thinks in the house and doesn’t do anything for a few days/episode because she’s still thinking.

And she starts being more observant when she starts doing her pity stuff and feels angry over Rose, she becomes more hesitant and really starts to think things over.

You know, character stuff that takes a long time to do.

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SAME I WANT TO DIE WHEN I HEAR MY STRAIGHT FRIENDS USE IT. like listen every time I was attracted to a girl and said “heh I have a huge girl crush” all my straights would be like oh yeah same she’s so pretty. STOP THIS BS don’t even get me started on wcw

Roommate Post, as promised

Me: (walking in the apartment after spending an amazing week in Cancun with da boy and one of my bffs and just a general great group of friends)
Her: You’re home!
Her: Why aren’t you more tan?
Me: (in my head, “my trip was good thanks for asking like a normal person!”) yeah I was very liberal with the sunscreen. Didn’t want to burn. Need to keep this old white skin tight. How was your week?
Her: (tells me every detail of every group exercise class she attended and how she ate so healthy and did a 10k and is so happy she took such good care of her body and she’s feeling refreshed and great)
Me: that’s #lit sounds like you are very zen right now
Her: yeah so did you guys just party the whole time or what? DID YOU THROW UP???
Me: I mean it was an all inclusive so we did drink some alcohol like get ur money’s worth ya know? And no i did not throw up. In fact no one threw up. It was an awesome time and really wonderful and a great way to end med school
Her: So you didn’t workout?
Me: no
Her: (continues to tell me about the 10k she did and how she went hiking and *fart noise*)
Me: Cool. Welp I’m going to take a nap I’m exhausted
Her: yeah you look really tired

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I think the fact we haven't heard much from Harry (like in interviews etc) has allowed people to project onto him more than usual. So whether they like it or not, people can project this "he doesn't care, he just wants to be a superstar, he's elitist" etc

Yeah, I agree. I look forward to his interviews so everyone can feel like an idiot when he’s being adorable and cheeky and they have to eat their words.

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Abt the Latino!Jason (which looks like it's shaping up to a discourse omg): I, as a latina person, am totally okay with people headcanon-ing him as Latino, as long as it adds to his characters, not as just some "see, he's latino, I'm not racist!" or just to make him speak Spanish because it's a "cool" language. That's v cheap and insulting. If you want to HC a character with another nationality, search said nationality and be respectful. I'm just tired of ppl doing it just to seem "cool".

Hey friend yeah I totally get you.

Culture/Race is NOT a costume, it’s not a singular trait that you slap onto a character and suddenly Jason is walking around in a sombrero and eating tacos all day. Like, no, that’s rude and not cool. But I like seeing people explore Jason being Latino and how that intertwines with canon and making it into something to explore.

Jason being very suspicious of Batman at first until suddenly the Dark Knight starts speaking rapid, fluent Spanish and Jay is relieved to talk in his own native tongue instead of staggering over English. Bruce would later teach him English proper but Spanish becomes their secret thing.

Idk, correct me if I’m wrong, but things like that that try and give the characters a culture and motivations influenced by that culture, make them actual people instead of characters, people who are happy, who struggle and suffer because of their skin color or life choices. That’s important man, I know that’s important for a lot of people. Plus it makes for some pretty interesting ideas and discussions.

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can we stop setting certain men up as the "good boys" & idealizing them??? i've seen it happen over & over it it just ends in a disappointment when they don't live up to that standards. like i like the Mcelroys but i don't want them as replacements for actual women or queer ppl or whatever.

yeah i mean i have friends who are dudes and theyre cool but investing in a public figure or celeb the way people do with the mcelroys is imo not great and we should proably not do it, as a community.

human oristion
  • bastion: has three seagulls sitting on their shoulders
  • orisa:
  • bastion:
  • orisa: babe r u okay
  • bastion: huh? o yeah no im just fine
  • orisa: the............. birds arent hurting u or anything
  • bastion: nah i like it. im used to it.
  • orisa: ................. okay
  • bastion: *happy chirp*
  • ganymedes: lands on orisas head
  • orisa: *FLIPS OUT*
  • bastion: ORISA wait its just ganymedes!! he doesnt want to harm you just sit still for a second
  • orisa: *hesitates*
  • ganymedes: lands on orisas head again
  • orisa: ganymedes isnt going to poop on me is he
  • bastion: PFFFFFFFFFFFFT no
  • orisa: if he poops on me im breaking up with u

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Just wanting to let you know that Tumblr indeed eats asks regularly. I have the experience that at least every fourth ask gets lost. I sometimes need to send asks 3-4 times until the user gets it. Just wanting to tell you because I don't know if you know this!

