just wondering what it would be like

Is this how Taako fishes?

He just fucking levitates the fish out of the water?

Taako do you even know what fishing is or is this just your own fun interpretation.

Holy shit he takes Barry out fishing with him sometime and Barry’s like, okay, that sounds like a calmer activity than I usually end up doing with one of the twins, this could actually be nice! And he’s kind of looking forward to just spending a chill afternoon with his brother but then… it is, of course, not at all what he thought it would be. Fish are flying everywhere. Barry is standing with a net trying to catch fish out of the air and wondering what he’s doing with his life.

Taako mentions a fishing trip to Kravitz years later, and Barry pulls him aside. “Don’t do it,” he whispers. “It’s not what it sounds like. It’s not what you think it is. Taako-fishing is not other-people-fishing and he won’t do it the right way and Lup thinks the whole thing is great and it’s not, just don’t do it.”

In Time

“As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.” Instead of returning to the barn with Hook, Emma gets sent even further into the future.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to @phiralovesloki as an early birthday present. She digs the time travel trope, so here it is! Special thanks to @starlessness for the beta.

Rating: PG

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The portal swirls behind her, Hook and the other woman already gone to the other side. Emma isn’t sure how long it will last or if her magic will hold long enough for her to follow. Rumplestiltskin’s grip is an iron vice on her wrist. How she had never noticed his strength before now, she does not know.

“I loved him too! I wanted to save him!” she shouts, pleading with him to let her go home and not let Neal’s death be in vain.

Does it make her a terrible person to be pleading for Neal’s father to allow his son to die? She feels like she’s betraying Neal by begging for his death. But if she doesn’t convince Rumplestiltskin to release her, she believes she could be failing everyone. Neal wouldn’t want his own life saved at the expense of the timeline and everyone else.

She wants nothing more than to get back to everyone else, to home, to finally begin to build her life in Storybrooke with Henry and her family. She wants the chance to know what that will mean, to discover just what her future holds there, not trapped here in the past.

Somehow, the Dark One listens to her, wrenching her free. As Emma falls back into the portal, she thinks of one thing: home.

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Pete's Coffee

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

Summary: In which a boy orders coffee and a girl makes them.

Part 3: Cappuccino

Side Note: This is a story that will have five parts. Therefore, welcome to Pete’s Coffee.

Friendly PSA: Please do not steal my writing without my permission, or flat out steal it at all. It’s super disrespectful and 100% plagiarism. So, if you’re someone who does steal other peoples’ work, think about what you’re doing before you hit that copy button. Thank you!

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It was a slow day at Pete’s Coffee, you weren’t sure if you were thankful for that or not, sure you didn’t have to rush around and try not to screw up orders, but at the same time you weren’t making that much money.

You were saving up every cent to put towards your own college fund, going to a well known school was a dream of yours, and you were determined to make it there someday.

You tapped the pen against the counter, bored out of your mind, you were working a solo shift today, and your coworkers hours since they were sick.

These kinds of days were the worst, you wished you could leave and go home and just relax, but you couldn’t.

You leaned against the counter, pulling out your phone, turning on your music that way you wouldn’t be that bored.

You started to think, you never got a phone call today from your favorite customer, Caffé Parker.

It was unusual, he normally called everyday, ordering some new drink, and then rambling as he always forgot to choose a milk and then order a breakfast sandwich.

You weren’t going to lie, you were starting to have a thing for the coffee boy, your eyes would light up when he’d enter the shop, and the same shy smile would appear on his face as he saw you.

Where was he today?

Did I give him too much milk?

Was the breakfast sandwich not the right one he ordered?

You just couldn’t place where you had potentially went wrong, but then again, you did overthink a lot.

You decided to start cleaning up the shop, you didn’t have any customers and it was close to closing time anyways, so you decided to get a head start.

You started by cleaning the counter and counting all the money inside the cash register, then organizing the menus and napkins.

For the next hour or so, you spent cleaning the machines and the area around them, a smile of satisfaction on your face as to how spotless you made it.

You then walked into the backroom, grabbing a mop and went to start cleaning the floor, until you heard the bell above the door ring.

It was literally five minutes to closing, you groaned, resting your head against the tip of the mop, “I can do this, it’s okay, just give them their coffee and they’ll leave.” You talked to yourself quietly, taking a deep breath before walking back out to the counter.

You put on a fake smile, getting ready to greet the customer at the counter, “Hello, welcome to Pete’s Coffee-” You stopped, your eyes widening slightly as you saw the one and only Caffé Parker standing before you, a guilty smile on his face.

“I-I hope I’m not l-late.” He stuttered, looking at you nervously, as your fake smile turned into a genuine one.

“You just made it.” You winked, making him smile nervously, but you could see his shoulders slightly relax.

“Not going to lie, I was surprised I didn’t get a phone call from you today, I was wondering where you were.” You teased, making him chuckle quietly, your heart beat increasing.

“I got caught up with something this morning.” He shrugged, his confidence peaking through, probably since it was just the both of you in the shop.

