just wondering if anyone else sees it

Anyone else see this ad and immediately wonder wtf Steve Rogers did?

I don’t even know what this ad is for. I just always pause for a moment and go, “huh?”

does anyone else follow people who don’t even have the same interests as you, but you’ve followed them for years and you can’t imagine unfollowing them?

it’s like, no that’s joan the dolphin lover? she’s practically your neighbor on this website? you’ve never talked, you’re not even mutuals, but damn she loves dolphins. And every time you see her on your dash, you’re just like, oh wonderful, joan’s still alive, just doing her thing. she’s getting into golden age russian cat literature, good for her!

this person doesn’t even know they’ve been on your dash through the ups and downs of your life.  Their presence and cactus obsession is just something kind of familiar and almost comforting to you?

mousygirlscreamsviolence  asked:

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on something I've been mulling over: Victor is, for the most part, friendly or ambivalent towards the other competitors in the GPF with one notable exception - J.J. He is uncharacteristically icy towards him, and other than J.J. being a bit obnoxious, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on why else that may be.

At the Rostelecom Cup Short Program, we do indeed see Victor being rather icy with JJ.

Just look at Victor’s face in that screencap. It’s very rare to see him react like that to anyone. 

But let’s put this into perspective of what just happened at Yuuri’s last competition in China.

Victor remembers Yuuri’s struggles at the Cup of China. He forced Yuuri not to listen to the cheering for the other competitors because of how much it got to him.

Now think about what JJ is saying to Yuuri at the Rostelecom Cup. “Hey, take those earplugs out. Did you HEAR that?? Your fellow competitor just landed a quad loop.”

Now, I don’t think JJ is doing this maliciously, but Victor isn’t going to care.

He’s going to care about how Yuuri will react to JJ drawing his attention to the success of other competitors.

JJ doesn’t catch on. He keeps going by drawing more and more attention to a jump that Yuuri can’t even do himself. (He can do a quad toe loop but not a quad loop.)

Victor shuts JJ down here. He downplays his own ability to do a jump that Yuuri can’t and discourages further conversation on the subject.

Victor’s reaction is basically: “I swear to god, if you send my boyfriend into a panic attack right now, you are going to regret the day you were born.”

Jealousy meme

requested by @momokitty27​! i set it up into a few different categories so it’s not just for couples but for a whole range of relationships!

for couples

  • “I noticed them checking you out.”
  • “Were you checking them out?”
  • “So… they’re good-looking, right?”
  • “Don’t lie to me and say you don’t think they’re hot.”
  • “Just admit that you like them.”
  • “Come on; even I know that they’re hotter than me.”
  • “It’s not fair that they get to be around you all day and I don’t.”
  • “They were hitting on you.”
  • ‘I know you liked it when they were hitting on you.”
  • “Would you like me more if I was more like them?”
  • “They’re not (funnier / cuter / better looking ) than me, are they?”
  • “Are you going to leave me for them?”
  • “Would you leave me for them if you had the chance?”

for characters talking to their unrequited crush

  • “You deserve better than them.”
  • “They’re not even that good-looking.”
  • “What do you see in them?”
  • “Why do you stay with them?”
  • “Wanna tell me what they did to upset you this time?”
  • “If I had someone as wonderful as you, I would (never forget our anniversaries / always cherish you / etc).”
  • “You should just leave them.”

for characters talking about their ex

  • “I wonder what they’re doing right now.”
  • “Their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate) isn’t right for them.”
  • “I can’t stop thinking about them with their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate).”
  • “They moved on so quickly.”
  • “I get angry thinking about anyone else having them, even though I don’t have them myself.”
  • “Do you think they were cheating on me with their new (boyfriend / girlfriend / datemate) before we broke up?”
  • “They never looked at me like they look at them.”

for friends

  • “I noticed you hanging out with (character’s name) lately.”
  • “You hung out with them and didn’t invite me?”
  • “I feel like a third-wheel.”
  • “They’re pretty fun, right?”
  • “Maybe I shouldn’t come and let you two hang out together instead.”
  • “I know that they’re more interesting than me.”
  • “You two have more in common, anyways.”
  • “It’s alright; I have other friends.”

for children characters talking to their parents

  • “No! I don’t want a new (brother / sister)!”
  • “You like (sibling’s name) more than me.”
  • “If I get a new (brother / sister), you’re going to love them more.”
  • “We haven’t played together since you had the baby.”
  • “I hate my (brother / sister)!”
  • “They’re not better than me! They can’t even use the bathroom right!”


  • “Am I hotter than that person?”
  • “So many people have achieved so much by this age, yet here I am.”
  • “I’m a better (cook / surfer / etc) than them.”
  • “They’re not even that good at (cooking / surfing / etc)…”
  • “I look better in this than them, right?”
  • “Do you think I could pull off that (hat / dress / etc) like them?”
  • “Whatever; I’m not jealous.”

“I am Moana of Motunui. Aboard my boat, I will sail across the sea and restore the heart of Te Fiti.” -Moana (2016)

“I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta. Your wrath upon this world is over.” -Wonder Woman (2017)

Female leads are so important.

I just want to take a moment and appreciate these two women in their movies. They are strong, courageous, defiant, and independent. When I first saw Moana, I cried about seven times. It was so refreshing to see a character that didn’t need to rely on anyone else to save the day besides themselves. And recently, when I watched Wonder Woman, I got emotional all over again because I noticed similar parallels between Diana and Moana. 