Yeah, I do. I remember I once got an 8-part-ask (!!!!) that I only got about half of. I hope it’s behaving better, but the point is that I know I’ve probably not received a LOT of asks.

I also have over 1,000 asks in the inbox, so I don’t really know how to manage the whole “maybe I got it / maybe I didn’t!” part.

Thanks for the heads up!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

Before I moved up here, a friend of mine who had managed a couple nerd stores down in CA (first a GW and then an independent shop) had a bunch of product she wanted to move. The guy who actually owned the nerd store she’d managed had really screwed her over and I *think* she maybe helped herself to some of the stock since he hadn’t paid her the actual money he owed her. I didn’t ask questions- plausible deniability and all that.

So anyway yeah I literally met her in a mostly empty parking lot in front of where her old GW used to be and gave her like $20 cash for a huge fuckoff gallon baggie full of assorted citadel paints- she was originally going to charge two dollars per pot but just wanted it gone. So i got like 35 illicit paints for 20 bux in a darkened parking lot.

…and that’s the story of why I lucked into having all the fiery colors I need to paint the Emperor’s Sword after all, when I wasn’t at all sure I had them until I went and rooted through all my paints.

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cheating is NOT a mistake and he isn't obligated more chances from her. obviously it wasn't working out, each year they're little reunions declined and the interactions get worse. the! relationship! is! over! and how would you know who she loves? you don't know her or her feelings sis, you're just a jelena stan that only likes selena when she's single or with justin. sit down.

1- Girl,who the fuck you think you are to come here ,in my blog, and say to me sit down?Lmao,bitch you  have nerve,huh.You’re the only one searching me here,girl,not me.

2-Yeah,cheating is horrible,everbody know this.But so what?Do you want Justin death for it?I mean,what is done is done.Justin at least was man enought to admit him mistakes.Something that a lot of people can’t do.
Justin is a survivor,everyone was enjoying and making fun. about seeing him fall.But he found the power to fight ,and now he is here,in the top of industry.

3- Yeah,Selena have the right to deny another chance to Justin.But she have too the right to  give another chance to him if she want,without Selenators dragging her.

4- Of course they relationship was not working out,I mean,did see how people is all over them?Media is unfair and make money using Justin and Selena.
Relationship is already hard,now put money,fame,media and hate of fans together and you discover why is hard to Selena and Justin make the things work.
All they reunitons are because they miss one another so much,that the mess and media and the hate is not strong enought to stop them.Just imagine love someone but can’t stay with her.It’s sad.

5- Girl,please.Selena still write songs about Justin.Do you think she do it for fun?Do you thing this is a concidence?No.She write about Justin because she still think about him.I mean,did you know that Selena a few time ago was lurking in a jelena page on IG and liked a jelena photo?C'mon girl,do you think that this is a accident?Lol.

6- Jelena is over you say.Hm, really?Well, so why Selena is still on Justin’s wrist?Why they keep writting songs about each other?
Yeah,Jelena are not together right now.But over?Oh,girl please,you know that’s not true lmao.

7- Yes,i’m Jelena stan.Lucky me,huh?At least i stan a REAL ship,with REAL history and love.Too bad that some people can’t relate lol.  

