just wowowowowowowo


I was actually there for this show, and I could not believe he decided to do this song. . Since he just. . he doesn’t. You can hear the audience, it’s just DEAD SILENCE.

Then when I spoke with him after (and it was basically one on one since I wait until the end - as to not die of panic) . . just kinda,

“I am so surprised you actually did it! Like, especially after that woman from the year before that kept hounding you about it.”

“You remember that, huh. . ”


“ … ." 

And things got really awkward haha

But, he did say something. . I wish I could remember the exact words, but it was something about him being uncertain he’d even be able to do it/remember it but once it started . . he had to? … and I was just. . Wowowowowowowo. Eternally sobbing that I got to hear this live.