You nodded understandingly, bringing your notepad and pen out, waiting for him to tell you his order.

“-OH, r-right, sorry!” He rushed out, his face becoming flustered, making you smile and motion for him to continue.

“Uhm, lets see, I’ll have a small Cappuccino please.” He smiled, seeming confident with his order, making you bite your lip slightly.

“What milk would you like?” You questioned, making him groan as you laughed.

“I knew I was forgetting something, how do I always forget the milk?” He asked, making you shrug in response, a smile on your face.

“Lets see, since I keep changing every thing up, I’ll try the soy milk today.” He smiled, nodding as you wrote down the last of his order.

“Is that all for today?” You questioned again, as he nodded in response, handing you the money.

“You know Caffé Parker,” You started, “Peter,” He coughed, making you roll your eyes playfully as he gave you a small smirk, your heart beating rapidly, “I WAS going to say that you keep giving me such huge tips, you don’t have to do that.” You smiled softly, making his heart this time beat rapidly.

Peter knew he gave the girl bigger tips each time he saw her, he just couldn’t help it, she was beautiful, and she put up with him and his rambling.

“I know, but you deserve it.” He smiled, making you smile back, before creating his drink for him.

“You want to see something really cool? I love making Cappuccino’s for this reason.” She grinned excitedly, as she motioned for Peter to come behind the counter, his nerves raising in anticipation.

He wandered behind the counter, he couldn’t help but observe her, all of her, he realized how he was actually taller than her by a few inches, how her hair fell to the middle of her back, how she secretly wore boots instead of sneakers, all these little quirks made him even more intrigued.

“Alright ready?” You smiled, as he walked closer to you, waiting to see what you were going to do.

You grabbed the soy milk, and then created the shape into the Cappuccino, a smirk on your face as you noticed Peter’s eyes widen.

“Whoa.” He breathed out, making you laugh slightly, before finishing the design, and setting it on the counter.

“Neat right?” You smiled cheerfully, as Peter walked back to the front of the counter, handing you the money, which you put into the cash register.

You expected him to leave after that, but he didn’t, instead, he took a seat at one of your tables, scrolling through his phone.

You decided to make yourself a latte, before cleaning up your work space once again, then taking your drink and wandering over to him, taking a seat in front of him.

“Do you mind if I join you?” You smiled, making his eyes light up at your presence, his head shaking.

“N-No, I’d love for you to, -I mean,” He stammered, making you giggle quietly, sipping your latte.

You both sat there for a few minutes in silence, it wasn’t awkward though, it was actually really peaceful, you both were just enjoying each other’s company.

“You know.. I’ve been coming here for a while now, and I realized something.” Peter brought up, raising an eyebrow at you, making you curious.

“Hmm?” You hummed, watching as his lips formed into a smile, creating butterflies in your stomach.

“You know my name, which is Peter by the way,” He chuckled, making you shyly smile at the table before looking back up at him, “But I never got yours.” He bit his lip slightly, a nervous habit he had.

“It’s Y/N.” You smiled, glancing at your drink before looking back up at him.

“Well, it’s nice to officially meet you, Y/N.” He grinned, making you smile and shake your head at him.

Indeed it was.

Guinea Chat: Official Taste Tester

Ao3 link

“CHAT NOIR!” The sudden call reverberating off of the brick and metalwork of the Parisian rooftops made Chat Noir fumble in midair before catching himself. Perplexed, he looked around frantically while trying to calm his racing heart to a less adrenaline-induced state. He finally spotted his friend, Marinette, waving her arms like a lunatic with a beaming grin. Hoisting himself to a positon where he could launch himself over, he landed with a light tap just on the inside of the railing and bowed with a grin.

“To what do I owe the pleasure and terror, Princess?” He grinned teasingly.

“I need a guinea cat,” she answered, steepling her hands with a strange look in her eyes behind them. “My parents wouldn’t work and it’s too late at night to call any of my friends and I just can’t wait until tomorrow to do this and-” Marinette broke for breath “-help me, Chat Noir Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

Chat Noir burst out laughing. “How can I say no, Princess?!” he gasped out, hands on his knees.

She gave another beaming grin and did a fist pump. “Yessss,“she hissed lowly "stay here, I’m gonna go get it.” She hopped down to her room below while Chat evened out his breathing. Not long after Chat’s breathing had returned to normal for the second time in only a few minutes (so many emotions in one day, what would his father say?) Marinette returned, placing a tray of different colored cupcakes on the balcony before pulling herself through the skylight. Bringing the tray over to her guinea cat, she explained “I wanted to try making a new cupcake recipe to share with my friends at school. But I don’t want to make too many different flavors, so…” she thrust the tray closer to Chat’s watering mouth. You’ll probably need the extra calories jumping around those rooftops, right?“

Chat Noir grinned as he chose a cupcake. "I shall try to be a good guinea cat for you, Princess. What’s this one?” He asked, holding up his chosen treat.

“That one should be… chocolate with a matcha buttercream icing and a raspberry cream cheese filling.”

