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Can you please do the dai companions reactions to finding out the Inquisitor is actually royalty (prince/princess etc) and now their home is reaching out to them to get them back. But the inquisitor never really talked about it? Thank you!

Cassandra: She’s actually not as angry as they thought she would be. She’s miffed, of course, that they didn’t tell her, but she’s a bit more understanding– being noble isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. “Regardless of title, they now have a responsibility to the Inquisition.” she says sternly to whoever tries to bring them home. “They can decide for themselves whether or not they want to come home once our mission is complete.” She relates to them, and they often spend time talking about the follies of aristocracy and the horseshit that comes along with it. If Romanced: Her relatives in Nevarra could not approve more of their relationship, and as long as the Inquisitor himself is not up for an arranged marriage, the other side feels likewise. Both gag and ignore their families– they love each other for each other, not because it’s politically convenient. 

Blackwall: He’s stunned. He stumbles over his words when he speaks to them after finding out, not sure at all how to refer to them. They sigh and tell him to treat them like he always has, and he tries, though finds it a bit difficult to do so sometimes. He tries to ask why they left, but they don’t talk about it for awhile. If Romanced: He is extremely worried about going into romance with her. He doesn’t want the truth to come out– it will scandalize her, and he doesn’t want to do that to her. If she persists, he warns her that nothing good will come of loving him, but she still does. After he’s revealed, she shocks him by still loving him, still wanting to be with him. “Even though your family…” He’s cut off as she kisses him and reassures him that she loves him. He decides he’ll do good by her.

Iron Bull: He had information passed on from the Ben-Hassrath about who they actually were and why they left. He acts normally and doesn’t reveal that he knew until after their identity is revealed. When questioned as to why, he shrugs. “You left for a reason, Boss. If you don’t want that life, I was never going to tell anyone. That’s your right.” He knows they don’t like being treated differently, so he doesn’t. If Romanced: “You sure about this, Kadan?” he asks tentatively as they give him the dragon tooth necklace. “Your family isn’t going to like you fucking and loving a qunari mercenary…” As they consent and confirm with a kiss, he grins and pulls them back into bed. So long as they had each other, the rest of the world could fuck off, titles be damned.

Sera: She approves– not of their title, of course, but of the fact that they left all the royal nonsense behind. “Oh, piss right off!” she yells at whoever was sent to bring them back. “They’re sick of you and your noble shite! They know you’re all arseholes!” She’s not angry they didn’t tell her. “Why would I care?” she huffs. “I’m glad you don’t want the stupid title. You’re one of us lowlies, now, hah! Come on, now, let’s go stuff lizards in their drawers!” If Romanced: The same reaction as before, but she also scandalizes her girlfriend’s entire family by kissing her, repeatedly, or even having sex with her on the roof– with extra sex and kisses if her girlfriend left her home over an arranged marriage. “I love her for her, and she loves me for me– not because of any stupid titles or whatever!” she declares. She thinks it’s a hoot to constantly horrify the royal family. 

Varric: He thinks it’s a beautiful plot twist is what it is. He tries to press for more information as to why they left, several times, with varying levels of success and failure. Still, if they just want a friend who will treat them like a person, he’ll oblige. 

Cole: They feel the same to him as any other person, and he doesn’t really understand why it matters. He just feels their pain and stress like anyone else, so he’ll do his best to help them, as he already has been. “They don’t want to be called Prince(ss) (Inquisitor Name),” he says, “so we shouldn’t.”

Dorian: Oh. Oh, this is beautiful. He relates to them, a lot, and he’s not angry in the slightest they didn’t tell him. “A runaway prince(ss), I see? My, my! How interesting! Join the ‘nobles scandalizing our families’ club.” he teases, but he’s understanding if they vent to him about why they left– he knows how they feel. So they bond ever further, as friends, and he only gently teases them about their title from time-to-time. If Romanced: He’s worried. He tries to laugh it off, of course– “My, my, amatus, falling in love with a mage from Tevinter? Courting controversy and scandal, I see!” His lover persists, and he states that he loves him, titles and origins be damned. Romance takes slightly longer to proceed, because Dorian is a bit nervous about it, but he decides eventually fuck it– if they’re scandalizing their families, they’re scandalizing their families together.

