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Sirius & His Tattoos Part 1

I’ve always had this headcanon that every tattoo Sirius gets has meaning behind it, he isn’t one of those people who just goes and gets a tattoo randomly.

• The first ever tattoo he gets is for Remus; on his ribcage is a moon and as the days pass, the tattoo changes, eventually turning into a full moon. He got this tattoo to help him keep a count during the holidays when he’s stuck with his family.

• The second is for Peter and James; this one comes slightly after they figure out their Animagus forms, he gets a set of pawprints for each boy, Peter’s is on his left bicep, James is close to his heart, and when they change the pawprints move, kind of like the marauders map.

• During their 7th year, Sirius gets a tattoo of the star constellation Alpha Leonis, in honour of Regulus, he still sees someone brave and good underneath and despite what everyone must think he still loves him dearly.

• Shortly after he starts dating Remus he gets his initials tattoo on his right hip; marriage for a werewolf/same sex couple is nearly impossible and he figured this was the closest thing he was could do.

• A few months after Harry is born, he gets a fawn on his wrist, it grows along with Harry until eventually becoming a strong deer like his dad.

• After many long years in Azkaban, Sirius decides that he needs one finally tattoo, as a short of reminder, right over his heart he gets a deer and a doe with the date Lily and James died underneath and the words Mischief Managed.


“It was very important to us to get a happy center to the friendship. 

They don’t suffer each other – otherwise they’d move out. I mean, especially someone as pragmatic as Doctor Watson, a campaigning soldier – he would just leave, he would find somewhere else [to live].

But what happens is, Watson comes back wounded and really without any reason to live; he’s complete flat, like a flat battery. 

And he meets this man who turns his life upside down, and gives him adventure again – and he has a reason, and excitement in his life. 

And for Sherlock – he meets this man, as I say, who gives him a more human dimension.

Actually… slightly takes away some of his roughest edges, but never completely tames him.”


– Mark Gatiss, 2011.

right as rain, soft as snow (part iii)

pairing: spider-man x reader/peter parker x reader

warnings: there like, one bad word

word count: 3,550

summary: in which the reader is an avenger and a whole lot happens before peter finds out about it. drama ensues.  

               You texted him for the rest of the day, lying in bed and talking about anything and everything. You laid on your back in your new, uncomfortable bed, holding the phone up close to your face and just… talking to him. Letting your thumbs move as quickly as they could, you smiled to yourself, laughing at each of the little jokes he made throughout your conversation. At some point, he called you.

               You furrowed your brows – why could you see yourself?

               Peter Parker would like to FaceTime with you…

               You touched the green button with your thumb and suddenly you could see Peter, sitting at a desk in his home, looking at you with a slightly confused smile on his face as he looked at what he saw – your furrowed brows and the top of your eyes.

               “Attractive.” He commented with a laugh, shaking his mechanical pencil in his hand. “Has anyone told you how pretty your eyes are?” He was joking, but you could almost sense an ounce of truth and sincerity in there. You gasped lightly in surprise once you understood and you laughed, sitting up in bed and holding the phone up so he could see you, too. “Hey, ______.”

               “Hi, Peter. What’s up? Got tired of typing?”

               “Well, yeah, that,” he laughed, “And that I wanted to ask if you finished the Calculus homework.” You furrowed your eyebrows. Oh, yeah. You went to school now – you had to do homework.

               “Um, no, honestly I haven’t started.” You answered, glancing at the clock. “I mean, it’s only 5PM.”

               “You wait until last minute to do your homework?” Peter asked with a small laugh, his eyes trailing around the apartment as you stood to walk out of your room, searching around for something like a desk. You decided to sit at the small table in the kitchenette, looking outside the small window at the beautiful view – the brick wall of the other building. You sighed softly, placing down your phone on the table and grabbing your backpack to empty everything out onto the table. Thankfully, you brought home everything with you, not realizing what to leave at school and what to bring home. You remembered Peter had even commented about it – that it was a lot to carry. You were strong enough.

               “No,” you laughed, setting your Chemistry book aside so you could lean your phone on it so he could see you. You flipped open your new Calculus book and notebook, asking what problems they were, to which they answered. You read over the directions and looked at the problems. “Oh!” you let out, closing your eyes and trying your hardest to remember. You had learned this.

               You closed your eyes a little harder – remembering – you would have been punished for not answering quickly enough. You remembered where you learned; dark, underground, damp, cold. You could still feel the ache in your wrists from being tied down to the desk, the throbbing in your head –


               You shook your head slightly, looking up at Peter through the tiny phone, at his concerned face. “You okay? You seem a little out of it.”

               You smiled softly, nodding your head and shrugging your shoulders as you looked down to the textbook beneath you. “Yeah, yeah – no, I’m fine.” You answered as you pulled your gloves farther down onto your hands. You noticed Peter looking at them, even through the phone. “So, what don’t you get about this problem?” You asked, trying to change the situation from your slight flashback.

               “I don’t know,” he murmured, scratching at his hair, “I think just the end of it.”

               “Okay, so..” you began, and the two of you talked about Calculus and how to do the rest of the problems for another half hour, and eventually, you had gotten Peter to understand.

               “Oh, I get it,” he murmured in revelation. “Hold on – let me do this one by myself.”

               You nodded softly and worked on the problem in silence, glancing up from the textbook every now and then to make sure that your numbers were right. You waited patiently as the boy through the phone checked his answers and numbers, and you watched him, your chin leaning into your hand. He was quite attractive, you decided; very smart and respectable, kind and funny. You decided that the two of you would be great friends, no matter what Tony said. No matter what your past said about you. You would try your best to keep this friendship alive.

               “Is the answer 2?” Peter eventually asked, his initial certainty slowly turning into a flat out question.

               “It sure is!” you laughed softly, watching him give himself a little clap on the back in celebration.

               “Awesome. I get it now, thanks ______. Did you pick this up in class?” He asked, seemingly amazed at how quickly you learned the material that should have technically been new to you.

               “No, I knew it already. I learned it a while ago.” You answered, smiling sadly at the memory. You brushed it off the best that you could. “Homeschool curriculum is a little bit more intense, I guess.”

               “Yeah.” He answered, sensing your drop in mood, “I guess it is.”

               You smiled over at him, and the two of you completed all of your homework in general silence, just enjoying each other’s presence, in some weird way. You had finished your Russian homework quite quickly, and was asking Peter something or another about Chemistry when the connection seemed to be going in and out. “Hey, we’re breaking up,” you murmured, resting your chin on your arms as you watched the screen flicker just slightly every few moments.

               “Breaking up?” Peter cried, “I didn’t know that we were together!”

               It was a stupid joke, you knew it. It was so unbelievably stupid, but for some reason, that was what made it so funny. It started out as a small giggle, eventually breaking out into laughter that you couldn’t control. Peter laughed with you over the phone, and for some reason, you couldn’t stop. You decided to go along with it.

               “I think we’re moving too quickly! I want to end this relationship before it gets too serious.”

               “What?! I was going to ask you to marry me, ______!!” He replied, and after a few minutes, your laughter slowly subsided to a big smile. There was nothing to say for a while as the two of you worked on your homework.