They both are introduced in their youth. Moana wants to be out on the ocean, and Diana wants to train to be an Amazon warrior. But they have their parents that set them on different paths. Moana’s parents want her to be the chief, and Hippolyta doesn’t want Diana to train so that she can be protected. Upon reaching older age, both Moana and Diana set out on journey’s that they know they must embark on. Diana leaves Themyscira with Steve to defeat Ares and end the raging world war. Moana leaves Motunui to find Maui and restore the heart of Te Fiti to save her people and her island. Both women are so determined to complete what they set out to do, and when it comes a time for them to do it on their own, they completely kick ass. Even when they are set back by obstacles, they keep pushing on. They both defeat a god, (respectively to each cultures mythology). And in the end, they both understand that love is what can save the world. Diana learned that in her endeavors, and it was love that Moana showed that restored Te Ka into Te Fiti.

There is so much to love about these two, and I could go on about how many parallels there are. I really adore and appreciate these strong female icons. Both movies are definitely my top favorites of all time.

Jon Watts, director of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” on directing Robert Downey Jr.:

“There’s one element to it that does feel like you are just making a documentary about Tony Stark. Like, ‘Hey, Tony Stark is here!’ [Laughs] That’s how I felt initially. But then when you really start getting to know Robert and talking to him, and exploring ideas for the movie. He’s so great and so smart, and has thought about this character more than anyone else. To really talk to him about that and see where he takes these moments… as a director, you’re just so happy just to watch a scene that you hope is good just get better and better. You are holding on to the edge of your seat, becoming an audience member for a moment, just really wondering what’s going to happen next.” (CinemaBlend)

the evolution of adam and ronan (bold is faves)
  • Last week, he and Adam had taken turns dragging each other on a moving dolly behind the BMW, and they both still had the marks to show it
  • Gansey had once told Adam that he was afraid most people didnt know how to handle Ronan. What he meant by this was that he was worried that one day someone would fall on Ronan and cut themselves. 
  • “Do you think it makes me look tougher?” Ronan said, “It makes you look like a loser.”
  • “You’re a Neanderthal.” “Sometimes you sound just like Gansey,” Ronan said. “Sometimes you don’t.” Noah laughed his breathy, nearly soundless laugh. Ronan spit on the ground beside the BMW. “I didn’t realize that ‘midget’ was the Adam Parrish type.” he said. 
  • Two years earlier, Adam had made his decision to come to Aglionby, and, in his head, it was sort of because of Ronan…even the way the other boy had moved, Adam recalled, had struck him: confident and careless, shoulders rolled back, chin tilted, an emperor’s son…He’d never wanted to be someone else so badly. In his head, that boy was Ronan.
  • “I’m always straight.” Adam replied, “Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.”

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gelya-melnikova  asked:

top 5 most likely to make the japan national team :))

Yesterday we all went a little bit emotional with this national team headcanon, and I actually thought about this top 5…a lot. It’s probably one of the hardest because in our eyes most of them are really skilled enough to reach the top and be a part of the national team.

I decided to make this with characters we all know, leaving out people introduced just in the manga. I hope I can stay objective with this one, but I can’t guarantee you that…

1. Ushijima. Let’s face it, this boy is already with one foot there, since he’s the only player selected to participate in the Youth World Championship as Japan’s under 18/19 volleyball representative. It would literally surprise nobody to see him being the first one wearing the red and black jersey. 

Originally posted by neverdandere

2. Oikawa. He’s the setter™ and he honestly just deserves this place more than anyone else. Also imagine for the dramatics of it all, being finally in team with Ushijima…I’d pay to see it, but at the same time I’m more than sure that they’ll manage to work really really well together. After all, among everyone else, Ushijima chose him, this is a testament that there are no other setters as good as him around. 

Originally posted by savyjayjane

3. Kageyama. Speaking of people almost there, our wonderful blueberry has been chosen to train at the all Japan youth training camp, sign that they already got an eye on him and, seeing how immensely skilled and versatile he is, it’s almost obvious that he’s gonna become part of Japan’s national volleyball team in the future. 

Originally posted by seieiryu

(Oikawa would have a blast being in the same team as Ushijima and Kageyama)

4. Tsukishima. Now that he’s “hooked on volleyball” I bet no one could stop him. He’s an incredible middle blocker, his abilities are recognized by everyone (that’s why a certain thing happened short after the Shiratorizawa match) and also he has still A LOT to grow. By the time he’s ready, every team would fight to have him and watch me being in the crowd yelling TSUKKIIIIIII until I have no air left in my lungs

Originally posted by tsukkilatte

5. Bokuto. He might not be the best ace of the country (yet), he’s not a stable player at all, but the national team needs him even just for the effect he has on people. Despite everything, he naturally draws people to him, he inspires and guide them, his power is so mesmerizing he doesn’t just motivate his own team, he motivates the opponents too. There may be spikers stronger than him (not so many tbh), but no one would have the same human impact on a team like he would have. 

Originally posted by imthesixtysqueen

- Bonus: listen you have no idea how mad I am about the fact that no one ever acknowledges how hella good Nishinoya is as a libero. He’s perfect and the national team needs a guardian deity so if it’s not happening I’m gonna personally put him in a box and mail him there ok really he deserves it SO MUCH!!!! 

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Thank you for your message!

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Carlos De Vil - Every Day

Originally posted by princessofauradon

Requested By: Anon

Request: Can you do a Carlos x reader, maybe they dated when he lived on the isle and he needs her help to get Ben back? Maybe you can do whatever you want.

Authors Note: Hey, guys! I just wanted to say that I know this imagine is a little rushed, and probably a little serious for a character like Carlos, but I still hope you enjoy!