So it went, Chat would pick up a cupcake and Marinette would tell him what was in it before he took a bite.

“I think I’ll be rolling across Parisian rooftops rather than jumping across them, Princess,” he whined good-naturedly. “How did you come up with so many weird - but tasty - combos?! Some of those cupcakes finally made me understand the reactions to food in Shokugeki no Soma!”

She giggled and blushed at his earnest compliments. “I saw a lot of recipes online and requests over the years to develop some ideas of tweaks that might work. It makes me glad that most of them did seem to work out! So which ones did you like the best?” She asked excitedly.

“If I tell you, can I get some more the next time I’m patrolling?” He gave her a wicked grin.

“Maybe you won’t get to try any of the next batch if you don’t tell me.” Marinette deadpanned, the corners of her mouth lifting as Chat Noir panicked.

“No, no! I’ll tell you! The first one - chocolate/matcha/raspberry? - the vanilla/bergamot…? whatever one, the cinnamon/gingerbread thing from Christmas HEAVEN, and that-that flower one!”

Marinette breathed out a relieved sigh. “That flower cupcake was the hardest one to get right” she confessed. “But worth it if you think it’s one of the best 4!” She thrust both hands skyward in triumph. “If everything goes well at school with those flavors, you may just get some more to taste test, M. Noir.”

Chat groaned from his spot on her balcony chair. “My brain and stomach say ‘no’ but my heart and taste buds scream ‘YYYYEEEEESSSSS’” Chat made his voice as demonic sounding as possible.

Marinette giggled from behind her hands that failed to stifle the noise as Chat chuckled at her reaction. “I thank you and your stomach for your great sacrifice” she made her voice ridiculously regal sounding “I apologize for any inconvenience my request may have caused you… and your suit. As this is a school night, I must beg you to make haste home. Though not at the expense of some poor pedestrian below, I pray.”

“Your highness,” Chat played along, forcing himself to his feet “although the pain in my heart at leaving thee tonight is greater than even the pain in my poor, blissful stomach, I will do as begged. For the chance to eat such delicacies is worth any pain to my weakling stomach.” He stepped away with an overly dramatic bow before leaping away carefully, Marinette’s laughs following him through the air where her shout had bounced around earlier that night.


So many Marichat fics start with “Chat Noir?” And/or “what are you doing here?” In some form or variation. That didn’t seem to fit with them, so I wanted to try something else. I came up with the flavor combinations. The vanilla/bergamot is supposed to be a London Fog as a cupcake. I’ve heard of combining chocolate and matcha, but wondered about them with raspberry (idk, it sounds good to me). And there’s a bakery in France known for their flower cupcakes, so there’s that. (I think it’s in Nice, maybe?) (If anyone knows what bakery I’m talking about, I would appreciate the name and location so I can edit this note with it!)

If people would like a continuation, I’d be happy to. It’s just a toss up on whether Adrien reveals himself when she starts bringing cupcakes to class or if they get through more of these taste tests first.

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Concept: Pike and Grog teaching Kiki martial combat. Like how to throw and take punches properly and stuff. So Kiki ends up like. A gymnast. Thin as a twig but could break you in half. And she can use that new strength to be more acrobatic using grasping vine and stuff idk it just sounded badass and Vax would be all 😍

She’s gangly and awkward and doesn’t quite seem to know what to do with her limbs but then someone says something rude and she’s got flawless form as she decks them and Grog and Pike are holding up perfect ten scorecards in the background while Vax swoons and the sorry sonofabitch who started it all just lies on the floor regretting their life choices

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So I currently have an ear infection and it's made me wonder how everyone would react to having one. Thoughts?

I hope you get better soon!

Bruce: goes about his regular life but feels like he’s dying and then is eventually ordered by Alfred to go to the doctors

Dick: is such a crybaby but can totally bear the pain, he just likes having his siblings do what he asks for once

Jason: is in excruciating pain because he tries to ignore it but he uses guns and the noise does not fare well with his infected ear

Tim: doesn’t even realise it’s infected because he just kind of feels numb everywhere what with the coffee, stress and sleep deprivation. Eventually realises and gets medical help

Damian: pretty much the same as Bruce just with more “Dick doting on whatever he needs” than Bruce gets

Cass: very chillax about the whole thing even if it hurts, doesn’t complain all that much because she’s had worse and unless she’s being reckless, it’ll get better soon

Steph: complains the whole time, hates being sick in any capacity so this is absolute hell for her, even if it isn’t all that bad

Duke: absolutely fine unless he’s got to stay in bed for extended amounts of time because then he gets bored and restless

Babs: hates ear infections because she can’t use earbuds or listen to any loud music or anything and she just can’t wait for it to heal up and be done

Reveling in Richonne

#55: The Mow Down (7x9)

7x9 was an episode filled with wonderful Richonne tag teaming. And probably the most notable and grandest example of that was this moment right here, when R&M proceed to mow down an entire herd of walkers, all on their own. 