               “That’s a nice apartment you got there.” Peter remarked, and you looked up to see his eyes travelling around his own screen. You took a glance behind you, looking at the clean, bare walls and floors.

               “Yeah,” you answered with a shrug, “I actually just moved in. Like, two hours ago.”

               “Really?” Peter asked as he closed his books and put them away. “What’s your address? You’re in Queens, right? Well, of course you’d be in Queens, you’re going to a Queen’s school, duh-“

               “Actually don’t really remember. One second,” You stood from your seat and headed back towards the front door near the counter, where you left the paper that Tony gave you with the address on it. You walked back and sat down in your spot, bringing up your leg to sit underneath so your other leg could swing slightly. You read the address back to him, and you looked up to see a big smile on his face.

               “Hey! I’m two blocks away.”

               You smiled a little wider. This was great. “Hey, do you want to go and get some food?” You blurted out, glancing around your empty apartment. “I don’t have any food here, and I don’t want to have to go out and eat alone.”

               “You don’t have any plans with your parents or something?” Peter asked skeptically, his eyebrows lightly furrowed. “I would love to, but I know my Aunt May gets mad at me sometimes when she has plans for dinner and I wind up going out.”

               You shook your head softly, realizing you would have to come up with some sort of story. “No,” you responded, brushing a strand of (h/c) hair behind your ear sheepishly, “My parents are never really home. They work a lot. They get home very late and leave very early. I never really see them, much.”

               “Oh,” Peter responded, giving you a look that you could only describe as slightly pitiful. Was that empathy? Or understanding? “I kinda know how you feel. In that case-!” He stood and picked up his phone, bringing it slightly closer to his face. “I’ll be there to pick you up in ten. You said that you were new to the city, right?”

               “Yeah,” you responded, not really remembering when you told him that, “This is pretty much my first time here.”

               “Awesome! Do you like Chinese?” You nodded in response. “Great, there’s this awesome Chinese joint by the bridge –“

               “Peter,” you interrupted, smiling, “I’ll see you in ten.”

               “See you in ten!” And he hung up. You placed the phone down and immediately began to freak the fuck out, racing to your room and ripping open your suitcase, trying your best to decide what to wear. Then you heard a ding from the kitchen, and you quickly got back up and ran back in to see who was texting you.

               From: Peter Parker

               hey, what’s your address again???

               You laughed and quickly typed it to him, running back into your room and grabbing a new pair of nice jeans and a beige sweater. You smiled at the clothes – you loved being able to have a choice in your wardrobe and got to wear what you actually thought looked good. Not a uniform. Not a medical bib, not rags. Things you liked.

               You quickly removed the clothes you had worn to school that day, glancing quickly in the mirror to see yourself in your spandex suit. You sighed softly, turning to face the mirror full length. You looked at yourself, staring at your suit and the gloves that you wore, wondering if you should change them to the ones with the dyed fingertips. You decided against it, quickly pulling the sweater over your head and pulling on your jeans, having to jump as the denim liked to hug the material of your suit and made it difficult to squeeze on. You got closer to the mirror to look at your face, sighing softly at the bags underneath your eyes from the restless, fearful nights. You brought a hand up to rub ad your face and under your eyes. You didn’t have makeup, and even if you did, you had no idea how to use it. It was all Greek to you.

               You slipped on your shoes, looking around the apartment, pursing your lips together as you did your best to tame your (h/l) (h/c) hair. You grabbed your phone from the table and stuck it in your pocket, glancing around the empty apartment as if you could be forgetting something, but currently there was nothing to forget. You walked around, taking a glance into a spare bedroom and closing the door, deeming that now as your fictional parents’ room. You closed the door to your own room after shutting off the light, sitting down at the table while waiting for Peter and coming up with each piece of your story. About your family, your life. Your fictional life that you almost felt guilty lying to Peter about. But it was necessary. Survival was necessary.

               You took a deep breath. Parents. You wondered what it was like to have those. You weren’t able to wallow in your own self-pity for much longer, though, hearing a knock at your door. You had a huge feeling it was Peter, but living on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers taught you better than that. You removed a glove, getting ready, feeling the energy sizzle in your palms and around your fingers, taking a glance through the peephole. It was Peter.

               You slipped the glove on before you could accidentally do any damage and opened the door, smiling over at him. “I am ready to be amazed by this Chinese food.” You said simply, smiling widely at him.

               “Do.. you mind if I use your bathroom really quick?” Peter asked, smiling sheepishly and you nodded. “It’s down that way over there.” You pointed, and Peter nodded to you and made his way over, and you could hear the shutting of the door behind him. You sat down at the table and hit the tips of your fingers against the wood, listening to the idle thumping of your fingers. You zoned out, staring at the brick wall of the building across from you, sighing softly.

               “Wow, you really just moved in.” Peter commented, and you turned, eyebrows raised.

               “Yeah, you replied softly, shrugging your shoulders. “And I’m pretty much alone here.”  

               “Hey,” he murmured, sitting down next to you in the adjacent seat, “If you ever get lonely, you can come over to my place at any time. Seriously. Any time you want. Even at three in the morning or something. My Aunt May would love to have you over, but just text me if you really do want to show up at three in the morning so I can get up and walk you over because Queens can really be dangerous at that time of night, and-“

               “Thank you, Peter.” You laughed, “I’ll take you up on that offer.”

               “Awesome.” He responded back, the small cracking in his voice making him sound all the more sincere and sweet. “Let’s go get some food, yeah?” He stood from his spot at the table, looking down at you with a smile. You stood to follow him out, grabbing the keys on the counter and locking the door behind you.

               You walked side by side down the hallway, listening to Peter quietly as he raved all about the Chinese restaurant you were about to go to. You idly took your phone out of your pocket and messed with it in your hands, never once looking down at it, but just feeling it as the two of you walked through Queens. Peter talked, and you listened, and you didn’t mind. You loved hearing his stories about school, and about his life. His normal life. You wondered what that was like.

               The early Spring air was cold but surprisingly welcoming. You enjoyed the cool breeze you felt on your face, and surprisingly through your skintight suit beneath your sweater.

               “______?” You looked up, eyebrows raised.


               Peter laughed a little bit at the fact that you had zoned out so easily. “Do you want to sit inside or outside?”

               “Outside.” You answered without hesitation. “Outside would be nice. I like it out.”

               Peter laughed again at your word choice, nodding his head. “Okay.” He murmured, going over to one of the tables underneath the large overhead of the restaurant, pulling out a chair for you so you could sit. You smiled over at him, the sap that he was, and sat down as he pushed the chair in for you. You didn’t watch many movies, but you were pretty sure that that was something only that happened in. He sat across from you and thanked the waiter as he brought menus and water.

               Peter looked up towards the gray sky – still gray from the day before. “It looks like it’ll rain again.” He murmured absentmindedly, glancing back down to the menu before looking back up to you, “But that’s okay, ‘cause you like the rain.”

               You furrowed your brows – you knew for a fact that you hadn’t told Peter about how much you loved the rain. “How did you know that?” You asked, genuinely clueless.

               Peter shrugged. “I dunno, you just seem like the kind of person that enjoys the rain that Spring gives.”

               You narrowed your eyes teasingly at him, and the both of you laughed. The waiter came to take your order and you gave it to him, handing over the menus politely as the two of you turned back to each other.

