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Jikook on EatJin makes me so emotional, especially the size difference. Jimin is the perfect size to sit on Jungkook's lap and to be cuddled, oh my gosh 😭😭😭😭😭 my Hearteu

OKAY SO USUALLY IM THE TYPE OF BITCH THATS LIKE “their size difference isnt even that extreme god!” (bc im a bitter person whos only 5′0″) BUT DURING EATJIN THEIR SIZE DIFF WAS SO OBVIOUS AND I NUTTED 30 TIMES OVER IT IT WAS SO GOOD 😩

(pic cred to wingstyles) And look at how Jungkook’s legs are, like I just imagine Jimin sitting on his thick  ass thighs with jungkook’s strong af arms around his waist and jimin being a lil tease and I just. I love their size difference so much. Like look how small Jimin is and how huge Kook is like…,,.,,.,…


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Tbh the first time I watched the bus bed scene I thought it was funny and supposed to look staged/like a joke. But when I saw that they were ACTUALLY filming and taking pics of Dan in the bunk to make it look real - that's when I got bitter lol. Not bc they would be sleeping apart, just because it's underestimating our intelligence. It would make a lot more sense to make the joke but still share the bed as friends or at least alternate, than think Phil would let Dan fuck up his back for 2 months

dumb men are dumb. no logic was put into the bed scene/bed pics 

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why do you like dybala so much?:)

would like the short answer or the essay answer???? lmao 

first off he’s an extraordinary player. amazing! pure lit and just wow!

he’s also an awesome guy from what i can see on social media. he always has time to stop and take a few pic with supporters.

^^^ oh yeah awesome with little people 

 He’s hot af (especially when he get frustrated and angry), fuck those ppl who says he looks weird, he gorgeous and pretty (and also quite vain :P but in a cute way) 

and those EYES!! 

The fact that his mood is always the same as mine - bitter and annoyed (mostly cus he’s descended from angry birds) 

he’s awkward af 

lastly, he is the CUTEST smolest baby ever. i just wanna cuddle him and squish him and pinch those cheeks.

nct dream as tumblr blogs

this also ended up kinda like nct dream as tumblr mutuals but only a lil bit 


  • honestly he probably only made the blog to promote his tracks on soundcloud bye
  • he came for the promo, stayed for the memes
  • meme master 9000 ????

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Being Luke’s wife would include...

  • Lukeyy
  • cute nicknames like baby girl, sweetheart, etc.
  • “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.”          
    • “Why did I agree to date you?”
  • “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”           
    • “Luke. We’ve been married for over a year now.”
  • constantly buying him new underwear so he doesn’t steal Ashton’s lmaoo
  • sassy Luke
  • going to the zoo for a date just so Luke can see the penguins
  • “Do we really want another dog?”
    • “Is that even a question? OF COURSE WE DO???”
  • “Sing Death of a Bachelor one more time.”
    • “I’ve already sang it 12 times for you.”
      • “Just one more time.”
        • “Fine.”
  • always making you take pics of him and Petunia for Insta
  • random presents from Luke just so he can remind you how much he loves you
    • NO IT DOESN’T”

I saw this pic and the first thing that came to my mind was “DO PEOPLE REALLY THINK THIS???!!” i mean WTF. I thought that most of the people would understand the show and would understand what its a mental illness and why Hannah kill herself cause THE SHOW EXPLAIN IT VERY CLEAR but i was wrong. I want to take time and answer to this cause people really need to stop.

To get to the point you first need to know that depression is not just being sad, IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS and if you have it you really need to get help cause you can’t get through it alone. One thing you also need to learn is what  PTSD is. “ Posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a serious potentially debilitating condition that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a natural disaster, serious accident, terrorist incident, sudden death of a loved one, war, violent personal assault such as rape, or other life-threatening events. Most people who experience such events recover from them, but people with PTSD continue to be severely depressed and anxious for months or even years following the event ” remember this two cause i’ll be mention them later.

1-)Hannah didn’t kill herself to prove a point, she did it DUE TO THE BULLYING AND ALL THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED TO HER.

