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Growing Up with SVT|Jeonghan

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// part 2/13 in the Growing Up with SVT series

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  • omg i have so many ideas for jeonghan rip
  • and i dont know where to start
  • bear with me pls this is gonna be all over the place im sorry
  • ok so i think you obviously became friends with Jeonghan in school
  • you two were pretty young, like 4th grade, and grew close pretty fast
  • the whole “growing up” thing was pretty regular at first
  • i dont mean to be boring
  • but it was just playing together, going to each other’s house
  • always teaming up for projects
  • the usual, you know
  • until you guys reached high school
  • a little bit like Seungcheol, Jeonghan made friends easily
  • he was a real social butterfly
  • in no time, he was surrounded with friends: he was in every club, was so approachable
  • it’s not something you could complain about, though, since it was the reason you became friends in the first place
  • you’d been way too shy to try and talk to him, but he’d been forward and energetic and had befriended you so easily
  • growing up with Jeonghan was easy and smooth
  • whatever you needed he would get you
  • as young children, he’d always be that kid trying to get everyone to get along
  • he helped you be more social, made it easier to make friends
  • he was the one insisting on you joining clubs
  • him having so many friends also helped you two getting invited to places
  • it wasn’t like that at first, though
  • when he’d started being popular and going from one group to another, it strained your friendship
  • he was so busy, you couldn’t really blame him for trying to deal with everything at once and leaving you behind a little bit
  • you barely got time to hang out, though, and that made you a little sad
  • you were kind of giving up on him too
  • you had your own friends and you weren’t trying to hold on too hard to your relationship
  • people grew apart, it was a thing, and you knew Jeonghan would do well without you
  • besides, he looked the happiest when he was going from a club to another, not settling on having only a few friends
  • so you let him go
  • that is, until he showed up at your house on Halloween
  • normally, each year, you two would have a horror movie marathon
  • that year, tho, you didn’t think Jeonghan would show up
  • you’d heard some guy was planning a party at his house and Jeonghan was sure to be invited
  • while you, well, he probably didn’t even know you existed
  • not that you minded
  • so when you heard the knock on your door, and saw a smiling Hannie when you opened, you were beyond surprised
  • “what are you doing here?!”
  • “you didn’t think i would forget our tradition, did you?”
  • he just walked in and popped in The Exorcist before plopping down on your couch
  • you’d watched horror movies all night and ended up talking about school until you actually had to go to school
  • you were very hesitant at first, because you didn’t want to bother him, but you told him how you felt about your relationship, the way you thought it was dying out a little bit
  • and that made him so, so sad
  • you’re so precious to him okay
  • and so he makes sure that you never, ever feel like that, ever again
  • from this moment, he makes sure you’re sticking by his side
  • he invites you to parties, makes you sit at the “popular” table at lunch, etc.
  • he’s also always trying to set you up
  • like i swear this boy will not stop until you get a decent s/o
  • he somehow always manages to know who you’re crushing on
  • you don’t have to tell him
  • you might not even know you have a crush yet
  • he still knows
  • and so it “happens” that you are often left alone with them at parties, or the seat next to them is the only free one when you reach the cafeteria
  • at first it’s annoying and very, very embarrassing
  • but you have no choice but to accept it
  • bc he’s not gonna stop
  • in the end it’s kinda useful ? i guess ?
  • like most of the people you dated, you met through jeonghan, or at a party he dragged you to
  • im gonna say this, though, and please miely don’t sue me, but i think he would be your first kiss
  • be it at a party or during one of your movie nights
  • it doesn’t matter
  • you guys were so close and comfortable with each other that one time you just ended up face to face and staring at each other
  • the kiss came naturally
  • one second you were looking into the other’s eyes, the next one your lips were softly meeting
  • it lasted only a few seconds
  • and i mean it wasn’t bad but it definitely didn’t feel right either
  • i think he’d look at you and you’d look at him, and you both knew it was your first kiss and it wasn’t his first
  • you’d stare at each other for a while, still a bit pressed against him and
  • “meh”
  • it’s not awkward, but you guys may be too close to have that kind of relationship
  • Jeonghan just ruffles your hair and smiles at you
  • well it’s more of a smirk, really
  • “well i hope you enjoyed it bc it’s not gonna happen again”
  • “Yah! don’t be so rude!”
  • and you’d playfully hit him and giggle, and never really talk about it again
  • not until a few years later, when he’s in SVT and you’re in college and all you can do is Skype from time to time
  • “do you remember when we kissed?”
  • “ofc, i wouldn’t forget my first kiss, hannie”
  • and i mean, it’s true, a first kiss is special
  • you’d see jeonghan’s face kind of fall, and he’d stay silent
  • “i’m sorry i kind of stole that special one from you”
  • “i wouldn’t have wanted it any other way”
  • and the way he looks at you after that, you know he understands. it’s not about feelings and romance, it’s bc you trust him and he is your closest friend. nobody could have made your first kiss as special as him.

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“We spiraled high on a gust of love, and i knew right from the start nothing could tear us apart. Till the day you broke my heart and now it’s too little too late.” Just friends. Wow are we gonna die monday. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. You didn’t have a clue. So you went out and got busy and found somebody new. Now we’ll be just friends.

Keith: Okay, we have got to explain this math thing to Shiro to save their relationship.

