just woke up from a noon nap

Back to Newcrest {Callie/Alar}

Alar woke up a few hours later than intended from his nap, still groggy and hurting but feeling significantly better than when he first woke up. He tugged his phone out from under him, checked the time, and groaned quietly. It was just past noon, and he was hungry. He was tired.

But more than anything he wanted to talk to Callie. He realized he didn’t have her number–home phone or otherwise. He pulled himself off of his couch, tugged the throw blanket around his shoulders and gripped his home phone in one hand, and moved to a nearby cabinet to dig out his Clearwell phone book. After sitting down on the hardwood floor, he flipped the book open and scrolled through the A-names. Adenell. There it was.

He dialed in her number and awkwardly stared down at the screen. They hadn’t talked since Thursday.

Would she want to?

No time like the present. He pushed call and held the phone up to his ear, counting the rings until she either answered or it went to the answering machine.