 2-)do you think that a girl who was bullied everyday is gonna “stand up for herself”?                                                                                                       When a lot of people start telling you things everyday and start making rumours, you even start to believe them and that thing is lowering your confidence more and more and low confidence + depression is the worst combination ever. Do you really think that a girl could stop the rumours by just “standing  for herself? If Hannah had tried to stop them im pretty sure that wouldn’t have been enough cause PEOPLE LIVE FOR THE RUMOURS AND THEY LOVE SHARING THEM AND TALKING EVEN IF THEYRE NOT REAL AND EVEN IF THE VICTIM SAYS THAT IT AREN’T REAL  THEY WOULD KEEP GOING. Im sure that we all know that standing for yourself isn’t going to do anything. (what really can do is looking for help)

3-) This one was the one that made me write this post “she had a princess complex and she killed herself when she found out life isn’t like that” ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME? Here’s the thing Hannah didn’t have a “princess complex” i think Hannah, well actually we’re (almost all of the people get) excited about moving to another school, so excited to start all over again, and then suddenly this pic goes all over the school and the rumours start. People aren’t supossed to go through bullying, you’re basically telling me that rape is okay and everybody is supossed to be raped cause life is like that?        ACTUALLY, LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT.  NO ONE IS SUPOSSED TO BE RAPED  AND TRY TO LIVE WITH THAT. SO IDK WHAT YOU MEAN BY SAYING “WHEN SHE FOUND OUT LIFE ISN’T LIKE THAT”

4-) No one cared about her, because they were all too busy bullying her, slut-shaming her and a lot of things. Why would she care about them if they didn’t give a fuck about her??  (im talking about the ones who hurt her not her parents and Clay) Also she didn’t care about her parents or the others one she loved cause remember she was suffering DEPRESSION  aka she was suffering a MENTAL ILLNESS (read the beginning if you forgot what does that mean) and when you have that you don’t care about anything, you don’t think clearly, you just want to stop everything. (quote from her)

 5-) Yes she put Clay through hell, we can’t deny that but we can agree Clay needed to listen the tapes, he was dying to know what happen to her and if he haven’t listened to them, there wasn’t going to be any justice for Hannah. She blame herself for telling him to go away and for letting him go. ACTUALLY she said it very clear that it wasn’t him it was her and all the things that had happened to her.

6-) Justin could have done something and Hannah too, Hannah and Justin were hearing all and I belive they felt like Bryce was raping them and not Jessica in that moment. But lets remember she was inside the room. (I bet that if she would have gone out of the wardrobe Bryce wasn’t going to let her go that easy) Justin was outside the room. He could have perfectly look for help and I think it’s very clear that he could have done something because Jessica doesn’t want to see him ever again. But let’s forget about that cause the 2 of them could have help Jessica. The reason in that tape wasn’t Justin, it was the guilty feeling she felt for not have done something.

6-) SHE WASN’T SELFISH. SHE HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS. She was raped and she tried to look for help but she didn’t find it. If you put yourself in her place for a second maybe you could understand. She didn’t thought about consequences cause she wasn’t in her mind, do you think that a person who thinks normally and doesn’t have any mental illness would kill himself? No.

Thanks god that series like this exist. To make people aware of what it is like to have a mental illness, and you don’t know what is going in someonelse life and what they’re going through.(you don’t to get thrugh that alone) Also for people like you they made “13 reasons why: Beyond the reasons” its on netflix, you should watch it.

Hannah wasn’t a drama queen.

Don’t make yourself into a reason why.

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twitter(.)com/hscruei/status/856288677168918528 oh no Waliyha baby what! Is you doing? This is embarrassing

Hi anon,

Well, as I keep saying till I’m blue in the face, she’s doing her bit along with the family to protect Zayn and I believe his relationship with Liam. 

if that means ‘lying’ to a load of strangers so be it.  She uses a pap pic to support it rather than an intimate pic which if we were to believe  gigi who’s been proven to have lied thru her teeth about this before then she’d have loads of those of the two of them being ‘sisters’ 

I’ll say it for the last time tonight, we may yet get ZIgI later but if we don’t, then all the above is just continuining the illusion and implication of a relationship by social media and allows Zayn to be wherever he wants in the world and people don’t question it.

 But we’ll see. 

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omg! Your redraw is awesome! How did you become this good in only 3 short years?! Which god or demon do I need to sacrifice to? Tell me your secret, sensei! My drawings are crappy since I started to draw and it won't improve (I believe it gets worse with every new pic...)

You really really think so??? Oh my god thank you!! I think 3 years are a loong time…
Oh please don’t lose hope.There is no way you never improve…if you want, you can come off anon and talk to me about it~ 
My only secret is to have fun…I just always wanted to draw the images I had in my head because I couldn’t find them anywhere else.

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Yep, just like I was right about where he was going. Indiana does not show inmate photos...only their location. So, my friends, there will be no more pics of him. And it's possible they might restrict his mail to a short list of approved people. He will also have to decide if he is cool with them reading his outgoing and incoming mail. Layman's terms,he'll have have to sign a waiver allowing transparency if he wants mail. Yes, he fucked himself big time.

I read the same thing on a website, people need to be approved by him. 