Lance: It’s not about the math. They haven’t seen each other because of all the battles we’ve been in lately. They just need to bone.

Keith: What? Gross! Lance, that’s our dad!

Keith: I mean… That’s not what I think. Leader Dad is just my friend.

Lance: Wow.


Lance: You and Allura just need to bone.

Shiro: What did you say?

Keith: Please don’t say it again.

Lance: I said you two need to bone.

Shiro: How… dare you, Lance. I am the leader of Voltron!

Shiro: [5 minutes later ] Bone!

Shiro: [10 minutes later] What happens in my bedroom, Lance, is none of your business.

Shiro: [21 minutes later] Bone?!

Shiro: [40 minutes later] Don’t ever speak to me like that again.

interesting how the thing with benjamin’s vessel wasn’t really explained? like the main reason to bring it up was just to say that angels don’t have genders, but they also made it a point to say that benjamin was “””””friends””””” with the vessel. that whole part was weird to me. it seemed as if there was something other than just friendship going on between angel and vessel, and i thought for sure they’d confirm that benjamin was actually in love with the vessel.

but then they didn’t. but u know what did happen.

“these are my friends”

“my friendship with sam and dean”


f r i en d s

are they really cas are they really just your friends

I’m still sad but I’m happy to be alive tonight.

so my classmate showed her friend pictures of assclass
  • classmate: *shows picture of karma*
  • her friend: who is he? he looks gay
  • classmate: ...
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Yeeess!! my fave is back and he hasn’t been demoted!! also, based on the scene he was in, we got a bit of information surrounding the Schnee dust company and the political side of Atlas!

. Ironwood has not been demoted! he still holds the rank of General.

. Not only that but he also holds two seats on the council. 

. Seeing as he seems to have so much power and position (Headmaster, General, Member of Council etc) he must be well trusted by the Atlesian government, especially considering the fact that since the events in Vale, he hasn’t seemed to have lost any of these powers or positions, which would be appropriate considering the events. Jacques even mentions later on that it’s shocking Ironwood hasn’t been demoted or stripped of his rank.

. Ironwood has already set an embargo on dust exports from Atlas, which is why Jacques is so ruffled.

. Ironwood seems to have further ideas in mind other than the embargo, that were only implied during the exchange. It’s possible it was to prolong the dust embargo until it’s certain no kingdom will declare war, which Jacques mentions later on. This implies there are great political tensions and unrest between the kingdoms currently.

. Ironwood seems to only have the well-being of Atlas in mind, which is a relief to me, because since the new opening suggested Ironwood was heavily associated with the Schnee’s, I immediately assumed it was because he was lending the power of his position to aide sketchy business enterprises, but it seems he only associates with them professionally.

. Additionally; Weiss trusts him so that’s nice, you can add Ironwoods name to the list of people Weiss can trust in Atlas, which is now at a grand total of 3

. Oh, also; Ironwood is fucking hot.

Continuation of this fluffy fic for Annabeth’s 23rd birthday; Just demigods being dorks. I laughed a lot while writing this, I hope you enjoy reading it!

“I always knew you were his favourite,” Clarisse growled. “It’s so obvious.”

Annabeth laughed. “What are you talking about?”

“Come on!” Clarisse waved a hand at the dining pavilion, which was decorated with a huge Happy Birthday banner and far too many blue and silver balloons. “Who else would Chiron extend the curfew for?”

It was the early hours of the morning, and while Chiron had sent all the younger campers to their cabins he’d given his blessing for the party to continue on with just Annabeth’s special guests - which was really more than enough. With ex campers from both Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter in attendance, Percy had done a great job of completely blowing Annabeth’s no fuss birthday request.

She blew a stream of air out from between her pursed lips. “Well, technically, none of us are really campers anymore -”

“You Athena kids and your technicalities,” Clarisse snarled, but there was no menace in it.  “Just admit you’re the golden child and get it over with.”

Thankfully, Chris asked Clarisse to dance before she could get properly annoyed with Annabeth, who was too busy laughing to respond to the accusation.

Just as the Ares camper left, Frank stepped in to take her place. “Golden child, huh?”

Annabeth smiled at him, softer than the smile she’d given Clarisse. “Apparently.”

Grover snuck in between them, chewing on his plastic cup. He bleated a laugh. “I can believe it.”

She narrowed her eyes at him over the rim of her cup. “You can?”

“Yeah.” He smiled at her. “You’ve been practically running this place since you were seven. And look at all these people who travelled to celebrate with you…”

Annabeth swept her gaze out over the pavilion, which was packed with all of her demigod friends - people she’d grown up with at the camp, people who had quested with her and fought by her side, people whom she loved. And at the centre of it all, Percy, blue icing smeared across his chin from where Piper had just mushed her piece of cake into his face.

“I don’t think any of these people consider me to be the golden child of camp, though. That honour probably goes to Percy.”

“Eh.” Frank shrugged. “Everyone knows that you two are a package deal, anyway.”

She watched her boyfriend chase after Piper with a cup of blue soda as she shrieked, “No powers, no powers!”

“I don’t need powers to pour this over your head, McLean!” Percy shouted, scaling a table and spilling soda on Calypso’s shoulder as he went. “Sorry!”

Annabeth laughed. “Lucky me.”

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