just wow look at dis

soulmate au: when you see your soulmate they sparkle. literally.

imagine though like walking down the street and suddenly this flash of light distracts you from the corner of your eye and you look over and this random stranger is literally shimmering.

harry potter x hamilton

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im gonna need a detailed post on this stat like

oh man okay so this got quite long - 

harry potter:

  • the obvious “death doesn’t discriminate/between the sinners and the saints/…”
  • “history has it’s eyes on you”
  • “dying is easy, young man/ living is harder” haha im not crying ur crying
  • “Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame” those green eyes are legendary 
  • “i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” this child deserved so much more i cannot
  • “my dog speaks more eloquently” harry sass potter strikes again

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I showed that picture of Aleks looking like Macklemore to my friend and she just goes, "Wow look at that picture of a cockroach" and I died laughing

A COCKROACH?! oh my god

One Direction Preference- You Work In An Ambulance/Hospital & Save His Life (Harry, Louis & Niall) (Request by Anon)


“Okay, I need you to relax. This isn’t going to feel good,” you pushed his hair away from his face, trying to ease the panic plastered across it as he struggled for a breath.

You’d been thrown into an ambulance on an emergency call not too far into the city. You had not been expecting to be running into the nicest hotel in a 200 mile radius, or to be directed straight to the penthouse. But here you were, kneeling on marble tile, cradling Harry Styles’ head in your arms as he struggled for a breath.

Sweat began to bead on his forehead as you glanced down at the syringe in your colleague’s hand. You watched Harry’s face shrivel with pain as the epipen sunk into his leg, and with a gasp, air filled his lungs.

Before a word could escape his mouth, your lips wee already moving, “Hey, love. It was an allergic reaction. It was a close one, but everything will be fine once we get you to the hospital, yeah?”

He responded with a weak nod.

“Can you talk? Tell me how you’re feeling,” but he was being pushed onto a gurney before he had a chance to answer. 

As the paramedics buzzed around him, strapping him onto the wheeling bed, he kept his eyes on you, releasing a quiet squeak of a “Thank you,” as he was wheeled out the door and into the elevator.


“Mr. Tomlinson?” you stood stiffly at the side of the hospital bed, studying the monitor beside you intently as you sensed him waking from his grogginess.

“Mmm,” his eyes blinked open, clouded with anesthesia. 

“Mr. Tomlinson, I’m DR. Y/L/N,” your eyes flicked back to him, pulling your clipboard away from your chest, “There was a clot in your lung. That’s what caused all the blood when you coughed,” your voice was all business, “The scope couldn’t reach the clot, either, so we were forced to open you up.”

You watched as fear settled into his features, his gaze moving to the stitches lining the center of his chest, “Wait…what? What happened…”

“So far you’re doing great,” you did your best to reassure him, your tone softening at the pain in his blue eyes, “We’re just worried about infection right now.”

He nodded slowly, “Wow. It’s just…I—I almost died?”

“But you didn’t.”

He looked up at you, lips parted in awe, “Thank you. Thank you so much—I, I don’t even know what to say.”

You smiled, nodding slightly, “You don’t have to say anything. It’s my job.”


“Sir, could you quiet down,” you mumbled, examining the open wound in front of you, “Sir, I know it’s painful, but you need to calm down—” you were interrupted by more yells of pain. Running your gloved hand across the raw skin of his abdomen, you tried your best to assess the damage, but the screams were too distracting, “Excuse me?” you stuck your face up close to his, “What’s your name?”

His brow furrowed, eyes still closed against the agony, “Niall,” he mumbled, clenching his fists.

“Well Niall,” you raised your eyebrows, “I’m in the middle of saving your life so if you would’t mind bringing it down a decibel…” you made a sweeping motion with your arm, indicating his battered body.

You hated to use such an aggressive approach with a patient, but frankly, he wouldn’t shut up and you needed to concentrate on getting out whatever broken glass was left in his body so you could get him into surgery stat.

Your harsh tone caused his eyes to open against the blinding hospital lights, and his gaze connected with yours. He kept you in his sight for a moment before nodding solemnly and tightening his jaw, “Sorry,” and gluing his mouth closed.

“There you go,” you flashed a sarcastic smile, “If it counts for anything, pain meds are on their way.”


I am so terribly sorry for this huge gap in updates! I was away all weekend and was then thrown immediately back into high school hell. Either way, here is the first part to this pref request. Liam & Zayn can be found right here.

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AU Nico to public school after BoO

ooh nICE

  • Nico being really afraid that nobody would like him
  • The seven six and Reyna reassuring him that people will love him 
  • For the first month or so Nico doesn’t talk to anyone and keeps to himself 
  • The teachers notice this and start pairing him up with the more outgoing kids 
  • Nico actually getting along with those kids and suddenly he has so many friends 
  • so many
  • and he’s scarily good in history class and people start coming to him for help with it
  • and public school not being nearly as bad as he thought it would be  

Send me an AU and I’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it!