“Well, well, well. Look who it is! Back from Auradon already?” You seethed, the anger evident in your voice as you locked eyes with your used to be boyfriend, Carlos. 

Carlos gave you a small nod, his lips shaking from the want to speak and his eyes so full of sadness from your less than excited figure that he couldn’t bring himself to meet your own. You gave him a slight laugh, the small heels of your combat boots clanging against the floor as you made your way closer to him. 

“What are you doing here, Carlos?” You questioned, his sudden reappearance catching you off guard and reminding you of how angry you were at him for leaving in the first place. 

“I came to see you.” He stuttered, his eyes searching yours in surprise, almost as if he couldn’t believe you weren’t happy to see him. “And I need your help.” 

You scoffed, your heart beating a million miles per hour as you tried to continue looking as angry and unfazed as possible. “With what?”

“Ben came to the Isle to bring Mal back to Auradon.” Carlos began to explain, his expression becoming serious as he stepped closer to you. “Him, being the unexperienced do-gooder that he is, walked right into one of Uma’s traps.” He continued. “They took him, Y/N, and you’re the only one that can help us get him back.” 

You raised your eyebrows in awe. You never would have expected King Ben to have the courage, or audacity, to show his face after leaving you and the rest of the VK’s on the Isle to rot like the trash that they all thought you were. 

And you couldn’t tell if you were impressed or angry.

“And why would I help him?” You asked, the anger in your voice starting to falter as it replaced itself with pure sadness. “He left me here, Carlos, and so did you.” 

Carlos let out a sigh, his brown eyes clouding with undeniable sadness before he reached out and gently placed his fingers on your arm.

“Y/N, I…” He began, his smooth and familiar voice flowing through the air and forcing you to listen. “I know I left you here.” He continued sadly. “I know I left you here, and I’m sorry. But you have to believe me on the fact that we didn’t know we’d be gone for this long. We thought we’d be gone for 2 or 3 days, not 6 months. We thought we were coming back.” 

“Then why didn’t you?” You snapped, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks as your angry act completely disappeared. “I’m your girlfriend, or at least I was, and I loved you and you just left me here like I was nothing!” You cried. “And when you do come back, it’s not even really for me! It’s for Ben! And the only reason you’re even talking to me right now is so I can help you get him back! Damn, Carlos! Do you know how that makes me feel? I mean, did you ever even care about me at all?” 

Carlos looked as though he’d been slapped, his eyes scrunching in surprise and lips quivering in shock.

“Of course I cared about you, Y/N! I still do!” He exclaimed, the gentle fingers that were lightly touching your arm now wrapped around your wrist and pulling you closer to him. “How could you even ask that?”

“Well, what do you expect me to think?” You asked, the warmth from Carlos’ body pressed against your own all too familiar and making you lose your breath. “Am I just supposed to accept the fact that the person I’m in love with, and the person I thought was in love with me, just up and left and never even attempted to at least get in contact with me?”

Carlos said nothing at that point, the slight hold he had on your arm slowly lessening before he quickly pulled you into him, his arms wrapping around you in a tight hug that made tears fall unlike they ever had before. 

“I wanted to. Every day.” Carlos whispered, his right hand leaving your waist and tangling into your hair. “But it’s a lot harder to get here than it seems.” He continued, your heart beating so fast that you were sure he could feel it. “Besides, Ben promised he would bring you to Auradon. He promised he would bring all the VK’s to Auradon. It’s just taking some time because, as you know, people aren’t very keen on the idea.”

You let out a shaky breath, a strange mixture of wonder and relief quickly flooding your mind and making you hold Carlos tighter than you ever had before. “Really? You’re not just saying that?”

“Yes, really.” Carlos persisted, his hand moving from your hair and to your chin. “Do you really think I wouldn’t try to come see you unless I knew Ben was doing everything in his power to bring you to Auradon? Come on, Y/N. You know me. I would never just leave you like that.” He exclaimed. “Besides, I didn’t want to mess up your, or anyone elses chance, to come over here by attempting to sneak you in. Stuff like that is looked down upon over there, you know.”

You laughed at Carlos’ small attempt to lighten the mood, the air in the room becoming slightly less thick as the tension between the two of you began to fade. You gave Carlos a small smile, his kind words about not wanting to ruin anyones chances of leaving the Isle flooding your mind and reminding you as to why you loved him so much in the first place. 

“I’m sorry for doubting you.” You whispered, gently laying your head on his shoulder as you hugged him again. “It’s just been so hard without you here. Hours feel like months and days feel like years. I can’t do it anymore, Carlos. I just can’t.”

Carlos hugged you back, his body relaxing into your own as he breathed in your sweet aroma. 

“That’s why we need to get Ben back.” He insisted, his hands tangling themselves in your hair once again, almost as if he was afraid you’d back away from him. “We need to get him back so we can get you out of here. Get all of you out of here.” 

You smiled, the words ‘get all of you out of here’ making you so excited that you literally wanted to cry. 

Backing away from Carlos, you gave him a small nod, your hands immedietly reaching down and retrieving the large sword stashed within your belt. Taking a deep breath, you readied yourself, immedietly wiping your tears and going into the mode that everyone on the Isle had to have. Survival. 

Survival and the hope for something more.


Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 10,118

Genre: Fluff/Angst

You weren’t exactly sure when Min Yoongi had come into town.

To be quite honest, you didn’t even know when it was that he had first stepped into the coffee shop you worked at. It was hopeless attempting to remember each person who passed through the establishment, especially not when the interactions generally lasted less than a minute. The faces of the customers you encountered every single day just blended together, much like their orders of caramel macchiatos and green tea lattes. It was difficult to keep track of the cursory café connoisseurs, but you knew one thing was for certain.