This extreme moment was pretty cool to witness. It will definitely go down in TWD history as one of the most iconic action sequences of the series. And who else would something so iconic be involving other than two of TWD’s top icons, Rick and Michonne.

So the scene starts with Rick driving and Michonne is in the seat next to him because of course. And then they all have to get out cuz those pesky Saviors have cars blocking the road and they need to move them. I love that Rick and Michonne are always looking like the heads of the household.

Originally posted by myfriendamy

And I appreciate that as everyone is moving these cars, Michonne is wisely surveying the area and her keen eye notices the dynamite. And then I love that she calls Rick over to take a look at what she sees and he of course walks right over. 

It’s funny cuz, as they all investigate this dynamite situation, Carl mentions how he heard something about this when he was in the back of the Savior’s truck and y’all, it’s so subtle, but it really looks like Michonne looks over at Carl cuz she’s thinking, “I still can’t believe your wildn self snuck off to the Sanctuary and didn’t tell me.” 😂 I so wish we could have seen how she and Rick addressed Carl after his Savior excursion lol. 

So they get wind that Negan is sending some Saviors over to ASZ to look for Daryl and Michonne makes the point about how they have to go but they also have to clear the path anyway. And I love that Rick says “Yeah” in response to what she said cuz he stays verbally acknowledging her. 

I’m here for it cuz like it wouldn’t be a big deal if he didn’t say yeah right here but, big deal of not, he’s always willing and ready to verbally co-sign her words. And Michonne does the same when he says they need every stick and RPG and she too verbally acknowledges his words by calmly saying “Yeah.” It’s one of those small things that could seem insignificant but really does add to the healthiness of this couple and their communication. 

So as the walker herd gets closer Michonne points out to Rick that essentially they’re going to need a plan B. She asks if they can just split up and Rick very passionately says no lol. And then being the strategic man he is, Rick realizes that the cars that hold this wire could be the solution.

And, ya’ll, in this moment we literally see Richonne finish each other’s sentence. I didn’t really notice that until I re-watched it. But Rick says “The cars, if they run…” and then Michonne says “We lay on the horn and we start it.” 

Y’all, what? How great is this lol. Like they didn’t just finish each other’s sentence, they finished each other’s thought process on what the plan is lol. The fact that Rick just had to say those five words and Michonne knew exactly what he was suggesting. These two are in sync like no other. 

And I love that she says “we” cuz she knows they’re about to do this together. So then Rick tells her he’ll give her the signal and he says “Stay together.” And I was over here like that’s right you two; stay together, like until the end of time lol. 

And so they run to the cars and I didn’t even exactly know what their plan was while they did this, but I didn’t care cuz I was just happy that they both knew and were on the same page about it lol. 

R&M proceed to get these cars going and it’s cool that they both know how to do that. I love that Rick has a woman who is so capable, that she can be right there with him enacting this pretty risky plan. And he doesn’t try to suggest someone else do it because he knows Michonne can handle anything. 

So Rick gives the signal and they speed off, mowing down a record amount of walkers. I feel like watching them do this pretty insane feat, you can’t help but react like…

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Now, I remember in the 7B trailer, that aired after 7x8, there was a clip from this scene of Rick driving. I remember being like, “What is that scene going to be about? Cuz Rick looks so worried.” 

From the clipI thought maybe he was racing away from a Savior or something but I could tell he looked concerned for the person he was looking at and why would he look so shook and concerned about a Savior? So I remember just wondering; then what is Rick looking at that has him so concerned?

Michonne. He was looking at Michonne. But of course, lol. Like, as we’ll see after this mow down sequence, Rick was aware that this plan was risky and I think he was worried that he might have just dragged his wife into a dangerous pit. I love that as they’re driving they do both look over at each other, cuz that’s who they’re most concerned about right now. 

And of course they drive the cars so in sync because they do everything in sync lol. It was a very cool scene and I’m glad this moment was given to the two of them. Like I love that one of the coolest action sequences in TWD is also a Richonne moment. 

We saw earlier in this episode that a couple that side eyes together stays together. And in this scene we saw that a couple that slays together stays together.

I just really appreciate how effortlessly R&M can transition from lovingly holding hands, to being the baddest warriors around. You really can have it all! 🙌🏾

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Thoughts About TGS 2017 @ 21/09/17


When I got a message from senpai that Emitsun was the special guest, I was totally stunned for a second or two before I quickly went to load the stream as I was working. Not my proudest moment, but I was really numb, excited, in disbelief, worried and lowkey wanting to scream.

I know Anchan’s history and knew how she was a LoveLive! Fan, so my first thoughts were: “How would Anchan be holding it?”.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to listen to the stream (I might understand only 20% of it anyway), but I was able to see Emitsun and Anchan introducing the PDP seiyuus, but through the whole stream I was looking from Anchan to Emitsun and back again, and the difference between the two were obvious.

Anchan was the more energetic one, and Emitsun was the calmer, more focused MC.

I read tags and titles about the meeting, it’s really connection generations, and I felt a shudder running down my back as I realized it was really like what it appeared to be.