               “So, ______,” Peter began, shrugging softly, “I’ve been speaking the, like, entire day. I feel like I know nothing about you. Tell me something, anything.”

               You rested your chin in your open palm, pursing your lips together as you stared over at him. You shrugged your shoulders. “I really don’t have that interesting of a life.” You whispered, placing your hands together down on the table and looking down at your gloves. You really didn’t want to have to lie to Peter. You loved his company, and you didn’t want this to hurt if something went wrong. But you knew that it would, anyway. No matter what.

               Things always went wrong. You shrugged again, laughing softly. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. Umm…”

               “Why don’t you start with where you’re from?” He began, sounding slightly concerned, “You know, before you came to New York.”

               “I’m from Arizona.” You answered, and hey, you weren’t lying.

               “Wow, really? Arizona? That’s pretty far.”

               “Yeah.” You answered with a small smile, “It really is. And then I came to New York but not for long – I was all over the country for a few good months. And now I’m back.” Again, not a lie. You had been on the run for quite a while. “I have nightmares sometimes.” You admitted, grimacing slightly and looking up at him from under your eyebrows, and he smiled softly over at you.

               “If you ever wake up, just text me, okay? I’ll wake up, I swear.”

               You smiled over at him, and you were amazed at how easy he made you smile. It was not long at all before the food came, and you smiled and thanked the waiter as he set the food down, and you quickly went to eating. “Mmmm.” You hummed in delight, smiling over at Peter and nodding your head. “Good choice, Parker.”

               He gave himself a tiny celebration at finding food that you liked. “Great. We should come here more often, then.”

               “I would really like that.” You responded, and the rest of your meal was filled with a peaceful silence as the two of you ate with the occasional little conversation thrown about. The meal was over sooner than you had expected, and you reached into your pocket to pull out your wallet.

               “Hey –“ Peter interrupted, smiling at you, “I got it.”

               “Really?” you asked, tilting your head slightly. “Cause I can pay.”

               “Yeah, of course.” He answered, handing the money and receipt back to the waiter. “My treat. Thanks for coming out with me. I really enjoy your company. Now come on – I’ll walk you home.”

               You stood with Peter, waving a quick and polite goodbye to the waiter. You turned and started to walk back the way you came – and even though the dinner felt like it had gone by quickly, it was almost 8:00PM. “I’d really love to spend more time with you tonight,” Peter sighed, stuffing his hands in his pockets, “But I have a physics test tomorrow that I really have to study for.”

               “What’s it on?” You asked softly as the two of you continued your walk back home, “Maybe I can help.”

               “It’s on electricity and electromagnetism.” Peter murmured, crossing his arms slightly. “I get the formula just fine, it’s just the concept of it that kind of confuses me.”

               “Well,” you began, glancing up to the darkened sky, “Each electron is surrounded by an electric field, right? It’s its own little force, you know. And when the electron moves, it creates a second sort of energy called an electromagnetic field.” You glanced over at Peter to make sure that he was still listening. “When electricity – the electrons – travel through metal, it can create a magnet due to the amount of electricity running through it. That electricity can double into a sort of kinetic energy, which equals force…” You murmured, trailing off. “Does that make sense?”

               Peter nodded softly. “Actually, yeah. It does.” He answered, “Did you like physics?”

               “Yeah.” You answered with a nod and a small smile. “I did, a lot. It was my favorite class.”

               Eventually, your walk had ended, but you didn’t want Peter to leave. “Want to come in for a little while longer?” You asked, “I can help you with some more Physics stuff.”

               Peter agreed and came inside, and for the first half hour or so you actually talked about physics, but the other two, you talked about anything and everything – from school to the entire country to being out of the country, to somehow whales and how cool they were. You had just talked the whole night and you would not take those moments back for even a second. His Aunt May wanted him back home, though, so he left, and you went to bed that night feeling great. Feeling like you had a real friend.

               That hadn’t stopped you from having a nightmare, though. You woke up, scared and startled, glancing over to your phone. It was one in the morning.

               To: Peter Parker

               Hey, are you up???

               A few minutes later.

               From: Peter Parker

               yeah, i’m here.

everyone STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING because i love filler chapters

enjoy this fluff and innocence

and get ready for this long ass and really intense series i promise you it’ll get a lot more interesting

so enjoy!!

first part here!

next part coming soon!

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

*A/N So I was listening to slow dancing in a burning room by John mayor when I wrote this. I completely had it set that I was going to have a sad ending but it didn’t feel right so yeah hope you enjoy
-Xoxo Madison*

Simon wrapped his arms tight around the girl in front of him. Moving his feet slowly to the beat of the music. He couldn’t help but look down at her with a sad smile. Because he knew what was coming. All night she had avoided direct eye contact with him. He didn’t blame her though. Things between them just weren’t the same. They weren’t as passionate towards each other anymore. The stress of her uni and his YouTube it was only a matter of time before they cracked under the pressure. Pulling slightly out of his arms she looked up at him with watery eyes.
“Si.” She whispered and he didn’t miss the slight whimper in her voice. Shaking his head he shushed her and pulled her back into his arms kissing the top of her head.
“Dance with me one last time my love.” He whispered pressing a gentle kiss on top of her head. She nodded her head as a tear streaked from her eye and landed on simons shirt.
He remembered the first time he ever held her in his arms like this.
“Hey” Y/n said brightly smiling up at Simon from her post beside the punch table. “Hey” Simon said back a slight blush blooming on his cheeks . “Are you having fun?” He asked nervously
“I mean I came without a date and every song has been a slow one so I haven’t even danced once but sure.” It was Y/n’s turn to blush. She wasn’t sure why she had said that he probably thought she was the biggest loser.
“Well you’re lucky because I didn’t bring a date either, I happen to believe everyone should slow dance at least once at their prom” He offered her his hand and hesitantly she took it. The pair silently swayed back and forth. “I never imagined my freshmen year I would be slow dancing with The Simon Minter at my senior prom” Y/n mockingly broke the silence. “Well lucky you huh” Simon cheekily replied. Y/n threw her head back laughing and Simon couldn’t help but realize the girl who had sat beside him in math for the past 4 years resembled an angle. He was so in awe he couldn’t help but take a hand off her waist and softly caress her cheek. Y/n felt her breathe get caught in her chest and her eyes were glued to the baby blue ones in front of her. Leaning forward Simon crashed his lips onto hers and Y/n didn’t hesitate a single second before kissing back.
Back in the present Simon could feel his last few seconds ticking away and he felt slightly panicked. He couldn’t let her go. She was the one. She was it. She was all he wanted and all he needed and he couldn’t let her walk away from him. He opened his mouth to tell her exactly that. But then he slowly got flashbacks of all the fights they had gotten into, all the insults and hurt feelings and he knew not to say any of that. Especially after their last fight where she admitted to thinking about ending their relationship. When they met tonight for the first time since the fight they had a week ago he knew instantly she made up her mind. Simon heard the last few chords of the song playing and he pulled her in even closer. He knew he couldn’t hold her back anymore. She deserved so much more than him and she’d never find it waiting around for him. Kissing her forehead one last time Simon loosened his grip and Y/n wiggled out and met his gaze and finally spoke what needed to said. “ I hope you know that I came here to end things with you because I hate you so much.I hate the fact that I’ve spent the past couple of years with you and you made them so perfect. I hate the fact that You made me fall in love with you in so many different ways. I hate the fact that you made me realize you’re the only one for me. I hate the fact that you did all that only to completely destroy my heart by ignoring me. I especially hate that fact that to you everything and everyone is second to YouTube. But, what I hate the most is that fact that I don’t hate you. Not even a little bit. In fact I’m completely head over heels in love with you and because of that I realize I can’t leave you, leave this, leave us. And we may be slow dancing in a burning room right now but Simon I’m gonna slow dance with you until I get burnt.”