He hadn’t been here before.

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Glitch in the Matrix

I saw all these post about glitches on @sixpenceee and figured I’d share mine.
A few months back my husband and I were in the car and we were driving home from buying groceries. It was dark, probably like 11:00 pm. Anyway we were driving down a curvy road as we always do that has woods on both sides of the road. The speed limit is 55 mph and nothing seems out if the ordinary.
All of a sudden I see a rabbit on the left side or the road run across the street and I’m about to yell rabbit! But as it hits our headlights right in the middle of our car it swirls into blue translucent smoke and like sparkly things (best way I can put it into words) and it blows away in the wind and is gone.
I’m freaked out and I look at my husband and say “I think I just had a hallucination”. He asked me “why?” So I asked him if he saw a rabbit run across the road. He did not see it so I explain to him exactly what I saw. He didn’t think much of it but I still wonder what in the world that was because I know what I saw. I’ve never had hallutionations and I’ve never done drugs.
I felt so weird and unsettled. I wonder if anyone else has seen anything like that and what it means.

Anyone else notice how in Wonder Woman a lot of people notice/remark on how beautiful Diana is (both men and women) but they all do it in a really respectful way? Nobody leers at her creepily, nobody catcalls her, no one is inappropriate they’re just like “Wow you’re gorgeous,” and it was honestly so nice to see.

Does anyone else wonder if why we see so much “uwu soft trans boys” type positivity lately (esp among mlm trans men apparently), is because of the whole “all masculinity is inherently toxic” thing? Like if we celebrate masculine trans men it’ll come off as supporting toxic masculinity? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a gnc trans guy and we absolutely should have positivity for us.

I just worry some trans men will feel like they can’t indulge in masculinity too much or they’ll be/turn into toxic, oppressive, misogynists. Even to the point some might be hesitant to go on T, because I’ve had quite a number of asks from people worrying they’ll turn into shitty dudebros after T. I also worry “Tumblr Model” shit will happen with trans men and it’ll turn into, “Feminine trans guys are sooo much better! Masc trans men are dangerous, toxic dudebros.” Because if there’s anything Tumblr likes, it’s making out the more stigmatized group to be inherently better and superior rather than deserving of equal respect and consideration. 


There is a girl, you know.  She’s always been a little distant, a little—well—fae-seeming, but you know she isn’t.  After all, you’ve seen her put her hands on an iron blade, only for a moment, and she was not burned—but she did hesitate before she put her fingers to it.

As far as you know—she’s your best friend’s roommate, so you know her better than most do—she’s never told a lie.  But she’s bend the truth and said such misleading things more times than you can count, and you wonder about her.

You do not ask.  Asking will, if you’re correct, only catch Their attention.  And you do not want that.

She looks at things that aren’t there, more openly than you’ve ever seen anyone else do.  This girl does not hide it—anyone who knows what to look for knows that she can See.  And yet she still has both her eyes.

There is something different about her, and you’ve always wondered what.  She’ll stop in a doorway, her toes just outside the threshold, before seemingly remembering something and stepping through without incident.

This is a girl with long, copper-gold hair and strange amber eyes.  By her mannerisms and, indeed, her appearance, you would call her one of Them—one of the Fair Folk.  But you know that she cannot be, for you yourself have seen her do things that one of Them never could.

She isn’t a music major, but she plays the violin, and she plays music unlike anything you’ve ever heard anyone else play.  It is eerie and entrancing both, but she will not play if she knows that you are listening to her.

One day, on the summer solstice, just before the end of the school year, you watch her walk into an area no one human will go—the swirling mists that sometimes fill it make your eyes feel strange, but you don’t know what you would See if you could.

The next morning, the girl knocks upon your best friend’s door, and your roommate opens it.  The girl is wearing gloves, her iron room key in her hand, and her eyes are blue; around her ears you see an odd flicker that you’ve never seen before.

“Can I come in?” the girl asks.  She has never asked this of you, or of anyone else, before.

“Of course,” your best friend says, not glancing up from her book.

“Thank you,” says the girl, and she steps over the threshold.  She puts her key down on the bed and takes off her gloves, then picks up the key to put it on the bedside table—but when she does that, she hisses softly, and when she sets the key down you can see her fingers are bright red where it burned her.

You do not comment.  Instead, you look away, and pretend that you saw nothing at all.


daddy's 95 ❖ jongin

word count : 3304 words

admin : - velvet

style : smut, daddy kink, cheating, basically i have a thing for jongin’s skin, age gap - it’s a relationship stepfather - stepdaughter, so if you don’t like, please don’t read (个_个)

(not my gif, cr to the owner)

It wasn’t weird at the beginning, maybe because you were young and didn’t know what was really happening. You were six years old and had just started school, it was all so weird and when the the teacher asked you for the first time what you parents’ name were, you could just say your mother’s one.

Was it because you didn’t have a dad? Well, not really. You used to have a father just like all the other children in your classroom, it happened some months before that you mom and dad parted ways and you were not quite sure why, mom just said that it was for good.

It didn’t last long, at seven, when your teachers were already accustomed to the fact that little Y/N didn’t have a dad, he came into your and your mother’s lives.

Jongin was just like the princes you were used to see in cartoons, maybe without the blonde hair and the blue eyes, but he was probably the kindest prince of all.

He was your mother’s boss’ son, and thinking about it now: the thing was kinda fucked up. But he wasn’t even younger than your mother was.

