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hey! I just discovered your blog and i love it :) i'm sorry if you've already done something like this and i just haven't gotten to it yet, but can i prompt the clones reacting to somebody belittling/verbally harassing their s/o? thanks!


  • If it was Fives’ s/o, they’d be as good as dead, or at least wish they had died. Fives’ is just a little bit yandere; he’d never hurt his s/o, but he would make anyone who hurt them pay dearly. He would probably go too far if his s/o didn’t stop him. He’d apologize to them later, and promise to control himself more. 
  • Rex has faith in his s/o, and wants to give them a chance to stand up for themselves. He wouldn’t to offend them by giving the impression they couldn’t take care of themselves. If it did escalate to where they couldn’t, or just weren’t able too to begin with, then he would step in and calmly, but firmly, let the person know they needed to back off. Things wouldn’t get physical unless they needed too. 
  • Wolffe wouldn’t appreciate it, and let them know real fast they were messing with the wrong person. He’s pretty scary himself, so the person would probably back now pretty fast. If not, Wolffe would find a way to make them, and them make them apologize to his s/o. 
  • To most people’s surprise, Echo can become confrontational when the situation allows it. He’s not quick to want to fight someone, but the look he’d give them would let them know he would if he had too. He also wouldn’t want to fight in front of his s/o, and would want to remove them from the situation before he did anything else. 
  • Public humiliation is Cody’s specialty, you don’t talk down to his s/o, you just don’t. He wouldn’t care who the jerk was either, he’d make a scene, intimidate them, challenge them, then laugh when they wouldn’t fight him. “Yeah that’s what I thought. Can’t fuck with someone your own size.” Then just wrap his arm around his s/o and walk away.

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50. "I think you're beautiful." With Trip?

“I think you’re beautiful.“ 

“I can’t wait to get back to Enterprise.” You grumbled, throwing an irritated look down at your messy uniform. “I’m going to take at least three showers.”

Beside you, Trip tried not to start laughing. You were still a little bit angry at him for laughing after you fell into that mud pit. The engineer didn’t want you to be even more angry at him. “It’s just mud. I get dirty all the time in Engineering.”

You gave him a huff, shaking your head angrily. “I’m not an engineer. And you’re not the one who has to walk back to their quarters covered in mud.”

By this time, Trip was starting to feel a little sorry for you. He wished he could do something to make you feel better, but he couldn’t magically make you clean again. So, the engineer did what he did best; he improvised.

Seeing a relatively clean spot on your cheek, Trip leaned down and pressed a small kiss there before straightening up with a smirk on his face. "I think you’re beautiful. Even when you’re covered in mud.”

And Trip was rewarded when you gave him a big grin and a blush.

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✨ types of BTS stans based on people I know/have seen✨
  • Taehyung stans: </b> Protective mothers,hype queens/kings,"put that tongue back in your damn mouth!",if they cry it's because they love him too much,"FUCK YOU AND YOUR WHITEWASH"(I agree with this one btw),just love this precious boy in general for who he is and they do it deeply just like Taehyung loves puppy's and his family<p/><b>Jimin stans:</b> Pictures of his little chubby hands,cry about how smol Jimin is and some are smaller than him,a bit crazy per se,their kink is seeing Jimin happy and healthy,Lie is their anthem,always make sure that Jimin knows he is loved by thousand's and don't need to change himself to please anyone<p/><b>Jungkook stans:</b> most of them or are young stans or are new stans(there are exceptions of course),addicted to reaction image/gifs,always SHOOK by Jungkook muscles,Jungkook's covers are everything for them, wish for Jungkook to show his face on SNS more often,everything Jungkook do is perfect even the way he breaths<p/><b>Hobi stans:</b> they scream USING CAPS LOCK,"DFNMLKNJDFGNJDKG",lovely people who love the sun, Hoseok attorneys,"PLS STAN HOBI HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SUNSHINE",send kisses to the sun for Hoseok,Hobi's smile is their most precious gem,they exist to show the world Jung Hoseok's talents,still not over 1 Verse and currently being patient while waiting for his mixtape<p/><b>Namjoon stans:</b> or call him "SUCH A CUTE BABY" or "FUCKING HOT" depends on their humor or Namjoon himself,fashion hoes and deep thinking,can't understand why Namjoon stage name is Rap Monster when he is such a cute awkward guy with a soft heart and great mind,they don't go much into other people bullshit fights they just watch,slight daddy kink,Namjoon protection squad,a bit bitter about how underated Namjoon's mixtape is despite being REALLY FUCKING GOOD<p/><b>Seokjin stans:</b> very dedicated princesses/princes,aesthetic hoes, can't get over Jin pink hair(but who can?),"JIN IS THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN", can listen to Jin windshield wiper laugh for hours,really bitter because of how underated Jin is but I don't blame them because I agree,"LET JIN SING!!!",want to taste Jin's food one day<p/><b>Yoongi stans:</b> The most passionate people in the world and love this man to the moon and back,curse a lot,really soft people inside, when Yoongi speaks of Holly they cry,cat ears is a sensitive subject, AGUST D is their anthem and the mixtape is their bible, very thankful about Yoongi's existence,their kink is seeing Yoongi's gummy smile and him pratically glowing by being satisfied with himself(finally) and just happy in general,fire🔥<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Source: https://twitter.com/neymarzord/status/797943959955849216
Ethereal (M) || Yoongi AU!Smut