Imagine meeting Spencer, and he's speechless.

You are walking down the street on your way to your normal coffee shop by your job. You walk in, order, pay, and grab your coffee. You’re about to walk out, when you almost walk directly into a tall, lanky man in a brown suit. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.” You slightly laugh and you finally look up at him and he is just smiling. You smile back. 

“Hi.” You say. He says nothing. “Hello?” You say again. He stammers, then nervously laughs. 

“I’m sorry, I look like an idiot. You’re just so beautiful.” He smiles. You blush a deep red and you move your hair behind your ear. 

“Thank you.” You say and you both smile at each other. 

You were very late to work, but it was so worth it. 

Let me know if you guys like this, and if you want others. :) 

“This is so cheesy”, Sam murmurs against Dean’s shoulder, his hands starting to get clammy and his hair falling before his eyes.

Dean doesn’t seem to mind how sweaty his little brothers hands are becoming as he grips on tighter to Sam’s waist.

“Good thing you’re not lactose intolerant”, Dean teases and earns a slap on his shoulder.

They’re moving too slow to the song, but with Sam’s clumsy feet it’s a necessity.

The elder Winchester closes his eyes, letting his body just move together with his brothers’ as he mouths the —slightly changed— lyrics into Sam’s hair.

Sammy is in my ears and in my eyes…

When the song is finished the brothers separate themselves from each other.

“Thank you for the dance, m’lady”, Dean says jokingly and bows.

Sam steps closer to him once again and wraps his arms around his brothers shoulders.

“It was my pleasure, dear sir”, he replies before kissing Dean.


Sincerest Apologies

 She was never one to snap so easily.

 And yet, she’s only human in the end.

 Slim fingers tapped impatiently on her lap. The bench that she sat felt hotter each passing minute, yet Kotone was either too stubborn or too annoyed to move away. Pink lips pursed and popped apart every few minutes. Eyebrows knitted closely on her forehead. Cheeks flushed faintly in a mixture of heat and hurt.

 Did he forget? He couldn’t obviously forget. Maybe something was holding him back? Maybe he was rushing from somewhere far? Maybe, just maybe, he’s planning a little surprise for her?

 The latter sounded fake. Too fake.

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More Ryukishi interview tidbits

-In one of the interviews (which took place after Meakashi was released), we get a look at what might have formed the beginnings of Ryukishi’s gameboard concept. He says that the way he wrote Higurashi was first create the stage, environment, and history of Hinamizawa. Then he created the game pieces (characters) and gave them each a goal. Then each character moves on the stage according to their goal. When he cut out the portion of that world dictated by Keiichi’s POV, Onikakushi-hen was created.

But there are actually a lot of other characters moving freely that Keiichi doesn’t see. He only sees the results, so to him it just appears as though a bunch of strange things are happening.

Then Ryukishi rewound things to the beginning and shifted the starting places of the pieces just slightly, and Watanagashi-hen was the result.

So he has this whole four-dimensional world inside his head, and he wishes he could share it in its four-dimensional form, but in order to share it with other people, he can only show portions of it.

-He talks about how if Bernkastel weren’t on Battler’s side, then the episodes of Umineko would have been self-contained, like the early arcs of Higurashi appeared to be, which is really interesting.

I’d take this with a grain of salt though, because this was just after Ep2 came out, and we all know how Ryukishi changed his mind a lot about Bernkastel as the story went on.

-The reason Battler said he read Higurashi was because the Higurashi light novels had just been published, so Ryukishi was kind of referencing that.

That’s right, those Higurashi book references in Umineko that threw us meta world theorists for a loop were simply put there to celebrate Higurashi’s light novel releases.

-As in the ‘Answer to the Golden Witch’ interview, Ryukishi is adamant about not giving readers a clear solution to Umineko. Which is weird, because in the manga version of Ep8, he gives readers a clear solution to Umineko. Yes, I know he’s said he did so because the manga was his last chance to give closure, but still… In these interviews, he genuinely seems to believe that giving a clear solution to everyone equally would be a betrayal to the people who worked so hard to arrive at the answer.

And I’m not saying I dislike 'Confession of the Golden Witch.’ I like it quite a bit. I just wonder what could have caused this change of heart?

Max’s Emergency

A/N: This was an anon request for a Spencer x Reader where his wife, the reader, is a veterinarian and Penelope’s cat gets sick in the middle of the night. Penelope calls Spencer in a panic, and he and the reader go over and the reader takes care of the cat. A little fluff at the end. I put a little fluff at the beginning instead, but everything else worked out how the requester asked. Enjoy! @coveofmemories

Warnings: Pet sickness?


Ring. Ring.

Ring. Ring.

“Hello?” Spencer yawned, not bothering to open his eyes. It was the middle of the night and he had no idea who was calling him. All that mattered to him right now was the he and Y/N had just had an amazing night together and were curled up next to each other in bed. She started to move slightly at the sound of his voice.

“Spencer, it’s Penelope. You have to help me,” she said in a panic. She was practically hyperventilating. Spencer shot up in bed.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “Are you okay? Are in danger?”

“I’m not in danger. Max is,” she cried. “He’s been throwing up for the past three hours and I don’t know what’s wrong with him and if anything happens to him, Spencer I’m not gonna be able to take it, and…”

“It’s okay, Garcia. Stay calm. Y/N and I will be over in a few minutes.” He roused from your sleep as he hung up the phone. Groaning, you turned over, looking at the clock and seeing that it was barely 1:30 AM.

“What’s wrong with Garcia?” you asked, stretching your arms out so far you knocked the clock on the floor.

“Max is sick and she’s freaking out,” he responded, lying back down for a moment to place a kiss on your shoulder. “Would you mind coming over with me to see if there’s any reason he should be taken to an emergency vet?”

Slowly, you pushed yourself up from the bed by one arm, stretching yet again. “Of course,” you said, standing up with your eyes still closed and putting on the pajamas you’d worn before Spencer took them off. “I’m just wearing this and a coat out though. I can’t be bothered to find a bra.”

“Fine by me,” he said, playfully coming up behind you and placing another kiss in the crook of your neck.

As you both made your way down the stairs, during which time you insisted Spencer drive so you could find some time to wake up, you asked him what Penelope had said. “Did she say anything else about Max? Was is just the vomiting? Were there any other symptoms?” You were a vet, and one of the best known in the area at that, so when Penelope found her cat sick, she probably panicked and figured she’d call the only person she knew.

“She was just panicking,” he replied. “I had to calm her down. She loves that cat.”