Vivienne: She’s befuddled as to why they hid it at all. It could be a great asset to the Inquisition, and to themselves. “You shouldn’t hide your deserved title, Darling,” she scolds, “not now, and not ever. One day, you could be the Queen/King of your people, and you need to remember that. You are someone to be looked up to, and a leader worthy of respect. Your title only helps to reflect that.” She insists on, from then on, referring to them by their proper title, be it Prince or Princess, much to their chagrin.

Solas: He’s surprised, for once, but he thinks little of current nobility, so he leaves it be. He hopes that perhaps his lessons to them about magic and the Fade will be carried forward to their people, but otherwise respects their wishes to be not be addressed by their title and treated with respect, but none more than any person would deserve. If Romanced (I don’t know where the Elvhen princess came from, use your imagination): He seriously starts considering what will happen if he tells her the truth about who he is. He spends many nights laying awake pondering every possible scenario. Often, she asks what is wrong, to which he only forces a smile. “Nothing, Vhenan. Nothing other than wishing to take in your radiance.”

Cullen: He’s frustrated, not with them, but with the people constantly trying to take them home. “Oh, for Andraste’s sake, I’m well aware they’re royalty! It doesn’t change the fact that they have a responsibility to the Inquisition now. If they want to come home, they’ll decide that on their own terms, once everything is handled.” He has no patience at all for any of this noble horseshit. If Romanced: He gives pause, not fully realizing the fact that he’s dating a princess until after they kiss on the battlements, and it comes up when she teases him and remarks she’s happy that her title didn’t scare him away. He’s nervous, suddenly, because he has no titles outside of the Inquisition– she reassures him that as long as he loves her, that’s all she cares about, and while still nervous, he’s happy with that.

Leliana: She knew. Of course she knew– her agents would sniff out who they really were before their family got to them. She confronts them and asks why they left. They explain themselves and beg her not to tell anyone– so she doesn’t. “Keep in mind, though, that it does not matter if I keep your secret,” she warns, “your family is seeking you out, and they will find you. Everyone will know the truth, regardless of whether or not I tell them.” She still respects their wishes and treats them professionally as their spymaster, not fawning in the least over the fact they’re a prince/ss. 

Josephine: She’s startled and suddenly scrambles to correct all of her letters to reflect the Herald’s actual title. She also pulls them aside and scolds them for not telling her, and like Vivienne, says they should never hide it– it is a boon to themselves and the Inquisition. There’s no telling her otherwise. If Romanced: Her family highly approves of her relationship with the Inquisitor, and again, like Cassandra, if the Herald did not leave over an arranged marriage, their family is alright with it. Josephine falls in love with them like she would in any romance, and is a bit more understanding about why they don’t want to be treated like royalty.

Champion, Emperor, and King

So I went on a rambling tangent to a friend of mine and came back to something about the two Black Paladins we’ve encountered, Black Lion herself, and Shiro’s title of Champion.

First and foremost: There’s some implied themes of royalty to the Black Lion, and the paladin that stands by her side. Voltron, when in its strongest form, has five heads, and Black’s stands above the others. She is the head of Voltron, literally and figuratively, and she is, to a degree, symbolically crowned.

The other Lions all have ears that are usually a mix of gray and one other color. Black is the only one who has golden ears- noteworthy, because when Voltron itself is form, those ears transform into horns.

One of the primary stated virtues of the Black Paladin is they are someone who others “follow without question.” This does not merely suggest force of personality and a strong will, but rather, someone who others reflexively turn to. In practice, we see this with both Shiro and Zarkon, with how their respective allies acknowledge them and look to them in situations of doubt. The first time Lance turns to Shiro, no one asks him to do so, and no discussion has been made about who’s in charge. But Lance defers to Shiro. When Shiro was incapacitated on his arrival to Earth, we don’t see a decisive leader between the paladins as much as they collaborate, all piling in their ideas and input as it comes up.

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AU where Ned told Robert the truth in time, they defeated the Lannisters together and Robert legitimized his oldest son. Gendry and Arya had their same adventures and maybe he followed her to Braavos and back… 

King Robert Baratheon and Lord Eddard Stark watched as their daughter and son, respectively, walked side by side near the river. As usual, the latter was mostly quiet and laughing at something the former, her usually loud self, had just said. Nearby prowled the familiar gray and white direwolf.

Robert’s eyes glistened with tears. “Oh, my friend,” he sighed wistfully. “But this is how it was meant to be.”

As he watched the two, Ned’s eyes looked haunted, as if he’d seen a ghost. Or two. And there was more than a hint of sadness in them as well. “They look the very sight of you and-.” His voice broke then, and he had to look away from the sight of the two of them.