gif not mine

Genre: Hella fucking Smut || Fluff (ish?) || Angst 

Word Count: 5.4k

Description: ethereal; extremely delicate and light, in a way that seems not to be of this world.
If there was a moment that Min Yoongi could beg to forget, it would be the moment he could feel pain from seeing such a pretty girl, like you, cryingIt was a terribly beautiful concept, but he wished he hadn’t lived through it…

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Hey I was wondering if you could write a Drabble/ficlit where TFW is at a hunter reunion or something and a guy keeps hitting on Cas and he's getting all flustered and it makes dean jealous and realize how much Cas actually means to him *cough-destiel* Maybe have a little bit of background shipper!sam if possible, sorry to bug you and thanks so much!

Here there anon, here have a quick (un-beta’ed) (PG rated) ficlet.


Jody had invited them to a hunter gathering in Iowa, enticing them with the promise that Alex and Claire as well as Mary would be there as well. They all readily agreed to go – Dean and Sam because they hadn’t seen Mary since Asa Fox’s wake, and Castiel because he wanted to catch up with Claire. Dean wouldn’t admit it, but he was also looking forward to seeing the little brat again.

So here they were, in a bar that had been rented out for the occasion. There were about fifty people there, which, for hunting standards, was a big deal. If any of their more powerful enemies were to find out they were all gathered there…

The dark thought fled Dean’s mind when a beaming Jody came up to them.

“Dean, Sam, Castiel, so glad you could make it,” she said, embracing them each in turn.

“Hey Jody, glad to be here,” Sam replied. Dean grunted in response, but his smile belied his fondness for her. Castiel was looking around, his eyes flickering from face to face.

“I bet I know who you’re looking for.” Jody smiled knowingly. “Claire’s over there,” she said, pointing at the corner of the room where the young woman was sitting in one of the booths next to Alex, chatting animatedly.

“Thank you. It is good to see you again, Jody.” After a nod and a small smile at Jody, Cas walked off to join Claire. Dean wanted to go with him, but he figured the guy needed some time with his kind-of-but-not-really adopted daughter. It was complicated.

“So!” Jody exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly. “Let me introduce you to some friends of mine who I believe you haven’t met yet.” She stepped in between them, linking her arms though theirs, and proceeded to drag them to the nearest group of hunters.

A few hours later Dean was chatting with a hunter named Dave, who was telling him about the time he’d killed not one, but two lamia’s (apparently the whole “they only show up in Greece” thing really was bullshit) and barely lived to tell the tale. Dean privately thought the guy was a bit full of himself, but he had to admit that he was a little bit impressed. He remembered how difficult they were to kill.

“I was in that hospital for two weeks, going stir crazy….” Dave was saying as Dean’s attention wandered, his eyes seeking out Castiel. He found him, talking to…Was that Max Banes, the witch-slash-hunter they’d met at Asa Fox’s wake? He was smiling at Cas, standing so close to him it made Dean grimace.

“…and I just knew I was lucky to be alive. Oh, hey Sam!” The sound of his brother’s name snapped Dean’s attention back to Dave, who was waving at someone behind Dean.

“Hey Dave,” Sam said, coming to stand next to Dean. “How’s it going? I heard about those lamia’s. Well done dude.” He lifted his beer in a salute, looking perfectly sincere. Dean could see that he wasn’t, but only because he knew Sam so well.

Dave grinned, looking very pleased with himself. “Thanks Sam, I was just lucky though. I was just telling Dean here how close I was to being a goner.”

