just who made him a meme anyways

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What if they find Shiro and he's been trapped in this time/space bubble thing and they can't get him out because the only way for him to leave is for someone else to take his place in the bubble. Everyone starts panicking and arguing trying to think of a plan to save him, but while they're distracted Lance just walks right up to the space prison and takes Shiro's place without even thinking about it because obviously - in his opinion - Shiro's way more important than he is.

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Okay, this is my one and only post on this, since I keep getting asks about it and I’ve tried to just let it pass.

Yes, Seb probably picked a pretty shitty time to post that meme.  I can see how it would be viewed as insensitive. 

No, he’s not a dick like that and just made a mistake.  He’s done enough good in the years for him to atone for this, which wasn't meant as a commentary on the actual anthem/NFL situation.

Yes, he should probably take it down and throw out a quick apology to any who he may have offended with it, since his post did preface with trying to excuse himself from the national commentary.  He knew it would be sensitive and posted it anyway. 

Again, he made a mistake. Is it bad enough to send so much hate and completely turn on someone that everyone loved until that moment he hit “post”? Let me ask you this, when was the last time you made a mistake, one that could offend someone or not?  I’m guessing it wasn’t that long ago for a good number of us. 

Forgiveness is free and easy to give, when you know that the character of a person is wholly good, and they just fucked up.  If everyone bailed on me for every fuck up that I’ve ever done, I’d be pretty damn alone.

And unfortunately for him, he had limited Tanya Harding memes to choose from, I’m sure, given that the one he used was from YEARS before this whole debacle began.  Admit it, if he had posted it before the NFL controversy, you would have laughed.

Which reminds me, where are the Nancy Kerrigan fans?  I bet they’re PISSED that the NFL is getting her knee thunder, like Harding stole her dreams.

See, that’s a shit joke, and I’m sorry that I posted that.  It was insensitive of me.


So! I hav finaly finished the Milo Murfy’s law serie and I loved it! I just, really love everyone (and I’m crushed ‘cause King Pistachio died… He was my favorite😡 😢 )

But what can you do… anyway, so! I’ve looked through the MML’s corner of tumblr and I found out that this golden gem of a meme (for milo at least) wasn’t there so… Now I’ve fixed that :)

pimbits headcanon that jack and bitty are dating and they eventually befriend kent, after he picks a twitter fight with the owner of the aces for being a fuckin homophobe and ends up getting traded to the bruins. but then he’s like. in boston. an hour away from jack and bitty.

p soon after the news breaks, jack reaches out to kent to say he supports him etc (seriously, jack agrees with shitty—that homophobic dickcheese owner did not deserve to have kent on his team). jack and kent end up reconnecting, and pretty soon the three of them are hanging out all the time, because it’s really not a long drive, and anyway kent is just happy to have made friends who are somewhat in the area. (he misses his old team :/)

anyway, after a while this Meme starts between them that they’re going to have a threesome.

it’s a joke. it’s totally a joke.

…kent is clearly the one who started it initially because he’s. a very inappropriate person. but jack just??? plays along??? (tbh jack’s sense of humor is SO DRY and he just… refused to let kent fluster him, because that’s obviously what kent was trying to do, but then BITTY got flustered, and that was cute, so now jack is 100% on board with the joke.)

bitty always tries to join in but he just. can’t. he gets too embarrassed, because his emotional IQ is high enough that he can read the fact that they’re both semi-serious about this but they. ARE. NOT. ADMITTING. TO. IT. so bitty is half doubting his perceptions and half SURE he’s right, just constantly going, “DO THEY MEAN IT??? THEY MEAN IT. WHAT’S HAPPENING. WHERE IS THIS HEADING. OH GOD.”

but jack will be like, “come over bitty is cooking”
kent: so you’re finally admitting you two have been seducing me
jack: yeah
kent: cool i’ll shave my dick and be right over
jack: ew please don’t
bitty: clearly you’re, haha, um, letting yourself go. didn’t you, y’know, expect… to need to. um. prepare. yourself? for us?
jack (outwardly stoic but also internally laughing at bitty): bitty’s right, kent. no one’s gonna fuck you if your balls are hairy. what are you even doing. what did your last hookup say??


and kent is like, “um. jack? can i kiss your boyfriend? if that’s alright?”

jack pupils are so, so wide. “yeah,” he says. “please. do that.”

anyway that’s how bitty killed a four-month-old meme and also gained a second boyfriend all in the same night.

  • You: Lyle Bolton
  • Me, an intellectual: A monster who's tortuous methods would send shivers down even Great Granny Keeny's spine.

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OMG SO I have always thought of Jacob Sartorious as a cool little dude but I have seen him really as a meme (sorry not sorry???) UHM ANYWAY!!...I saw your post with his song Chapstick and so I listened to it because I love you and I like to know what you're into and I like to check it out and so I listened and Jacob has come so far in his music!!! Like I don't stan or anything (RIP WE ALL KNOW WHO I SECRETLY STAN) but he sounds so mature and the song was pure elegance and I just had to tell you

um i love this and you and this made me so happy. tbh his new music is pretty darn good. Skateboard is really good as well, honestly i don’t stan but i support!! don’t at me jacob haters😉

The one where anon likes a fictional sex scene a little more than she should

I am so touched that you would actually want to know who I am after all this horrible reviewing but if it makes you feel any better, I don’t even have a Tumblr account. My friend just sends me all the memes and links. The bitch (whom I love dearly because I know she’ll read this and will figure out who I am) actually made me believe chapter 143 was the final one and that we should expect a third series in a few months. I was woken from my mourning by the new chapter and I am looking forward to reading this chapter in celebration.

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this is the chris thing all over again. i know who they are but sometimes they dont see things like this cause it really doesnt affect them. ive seen some ppl defend seb to say "hes just promoting a movie" who are also blinded by why it was in poor taste. i agree tho, i dont think saying hes cancelled is doing anything good. but i wish he would've apologized and not just say "its for promoting the movie etc" like hun no

(there was a chris thing?? i can’t put a specific moment on this since i don’t follow him the same way i do seb but anyway…)

i do agree with the few people i follow who are having meaningful conversations as to why they’re upset about the meme, because i do agree. my last few posts i made have been referring to the people in the seb tag who are just automatically jumping down his throat and hating him for this, because that’s not helping anything at all. saying somebody is “cancelled” does not do anything to help the issue and you’re essentially saying nobody is allowed to make any mistakes and learn from them.

that comment he made probably made it worse, because when people are mad at you for something you didn’t mean to be offensive, your first instinct is to stick up for yourself and say “but i didn’t mean it like that!” but then it comes across as uncaring and not seeing the issue behind it.