Robert agreed with a silent, weepy nod. “Finally,” he choked softly on his words. “Our houses are truly to be joined.”

Ned glanced sharply at his friend and king. “Patience, your Grace. That will be up to the two of them.”

Robert scoffed and took ahold of his friend’s elbow so he was faced once again in the young couple’s direction. Ned’s daughter had just pushed Robert’s son into the stream and run away so the ex-apprentice smith had no choice but to run after her. “But they’re so clearly in love.”

Ned wasn’t sure he could deny the truth of the king’s words. “They may grow out of it yet.” He was only being stubborn because he had always thought, out of all his children, he would have the hardest time marrying Arya to someone. Not because no one would want her; she was beautiful like her aunt and just as willful. What man could not love her? Yet, he’d always been so certain Arya would refuse even the prospect of being with someone.

Yet, here she was. Clearly smitten. True, she was as of yet young and may not yet understand her affections. But they were there all the same. She’d struggled for two years in the war-stricken lands of Westeros side-by-side the smith-turned-prince. Now, Gendry was the first person she sought in the mornings at the Red Keep and on their current journey North. And Gendry was always the last person she saw before turning up out of nowhere to sleep.

Ned didn’t begrudge her the pairing. The truth was the boy was, despite his humble beginnings, more lordly or princely than any of the princes Ned had known since Rhaegar. Gendry was a fast learner who could now read, write, and recite the history of the Seven Kingdoms, among other talents he’d picked up in the time since Robert had legitimized him. The boy was brave and strong as well and had, if the stories could be believed, saved Arya’s life countless times during the years she’d been missing. Though she’d save Gendry’s life plenty too, Gendry never failed to reminded them.

“If ever there were two more plainly made for each other than these two,” Robert was sighing longingly again. “It was your sister and me.”

Ned disagreed but silently to the latter statement. Outwardly, he only nodded an acknowledgement to his friend. “They’re best friends and one’s just as stubborn as the other,” Ned allowed.

In truth, Robert and Lyanna had been nothing alike. In truth, Robert had never truly known Lyanna, could not ever have understood her. Ned watched as his youngest daughter and the new prince now crossed “swords” (Arya had challenged Gendry to a duel with large sticks from the forest) across the way. This boy, this Gendry, by contrast, seemed to know exactly who Arya was. A wolf. A warrior. A lady only by birth. And still he loved her just the same.

Ned recalled a conversation he’d had with the lad, shortly after his legitimization.

“I won’t make you marry my daughter,” Ned had told the red-faced boy gruffly. “Though it’s what your father desires.”

Gendry had stared at him in surprise then. “Make me?” He repeated the words as a question.

“Now that you’re a prince, boy.” Ned clarified. “Might be you’ll want to find a woman more suited to the title of princess.”

The truth was Ned just wanted to gauge both Gendry’s intentions and thoughts on Arya’s noble status in contrast to her behavior.

The boy grew redder in the face, though this time from anger, it seemed. “No.” He muttered stubbornly. “There’s no one more-.” He seemed to catch himself, remembering he was talking both to Arya’s father and a lord. A lifetime of submission to lords had followed him into the Red Keep. “What I mean, m’lord, is, for me, there could be no better match. But only if she’ll have me. In truth, no one could deserve your daughter, but-.” He seemed unsure.

Ned wasn’t sure he’d ever heard the boy talk so much at one time or, indeed, so passionately. “Go on, lad.” He encouraged him softly.

“I’m willing to spend the rest of my life trying to be worthy enough.”

Ned’s throat had gone as dry as a bone then. There would be no refusal on this end of the match. Ned had hoped he could depend on his fiery and fierce daughter to do so, but…

Ned thought then to the conversation with his daughter during which he’d broached the topic.

Earlier that day, Ned had noticed a chaste but intense hug pass between Arya and Gendry. Despite knowing what they’d gone through, it had never crossed Ned’s mind that his little wolf would have ever seen a boy that way. Sansa had always been the one singing the songs.

At supper that night, Ned had been explaining to both his daughters that, following the catastrophes that had befallen them so far, they didn’t have to marry anyone they didn’t wish to. Sansa had gazed at him gratefully. Her ordeals with the Lannisters had hardened her wishes to ever get married.

Arya, however, had looked curiously up at him. “If you were going to make us get married, who would I have to marry?” She asked in a voice of pure innocence.