He opened his mouth to say more, but was interrupted by a group of rowdy, drunk hunters, who yelled out his name and grabbed him, asking him to regale them with the tale of how he survived the lamia attack. Only too happy to be the center of attention once more, Dave complied without another word to Dean or Sam.

“Looks like I didn’t actually need to come rescue you,” Sam remarked, watching the group walk away.

“Thanks anyway Sammy,” Dean said, turning to his brother. “I needed a break from the guy’s humblebragging.”

“So,” Sam said, changing the subject. His teasing grin instantly put Dean on edge. “I noticed you saw Cas talking to Max Banes. Or, well, not talking, really. Flirting’s more like.”

“What?!” Dean’s head whipped around, refocusing his gaze on Cas and Max, who were in fact still talking and standing way too close together.

“Oh yeah,” Sam continued, seemingly oblivious to Dean’s distress. “Did I not mention that Max was gay? He’s very forward, too, though I doubt Cas knows he’s being flirted with, because he’s Cas.” Sam shrugged.

“He…okay, well…good for him,” Dean stammered. There was nothing he could say that wouldn’t give his frustration with the situation away (which would lead to awkward questions he did not want to answer). He was sure he wasn’t fooling Sam, though. But he could damn well try.

“Yea, I thought so. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna go anywhere, but hey maybe they can have some fun together. I’m not judging.” He sounded so blasé about the whole thing Dean wanted to punch him.

“Yeah…fun…Uh hey I see that Cas doesn’t have anything to drink. I’m gonna bring him a beer. You want one, too?” Please say no.

“Nah I’m good, still got half of mine left,” Sam replied, tapping his beer bottle.

Dean moved to the bar, signalling the bartender for two beers. After paying for them, he went to join Cas and Max, catching the tail end of their conversation.

“…You should come to our store sometimes, we have a lot of books and blessed objects you might be interested in,” Max was saying, his eyes fixed on Castiel’s. “I know it’s a bit out of your way, but don’t worry about finding a place to stay. You can stay with us. We don’t have a couch, so you’ll have to stay in my room. I hope that’s-”

“Actually, angels don’t sleep,” Dean interrupted them smugly. “So he wouldn’t have to stay anywhere.” He pushed the beer in Cas’s hands. “Ain’t that right, Cas?”

“Yes that is correct,” Cas responded, taking the beer from Dean with a small frown. “Although lately, with my grace much diminished, I have found myself tired after expending a lot of it. I have on occasion needed a short rest to recuperate.” He looked ashamed, as if admitting that he wasn’t all-powerful pained him.

Dean couldn’t help but reach out to him in comfort, placing his hand on the angel’s back. “Come on Cas, everyone has to recharge their batteries sometimes. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” He glanced at Max, who was watching them both looking thoughtful.

“Still don’t mean you gotta stay in this guy’s room, though,” Dean couldn’t help but add.

“Aw,” Max said, the playful grin back on his face, “I never said we had to sleep.”

“Oh.” Castiel flushed, as if only now realising that yes, Max had been flirting with him all this time. Dean gritted his teeth, irritated and even insulted that Max would dare voice such a blatant come on to Cas when Dean was right here, dammit.

Without consciously thinking through the implications of what he was about to say and do, Dean dropped his hand from Cas’s back to his waist, squeezing the angel and closing the gap between their sides.

“Really? What were you planning on doing then?” He said casually. “And it’d better be something along the lines of ‘playing board games’, dude.” His grip on Cas’s waist tightened.

Max’s eyes flickered between Cas and Dean, his cocky grin slipping from his face.


That single syllable, one that he’d heard so many times coming from Cas’s lips, immediately dropped the enormity of what he’d just done on him like a pile of bricks.

Holy shit.

Afraid of what he’d see, Dean slowly turned his head to look at Cas, his arm dropping from Cas’s waist to hang uselessly at his side.

The warm, wondrous smile on Cas’s face took his breath away.

“Cas…” Dean didn’t know what to say. This moment felt too important to ruin it with anything else but the truth, and he wasn’t sure he could give Cas that, here, in public surrounded by hunters.

“Hey, uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to flirt with your boyfriend man,” Max’s voice cut through Dean’s increasingly panicked thoughts. “That’s not really my style. Sorry to you both. I’ll leave you to it.”

With an apologetic look, he walked away, heading towards his sister who was all the way on the other side of the bar.

“We’re not…” Dean called after him, voice way too silent to carry over the noise of the crowd. He couldn’t even bring himself to finish the sentence, even though it would’ve been the truth.