Within a few minutes, you were on your way upstairs to Penelope’s apartment. “Oh thank god,” she sniffled as she opened the door. He’s really sick and I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

You gave her a tight hug, soothing her with what she needed to hear. It was very unlikely that anything super serious was wrong. “Have there been any other symptoms?” you asked, “Blood in the urine? Depression? Dehydration? Lack of appetite? Any recent weight loss? Diarrhea?”

“No, none of that,” she said, looking toward Max who was vomiting for what she said was the sixth or seventh time that night, “does that mean anything to you?”

“Well, it rules out tapeworms or FLUTDs.”

“What are those?” she asked horrified.

“Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases,” you replied. “When you’re out, do you crate him?”

Penelope shook her head no, immediately feeling guilty. “Just a question, Pen,” you said, scratching your head and trying to figure out what it might be. “Do you leave things in his reach that he might be able to get?”

“Well, he gets up on the kitchen counter, but there’s nothing up here that he could eat.” She was looking around the kitchen in a frenzy for something she could’ve possibly left on the counter. “There’s nothing. Everything’s too big for his mouth.”

“Okay,” you said, looking at Max as he finished vomiting, “Come here Max. Let me check out that mouth of yours.”

As you sat down on the floor, Max crawled over to you. He always liked you, but he was being extra affectionate tonight, probably do to the fact that he wasn’t feeling well. For a few minutes, you pet him from the head all the way down to his tail, getting him calm and compliant. Many cats wouldn’t allow you to check out their mouths without biting, and a cat bite could put you in the hospital for a couple of days, but Max was an especially good cat. “Let me check in there.”

Gently, you opened up his mouth, looking for something he could’ve chewed on or swallowed that was upsetting him. It was normally the most common solution for a cat not feeling well. “I see something,” you said, turning around to Penelope, “Can you hand me my bag?”

With a look of relief on her face, she turned towards the door to get the bag you’d dropped with some of your basic supplies. You reached in to grab a pair of pincers to grasp what you were looking at. Reaching into Max’s mouth, you consoled him. “It’s okay, baby. You’re gonna feel better after this. I promise.”

Finally, after a few careful movements you clasped onto what you were looking at and pulled slowly. “What’s that?” Spencer asked.

“A piece of floss,” you said, placing it carefully on the floor and turning toward Max again. “You feel better?” you asked, massaging him under the chin. Max responded with the famous cat stretch, where he arched his back; then he hopped up on the kitchen counter and into Penelope’s waiting arms like nothing had happened.

“How did you get that?” Penelope asked in shock as she looked down at the now happy Max. “How did you get into the bathroom?”

You laughed. “Cats are acrobats, babe. Apparently, he can jump at the doorknob and open it, so my suggestion would be to pick up the garbage can and put it in the base of the shower behind the door when you leave. He must’ve gotten in there and eaten a piece of floss. The vomiting was him trying to get it out.”

Penelope snuggled Max up into her chin. “I’m just so glad you’re okay,” she said to him. She was so relieved she was practically crying. “Thank you, Y/N. And thank you, Spencer, for answering the phone. I don’t know what I’d do without him.” A tear fell out of her eye and onto Max’s fur, at which point he turned around and licked her face. “Is there anything else I should look out for?”

You walked over to her, patting her on the back as you pet Max on the head again. “I’d just see if he throws up again tonight. If not, the floss was it. And I know he normally likes to sleep out here, but I think he might want to snuggle tonight.”

“We’re definitely gonna cuddle,” she said, yawning as Max burrowed himself into her. “Thank you again, Y/N. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you.”

thekeekster  asked:

'you're such a tease' for the drunk writing prompts!! Pairing of your choice, if you so please :)

The prompts above and below you in my inbox are both Solavellan, so that’s what you get too.

For @dadrunkwriting

She’s certain he’s doing this on purpose. She keeps glancing up over her book to see that he’s moved slightly where he’s painting, slipping the handle of a brush between his teeth to hold or bending down just so, the way she once mentioned she likes.

The longer she sits in the rotunda, the less attention she pays to her book. Eventually, it rests completely ignored against her stomach as she unabashedly stares at Solas.

His movements are so… graceful. Like he trained as a dancer, maybe, though that seems unlikely. Each movement seems both carefully planned and flawlessly executed, and she can’t tear her eyes away from him as he expertly expands the mural on his wall.

She lets herself sink lower on the couch, legs stretching out before her, as Solas mixes a new color on his pallet and, pointedly ignoring her, stretches to reach a point on the wall just higher than his head.

Her gaze follows the line of his body from his toned arm down his side, stopping to appreciate the curve of his ass before she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

“Something wrong, vhenan?” Solas’ sonorous voice sounds suspiciously innocent, and when she opens her eyes back to look over at him, he has one paintbrush clutched between his teeth and another spinning on his long fingers.

She watches the movement for a long moment before dragging her gaze up to meet his.

“You,” she says, voice low but still clear, “are a tease.”

Bucky - Training Part 2

Part 1

You and Bucky had been training together for over a week now, giving each other tips and moves.

It was Friday and you met him on the mat again. You smiled slightly, noticing the large purple bruise on his cheekbone from where you’d punched him a bit too hard yesterday.
You felt bad, but to be fair, he’d moved into your punch.

Bucky was stretching on the mat, lifting his arms up to stretch them behind his neck. You wondered if he actually needed to stretch his bionic arm or if it was just habit.

He nodded at you when he saw you, waving his hand in greeting slightly.
You returned the gesture and began to warm up too.

You noticed Bucky was wearing a grey form fitting singlet and black training pants. You were wearing a black muscle tank and trousers much like his.

“Ready, (y/n)?” Bucky asked, walking around the edge of the mat.

“You say that like I’m not always ready!” You said, backing into one corner of the mat.

He smiled, raising an eyebrow and took a few steps towards you.

His left arm was behind his back and you sighed. He’d have to use it someday.

Your bare feet slapped on the mat as you charged at him, ducking under his arm at the last second and swinging around to attempt to sweep his legs out from under him.
Bucky was more balanced than usual though, because he was stationary and your attempt to topple him only made him stumble.

You quickly rolled out of the way and got to your feet, turning to face the man.

The corner of his lip twitched in a smile and he leapt forward, swinging a punch. You dodged his punch but not his kick. Then he failed to dodge your punch. He spun towards you, somehow managing to get an arm around your neck (his right arm of course).

You struggled but then you felt his warm breath in your ear and the heat rise up your neck.

“I think I won - again.” He said, you could just imagine his smirk.

You screwed up your face and brought your elbow back in a sharp jab, hitting him right between the ribs. He grunted in pain and his grip loosened. Seeing your opportunity, you slipped out, kicking out to make him stumble before you gave a final push.

The Winter Soldier fell to the mat, but quickly recovered and grabbed you by the legs to pull you down.

You squealed slightly in surprise, accidentally landing with your knees on Bucky’s chest.

He groaned, the wind knocked out of him. Smiling, you leaned towards him, whispering smugly “I think it’s me who wins, Bucky.”

He caught his breath back and looked up at you leaning over him. You saw his lips twitch before they were suddenly against yours, perfectly soft. Perfect.

You felt your cheeks flush as he gently pulled you into him as he lay his head back down on the mat, still kissing you.