A more mature, experienced and calmer Emitsun hosting together with an energetic, happy and lowkey fangirling Anchan.

It’s really Chika meeting Honoka on the same stage, and I was really happy for Anchan.

Remember this was when I was on the clock, and I was twitching so much in concern over the stream the entire time.

Then the PDP Seiyuu’s came out, one by one, all of them running awkwardly to the front of the stage, looking very much like students being called by the teacher for a self intro (which it kinda was with their blazers).

The first thing that came to me was this image:

(Image courtesy of LL Wikia)

I mean look at it:

(Images from Lui~)

I kid:

They were similar enough that I couldn’t help but draw similarities with it, and as I had stressed with senpai a long long time ago, this was exactly what I had hoped Aqours’ debut would be.

This was what Aqours missed out, the chance to be introduced, acclimatized and recognized by their seniors, u’s before they took over the baton.

And all the PDP girls were so young, and so nervous, you could literally see them wondering how the audience would react and receive them, and besides how that makes me feel my age, they crowd was mostly silent too.

I suppose that’s different from a live niconama, Tokyo Game Show doesn’t really allow cheers as far as I remember.

I have some knowledge with makeup, so all of them were probably not at their best, just like how Aqours were like before. They were ‘student’s before, and most likely they chose or were asked to do so to avoid showing up their seniors. Not like Anchan or Emitsun would lose. But the image they portrayed of being junior to their seniors were done very well, gonna give props to that.

I remember Anchan hosting Niconama’s at the start, I didn’t like her at the start, I felt she was too violent and rushed, and preferred Suwawa for being more collected and calm. But Anchan matured so much, I could say the same for Emitsun though.

Remember the meme that Emitsun, just like Honks, is either the best or the worst idol? There’s no in between, but here we are, Emitsun sharing the stage with Anchan and letting her junior take the lead while she plays the supporting role.

Things really have changed, and in many ways I still have very mixed feelings

The highlight and key note of the entire talk show was the speech that Emitsun gave at the very end. And again I had eyes for Anchan, and the SC from Onibe’s subbed video says it all.

Did the guys pick this as the thumbnail or was that pure luck?

Either way - this is what I felt, and to most of the LL-ers too. Anchan’s holding back emotions. Or she’s just trying to blink and to cry. But at the very least she can’t keep a straight face at Emitsun’s speech, and I’m sure I won’t be able to.

But after all the dust settled, I still feel conflicted and worried over the implications that u’s and Aqours might be collaborating.

I’m excited that they are going to work together at least in the game, and they would be active again.

I’m somewhat sad that Aqours would have to share the spotlight with u’s, sad too that it seemed that Lantis is determined to milk what’s worth of u’s dry.

I’m worried about how SIFAS is retconning stuff to make them be together, what is canon now? I’m also worried about how this would affect u’s themselves, they didn’t retire, but they did get everything wiped clean.

What’s going to happen to my wallet?

I’m anxious about finding out whether they’ll do nama’s together or just be doing voice work. Would they bring back NozoEli? Are they really back on their own terms? Would they be rivals in a way? Aqours vs u’s??!?!

I’m happy that u’s is coming back, maybe? And finally Solo Live Collection!!! I’m happy that they are back after resolving their contract issues and are working on LoveLive! again.

I’m concerned about how the community would react as a whole instead of the small amount of trolls. Would there be camps of u’s and Aqours fans? And would they bait each other? What would be the future plans of SIFAS be?

The PDP girls too, would they be able to rise up to the challenge, would they be popular enough to get Lives and etc? Will they get Lives? Will u’s get Lives?

My heart won’t be able to take it if u’s get more Lives though!

There’s so many thoughts going through my head right now, but there’s something I must say though:

This was long long, long overdue.

Perhaps it’s a contractual thing, but the media black out for Aqours on talking about u’s, the same way that u’s had one over Aqours really made things awkward between the two camps early in the franchise.

Emitsun’s speech, where they welcomed the PDP Seiyuu’s as part of the LoveLive! Family, should have been done with Aqours and that would really helped smoothed things over at the very beginning.

Having Tsun post the instagram pic and tagging Anchan was pure genius though, even if do wonder what Emitsun felt about that. I hope Anchan understood how big of a concession that probably was.

Glad it was Tsun though, not there could be anyone else more fit to be the special guest

So with my mixture of feelings from ALL the points above, I eagerly await the arrival of all our idol overlords new seiyuus.

PS: Lantis please stop trying to one up yourself. 

RIP BangDream!

Anon Asked: Please make more Emerald Mercury Jet Lapis content. I’m living

@spiritwaker95 Asked: SO…. would it be possible to see some Mars/Lapis interactions? Or even some Mama Em reacting to learning her baby likes Ruby’s son?

I’m going to pretend like you guys are whats making me do this and not me just wanting to draw these angsty, terrible wonderful beans and their parents together.