Because he didn’t want it to be true.

He turned back to Cas, who was still looking so happy. “I am still unaccustomed to ‘being hit on’,” Cas said, and there were the familiar verbal finger quotes, “or I would have stopped him sooner.”

“You would?” Dean nervously took a swig from his beer. “Why? I mean, he’s not my type but I’ve seen the looks he gets. Dude’s popular.”

“Don’t be stupid, Dean,” Cas admonished him and, in the next moment, took his hand and laced their fingers together. Dean almost dropped his beer.

“What kind of person would flirt with another man in front of his boyfriend?”

Dean was speechless, his mouth slightly open. He looked down at their clasped hands, before slowly looking back up to meet Cas’s eyes, which sparkled in amusement.

“As I said, I don’t know all that much about human courtship rituals, but I believe this is the moment you’re supposed to kiss me.” Cas was teasing him now, obviously greatly amused by his speechlessness.

“Damn angels,” Dean managed to grumble before pulling Cas in for a searing kiss.

He could hear whooping and cheering around him, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was kissing Cas so hard he saw stars. That’ll teach him.

The loudest cheer, however, came from Sam at the back of the crowd, followed by a “Finally!”

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I can’t remember his face anymore, nor how his voice sounds. I used to wish for this, to forget, to not remember, and now that I finally can’t, I do not know what to make of it, or what to feel. I’m not happy nor sad. I just feel lost. A little bit confused. Like I’m grasping the last piece of memories I have with him but I just couldn’t bring it forth to my mind, and no matter how hard I think of him, or how long I take a look at a picture of him, when I close my eyes, I just… can’t. I can’t remember his face anymore.
—  cynthia go // I can’t remember his face anymore // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #29
So i have a theory...

You know how Nico mention that Bianca chose to be reborn instead of moving on to Elysium? What if Bianca was reborn into Percy’s little sister? Like, the signs are little at first, but as she grows Percy starts to notice that his sister has the same toughness and independence Bianca had, and the willingness to do anything for family and then one day Percy just knows and he feels like maybe its just wishful thinking but he (embarrassed) tells Nico, expecting him to just disregard it, but instead Nico just smiles with a little bit of sadness in his eyes and nods because he had known all along just from her eyes and so Percy is just 10x more protective because theres no way in tartarus hes getting her hurt again and Nico makes it clear that he will cause anyone who hurts her immense pain so Percy’s sis has two designated badass older brothers who love her to death

its just really fucked up how elliot grew up in a household where his mother constantly abused him and his sister, and the one person he could confide in was his father and even he ended up pushing him out of a window, breaking the illusion that even someone who was a “safe person” would abuse him as well

it’s just really fucked up, and i wish esmail would delve a little deeper into exactly how abusive edward was, even if it wasn’t as physical as his wife was, because he’s a little bit too idealized in the fandom as a good father. he stood back and did nothing while his wife left cigarette burns and broke their skin with her nails and psychologically destroyed his kids

The RFA and PostSurgery!MC

Mkay, so I got out of major surgery on Thursday and have been recuperating for the past two-three days or so.

“Golly, I wish Yoosung were here to give me hugs and take care of me after my surgery.”

Thus, my own self-serving headcanon post.


  • When you got out of surgery, you were super loopy
  • The medication you were on was very strong and as such you were really just sort of without a filter
  • You were gushing over him, which he found flattering, but only for a little bit because he could tell you were in pain, regardless
  • “Mm… To be honest, I don’t even care that I feel like I’m dying inside, because I just saw the rest of my life flash before my eyes, and you were there for all of it.”
  • “….Sweetie”
  • “Sweetie are you okay”
  • Over the next few days, you’re almost entirely in bed, your meds are making you really sleepy and while you can cut back, it also means that you’re in more pain
  • When this happens… Out comes the Cuddle Beast™
  • He can’t stand the thought of his true love being in pain
  • Offers to carry you everywhere you need to go
  • “Zen, sweetie, it’s fine… I have a wheelchair…”
  • “…But… But I can carry you”
  • Just let him do it why would you pass up the opportunity to be carried everywhere
  • Probably buys a MASSIVE amount of ice cream so that you have something easy on your stomach
  • Carries the TV into your room so that he doesn’t have to carry you into the living room to watch movies
  • Sets an alarm on his phone to remind you that you need to take your meds and give you kisses once they’re taken
  • Awww