It was you who pulled back first, though reluctantly. You’d heard the people muttering, their shocked gasps and the sudden silence as everyone stopped training to watch you.

Some had jealously in their eyes others disgust that a SHIELD agent kissed someone they still considered Hydra.

It was too much for you, all their angry stares directed at you.

You got up, not able to look at Bucky from fear that they’d mock him and left.

You didn’t run, just walked briskly, out of the training room and into the hallway outside. You didn’t know where you were going exactly but you just kept walking.
Everytime you passed an agent you felt that they were shaming you, even though there was no way they could know yet. Eventually you found a storage room and went inside, slumping against the wall behind a rack of tinned food.

You knew you weren’t going to cry. Sadness wasn’t the main emotion you were feeling. It was anger. Anger that you’d left like that. Anger at how you’d treated Bucky. Anger at how they’d looked at you. How they’d looked at you like you were disgusting. Like it was disgusting that someone like him would be with you and that you’d let him. You should’ve known better. Should’ve known that you weren’t good enough for a hero like that. Should never have-

A knock on the door jerked you out of your thoughts.

“(Y/n)? Are you in there or am I talking to an empty cupboard again?”

You managed a sad smile. He’s so cute.

“I’m here, Bucky.” You found yourself saying.

The door opened, and there he was in the dim light, his hair a mess and his shoulders glistening with sweat.

He spotted you and sat beside you, wrapping an arm around you.

You leant away, “No, Bucky, you can’t.”

“Why not? Are you worried someone’s going to see us?” He asked, removing his arm.

You nodded and he sighed.

“(Y/n), are you really so concerned with what people think?”

“How could I not be?!” You exclaimed, “They all looked at me like I was disgusting. Like it was ridiculous how someone like me could catch the attention of you. You could do so much better than me and I just don’t know if I can-”

“That’s enough.” Bucky said, rubbing a tear off your cheek with a thumb.
“I like you a lot, and if it’s alright with you, I’d like to kiss you again because you’re a pretty fantastic kisser.”

You laughed and you heard his smile in his voice.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He said.

In 1961, Ham the Astrochimp was launched into space for a journey lasting just over 16 minutes. Whilst airborne, his task was to push a lever upon seeing a flashing blue light, and failure to do so resulted in a mild electric shock to the soles of his feet. Each correct response instead earned him a banana pellet. After re-entering the earth’s atmosphere, Ham’s capsule landed in the Atlantic Ocean, an impact which caused him to suffer a slightly bruised nose, where he was then recovered by a rescue boat. He went on to spend the next 17 years in Washington’s National Zoo and was then moved to a zoo in North Carolina, where he died on January 19th 1983 at 27 years old.

Early Morning - Jaehyun

Request: Can you do a short and cute scenario about waking up next to Jaehyun? thankkkkkk yoouuuuuu 


You blink, the early morning sun streaming through your windows flashes in your eyes.  It’s a beautiful day outside, but nowhere near as beautiful as the boy who sleeps beside you.  

His brown curly hair shines in the sunlight, falling into his eyes.  His smooth chest rises and falls, the blankets tangled around his body moving with each breath.  His thick eyelids cast long shadows down his face.  You smile at him and slide closer, your face just inches from his.  

Jaehyun moves slightly, a small smile spreading across his lips.  You brush a small kiss on his lips, and place your hand on his cheek, tracing his jawline with your thumb.  He smells like clean sheets and cologne, and you bury your face in his chest, inhaling his scent.  

Jaehyun wraps you in his arms, pulling you even closer to his body.  He yawns and kisses the top of your head.

“Did you sleep well?”

You nod.  “Let’s stay like this for a while longer.” You can hear Jaehyun chuckle.  He smooths your hair, and pulls the covers tighter around your shoulders.

“Who said we were leaving?”




      “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Sam grumbled from his spot on the floor, not sounding nearly as annoyed as he wanted you to think he was. “Remind me again why I agreed to this?”

      You rolled your eyes in response and then bent down, placing a kiss on his cheek. “Because you love me,” you whispered, “and I’m just so darn cute.”

     Sam let out a breathy laugh. “Oh right, that.”

      “Yeah, that. Now stop moving!” you said playfully, grabbing his shoulders to steady him.

      He held his hands up in defeat and said, “Okay, okay.” Now you could get to work.

      With you sitting on the bed and Sam on the floor he was at the perfect height for you to reach his head. You dragged your fingers through the silky strands, pulling the pieces over each other again and again, until you had managed a slightly deformed French braid. Sam’s hair wasn’t quite long enough for you to pull it all into your masterpiece, but once you were satisfied with what you’d done you tied it off with a tiny hair elastic and went to grab a mirror. This was going to be funny.

      “Okay, ready to see your new look?” you said overenthusiastically, holding the mirror against your chest so he couldn’t see it yet.

      “Not really-”

      “Great!” you cut him off. “Now come with me!”

      You grabbed his hand, dragging him with you as you headed towards the bathroom, and once you got there you told him to shut his eyes. Then you guided him through the door and positioned him in front of the big vanity mirror.

      “Okay, open them … now!” you said as you held up the smaller mirror, making it so that he could see the front and back of his head. There was a slight hesitation, but he opened his eyes, he paused, and then he started to laugh.

      As Sam ran his fingers over you handiwork he said, “You know what, it’s actually not that bad. I kinda look like a Viking.”

      “A hot Viking!” you added, as you wrapped your arms around his firm stomach. “But the question is, would you ever let me do it again?” you asked with a grin.

      He considered this for a second, and you thought he might actually say yes, until you heard Dean’s booming laughter coming from the doorway. “Dude, what did - you let her - do to you?” he asked between fits of laughter. Dean clearly wasn’t getting the whole hot Viking vibe.

      “I – uh – we were just –”

      “Is it a kinky thing?” Dean asked with raised eyebrows.


      “Get out!”

      “Okay, relax,” Dean said as he turned to leave. “I was just asking.” Then he turned and started walking, laughing all the way down the hallway.

      You turned and smiled apologetically at Sam. He would probably never let you do this again, but it was fun while it lasted.

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okay but do you ever think about sciles holding hands??

like not even in a cute, fluffy romantic way. just out of comfort.

like before they even admitted to even liking each other, they were always touching, soft and light, just here and there

when stiles lags in the hallway, staring at his phone when he walks causing him to go twenty times slower, scott will reach behind and grab his hand, leading them so they don’t get scolded again for being late

or when they’re sitting side by side in the back of the library, quietly reading from their textbooks, and of course stiles has a restless soul, so he’ll reach his pinkie out to lock with scott’s, moving their hands around slightly while they read in silence

or how about when they’re over at scott’s place watching one-star rated horror movies on netflix, and stiles lays his legs over scott’s lap, and scott rests a hand on his knee, like it was the most natural thing. which, for them, it really is. and stiles takes scott’s hand in his, running his fingers up and down his palm absentmindedly

and if they fall asleep occasionally on that very couch with their fingers entwined, no one says anything



Imagine #37 || Request #34

Well, school officially starts for me and wow I hate Mondays even more. My monday sched is from 7am to 7pm, I’m so happy *can you hear the sarcasm? But anyway, here’s another imagine sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday. Hope you guys enjoy this one :) btw this imagine is the Condition Terminal episode and the request is from wattpad :)


“I’m not his babysitter,” you growled, struggling to get out of Theo’s tight grip on your arm.

