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OKAY SO, I was thinking about this earlier (due to fic reasons of my own WINKWINK) but are Balmeran crystals just solidified quintessence?

I know that some people might be like, “That’s dumb, quintessence is just like a lifeforce thing that keeps Zarkon alive and junk.” However, I have things to back this up. Potentially. Hear me out.

So, we all know that Allura harnesses quintessence to power the castle and that the lions choose their paladins based on their quintessence. We also know that Haggar just… stole the quintessence from a planet. And she worked out how make it into a liquid form. This is kinda important, but not the defining factor to me.

(wow what the heckie guys, just murdering a planet to make ur weird pee coloured healing juice)

ANYWAY, the important thing here is that you can actually turn quintessence, a form of energy, into a physical form. So what’s the say that Balmeran crystals, which are the same colour as quintessence, aren’t just… quintessence in material form?

Hell, there’s even a ceremony that only Alteans with a lot of quintessence in them can perform because they give the quintessence to the Balmera. Perhaps that’s because it’s an exchange of quintessence for quintessence in a differnt form and not just goods and services? All I’m saying is that the Balmera is a living planet that solidifies quintessence. Maybe.

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of Allura exchanging quintessence for quintessence. 

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Confession I keep telling myself I'm bi but like 90% attracted to guys and 10% to girls but I'm starting to think I'm just a straight person who wants to be a special snowflake and that I'll tell people I'm bi and be part of the lgbt community but never date a girl and idk how I feel bc idk i think i could like them if i found the right one but i never have and i crush on guys so easily its all so confusing omg

i’m so sorry pal. sexuality is weird.

maybe you’re bi-curious, or maybe you’re just bisexual with a preference for guys. it doesn’t sound like you’re ‘trying to be a special snowflake,’ it sounds like you’re experiencing human emotion and sexuality in your own unique way. maybe someday you’ll meet a girl and she’ll sweep you off your feet, or maybe it’ll be a boy, or maybe it won’t be anyone. the point is that you’re happy, right? 

if you feel comfortable with your bisexual identity, then keep it. you don’t even have to be public about it, if you don’t want to. your sexuality is your business, and nobody else’s. don’t let the haters get u down. <3

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