I read lots of posts about the new symbol so here’s my opinion:

The new Paramore symbol is their definition as a band. When you see it for the first time, you think there’s only 2 bars. Only Hayley and Taylor. But when you look again, you see 3 bars. You see Zac. Now, you aren’t sure if the pic shows 2 or 3 bars. It’s called the Gestalt effect (in psychology, it means the capability of our brain to generate whole forms instead of just collections of simpler and unrelated elements). We see the whole as the reality. And you know, that’s what have been happened to Paramore. People see them as the whole. They forget that they’re more than a band. We forget that they’re more than those happy faces. Paramore is more than we can see. Paramore is more than just a band. They’re not just 2 or 3. They’re more than two perceptions. They’re Paramore.

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rosa i'm not even joking whenever you post the twins it just gives me so much life omg like the zombie i am editing has transformed back into a normal human bc i am so happy to see their smol faces omg

I SPENT SO MANY TIME READING THIS like I literally didn’t want to answer it so I could read it again and just smile cause this is precious Zeeb omg

I’m gonna be drawing Grishaverse characters as mythical creatures for y’all because I’m  gaining so many followers and want to say thank you.

So send me an ask with a letter (a character) and a number (a creature) and I’ll draw it for ya (If the specific combo you’ve submitted has already been drawn, I’ll just reply with a link to the pic).

 I want to get around to as many asks as possible, so please no more than one character at a time.


A. Alina
B. Mal
C. Nikolai
D. The Darkling
E. Tolya
F. Tamar
H. Kuwei
I. Inej
J. Jesper
K. Kaz
L. Wylan
M. Matthias
N. Nina
O. Zoya


1. Angel (FYI I’m really good at these)

2. As a Roman/Greek diety of your choosing (please specify)

3. Demon

4. Dragon

5. Elf

6. Fairy

7. Mermaid/Merman

8. Phoenix

9. Valkyrie (I know these are usually warrior women but if you want Kaz or another guy as a Valkyrie, I’ll do it)

10. Vampire

11. Werewolf

12. Warlock/Witch/Wizard

13. Zombie

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If it happens that we do see them match with those shoes, its' just so inorganic and it means we really see it all. They do everything for our consumption. Nothing is for them. The minute louis liked it, then briana now russell and if we get a pic of the shoes on freddie we saw that whole process. Meaning we see it every time, so yeah Louis hasn't seen the kid and Louis never does anything for the kid cause when he does WE WILL KNOW.

It’s always so predictable that I truly don’t understand how people think it’s organic. We see everything happening in front of out eyes, step by step and we can predicate /exactly/ when and what will happen. How can people explain this? lol better to just admit you know it’s fake but you like to be lied about 


@star-anise i’ve been posting so many pics of these two to snapchat and forgetting to save them but i do have a few!!! handsome seal point boy is clive and the pretty bicolor babe is my girl martha :pp clive likes to sit near me (a lot of times he’ll sit just out of arm’s reach) to demand attention but if i’m sitting in the armchair or on the couch martha just hops right up in my lap (and has to walk across me like fifteen times before she gets comfy and actually sits down sdkfhslkdfh)


Ok so here it is count down time!!!! I’m so freaking out!!! I just completed 128 pages of this fan comic “Shadows of an Untold Heart” I know I said 130 pages but I took some out that I felt where unnecessary -_- …
So I have one more mouth to get this whole thing outlined and word bubbles in. I do feel bad that I didn’t make any introduction pics for the start of a new chapter …I’ll see if I can work that in my outlining. But just so you all know I’m still working on this fan comic and getting closer in finishing it =D

I would like to take this moment to thank you all for you kind support and awesome comments on here! You don’t know how up lifting it is for an amateur artist like me! So thank you all it means the world to me=D

And one more thing I would like to add … I’ve been seeing some outstanding artist here that are so inspiring!!! May you all keep up the fantastic work!!! I’ll be watching =D

Fox out!

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Hi! I noticed on your poses that we're allowed to adjust them to fit our sim's heights, but I was wondering...how do you change the sim's height/size in Blender without messing up the pose? If it's not too much trouble, could you post a couple pics of how to do it? Thank you for your time! :-)

Hello! So I kinda suck at explaining things but lets see how well I can do this. 

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i literally just scrolled through the recent pics in the elounor tag on insta (my crops died and my pores became clogged btw. my face was like 😾the entire time) but there was nothing new. so???? but from my investigations, i concluded that elounor is one of the worst things i've ever had to see, in my life. there was literally that picture of the two at coachella, looking at their clasped hands whilst contemplating what was even happening, with a "relationship goals" type caption. like... what?

if people’s idea of relationship goals is having a boyfriend who looks like he’d rather take a bath in lava than be with you i’m gonna have to ask them to reevaluate