“Just keep an eye on him, Y/N.” your brother growled back, his teeth slightly baring as he let go of his grip on you and walked back to where he was but still standing close by to make sure everything goes to plan.

Walking by the bar, still at a safe distance from the chimera, you watched each person in the club-observing and trying to decipher them from the way they moved on the dance floor as well as how they interacted with each other.

Just as you turned the bar stool to face the bartenders flaring and entertaining the people, you were greeted with a face you recognized all too well exit the dance floor sporting a green shirt that seem to show his sculpted chest through it. Your heart skipped a beat just by the sight of him, his smile widened when his green eyes landed on you. Immediately walking to where you were, you pretended to not notice him and just kept the act up of looking around.

Looking back at the flaring action of the bartenders, flipping the bottles and catching it before twirling the cups and liquor on their hands and arms, you then felt warm hands cover your eyes while a breath tickled the shell of your ear, “Guess who.”

It was these moments you felt really drawn to the werewolf and just forgot all the pain and punishment you endured from both your brother and the Dread doctors from not following their directions or trying to intervene into one of their plans, the butterflies in your stomach started to tickle when you heard Brett’s chuckle when you tried to pry his hands off of your face.

“Brett, I know it’s you.” You replied once you felt the hands pull back, Brett leaned down to give you a peck on the cheek-a gesture which made you blush every time he did it.

“So, what’re you doing here? Don’t you guys have school tomorrow?” He asked after ordering a drink, his hands resting on the small backrest of the barstool.

You looked at him weirdly before laughing lightly, “What are you? My dad?”

“I can be,” He joked, but it took you a few seconds before you understood him with wide eyes at the realization.

“Ew,” you smacked his arm. “I don’t have any daddy kinks, Talbot.”

“I’m kidding, babe.” The pet name used made your insides tingle. Once his drink was served, Brett took a sip before suddenly looking cautious making you nervous that he might’ve caught on to something you and Theo were planning with the Dread Doctors on Lucas.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

Turning to look at the crowd behind him, you saw Brett’s eyes search for something before he looked back at you. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” you smiled before he left his seat and you returned to your drink.

After another round of drinks of trying the the different varieties they have, someone sat down beside you and spoke, “You’re supposed to be keeping watch.”

You didn’t turn knowing that it was just your brother, his voice sounding angrier than before.

“I’m not Lucas’ babysitter, Theo. Haven’t I already mentioned that to you before?” You answered back, looking at him-his jaw clenched with his eyes not looking at you. You knew that he was controlling himself and not hit you and make a scene in the Sinema Club.

“You better not screw this up, Y/N or I won’t be there to save you from them.” He warned, more like threatened really, with the tone he used.

You just rolled your eyes and before you knew it, he was gone from his seat. You turned to look for him in the crowd trying to catch his spikey hair only to come face to face with a chest. Looking up at the owner, you saw Brett with a smile plastered on his face.

“Let’s dance,” he pulled you out of the chair and away from your drink, much to your disappointment, and led you to the platform where there were people already filling the space with their sweaty bodies grinding against each other.

“Wait, my drink-”

“That can wait, c’mon.” He was smiling as he wrapped an arm around your waist to keep you from getting away.

“Brett,” you groaned, knowing that the werewolf was not going to give up on something he wanted; especially you.

With his hands making your arms wrap around his neck, he closed the gap between the two of you as he held you close. You can still see the smile he wore on his face that seemed to get wider as he leaned down, you smelled the alcohol he drank when his breath fanned your cheek. Feeling his lips brush against your jaw, it planted kisses up to your ear; tickling you and sending shivers up your spine.

With his hands on your hips, he started to move in a swaying motion before he pulled away and held your hand up and twirled you around making you laugh at the carefree feeling you enjoyed whenever you were with him especially now.

After some time you spent on that platform with Brett, you felt a sudden change in the atmosphere and you knew Brett felt it too because the two of you looked at each other questioningly. With the silent looks you shared, you knew instantly that something was wrong.

Stepping down the platform, you followed Brett through the crowd and into what was another space behind the club itself. You didn’t know what happened next because all you knew was that you saw the spikes already out of the chimera’s arms and back and he had his target where he wanted to. Brett immediately went in and pried Lucas off of Mason, throwing him as far away as he could from the human before telling him to run. When you felt Mason was not going to move any time soon, you went in and pulled him out of harm’s way and into a safer corner.

“What was that?” He exclaimed, his breathing erratic from panicking and in a state of shock at what just happened. The both of you watched as Brett was thrown against one of the metal stands with a loud bang before he replied with a kick to the gut, sending Lucas off of him.

You knew at this point you’ve already screwed up the plan with Mason getting involved and in time, getting the McCall pack deeper in this situation without any of them giving up. But it doesn’t matter now, because all you knew was that once you heard Brett’s pained growl, you turned your back against your brother as well as the doctors and started to feel the pain in your bones as it cracked and morphed into a new and different structure before you fell on all fours on the floor.

“Y/N?” you heard Mason whisper as he looked at you with concern and a hint of fright in his voice. (A/N: I didn’t really mention the fur color coz I know once I tell you guys that the color of the fur is the opposite of Theo’s fur color (which is white), all of you would go ‘ugh, not again’ over the millionth, sooo overused, and not special anymore white wolf created on wattpad.. because I know I would, so I’ll just leave it up to you guys to imagine whatever fur color you want)

You barked a growl and got the attention of the Chimera before you launched at it, the size of your body being larger and heavier in comparison than a normal wolf’s size helped in sending the chimera to the floor. You scratched and bit at it, careful not to touch any of the poisonous spikes protruding out of his skin.

Once Lucas took control of the direction of the fight between the two of you, he was fast as he struck you on your side and sent you flying back. Standing to his full height, he stalked you and readied himself to attack again. But before he can do that, someone already knocked him off and arms carefully maneuvered you out of the way.

Trying to stand up and ignoring the pain that shot through your sides, you whined and made your way back to try and help Scott, knowing now full well where your loyalty lies now.

“Y/N,” you saw Brett in front of you with his hands up in a way of stopping you from going any further. “You’re hurt.” He gestured to the patch of fur that was starting to grow redder as your fur absorbed the blood, ignoring his own hurt the way the scratch on his side bled also.

You only ignored him and made your way back to where Kira was fighting off Lucas with her katana, the Thunder Kitsune having the upper hand. With Lucas rebounding off of the wall from Kira’s kick, he ran towards her ready to hit which you took it as an opportunity to lunge at him and kick him full force which then sent him falling to the floor with a loud thud.

When the dark color that filled his eyes turned back to his normal ones before it finally closed, everyone was quiet from what they just witnessed. But the silence was over as quick as it happened when you saw Kira started swinging her katana and speaking her mother’s native tongue with eyes that glowed a fiery color that you recognized were set on one target to finish with a killing blow.

As fast as Kira ran to Lucas’ unconscious body, Scott was already there to stop her from taking someone’s life. When he saw the look of recognition and realization on his girlfriend’s face, he then looked around and asked if everyone was okay in which the people in the room nodded in reply.