She got pregnant at sixteen and when you were seven, she was only twenty three, she had just found a job and she managed to not take home just money, but even a twenty five years old Kim Jongin.

When Jongin first came to your house, you and your mother were waiting for him at the door. You probably never saw your mother this nervous and this beautiful. She already was the most beautiful woman on earth for you, but when she painted her lips with red colour and wore the shoes that make her look even taller than she already was, she just looked like a goddess in your eyes.

And probably even in Jongin’s eyes, that when came in couldn’t tear his eyes off her. He couldn’t until he saw you. And you were probably the most beautiful human being he had ever seen in his entire life, even without some teeths and with red puffy eyes caused by the fact that your mother didn’t let you wear one of her pair of shoes.

Right after, maybe in a little less than a year, Jongin became daddy in your eyes and his house became yours and your mother’s.

You were eight when you started sleeping in you new daddy’s house, and in the bed in the bedroom he gave you.

Daddy❞ you called out one night, it was probably half past eleven and he still was in his suit. When he heard your voice, he quickly lifted his head to see you standing by the door. His eyes became soft watching you drag your feet until you were next to him.

I didn’t finish my homework❞ you whispered dropping your gaze to your feet. He probably saw it coming as he chuckled. He knew you better than your mother, and probably better than your own self. The only times you were awake till late was because something about school happened.

And dear Lord, you hated school with all your being.

Sweetheart❞ he called you gripping lightly your wrist ❝why didn’t you finish your homework?❞ he asked taking you in his lap.

’Cause…❞ you started, unsure if it was better to say the truth or stick to the excuse you made-up some time before.

You lifted your gaze, positioning yourself better on his legs. Jongin knew you. He knew when you were lying and he knew when you were scared, when you were uncomfortable or too happy that you might have started crying.

I don’t wanna go to school, daddy❞ you whined hiding your face on his neck. His laugh rumbled through his and your body.

Princess, why do you always come to me? You know I can’t tell you no

At ten you still were “princess” and he still was “daddy”, he still came to your room to kiss you good night, but he started to kiss your cheeks and not peck you on the lips anymore. He was still the sweetest person on earth, he still cared for you more than he cared for anybody else on this world, but he started being always more tired and it was always more unusual to see him next to you for you night-time-talks.

He wasn’t going away, you knew it. Even if your parents started fighting over stupid things, they still cared too much about each other to ever end the relationship they had.

And other than that, Jongin would never leave his princess.

He literally grew addicted to the fact that he was your father, the only man in your life and he wasn’t going to let your mother take you away from him. It wasn’t anything sick or weird, he just really loved you as his own daughter.

When you were eleven your dad and your mom married.

Now Kim Jongin was you father even for the Korean State and on the papers you were not anymore Kang Y/N, but Kim Y/N.

When you were twelve Jongin started leaving the room when you were changing and started giving you your spaces, accepting the fact that you were becoming a little woman.

At sixteen boys started to come around and your insecurities started to surface, forcing you into diets.

It was half past two in the morning and you were seated by the fridge with a big spoon of lemon ice cream and probably the most devastated face you’ve ever had in your all life.

You weren’t sure if you were crying or not, you just knew that you were hungry as hell and you didn’t have a proper meal in - at least - two weeks.

You didn’t see you father approach you, but when you sensed his presence behind you, you let yourself go. He was sitting behind you, his legs at both sides of yours and his arms stretched in a tight back hug.

Your head fell into his shoulder and your back pressed against his chest.

Why are you doing like this, sweetheart?❞ he questioned resting his chin on your head.

You weren’t very touchy with dad anymore, even because it felt wrong, in some kind of ways. Sometimes it just pops in your head that your father is too handsome and when the sick idea that he is not your dad by blood, meaning that isn’t wrong for you to feel some kind of ways, comes, it makes you curl your skin in disgust.

Boys don’t even look at me❞ you sniffed, trying to calm yourself. Thinking about your dad in different ways makes you want to cry even harder.

Jongin pressed a kiss on your hair, then started to get up, taking you in his arms in bridal style. He started to take you to your room, and it didn’t even feel wrong that at sixteen your stepfather is still holding you.

When he reached the end of the stairs he finally spoke: ❝You have your daddy, baby. Why would you want anyone else to look at you?

At eighteen your thoughts about your dad started to go wild, and they didn’t feel wrong anymore. You started to crave for him. You started to wonder what was hidden under his shirt and why he looked so hot even if he was in his late thirties. You started to dream about you father - your stepfather -, you thought that maybe he may see you has a woman too, and not just as his step daughter, you thought of him basically every second of your life.

When you wake up, when you prepare for school, during breakfast - when he’s in front of you smiling -, when you ride to school, during school hours, when you have lunch, when you come back home, when you do your homework, when you eat dinner with him and mom, when you take a shower and the worst: in bed.

It really hurted when you were in bed alone, it hurted your head, your heart, your body, the boiling space between your legs.

When you were alone it was all fun and games, but when he was around it was kind of embarrassing, you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes and you would find yourself checking him out.

So you started to avoid him.

Until he understood something was wrong.

The door of your room slammed shut. You knew your mom was at work till eight pm, and it was just five in the afternoon. The only ones at home were you and you dad.

You took off your earphones and turned around to see your dad walking silently towards your bed, sitting down.

He lifted his eyes and patted the spot in the bed next to him.

In your head curses started to follow one by one, while you raised yourself from the black chair you were on and started drag your feet to your bed.