  • She closed down the cafe for a week to make sure that you were doing okay
  • Made a bunch of freezer meals in preparation just in case you wouldn’t be well enough for her to make anything
  • Has a large array of DVDs and TV shows to binge watch while you’re recovering
  • All of Zen’s musicals, for example
  • “This is the perfect opportunity to watch them all the way through!”
  • How can you say no to a face like that
  • She’s the perfect nurse omg seems to have your med schedule in her head
  • Always ready with pillows if you’re uncomfortable
  • Coffee ice cream
  • So much coffee ice cream
  • Part of you feels guilty for letting her go to as much effort as she is but golly if she doesn’t secretly feel proud of herself for being such a good caretaker


  • BOI
  • Oh my God he’s so cute
  • …I, ah, don’t just mean in general but
  • Anyways
  • He also has a massive amount of ice cream on hand, but also is the type to make a lot of healthy meals while you’re off your feet
  • “Really, Yoosung, I’m fine with just… instant ramen or something… yOU DIDN’T HAVE TO MAKE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP WITH HOMEMADE CHICKEN STOCK AND BISCUITS FROM SCRATCH”
  • “Oh, do you not like it? I can just make ramen”
  • He’s honestly super super worried I mean you’re obviously in pain how can he help
  • He’s a veterinarian, there really can’t be that much of a difference between taking care of a sick cat and taking care of a sick MC
  • Right?
  • Always has ice and pillows at the ready
  • He’s on his feet all the time bringing you stuff and trying to entertain him
  • He’s so tired my poor bby
  • At one point you tell him he’s going a little overboard, it’s okay sweetie, I’ll be okay, just cuddle with me for a while, okay?
  • You don’t have to say it twice, you have an armful of exhausted Yoosung in like 0.0002 seconds
  • Is no the self appointed Hug and Cuddle Master, dedicated to keeping you warm and comfortable
  • Sigh


  • Honestly he’s kind of VERY, VERY stressed out by this
  • Jumin is very rarely ill, he has the best doctors and nutritionists on hand at all times, there’s not much that can get him off of his feet
  • and on the rare occasion that he is sick, he has nurses to take care of him
  • So when he hears that you actually need surgery and there’s something majorly wrong with your body he’s just panicking like
  • “Oh God I have zero experience with this”
  • “Everything is going to be fine MC, I’ll get you the best doctors money can buy”
  • “Jumin it’s okay”
  • Poor nerdy baby is so worried for his best friend
  • When the surgery is over and you come out of the anesthetic, you are very, very out of it, and in your delirium, you tell him that his tie looks odd, and he deserves better
  • (definitely not something I did in the hospital, nope)
  • He never mentions it, but he doesn’t wear that tie any more
  • He hires a nurse for you, but he still remains by your side the entire time
  • eventually seems to realize that you aren’t as high maintenance as he was suspecting, and he can take care of you if you let him know what you want
  • So the nurse leaves, and you end up in Jumin’s lap while he’s feeding you soup
  • You can definitely hold a spoon, there’s nothing wrong with your arms, but you’re not going to tell him that


  • “Seven, if I see one more sexy nurse costume, I will hobble over to where you are, non-weight-bearing or not, and swing my cast at your head”
  • You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t funny the first few times though
  • Seven is by no means very good with health matters, he thinks it’s a good idea to give you PhD Pepper
  • You have to tell him what you need
  • At one point, you’re trying to get into the other room, and your wheelchair/rollabout tips over/crutches give out, and you fall on the floor
  • P A N I C
  • He almost screams and he rushes you over to the bed again, where you have to tell him over and over again that you’re okay, you’re not hurt, 
  • he’s like 10 more scared than you were he’s shaking the poor thing
  • After this, he doesn’t let you get up unless you absolutely HAVE to
  • Vanderwood helps him make decent food for once
  • The things they’ll do for you and Seven
  • Does his work in bed with you
  • At one point you forget your meds and you wake up crying and in pain and he manages to give you your meds but not before wrapping himself around you and crying with you he’s so upset and can’t see you hurt
  • “Everything will be okay, I promise, I’ll protect you and take care of you”


  • He really can’t do as much as he’d like to which makes him so upset
  • He can’t drive to the store and fill your prescriptions
  • Or find out how to make a good chicken noodle soup
  • But Jumin recognizes the issues that come with being blind and being a caretaker as well, so he sends over a nurse
  • He basically spends all of his time fawning over you and making sure you’re comfortable
  • Practically wrapped around you at all times
  • He has to know you’re all right, so he accompanies you everywhere
  • “V, sweetie, I know ou want to help, but I can go to the bathroom by myself”
  • “But what if you fall over?”
  • “V”
  • “Or hit your [insert body part that was operated on] on something?”
  • “V please”
  • C O N S T A N T   A N X I E T Y


