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Certified Fitness Professionals on Tumblr

Ok so inspired by this post by the beautiful Natasha, here’s a list of some certified fitnes professionals on tumblr:

just-yasmeen (me:)) - Certified Personal Trainer with Weight Management Specialization, also about to be certified as a Health Coach. 

imgonnamakeachange: Natasha is a Personal Trainer and has her own business.

fitnika: Nika - Personal Trainer.

swoleginger: Katie - Personal Trainer.

thereisfreedomwaitingforyou: Kayla - Personal Trainer.

classylifts: Personal trainer.

em-poweredwellness: Emma - Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor.

bikini-bootcamp: Molly - Personal Trainer.

lets-do-thisss: Kim - Personal Trainer. 

bulky4summer: Sarah - Personal Trainer.

h-co3: Steph - Personal Trainer.

vivalaadarienne: Darienne - Personal Trainer.

When you have a fitness question, please consider asking somebody on this list. We work hard to earn our certificates and we want to help. Please please please don’t just get meal plans from random people on tumblr who don’t really know what they are talking about. 

Also, if there’s more of you certified professionals on here, either add yourself or message me and I’ll update this list :)

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Name: Ian

Nickname: Rocket, E

Birthday: 05/04/1992

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetero

Height: 6'0

Time Zone: EDT

What time and date is it there: 3:00PM on 08/24/14

Average hours of sleep I get each night:  Between 6-8 hours

Last thing I googled: Flying Lotus tour 2014

Most used phrase(s): “Really?”

First word that comes to mind: Cheer

Last thing I said to a family member: I will

One place that makes me happy and why:  Parks because nature

Favorite beverages: Water

Last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy for the third time

Three things I can’t live without: My computer, friends, drawing supplies

Something I plan on learning: French (in progress)

A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t compare yourself to anyone because they aren’t you.

You all have to listen to this song: Crosswerved by Flying Lotus and The Morning After by Madlib

Blogs: radicalrocket.tumblr.com and radicalmuscle.tumblr.com

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Good morning lovies!

Yesterday’s meeting was really long but it went really well. My principal couldn’t make it, so the dean of students came instead. She is one of my best friends, so I had nothing to worry about. The superintendent also said she wasn’t there to judge the meeting or for any reason other than to explain different options offered through our school district. It was great.

Then last night I worked out and I’m totally feeling it today. I feel great.

I also meal prepped for today. I feel so adult.

Anyway…I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Questions of Ten along with Eleven Questions

I was tagged by two different people for two different question posts so I’m gonna do em both in one post.

First one to tag me was ravingsbya-woc

  1. What’s your name? Ian
  2. When is your birthday? May 4th
  3. Where are you from? Georgia
  4. Have a crush? Nah, currently a floater
  5. What’s your favorite color? Orange!
  6. Write something in all caps CHEESE DANISHES
  7. Favorite artists? MF Doom, Flying Lotus, Capital STEEZ
  8. Favorite number? 87
  9. Favorite drink? Water!

Next to tag me was miss-beautifully-flawless

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2. Answer all of the questions the tagger has asked, and then make 11 new ones.
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1. Favorite color? Orange!

2. Favorite childhood memory? I was a Hershey’s Kiss for Halloween so that was pretty neat.

3. If you could meet one dead person, while that person is alive, who would it be? Normally I’d say Bruce Lee but I’d like to meet Capital STEEZ so I could try to help him with his depression.

4. Do you have any regrets? Only that I wasn’t assertive enough in certain situations.

5. If you got three wishes, what would they be? I’d wish society were different so things could be equal for everyone, I’d wish for more wisdom, and for a superpower I guess.

6. How would describe yourself in one word? Perceptive

7. Who was the last person you talked to? In 3D, it’d be my mother. On the phone, it’d be a friend. Through text, it’d be sweetmydear

8. What is your one of your strengths? I see the bright side of things so I don’t have to mourn for too long. 

9. How do you deal with stress? I draw it away!

10. What do you like to do for fun? Draw, play chess, friends, read books, and occasionally video games.

11.What do you love most about yourself? I love my naturally smooth skin and my kindness.

My own questions!

1.) How often do you check yourself out in the mirror?

2.) Considering everything that’s happened, are you happy that you’re yourself in the end?

3.) You have the ability to teleport but doing so continuously will rupture the space-time continuum. Do you use constantly the ability anyway cause YOLO and end up effing everyone else over or do you use it in small increments?

4.) What are your favourite desserts?

5.) Do you feel you are a hero, villain, antihero (hero who uses villainous/immoral methods to achieve a heroic goal), antivillain (villain who uses seemingly heroic methods to achieve a villainous goal), reluctant hero (hero who only does stuff cause no one else will), or something else?

6.) Did you know that you can get a refill on any drink you want at Burger King, and it’s free?

7.) What is your favourite series (book, television, movie franchise, etc. And you don’t have to list one for each form of media)?

8.) You have a younger sibling (around 10 years old) whom you love dearly. He/she develops superpowers and tells you first and demonstrates them. Do you tell them to never reveal their powers to anyone else, try to teach him/her how to be a hero/heroine for when they grow up and can make a difference, introduce him/her to superhero comics, or encourage them to tell the parents (choose two)?

9.) What’s your idea of a peaceful time?

10.) Have you ever pulled an innocent prank on someone? If so, what was it?

11.) Are you cool? (Trick question. YOU ARE.)

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