His face was kind, but his eyes were hard and his jaw clenched in a tight manner. He wasn’t looking at you in the eyes.

You already saw you dad angry, but now you were too sure of the reason why he was angry at you.

When you sat down on your bed, chewing the inside of your mouth, he finally looked at you.

Why don’t you talk to me?❞ His voice sounded way more desperate than what you would have ever thought and his eyes were in despair.

Your gaze fell accidentally on his wet lips, making you silently gasp. Your eyes fluttered closed for a second, but swallowing quickly you reopened your eyes, trying to focus on your dad and not on the way you stomach started to dance at his presence.

What do you mean, daddy?

That word: daddy - still sounded wrong in your mouth, if referred to him.

You’ve been avoiding me for so long, is something bad happened?❞ he was so hopeless, his eyes so desperate that you took his hand.

You felt so sick in that moment, he was sad and you were thinking about satisfying your hunger for him. At least you were not playing him, you really felt something for your daddy, but your mother and some papers were in the middle of you two. Might as well just go for it, Jongin was nice, if he rejected you he wouldn’t tell anyone anyway.

Daddy❞ you called out, and your voice sounded more like a moan.

You took your daddy’s hand and put it on your right breast. If it felt good in your dream, it felt even better in real life.

Jongin eyes grew wide, he didn’t understand what was going on, but took off his hand right away, surprised when he saw your eyes go to the back of your head when you put his hand on your breast.

Wait, daddy❞ you murmured taking his hand again in yours.

You adjusted on your bed, sitting on your knees and placing his big and warm hand again on your right breast. Both of your nipples perked up and Jongin could see them through your white t-shirt.

You weren’t wearing any bra, since you were going to stay at home till the day after, where you were going to go to school. Jongin stayed still on your breast, watching it with his mouth agape.

You swallowed, you knew this was wrong, but you couldn’t care less in that moment.

You squeezed his hand, causing him to squeeze your breast to, Jongin’s tongue darted out of his lips, wetting them.

Y/N❞ he whispered, it was going to be a warning, but it sounded more like a plead.

You other hand snapped to the hot zone between your legs, with you middle finger you brushed your clit, squeezing his hand and your breast harder. A mewl brushed out of your lips and Jongin’s eyes run to your clothed womanhood.

Daddy❞ you moaned a little, opening your legs and grinding a little on your middle finger.

You were going to keep on talking, begging him to touch you, but he was faster.

Jongin’s lips pressed again your opened ones, his tongue started to taste your mouth and if the feeling between your legs was hot, his mouth again yours was even hotter.

You always looked at your dad lips in awe and now that they were on yours, you just felt too good.

Your hand left his on you breast to intertwine with his black hair. You were still kissing when he pulled your t-shirt down, exposing only your breasts. He took advantage of the new skin and left your mouth with a trail of saliva, connecting his lips with your left breast. He took your nipple in his mouth, circling the darker skin and then sucking on your perked nub.

If you didn’t know better, you would have thought that this was one of your wet dreams, where you moaned your daddy’s name and that was right and not wrong as it will feel in the future.

His mouth went to the other nipple playing just with his tongue, flicking it with the tip. His hands positioned on your ass cheeks, taking you with a sharp move into his laps, legs open and you clothed centre was pressing on his hardening manhood.

If your mother finds out❞ he whispered taking your shirt off completely.

You made quick moves, taking off his shirt button by button, throwing it out of the bed and on the floor.

If you don’t tell her, she won’t❞ you moaned taking in the beautiful tan skin you always adored.

Jongin always looked like as if he was kissed by the sun and then someone just poured honey on his skin. You were so in love with the color of his skin. It was so precious.

You pushed him down, so that his back was now laying on your bed. With a shy smile you pecked him on the lips and then went down on his neck, kissing it lightly. You didn’t want to spend time with games, you just wanted to taste his skin. You went down to the base of his dress pants, and just took a long lick of his abdomen, from his bellybutton to his neck, tasting his honey-like skin and his muscular figure. His skin tasted like cream and smelled like the cologne he always used, since you was young. You found yourself drowning.

Princess❞ he breathed when you then returned down with your face, planting a firm kiss on his clothed manhood.

Mh?❞ you looked at him, taking his clothed member - or at least the little you could since it was constricted in his pants - in your mouth, showing him what you would have loved to do.

Come here❞ he whispered looking at you. As much as he would have wanted you to give him a blowjob, he felt like stopping you and praise your body.

As you turned to kiss him, he quickly turned you around, so that now you were with your back on the bed and he was hovering over you. He too quickly took off your pants, you almost didn’t even notice it. He didn’t broke the kiss, he kept on playing with your tongue, but you had to open your mouth to let go a silent scream out when he pressed his finger on your clit, under your underwear.

You started to rock your hips, your mouths were against each other, but you weren’t kissing anymore. You were too focused on feeling his calloused fingers work on your throbbing clit.

❝I didn’t think that daddy could make you this wet❞ he whispered watching your face contort into pleasure when he dipped his middle finger into your heat.

Oh my God❞ you breathed together.

So tight❞ he smiled next to you ear, resting on his side, watching you moan and open your legs even wider for him.

His finger pumped into your core, while some of his finger brushed involuntarily against your clit, touching it just slightly, without stopping the nub from pulsing. And you weren’t sure if the throbbing in your ears was blood in your veins or your clit, but it felt amazing. Jongin next to you was panting, his other hand was now palming his member in his pants.

His finger in your core stopped moving, he took it off and spread your wetness on you clit, touching it with fervor. It felt too much, you wanted to come so bad, but still you couldn’t.