  • Actually surprisingly capable
  • Saeran gets what it feels like to be so vulnerable
  • He grew up with virtually no immune system, he was sick all the time
  • He’s really good at deducing what you need and bringing it to you
  • “Hm… They keep coughing a little weird… They must need water, and they have a lot of blankets, so ice water”
  • “Oh, how did you know I need ice water? I didn’t even ask”
  • “…….Magic”
  • He’s very attentive, but don’t ask him to cook you anything please
  • He loves to make you ice cream because it means there’s an excuse to make  HIM ice cream
  • And you guys can sit and eat ice cream together while he paints your toenails
  • Because it’s surprisingly difficult to paint your toenails when they’re in a cast
  • They’re mint green, like his eyes
  • Whereas your fingernails are red, like his hair
  • He definitely gets the reference, but jokes that you look like a Christmas decoration
I binge watched The OA yesterday. I’ll try not to be spoilery

-The ending was a perfect message about faith.  There were plenty of evidence to show that OA’s story was not real; but you still had to believe in her anyway.  Science can’t explain faith, and sometimes you just have to believe to make it real.  

-Wish there had been more about Buck’s story.  They touched on him a little bit, but I would have loved to seen more about his life, his family, and how society viewed him.  Perhaps if there is a season 2, we’ll have more of him

-This show was definitely made to be binged, you couldn’t wait to see the next episode and to see what happened next.

Do you know that feeling when things are about to end and you’ve finally accepted it? I’m not talking about things ending and still wishing for it to be like before. This is the type that you’ve finally accepted it, and you’re now hoping for a new beginning. The type of feeling that blooms in your chest and you’re a little bit excited and giddy, and wishful and hopeful of what’s yet to come. The feeling of acceptance mixed with the anticipation of the future. Will you meet him at the subway station when you’re about to go home, or at the coffee shop where you always frequent to? Will you meet him on a rainy night when you forget your umbrella and he’s just standing there on a sidewalk looking like an angel in disguise? Or probably you’ll meet him on the most mundane way, when a friend of yours will just casually introduce him to you, without any motive of linking you two together, but somehow your eyes meet and your laughters sync, and you just both click.

It’s almost like the feeling you get when Christmas season is about to start, the feeling of festivity, of anticipation, of hope. It’s like this time, anything can happen and finally, finally, you’re ready to grasp and trust the magic that comes with new beginnings.

Relish this feeling when you get it. Hold on to it. It’s your heart way of whispering, “Hey, I’m getting there, I’m healing, I’m getting okay, we are about there, just hold on, we could do this.”
—  cynthia go // The magic of new beginnings [66/365]
Cassian Andor Boyfriend Headcanons

- He is the most flirty thing on the face of existence

- He never fails to make you blush. Ever.

- Protective of you

- K-2S0 is jealous af

- Cassian telling K2 to shut up whenever he wishes something bad upon you

- Jyn has a girl to talk to now

- You and Cassian are the only people to break Jyn out of her cold shell

- Cassian can’t sleep without you next to him

- He hugs you like your the last thing he’ll ever touch

- He’s not a morning person

- Neither are you, so…

- He cries a little bit whenever you or him have to go on a mission

- “Stop it, Andor. God. I’m just going to Bespin.”

- “Yeah, but I’m still going to miss you.”

- He’s like a puppy

- He gets attached

- But he’s so cute, you can’t help but love him to death

- If anyone else looks at you wrong, he will be the first to punch them in the face

- He loves you so much

- That boy refuses to go anywhere without giving you a goodbye kiss

- Loyal af

- No need to worry about him cheating

- Plus, he knows you’ll kick his butt if he ever cheated

- You made that clear on the first date

- He knew it was love when you punched a Stormtrooper in the stomach when you went on a mission together

- Nothing comes between you two


“Thanks for doing this Barry, she’s just having a few issues in Starling City, she really appreciates this, don’t you (y/n)?” Oliver asked directing the last part specifically towards you, trying to capture your attention.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah I really appreciate this.” You said waving him away with your hand, you were too busy looking around at what would be your new home for an undetermined amount of time. 

“She’s a little rough around the edges.” Oliver explained to Barry. 