As mentioned before, Jet Black is an aspiring cook and if he ends up forgetting something for a dish, he’s likely to spiral into an angry fit of rage. PS: His apron say’s “Stay the FUCK out of my Kitchen”. 

No one censors in the Sustrai-Black home. Not even the babes.

Lapis is an interesting little girl who knows she’s better than about 99% of the human race. That 1% is for her Faunus crush. She isn’t better than him…and maybe not her parents. Her Mom is the shit. But seriously, who else would be perfect for Mars? Uh, no one. No one at all.

Jet’s favorite drink everyone: Black Lemonade with mint. Activated Charcoal and food dye for all~

If you haven’t picked up on Jet being emo deep and brooding and a TOUCH dramatic, then I have failed you.

Mercury and Emerald are so proud of their kids and back them up every chance they get. They may have had horrible childhoods and…well..their lives just all around kind of sucked, but they can at least be loving and supportive to their kids.

Ya know. In their own way.

Personal Assistant Pt2

Its only been a few hours since you saw Sebastian and a new woman that he has in his room nearly everyday. In the costume and makeup room, you were  talking to the cast of the Avengers Infinity War about their day while getting them ready for set,  until a message from Seb popped up on your phone.

Seb: Hey, sorry about this morning. I was wondering if you’d be able to reschedule my meeting with The Russo Bros and meet up with me for lunch?

Your cheeks flushed red and your heart rate speeds up. Seb wants to have lunch? With me? Wow he’s never asked me to lunch before, usually he just tells me to do things for him and I do it. But never has he even asked me to lunch.

Me: Yes boss, I will reschedule your timetable right away. What time would you like me to meet you?

Boss? Oh god what is wrong with me? I’ve never called him boss before! Uh so stupid Y/N

Seb: Meet outside my trailer in 10

Me: Okay, see you soon

You quickly finish Paul Bettany’s makeup for his character Vision. Grabbing your things you said goodbye to the cast and wished them a good day. Walking up to Sebastians trailer, you knock softly, waiting for a moment, you heard him stumble across the trailer. He must be tidying up his room.

He opened the door and brushed his daily attire. He wore a leather black jacket with a shaded pink top and jeans.

“Hey Y/N” He greeted, pulling you into a hug also pecking your cheek.

OMG! He’s never kissed my cheek before! Or even a hug!

You pulled away from the hug feeling your cheeks heat up a tinted red

“Hey, uh so we’re we going?” You asked shyly

“I thought we could go out for a drive and look for a place to eat in Atlanta” He smirked. You nodded your head and he lead you to the parking lot to where his black jaguar was, unlocking his car with the click of his button on the keys, he ran to the passenger side and opened the door for you. 

Um okay?

“Thank you” You said getting in the car. Seb got in the drivers side and pulled out of the parking lot. The streets of Atlanta was pretty busy for a Thursday, Seb kept glancing over to you and you could feel his gaze. He parked the car and opened the door for you.

Walking down the street, he came across a cafe and motioned for you to follow him. Everyone that passed by starred at him with shock and surprise plastered on their faces. Walking in the cafe, you both sat at a table next to the window, Seb couldn’t help but admire the way you were gazing out the window taking in the scene.

“So Y/N Uh, how was your day?” He asked leaning against the table on his arms.

“It could have been better” You smiled

He chuckled and a waiter came to take your order. You both ordered what you wanted, as you were grabbing your wallet he stopped you and said that he would pay.

“No Seb, I can pay for my own”

“No y/n I got it okay. Think of it as a reward for everything you’ve done for me” He smiled.

You sighed “Okay, but next time, its my treat okay”

“Look, im sorry about this morning, I uh, she was a friend-

“Sebastian it’s okay, I know she’s not just a friend, so you don’t have to lie about who you sleep with” You said crossing your arms

“Wait, how did you know about the girls I sleep with?” His eyebrow raised

“It’s my job to know you sir. Besides, I always see you sneaking them in the set”

Your heart felt crushed knowing that he always sneaks women into his room, never had you thought that he’d be the relation type of person. He broke up with his last girlfriend Margarita because she cheated on him, now he’s a lost soul sneaking around with women to cover up his pain. 

Lunch with Seb was great, you both talked about each others week and enjoyed each others presence and decided to head back to the studio. Sebastian walked you back to your room, it was becoming late, and the sun was going down. After lunch he took you out sight seeing and to places that you’ve never been to. 

Walking back to your trailer which was on the other side of the studio, you invited Seb into your trailer for a cup of tea.

“Thank you for lunch by the way, I enjoyed it” You said pouring the hot tea into two cups and giving one to Seb.

“Your welcome, I enjoyed it too. It was nice getting to know you”

You sipped your tea and took in the aroma, letting out a sigh of relief

“Y/N I have something to tell you” Seb leaned over towards you from the couch he was sitting on.

“Uh.. Okay” You were curious of what he was ganna say.

“I….The reason why I bring women home everynight is because-” He said until you cut him off

“Because of Margarita? It’s alright Seb-”

He cut you off when all of a sudden his lips were pressed against yours. Your eyes widened in shock, he was kissing you and you didn’t know what to do. You placed both your hands on his chest and pushed him away.