Once you felt that everyone seemed to have calmed down from the adrenaline, you inwardly groaned in a corner when you felt your bones mold back to its true form. Brett was immediately on your side, a jacket in his hands that covered you well enough. You knew that you had a lot of explaining to do to Scott and his pack the way their eyes saw the transformation.

With arms wrapped around you protectively, you watched from the side as Scott and Liam started to lift and move Lucas’ body out of the club. But before they can even move him an inch, a spike shot out of nowhere and straight through Lucas’ mid torso. Brett’s arms tightened almost immediately while the spike was reeled back from the body to its owners, the gasps sounded over the booming songs from outside in the club as all of you followed the direction from where the spike was coming from.

“Why did you do that?” Scott yelled, looking up at the three figures standing on the rafters and lightning rig.

“His condition was terminal,” You recognized the modified voice of one of them, the clicking noise from their suit sounding as they started to move away.

“What does that mean?” Scott asked again.

“Failure.” At that, you watched them walk away.

But before they all left, one of them spoke again.


Brett could only growl and move you even closer to him as he looked at them with yellow glowing eyes, his anger showing as he bared his teeth at them in a territorial manner. Feeling tears start to blur your sight, you breathed in deep and regained control of your thoughts. You were now sure where you belonged to and what to do to stop your brother and those scientists from creating anymore abominations.


Hope you enjoyed this one! Also, a reminder on me having already started my second semester this week, I’ll be posting imagines at a slow pace since I’m going to be back having such busy schedules and with the requests you have in mind, just keep on sending them because even though you won’t see me post yours right away, I will surely be doing them :)

Walk Me Home? (Part 4)

Enjoying this fic so much rn. Hope you’re all liking it too!!

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Part 6

Both of you stay laying on the sidewalk not talking, just staring at each other, breathing heavily. Bucky’s hands, mirroring yours, move up to your waist. His lips part slightly and he breathes heavily

“You’re squashing me.” Bucky says in a low voice, not seeming to be in a particular rush to get you off of him.

“Right.” You roll off to the side, onto the sidewalk next to him. It takes you a little longer to move your hand from his waist, both of you laying in silence.

“So urmm…” Bucky says, getting to his feet, and holding out his hand. You take it and let him pull you upright. When you are standing he doesn’t let go of your hand, so you continue walking, hand in hand through the darkness.

“What are you studying?” You ask, for no reason other than to break the silence.

“Oh I’m not. Steve hired me to be his male escort for this evening, but clearly your friend was more interesting.”

“Oh…urmm…” You stammer, not entirely sure how to react.

“I am going to have to bill you at the end of this walk. You were laying on top of me and now we’re holding hands.” He says, pulling your joined hands up and waving them around to demonstrate.

“Are you for real?” You ask in shock, trying to pull your hand out of his.

“Oh no absolutely not.” He laughs, holding onto your hand tightly. “I had you for a minute though didn’t I?”

“You are such a jerk.” You cry, reluctantly joining in with his contagious laughter.

“So where do you live anyway?” Bucky asks, and you feel his thumb rubbing gentle circles on your hand.

“That block over there.” You say, pointing at your building.

You spend the last few minutes of walk in silence, walking so close to each other your arms brush together. When you reach the door to your building you turn to look at him, opening your mouth to talk but not knowing what to say.

“Well you’re home safe.” Bucky eventually says, still holding your hand.

“I am.” You pull your hand gently away from Bucky’s and unzip your bag to get your keys.

“Well I should probably…you know…” Bucky mutters, swaying awkwardly on his toes.

“Yeah I guess I should…well…” You mutter in return, both of you articulating your points very well.

“Well this has been nice. Thanks for squishing me earlier.” He says, turning to walk away. Before he does though, you grab his hand again.

“Did you want to…I mean Nat’s not gunna be home tonight so you could…did you want to come up?”


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The stuff in the background when the Delinquents first get to the ground is some of my favorite.

like look at Mbege’s reaction to seeing the earth for the first time. Obviously, we’re supposed to be paying attention to Clarke, but just that smile on Mbege’s face is pure joy. Then there’s the girl behind him that moves slightly to try and see past him, cause she’s too short to see over his shoulder

Then we have the infamous “We’re Back Bitches!” and the shot is very much centered on Octavia, but I love Bellamy in the back, being all like ‘Hold’ and Mbege is so antsy, like look at him he just wants to run out there already

and then just look at the delinquents in the background. Look at how excited they are. They’re hugging each other and jumping up and down. 

Seungcheol Smut - Grinding

hihi can i request a seungcheol grinding scenario? :)

(I didn’t know what kind of grinding you meant
but I thought this sounded good so.
I hope it’s right. And it’s short too oops)

Your boyfriend was sitting on the large sized chair staring at you intensely.
You were swaying your hips to the rhythm of a song,
running your fingers through your hair.
He was hard and you felt a little bad, just teasing him like this. You changed the song to a slow R&B.
You walked over to him and put your legs on each side of his, straddling him.
You could feel how hard he was on your thigh, his jaw was tense and eyes were full of lust.
You giggled at him and started to sway your hips onto him, he was moaning slightly, you were ghosting just above him through his jeans.
He put his hands on your hips and started to move them, making you grind onto him, even causing you to moan with him, you somewhat loved the feeling of him through his jeans like this.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and closed all the space between you both, grinding harder onto him, he was a moaning mess, tugging at his own hair.
You could feel his jeans tightening even more
and he threw his head back.

“You’re not gonna come, are you Seungcheol?”

Rowan’s reaction to their first kiss is amazing: Again

Can you just imagine though….

Your eyes are inches from each other, your fingers are shaking when you brush his lips, and he goes “what are you waiting for?” you breathe “Bastard” and rush into kiss him.

You feel his whole body freeze, his lips move slightly against yours, and after a second or two you pull away to find him staring at you. His eyes are wide, he hasn’t stopped staring at you. He doesn’t look like he is breathing, his expression looks like you just answered a question he has been asking for for centuries. You feel scared for a second, what will he say.

His hands clench your waist, he hasn’t stopped staring when his breath comes back and his whole looks like it joins in when he whispers;

It was barely a kiss, this kiss to this hard core, stone cold, armored fae. Yet he doesn’t ask for more,he doesn’t try to initiate more, he can barely move. He just says again. All he wants is that brief lip contact, a mere whisper of a kiss, again. 

In that again you are reminded of the fae that offered to climb out of depression with you, who offered to share your stories and souls, who carried you into his bed when he discovered your past and insisted you be taken care of for once, the fae who traveled to a far away town to surprise you with chocolates for your birthday, the fae who had to be held down by 3 other giant pure blooded fae to be kept from dying for you, the fae that wiped away every tear as you poured out your soul. the fae that  wanted to be whipped instead of you giving up a secret for your country, the fae that whispered your name and held your face as he bound himself to you forever, the fae whose nightmares stop and start based on if you are with him, the fae who gave up his whole life to follow you, the fae who says he would go with you into death just to keep from being separated from you again

That is the same fae that lost his soul mate, the fae who spent ten years without contact to another living being, who was forced to destroy cities and level towns, who was tortured by a mad woman for centuries. Who has more power than almost any living being and could crush armies into dust.

That same fae is shaken almost speechless, motionless, begging for one more second of touch by the mere presence of your lips