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does anybody else feel like troye is so distant now? i don't mean to hate on him at all and i know he's busy but I feel so disconnected from him

noo i completely get what you’re saying he’s definitely offline a lot more than he used to be but i honestly think he’s just having some well deserved time off and living his life (i know he’s started working a bit now but ya get me aha) but yeah idk i guess its up to him how engaged he wants to be with his like online presence atm but i get where you’re coming from

just gonna say one thing because i’m tired. my blog has wonky activity. says it in my rules. most of you know that already. if i talk to you ooc and plan to do stuff with you, i mean it. i keep my word. if i come back to see youve moved on to another tony, i’m gonna back off. i’m not gonna fight for a position. you all know what activity to expect from me so if that’s something you can’t handle you shouldn’t be following me in the first place. i don’t like putting time into things only to be replaced. i realize i don’t have exclusivity with everyone, but if i’m starting to notice a reoccurring pattern, just yeah. this has happened like 5 times already and it’s actually impacting my want to be here

A really good friend of mine said that no one at my college was transphobic and I honestly wanted to cry. Like yeah ok no one beats me up for being trans but people will avoid sitting next to me, call me ‘it’ and shemale and all that shit behind my back and constantly refuse to call me by the correct pronouns so please don’t say transphobia isn’t there just because you can’t physically see it

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Just out of curiosity: if given enough details and description, are you up to do OCs moodboards/aesthetics too? Have a good day ❤

Ummm, normally I would put that solidly into the maybe/maybe not category, but I’m coming up on 3.5k followers and I sort of wanted to do something for that so yeah, if there’s any interest in that sort of thing I’d be happy to do that for whenever I get there. Have a good day too! 💜 

Thought I’d ramble a little about my personal project called “Good Night Stars”. I could have been working on it in its webcomic form right now, and I KNOW I mentioned a lot about being focused on it but alas, life came in the way and my depression is actually getting worse by each passing day and there’s no way I can focus on one single thing at the moment, especially because this project is something very very dear to me and I refuse to work on it while feeling down. it’s too much.

I promise the webcomic is still coming, I just can’t say when, sorry!! at the moment the other members of the FlipCartoons Studio are focused with “Ouroboros” (which you can read what it’s about right here) and as I said it’s really cool and it would be very appreciated if everyone could give it a chance!! but yeah I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about the actual purpose of my story and what it’s trying to tell.

I admit, it’s complex, but that’s what makes it so special to me.

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What if Columbia treat Harry like JGG are treating Louis? Maybe slightly better but still, i dont feel like Harry 100% willingly signed with them, he may have some of his own negotiations/rules/conditions and a little bit of freedom but idk, Syco's main problem in the band is Louis & Harry, so i dont think they gave Harry the free will to sign with whoever he wants to sign with though? (And i'm 99% certain One Direction as a band will sign with Capitol when they come back!)

Yeah, I don’t think he did just because either, there must have been some sort of agreement and if they do it as shitty as Louis I’ll have to kill someone (but I doubt they will, they’ve been waiting for solo Harry since 2012)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I’m kinda at a point where I’m just sitting back and waiting for the boys to prove everyone wrong. Because it’s going to happen.

I’m just shrugging through everything lol 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:wassup with Louis’s uk site now..?? dont tell me another shade came.. I just completed my Hospital rounds and again a new thing- DR

Idk if someone has figure it out yet, but there’s chances of another shady thing, yes lol 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Pra quem eu tenho que vender minha alma pra acabarem o babygate, Blue? Kkk só isso pode acabar essa guerra que eu to vendo hj aqui. Eu só sei que o bg tá no fim e que é muito frustrante a situação do Louis, eu to puta mas to vendo gente falando que ele não tem ninguém pra ajudar ele e que o Azoff só liga pro Harry como se o Harry fosse escolher um manager que tá se lixando pro marido dele né me poupe. Continua td uma merda mas eu acredito que o Louis tem um team de verdade ajudando ele como pode

Pois é…. eu não entendo esse pessoal. Mas enfim, end it hahaha 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:your amazing and your blog is actually a safe space for me. so i have to things to tell you: one my opinion is that 1d won’t come back (maybe in 10 years or something, i’m not fully convinced till we see how many albums deal harry has) so - and it’s the 2nd thing - i clearly don’t love myself and i started watching 1dday… help

Ah thanks, love! I’m glad!! wow yeah…. you like suffering lol that takes some love for dying