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Hi! Just wondering if you know when the gag reel is going to be released?

It was shown today for the comiccon panel but I believe it will officially be released when the s11 dvd comes out

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hey alice! i remember you saying that you're agent was on holiday or something which is why nothing could happen in regards to the secret project. i was just wondering if she was back + if you know any more about the secret project announcement? (also, do you think you could share another sneak peek with us?) hope you have a lovely night!!

hello there! yes it was my editor at HarperCollins who was on holiday! she returned this week, but has obviously had LOADS of emails to catch up on, and she’s probably actually focusing on my book 3 deal at the moment, so it’s understandable that my secret project isn’t their top priority right now. if i don’t hear any more in the next week or so, i’ll chase them up about it - i really desperately at least want to announce it!! i was originally going to announce it on the 1st july… then i hoped for 1st august… but it looks like it won’t even be that at this point… :(

it’s kind of annoying tbh. originally, i was going to do this all myself, but i figured that since the project contains characters from Solitaire, i should check with HC that i’m allowed to do it, and so when i did, they responded like ‘this is AWESOME we want to help’ (which was great!!) but then they were like ‘let us send you a schedule of when you can announce it and gradually reveal it and then start it’ and i was like…… okay then…. and they still haven’t gotten back to me. which, again, is UNDERSTANDABLE because it’s not something they’re paying for or publishing, but… it’s annoying, because i’d already made myself a schedule and now i’m just waiting and hoping :’)

let’s just all hope they get back to me about it soon!!!

and OF COURSE. here is another sneak peek for you all :D have a lovely night yourself!

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What's it like being otherkin?

I get asked this question from time to time and it always makes me stumble a bit. I mean, where do I even start when someone wonders what it’s like for me to just be, you know, me. If I were to explain what being otherkin is like, I’d have to lay my whole life story out for them and really give a connection between my identity as a wyvern and life as an average human.

I find it funny how easy it is to describe this part of me, and yet it can be so difficult to answer how that changes my life or makes it unique.

Semi-Hiatus notice

Hey! If you did’t know already, I’m going on holiday on a canal boat trip from 29th of July to the 4th of August! I might be on now and again to do some quick, icon-less roleplays! I just wanted to let you know in case you’re wondering why I’m offline more often for the duration of the holiday.

I will be back after the holiday!

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Hi, just wondering how you know Riding High is a scam? I was just reading about it and it looks like it would be so fun to play!!

Well, I can tell you that the shortest explanation is that the “team” behind Riding High keeps saying that Unreal Engine is too unstable to produce content quickly. Meanwhile, Riding Out has already released a beta in Unreal Engine in a fraction of the time with a much smaller team.

The long story is that the folks behind Alicia Online’s reboot actually got in contact with the people who claim to be working on Riding High and their former employers. You can read their full findings here, but just a few points would be: Riding High has never giving out the “Christmas foals” they promised to early funders who pledged real money (now nearly 3 years ago), there is zero evidence that any of the content they show isn’t just reused assets from another source, and they basically attempted to put their former boss out of business.

Their PR has been a series of covers ups and well-timed posts. It launches after Alicia Online goes out of business and promises to be released in English and Korean first, and now it’s promising to fill all the places SSO has made no indication of going where there has been plenty of fan demand. It’s convenient lies with zero evidence to back it up as a real project. If they haven’t produced any real content, or given their backers promised content by now, after three years, it’s easy to say the game is a ruse.

~ Echo


So recently I ended up having a dream with these 2 where they’re older and reunite and he’s an ass again, but for a while I had been considering an AU of the second Care Bears movie where there are no Care Bears and it’s just Christy and Dark Heart cuz they’re great lol

Idk what I have settled yet but she seems less than impressed with his antics. Maybe they had a deal similar to the movie one only it didn’t get broken off and now he’s back for what she owes him and they accidentally become friends and maybe more doop

Also he’s not wearing that shitty jumpsuit lol. I’ll have to do the colors at some point…

Is anyone else… really fucking worried about some characters? Especially teenage, isolated characters who dress up in red and blue spandex….? Peter Parker has half a dozen super-villains - much older adults with crazy powers and skills and experience - trying to literally murder him. They team up so they can literally, actually torture and kill this teenage boy. And Peter is very alone, and no one even validates his fear; he faces one super-charged villain who was this close to brutally murdering him, ties him up, and then hands him to the police who scoff and talk about locking Spider-Man up.

No one in the universe acknowledges that this is an actual kid who people try to murder on a regular basis? I love Spidey’s exploits and watching him, as the underdog, rise up and kick butt, but gOD am I CONCERNED about this small cinnamon bun

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Hello :) I'm just wondering if you happen to know anything about an interview in which Liam talks about how he and Zayn would have found one another even if they hadn't met in 1D. I've heard stories about this infamous moment but it sounds too good to be true -- like lovely lovely fanfiction.



The interviewer asks them if they thought they would have met if they weren’t in 1D, and LIAM J. PAYNE asks Zayn “Where were you all these years”

and Zayn says quietly “Ah doan tend ta dooh mooch in muh own tahme, soh ah might noht ‘ahve seen yew”

Liam, LIAM, 📢L📢I📢A📢M, wouldn’t have any of Lewis’s anti-Ziam propaganda, because Liam is like “But then again you might have”

What kind of potato camera operation was this though that we don’t have any footage of Liam saying this to Zayn? The only answer I will ever accept is that the camera man was sobbing too hard to focus the camera. 

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The struggle: 1. Not knowing if she's flirting with you or just being nice 2. Flirting and wondering if she knows you're not just being nice.

This is the most relatable thing ever

but what if trolls in space have different lingo than us while they’re dicking around on their ship

over the com system instead of saying “over” they say “stop” like its a fucking telegraph

or instead of “roger” they say “larry”

“Hey Sollux, don’t forget to pack the freeze dried squid. Fish face will have a conniption otherwise. Stop.”

“Larry that, captain dick monger. Thtop.”

my fucking brain at 5am, for some reason: saintly shepard outlived his entire family

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Hey! I'm a Swiftie and I was just wondering, considering I don't really know Tom, how would you describe him. Thanks!

Hi Swiftie!

So. *cracks knuckles* Here I go. 

In my humble opinion, Tom is so very passionate about life, his work, and people. When he’s into something he goes 5000% in dedication and effort. 

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His range in acting is absolutely astounding (as an filmmaker myself I’m amazed and would love to work with him one day). His co-stars and directors have praised him for his amazing work and his utter kindness both on set and off set.

Some of my favorite films he has been in are Midnight in Paris, Crimson Peak, the TV mini series The Night Manager, High Rise, and of course his Marvel work…go check them out of you can! 

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He is also an utter goofball, passionate about his charity work, very humble, a huge Shakespeare and theatre nerd, does great impressions, very funny, and loves LOVES to dance. 

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This just cracks the surface with him, but I’m sure it is just a sliver of what a great guy he is!

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