“Just like someone else we know.” You told Barry, briefly focusing on them before turning your attention back to the lab. 
“Look, I know you’re not happy about this, but it’s just for a little bit, I’ll come back and get you when everything gets sorted out.” Oliver told you as he got ready to leave. 

“I just wish you’d let me fight my own battles, I’m not weak or helpless.” You told him with a sigh. 

“I know you’re not weak, you’re one of the strongest people I know, but this guy’s going to keep going after you no matter what you do. We’ll handle everything and call you back when it’s safe, until then, help Barry out here and try to keep yourself out of trouble.” He said giving you a brief hug. 

“Play nice.” Ollie told you as he walked out of S.T.A.R. Labs.

“No promises!” You called out before turning and walking back towards the cortex. 
“I think you’re really gonna like Central City.” Barry said trying to cheer you up. 

“Dude, I’m from Central City.” You told him. “I moved to Starling City after the explosion.” You said motioning to the lab around you. 

“So what do you do in Team Arrow?” Cisco asked. 

“I’m their meta.” You said nonchalantly. 

“You’re a meta?” Barry asked as you peeked his interest. 

“Yeah, so?” You asked raising an eyebrow. 

“What can you do?” Barry asked not bothering to hide his excitement. 

You smirked, you never turned down a chance to show off. You quickly bolted across the room, took Cisco’s slushie and returned to your seat, drink in hand. 

“Woah!” Cisco said looking at you with wide eyes. “Barry, I think she might be faster than you.” Cisco said looking at his best friend. 

“No, no, there’s no way that’s possible.” Barry said getting defensive. 

“Well, there’s one way to find out.” Cisco said before leading you and Barry to another room. 

“I give you, the cosmic treadmill.” Cisco said motioning to a giant treadmill that was hooked up to a monitor. 

“Well, that’ll be fun.” You said with a smile. 
“Don’t worry Allen, at least, you’re still the fastest man alive.” You said with a smirk. 

“Oh, shut up. I’m just tired.” He said rolling his eyes at you. 

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kind of like the idea of twink!cas being a little bit of an exhibitionist and loving the idea of other people knowing the way dean touches him or how he fucks him. and sometimes he likes to moan really /really/ loudly or like purposely display blatant love bites on his neck all the while smiling all happy and content and just daydreaming thinking about how much he wishes everyone around him knew just how good he gets fucked ^_^

Bitty’s words echo in Jack’s ear. He might be a bit of a clueless idiot when it comes to relationships, as past evidence would show, but he knows that “can we talk” is almost never a good thing.

“A-about what?” Jack asks. He wishes now he’d listened to Bitty’s message before he called him, but there were so many missed calls he couldn’t just ignore it. And besides, Bitty sounds a little like he’s, well, crying.

“I’m just – I guess I had a bad day,” Bitty admits. “All the boys are over, Shitty even came down from Boston so we could all watch your game together. And they started talking about the rumours people used to have, y’know the ones, about how whether you and Parse were just friends, and…and it just – it hurts.”

Jack feels a little numb. He wants to drive up to Samwell right that second, but he knows he can’t. He’s got practice in the morning and then a game in the evening and so he can’t just drive the forty minutes to see his boyfriend, who is obviously hurting. Jack wants to, so badly, though. But he can’t jeopardize his career like that.

“We aren’t even friends now, you know that, right?” Jack says. He doesn’t like that Bitty’s jealous of Parse, even though he said he wasn’t back in August, but…

“No, honey, it’s not that,” Bitty says, and he sniffs again. “It’s – it’s the sneaking, and the lying, and the not being able to tell anyone about the fact the most amazing guy I’ve ever had the pleasure to know is in love with me and I love him right back and we’re together and happy when we are, and I can’t tell anyone.”

To Jack, who has never been big on confiding in anyone, this is a foreign concept. But Bitty sounds like he’s in so much pain, and Jack just wants to…well practice isn’t until ten. If he leaves right now, he can get to Samwell and back in the morning with a reasonable amount of sleep. Right?

“Bits, I’m gonna come up, okay?” Jack says, grabbing his keys and jogging down the stairs to the garage. “Just – I’ll be there in half an hour. We can stay on the phone, okay?”

“No, sweetheart, you don’t have to–”

“You’re hurt,” Jack says. He doesn’t mean to put a captain’s bark into it, but it happens anyway. “I’d do the same thing if you’d taken a bad check.”

“Oh sugar,” Bitty says. For a moment Jack thinks he’s going to tell him not to, but he doesn’t. Instead he sighs. “I dropped a pie.”