“Y/N Im sorry…I-I..Oh fuck it! I like you alright….  The reason why Iv’e been sleeping with different women is to keep you off my mind”

He explained as you starred at him in shock, you felt anger and tears rise and your blood began to boil.

“Y/N?” His hands on both your shoulders

“No” You threw his hands off you and got to your two feet


“Get out”

“Y/N Wait.. Please let me explain” He tried reasoning with you but you weren’t having any of it

“Get out!” You shouted

Seb listened and walked towards the door saying his apologies. You stood in the middle of your trailer, angry, confused and frustrated. Feeling the tears flow down your cheeks, you grabbed your phone and called your sister.


Well what an interesting turn of events

@etoilesdephan @starcatcherdan @pedestriansquirrel @botanistlester @phandaya are the best people in the world and have successfully made me feel like the most loved and cherished person in the world. There is nothing I would not do for these wonderful human beings who deserve all the love in the world.

You can never know what you have done for me, or just how much you’ve made me feel welcomed and loved. You are my family, and you always will be, as will all of the other admins who couldn’t be on tonight to be involved and cheer me up, but whom I know adore me just as much @phandommother @sleeplessnightwithphan @philscurls

anonymous asked:

this is something that’s been on the back of my mind for a really long time-writing about other cultures. I really,really like everything about North Africa-the history,the architecture,the culture-and i want to write characters that belong to the culture but i want to do it as respectfully as i can,so i was wondering if you can give me some tips about some do’s and dont’s or overall just advice on writing characters that are poc


To be really really honest, I don’t think the term poc is any good, because it divides people. There’s a “us” and a “them”. And before people start getting mad at me, I’m what they would call poc (I’m a mix of black grandma, ashkenazi grandpa, native american grandma and romani grandpa… I’m like one big world tour… :D)

The most important is realizing that we all belong.

We all belong. We are all humans and we have different cultures, but, in truth, there’s only one… the human culture, the human history. I’m brazilian and I don’t feel like the brazilian culture belongs to me. The brazilian culture belongs to everyone. If you love North Africa, it’s already respectful. Write what you love, always, always.   

But there’s a way in which you are disrespecting a culture, a country or a group of people… and that is showing the culture/country/group without empathy. For example, in the game Assassin’s Creed III, they show brazilian people as super hostile, angry, even strange, there’s no empathy towards the culture and the people.

When you write with empathy, you are respectful.  

 Hello all my wonderful darlings!

As some of you know, I’m currently transitioning into another position at work. It’s all very exciting and new, but sadly, it has started to dawn on me how much time and energy this will cost. I’m practically going to work 24/7, seven days/week (at least in the beginning) because there’s just so much stuff I need to deal with.

What this means is that I won’t be able to write and post as much as I would like to. I might pop by here to post something every now and then, and whenever I can I’ll work on my WIP’s, but I don’t see myself being able to post something almost every day like I normally do. It makes me really upset, it really does, because I love coming on here and write for you guys, to read all your amazing stuff and see your lovely edits, and interact with all of you ❤

I am by no means abandoning this blog. The reason why I asked you guys to tell me what you prefer me to write is so I know what to post when I find the time. I have every intention to keep writing as much as I can, but for now I want you to know why this little corner may become a little silent for a while. Lots of love, 


          i really don’t want to spam the dash with this topic, but i am honestly astonished by the number of people who thanked me for that post, because they were harassed by that person. i’m just here with my bowl of cereal, feeling like Kit that one time he fell asleep while filming his revival scene and wondering if he somehow woke up in Westeros. because this whole situation is surreal.

          my Lord Commander cloak of protection project, that’s exactly what it is for. for times like these. for any times when somebody makes you feel uncomfortable/ distressed/ anxious and you need to speak about it. so, really guys, if you need to, i am here for you as much as i can. come to my IM, add me on discord (the King in the Slow#0194), send me an anonymous ask if you would prefer. just don’t suffer in silence, okay? we’re all here for you.


today marks the 80-year anniversary of The Hobbit being published

I can’t believe Middle-earth has been with us for such a long time; I’m getting emotional just thinking about it

I’m so thankful for Tolkien showing us the fruits of his beautiful imagination. I was only eight years old when my parents read The Hobbit to my sister and me, so I can scarcely remember who I was before Tolkien, and I know it’s cliché to say, but I truly cannot imagine who I would be and what my life would be like if I’d never been introduced to his works.

So many generations have enjoyed the wonders of the Tolkienverse, and countless more will. The Hobbit was the start of something timeless.

Hi Taylor,
I, like many other iternational swifties, would love to purchase some merch from your store - I particularly have my eye on this tee. However, the European shipping prices are just way too much for myself, and many others, to pay. I was wondering if there was anyway to cut down on the postage, as I know many of us would love to buy merch but can’t afford to due to the extortionate shipping prices.
Thank you,

lesbianladyblackhawk  asked:

Hey do u have genderfluid booster headcanons for me 👀

oh hell yeah i do!!!