Daddy, please❞ you moaned, knowing that he was on the limits of endurance too.

He took his hand off you, working with his zipper for a little while, then took off both pants and boxers. When you saw his manhood you just smiled at yourself, you knew his skin there would be honey just like everywhere else, but now its tip was an hungry red and no honey color was there to be seen.

Jongin hovered over your body, taking his member in his hand before placing it just between your folds.

You had sex with some boys❞ he started and it was more like an exclamation than a question ❝now you will have sex with a man, baby

You gasped when he slammed his member into your more-than-wet womanhood.

Tell me who’s better❞ he whispered in your ear starting to pump into you.

Even if his first thrust was angry and violent, he then slowed down, trying to compose himself.

Don’t slow down❞ you moaned tracing your thumb over your nipple and squeezing your left breast.

Sweetheart, calm down. Relax. You’re too tight for daddy

His length into you was paradisiac, but almost too big. Your walls were being stretched to impossible, his tip started with brushing everything in you and then stopped there.

Here, baby?❞ he questioned when you let out a rather loud ‘fuck, Jongin’. It was almost incredible the fact that the only one who ever touched your g-spot was actually your stepfather.

Daddy, there please❞ you cried out arching your back. It was all almost too erotic for you. Jongin, your daddy, was fucking you in the bed, his usually combed hair was now a mess and his honey skin was all covered in sweat, his member was deep into your boiling core and his balls slapped against your ass. But his lips, oh his lips, they were the hottest. They were wet and tan, now red for the kissing and they were parted. His eyes boring into yours.

Baby, you’re so beautiful❞ he panted going a little slower, his orgasm approaching and yours was very near too.

You smiled a little, trying to reach your goal and it came too fast.

Jongin furrowed his eyebrows looking deeply in you, one of his hands left the side of your head and went to grab your ass, then he slammed into you one last time.

Your eyes went to the back of your head and you saw black for al least thirty seconds, your body shook from the violent orgasm and Jongin took off quickly his member from your entrance, grabbing it and slamming it into his hand. When he came he let his seed spurt on your clit, brushing his tip on it and helping you ride your last drop of orgasm through the friction.

He took a deep breath looking at your body. You nipples were red from his attentions, your lips red aswell, you womanhood was puffy and swollen from his actions and his white seed was all over your tummy.

Princess, you look gloriously beautiful❞ whispered Jongin, attaching his lips on her mouth again.

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Day One: Least Typecast Fave

Song Ji Hyo

From Emergency Couple to Ex Girlfriends Club to Princess Hours and My Wife is Having an Affair this Week, no two of her roles have every felt the same. Sometimes quirky, sometimes untouchable, she is always engaging on screen. While not all her shows have been my personal favorites, I still enjoyed watching her subvert expectations. With an even more prolific array of movie roles plus her versatility on Running Man, she moves from embodying model standards to every-day working life with ease that the industry finds hard to label.

Photocredit: dramafever, google

Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

As requested by @mikimiska113 and @youreinmy-mind

Timeline: At Dragonstone; you could say it’s in line with my oneshots A Private Moment and A Quick Farewell but it’s a bit ambiguous.

He doesn’t mean for it to happen. He doesn’t know that she’ll come in as he’s changing, before he gets a chance to pull his shirt all the way down-so she catches just the smallest glimpse of one of the scars on his chest. It’s only a glance, but she notices. 

“What’s that? Are you hurt?” She stands framed in the doorway, her hair coming loose from her tight braids, obviously on the way to her bedchambers. Still, there’s a note of fear in her voice that surprises him; it’s completely unexpected. 

He searches for an easy explanation, something that he can say to explain it away without getting into the details-but the Queen is smart and perceptive and he knows whatever lies he tells won’t get very far. “No. They’re old wounds, your Grace. Over and done with.”

She takes a step closer to him, boots whispering on the stone floor. “Old wounds?” She closes the distance between them and looks up at him carefully, as if asking permission. He nods once and she pulls up the hem of his shirt-and then catches her breath when she sees them, four heavy dark slashes across his pale skin. They’re still angry and red even after all this time; he doesn’t know if they’ll ever truly fade away. 

When she looks up at him again, there is a question in her eyes. “How did this happen?”

Even after all of this time, there’s still a catch in his voice when he says the words. “I was stabbed by men I considered my friends…my brothers.” 

He waits for the revulsion to enter her eyes, but it never does-only a sharp and sudden anger, though he can tell it’s not directed at him. “Why did they stab you?”

“I was Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and they thought I was breaking my vows.”

“And were you?”

“I don’t think so. I’d just seen the Night King for the first time and I suggested we let the wildlings take shelter on the other side of the Wall. They didn’t like that idea. They didn’t think we should be helping our sworn enemies, even if they’d just become wights if we didn’t. And I’d rather have an army of the living, instead of adding to that of the dead.”

She’s silent for a long moment, tracing the outlines of the scars carefully. Her touch sends shivers of heat through him, even though it barely glances off his body. “Bastards.” He can’t help smirking because it sounds like such an un-queenlike thing to say but she barely seems to notice. Her mind is connecting the rest of the dots. “But the wounds are still…”

He swallows hard. “At the time, they were fatal.”

She looks up at him again, arching one eyebrow. “They were?”

“They stabbed me and I bled out on the ground. You can ask Ser Davos; he was there, he’ll tell you. But a red priestess, Melisandre of Asshai, brought me back.”

She freezes now, a look of blank confusion on her face. “She…resurrected you?”

“I had a part to play in the coming war. I don’t know how she did it. I don’t remember anything about what came…after. I just woke up with the scars and the memories of being stabbed, but nothing else.” 