Jack feels the pain like a physical vice. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, being with Bitty the way he wanted – needed – to be with Bitty, but he never meant for it to actually hurt. It was love, right? It wasn’t supposed to be painful.

“Oh Bits,” he hears himself breathe. Bitty just sniffs in response.

“Why don’t – how about while you drive you just tell me about your game,” Bitty suggests. “And we can talk more when you get here.”

Jack agrees, although he doesn’t really want to talk about his game, and sets the phone on speaker on the passenger seat. The traffic’s good and he gets to Samwell earlier than he thinks he was going to. He parks in front of the Haus and sees Shitty’s car.

“Are you still in your room?” Jack asks.

He hears Bitty shift, like he’s getting off his bed.

“Yeah, are you outside?” he asks. Jack agrees and hears Bitty come down the stairs. This is possibly the second most impulsive thing Jack has ever done, but he thinks he’ll regret it about as much as he did the first most impulsive thing – that is to say, not at all.

“Who’s in the living room?” Jack asks.

“Uh, Lardo, Shitty, Ransom, Holster, and Nursey,” Bitty says.

All people Jack trusts. Which is good. It’s very good.

“Okay,” Jack says. “I’ll see you in a few seconds.”

He hangs up and opens the front door of the Haus. Bitty is just inside, in plain view of the people in the den. Jack ignores all of their excited clamouring at his presence, their joy over his game, and pulls Bitty into a bone crushing hug. Bitty returns it a little too tentatively for Jack’s liking. Especially since Bitty’s got red eyes and keeps sniffing. Jack is well aware of the others streaming out of the living room when he cups Bitty’s face.

“Hi honey,” he says, and he kisses Bitty, right there in front of them. Because it’s the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, and he might have graduated, but they’ve still got his back.

“Imagine a guy.
He’s a little taller than you,
with perfect skin,
skin that just screams
“touch me!”
and dark hair
and gorgeous blue brown eyes
(and) he looks so sweet
and he is sweet.
And then
have him blush
a little (bit).”

― Elizabeth Scott, The Unwritten Rule

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You weren’t really a people person, and for the majority of your life that was never an issue, but ever since you moved into your new apartment building you wished you were. 

You had a small crush on one of your neighbors, he was cute and a bit dorky, he was constantly wearing t-shirts with pop culture references and seeing them always brightened your day a little bit. 

You always wanted to talk to him, to have a conversation that consists of a lot more than ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ but you just couldn’t muster up the courage to do so.

Today you were in the basement of the apartment complex working on your laundry for the coming week; that was when he walked in. He had a basket full of dirty clothes under one arm and a chocolate bar in the other. 

“Hi.” You said offering him a polite smile. 

“Hey.” He replied with a smile of his own. 

The two of you were the only two in the basement and with neither of you talking it was a bit awkward.

“So you like the Flash huh?” He asked as he noticed the big symbol on your shirt. 

“Yeah, he’s pretty cool.” You told him, your mind was racing trying to figure out what else you could contribute to the conversation; thankfully you didn’t need to. 

“What do you think of his suit?” He asked sounding eager to know your response. 

“It’s pretty awesome, a bit too dark of a red in my opinion, but it’s still amazing.” You told him. 

“Really, you think it’s too dark?” He asked.

“Yeah, the tone of his outfit reminds me of the Green Arrow and Speedy, maybe they all share the same costume designer.” You joked. 

“Maybe.” He said with a laugh. 

“But honestly I’d kill to have that job, designing all their costumes, that’d be amazing.” You said 

The two of you talked for bout another hour until your load was done. You were out of clothes to wash, which kind of bummed you out since you wanted to talk to him some more. 

“Well I’ll see you around Cisco.” You said shooting him a warm smile. 

“Maybe we can get coffee sometime.” Cisco piped up. 

“Yeah, that’d be great, let me give you my number.” You said as he handed you his phone. 

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” You said before walking out of the laundry room.

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Laying in bed Hcs for Gency my boys

- mercy is nice and cuddly with robo boy
- he finds it adorable
- he has his visor off;)
- I wish smut but no :(
- she gives him light little kisses
- he’s just laughing bc he finds her so freakin adorable
- she loves that he’s a cuddly cyborg bc that means he’s forever the cooler side of the pillow
- he notices when his angel is about to fall asleep
- he lets her
- watches her for a bit just taking in thy beauty
- falls asleep as well

I’ve been thinking about this for three days but when it finally came down to doing it my brain shut off this is my life enjoy this goodbye people