  • booster’s usually ok with any pronouns at any time but sometimes she feels more feminine or more masculine and asks ted to use specific pronouns for them
    • of course ted does it he loves booster and even if he didn’t he still would do it because he’s…like……….A Good Fucking Person
  • Skeets always just seems to know what pronouns they wanna use and they appreciate it a lot
  • they like being called booster/booster gold a lot more than they like being called michael for a lot of reasons but a big one is because michael is more masculine and that’s not him, not most of the time anyway
  • he likes the wonder woman outfit a lot. we know the truth, dc, and the truth is that justice league action proved genderfluid booster gold
  • she likes it when ted calls her pretty because they’re a) vain and b) In Constant Need Of That Sweet, Sweet Gender Validation
  • xe like wearing lipstick ! especially pink lipstick. xe’s super fucking bad at applying it tho so ted helps even tho he’s objectively even worse at it lmao
  • the future’s stance on gender is pretty….different. there, everyone just kinda…is. you don’t question it, you just let someone present how they want to present and use the pronouns that they want you to use and that’s it. but the present is different and there was definitely an adjustment period.
  • everyone knows she’s genderfluid but the media keeps fucking dancing around it and he’s had it up to Here with it!! enough!!!
  • it gets to the point where booster grabs the microphone out of a reporter’s hand and comes out on live TV just to get everyone to understand and then hands the microphone back and runs away


“It is not right…” Her husband, the King grumbled when they were in his bedchambers.

“It is not proper. How dare he thinks he can just kiss her like that… Under my own roof? In my own house?” Jon huffed, shaking his head.

“She kissed him back as well.” Daenerys told Jon with a smile. “I like him, he is very handsome…”

“Of course you would like him.” Jon said and frowned. “Everyone likes a pretty face.”

Just like yours Darling… Daenerys wanted to say but didn’t. She looked at her handsome husband and smiled.

“I don’t see what the problem is Jon. He likes her and our daughter is obviously very taken with him. I think a match between them will be wonderful,” Daenerys said as she sat down by her dressing table. She took her hairbrush and started brushing her hair for a while.

“Do you honestly think that our daughter will be happy up North in Winterfell?” Jon asked her. “The dreary weather and a life in the country? With my serious sister as a mother in law?”

Daenerys knows that her daughter, Lyanna is the apple of her father’s eye. The girl had been that ever since the day she was born. How Jon would spoil the princess silly just as much as he spoiled his own wife. The beautiful dresses, fine lace and silks that Lyanna loves and the full skirted gowns that even the Queen finds too frivolous. The jeweled tiaras and other fine jewelry that she wears. Her clothing allowance is even more than the Queen’s. Lyanna likes the finer things in life. She grew up with them. She never had to worry about anything, being a Princess. Living in Winterfell would be a vast change in lifestyle for her.

“You just don’t want her to be away from you.” Daenerys said softly and sighed.

“Children grow up Jon…They leave the nest one way or another…” She almost cried thinking of her late son and blinked back her tears. Daeron wouldn’t want that.

Daenerys then felt Jon hugging her from behind as he kissed the back of her head. It felt good being in his arms. Sometimes she thinks that it is the only thing that kept her from slipping further into her deep grief. She had Jon’s arms to hold her while she cried at night. She had him to comfort her while they find solace together, away from everything, the whole world even. They had mourned for months together for the child they had lost.

Her Sweet, Darling Boy. With his father’s raven hair, dark eyes and his own special, sweet smile. He was conceived out of love, in an Armada somewhere out at sea. The child they had poured their hopes and dreams into, born after the Great War in the middle of a heavy snowstorm in Winterfell. They were so happy when he was born. Daenerys remembered feeling that her heart might burst seeing his perfect little face. And she knew Jon loved to watch Daeron as he slept in his bassinet. He would just stand there and stare at his sleeping baby boy. Sometimes bending down to listen to his small breaths, so afraid that his tiny fragile heart might just stop.

It didn’t of course, the boy grew up strong and healthy. He had too much energy sometimes, wanting to ride and practice his archery, playing with his brother or go hunting with his father. He participated in joust events in the Tourney when he got older. And he was always up for any new adventure, even dangerous ones like going East. Wanting to take back the Bay of Dragons. Her son was too much of the curious Dragon and less of the careful, quiet Wolf that his father is.

Daeron is gone now… Like most people Daenerys once loved. Her children Rhaego, Viserion and Rhaegal, her good friend Ser Jorah, the brave Ser Barristan, her sweet handmaiden Irri and her loyal commander Greyworm.

“I’m here…” Jon whispered and Daenerys leaned back on him and closed her eyes for a while.

I don’t want you to go before me my Love. I know it’s selfish and cruel but I don’t want you to leave me…When the time comes, let me be the first to go…I swear I’ll watch over you….

She didn’t think she could take it if Jon dies before her. Who else would keep her warm and hold her close in his arms at night? Who else…