Dany is very quiet for a very long time. He waits for her to accuse him of lying or question his story, the way he’s been anticipating. But instead she says “A red priestess came to Dragonstone a few days before I wrote to you. She told me to summon you and let you tell me what you’d seen. I believe her name was Melisandre.”

It should surprise him more than it does. “Is she here still?”

“No. She left for Essos the day you arrived.”

He shrugs. “Well, I did promise her that if I ever saw her again I would kill her.”


“It’s a long story, your Grace. I believe she ultimately works for the Lord of Light, but some of the things she’s done in his name are inhumane.” 

She smirks. “I’ll be expecting you to tell me more when we have more time.”

“As you wish. But…you believe me about being brought back?” He doesn’t understand why it’s imperative that she does but he suddenly finds himself waiting for her next words with bated breath. 

She nods. “I’ve seen my share of the impossible. Dragons aren’t supposed to be alive, are they? I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me sooner.”

“There was no reason to. The opportunity never came up. I didn’t know if you’d believe me.”

She’s looking at the scars again, tracing the outlines where the knives sank into his flesh by the men he’d once considered his friends (some of them, at least). Her touch is like a balm, soothing their rough edges and making their sting a little less painful. “You wear them well.”

“That’s all you can do with scars, isn’t it? Wear them with pride-if others realize that they don’t bother you, then they won’t try and bother you with them.” Even if it does bother him, more than he can say. 

Slowly, she lets his shirt fall back into place. “So you really did take a dagger in the heart for your people.”

“I wouldn’t say that-”

He can already tell she’s not listening. “Well, thank you for telling me that…Jon.” It’s the first time she’s called him by his first name since he told her that she could and she says the word carefully, as if testing out the feel of it. He nods, and there’s a moment of awkward silence between them before she says “Have a nice night,” and shuts the door behind her as she leaves. He’s almost sad to see her go but he’s also drained; he’s never shared the story with anyone else before and he suddenly just wants time to himself to regroup.

He stands very still until her footsteps fade out of earshot, as if afraid to do anything that might break the tentative connection between them. “You too, Daenerys. Dany.” He says it softly, knowing full well that she can’t hear him, just to try it out. 

She really does have a beautiful name. 

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Get to know me challenge - 1/? Favorite Romantic Relationships → Adam Parrish/Ronan Lynch

As they moved through the old barn, Adam felt Ronan’s eyes glance off him and away, his disinterest practiced but incomplete. Adam wondered if anyone else noticed. Part of him wished they did and immediately felt bad, because it was vanity, really: see, Adam Parrish is wantable, worthy of a crush, not just by anyone, someone like  R o n a n, who could want Gansey or  a n y o n e  e l s e  and chose Adam for his  h u n g r y  eyes. 

Maybe he was wrong. He could be wrong. 

I am unknowable, Ronan Lynch. 

Warning! Spoilers for Ducktales!

WOW! ok, so the Ducktales premiere was everything I wanted and more. 

Just a few things I noticed:

- at the end of the whole shebang, there was a reporter and a cameraman with green feathers. Green! It might or might not be a stretch to see Jose and Panchito later on in the series. idk i just noticed that.

- Della was directly mentioned, well somewhat. but at least she is in the series and appears to be the reason Donald and Scrooge stopped adventuring together. (the fan theories were right!)

- Dewy’s personality and emotional reactions that set him apart from the others. i was a bit taken aback (in a good way) when I watched it. It’s really good how they are developing their personalities and giving character development this early in the show. Color me impressed.

- I saw how Scrooge and Donald’s problems are far from over, but at least they aren’t yelling at each other anymore. and how Scrooge will eventually learn to get along and trust and value his family.

- I was reading some articles about Ducktales and found out that they are going to re-do some of the old original episodes. the Double-o duck one in particular. the original thing of that episode was to start a spin-off series revolving around a superhero duck. at first it was going to be Scrooge and Launchpad, but they changed it because they felt it had no heart. and thats where Darkwing Duck comes in. this time around it may actually go this way. probably starting off with Darkwing Duck in the Double-o duck episode and eventually make it’s way into a spin-off show (as it was always meant to be) and this would finally connect the the two shows into one universe.

- it seemed that Webby has had very little to no contact with the outside world, alot like that of Rapunzel or Jasmine. even though both the nephews and Webby have over-protective guardians, to me Mrs. Beakly seems to have gone a bit overboard with Webby. But there may be a reason. You see, she trained Webby extensively with martial arts and all, which is good. Because I was wondering, what if Mrs. Beakly is in more danger than anyone else knows? Maybe thats why she never lets Webby go into the outside world. Because compared to Donald, of which something (probably horrible) happened to (probably Della), then what happend with Mrs. Beakly to drive her to keep Webby isolated from everyone else? (Dun,DUn,DUN.)

-Launchpad is such a precious fluffy ball of goodness that I just want to do everything in my nonexistant power so that he remains that way. But I would also love some good character development with him. like maybe his big heart gets him into some sticky situations, like trying to help everyone at once or somehow getting on the bad guys good side and the keep owing him favors and he has no clue, or him just being more than just Scrooges crash-landing pilot. 

Another thing about Wonder Woman.

She teams up with a victim of PTSD, a Native American, and a Moroccan man. And Diana respects each of them. Like she shows them the same amount of respect as anyone else. I think my favorite thing is when Sameer explains to her about Charlie’s mental illness and because of what she said, she sees Charlie in a new light.

I just…I just love this movie ya’ll.