Ned blinked in surprise at her. “I wouldn’t, sweet one.” He thought back to the hug from earlier in the day now. “Is there someone you had in mind?” He wondered out loud.

And for the first time in her life in Ned’s presence, Arya actually blushed. “No,” she murmured in the voice she used when she was lying. “I was just wondering.”

Then she blurted, “Is Sansa still to marry the prince, even though it’s a different one?” Her face was still red, but was it in anger now?

Sansa nearly choked on the honey cakes she was nibbling on then. They both looked at her father.

Ned was watching his younger one carefully. “Of course not, little one. Not if she doesn’t want to.”

Arya nearly glared at Sansa then. Sansa blinked in surprise at Arya, but a knowing smile grew on her face. “I just want to go home.” She murmured.

Arya actually looked relieved then.

As the king and his Hand gazed across the fields towards their children, both now laying on the ground next to each other and laughing, Ned realized he’d lost a battle he never thought he’d have to fight. Still, he surmised, as he watched the way Gendry gazed at Arya, as if never had there existed a more perfect person, he could have lost to someone much less worthy.

Why I’ve started to hardcore ship LuNa

I’m a newbie when it comes to One Piece. After a couple years of seeing One Piece on my peripheral (it’s impossible not to notice, especially when you’re deep in the Dragon Ball fandom) I put aside my hesitations (the length is scary to an outsider!) and began to watch.

Everyone in the One Piece fandom knows this already, but Oda truly is a genius. After hearing for years how complex the world of One Piece was, I STILL wasn’t prepared for how intricate the story is, yet it manages to work within the boundaries of a battle shonen.

When watching One Piece, I got the sense that Nami and Zoro love and understand their Captain the most. Please hear me; I’m not saying the other Strawhat’s don’t love Luffy, because they most certainly do, but the other Strawhat pirates seem to focus on the group as a whole with Luffy at the center. However, it’s Zoro and Nami that constantly keep their attention on Luffy specifically.

Zoro made this clear to me during Thriller Bark Arc. Sanji was there and willing to risk his life, but it was Zoro who gladly accepted Luffy’s pain. He wasn’t doing it for the crew, he did it for Luffy. Zoro’s love for Luffy isn’t the romantic sort, but it’s steeped in admiration, belief, and loyalty. Zoro may be one of the quietest crew members, but his silence doesn’t mean apathy.

Zoro’s protection of Luffy carries a lot of weight, because I would argue that Luffy is one of the most vulnerable out of all the Shonen heroes. Despite the fact I know Luffy won’t die (well…at least, not in the middle of the story, but that’s another discussion) I’m afraid for him. I think the last time I saw a shonen hero get his ass kicked as thoroughly as Luffy did pre-time skip was Goku when he was a child and faced off against Piccolo Daimao. But One Piece REALLY hammers in Luffy’s weakness in that section of the story. And Luffy overcomes a lot and is very strong, but in a world full of overpowered opponents who want to see Luffy dead, there’s a true sense of vulnerability. He isn’t the strongest, not by a long shot.

Nami, on the other hand, seems to feel just as protective of Luffy as Zoro, but her reason for this is entirely different than Zoro’s. 

Unlike a lot of other relationships in Shonen manga, Nami and Luffy’s relationship is built upon mutual trust. They respect one another. Nami believes in Luffy and her faith is unwavering, but she also knows Luffy will charge into a situation without even thinking about the consequences to himself. She cares for his wellbeing more than he cares for it, and this attention to Luffy’s person only seems to grow as time goes on in the story. Of course, Nami cares for everyone in the crew, but I don’t see her focus constantly on the wellbeing of other members.

More and more often I see Nami turning to Luffy first, asking about him first, and putting her life on the line for him first. Nami also shares her vulnerabilities with Luffy. In WCI, I see this mutual dependence, trust, and focus on one another deepening.

And honestly, this is how healthy relationships work in the real world. If you want to have a meaningful relationship, it has to be about more than attraction. It has to contain trust, common goals, common interests and security.  

Which is why I’m puzzled by Sanji/Nami shippers. I don’t mean to be disrespectful towards anyone’s ship, but I can’t see why anyone would want Sanji and Nami to be together. Sanji, as much as I enjoy his character, fawns over every single beautiful woman he sees. I don’t deny that Sanji seems to place a greater emphasis on Nami (ex. he always puts her name first before Robin’s) but to me, this isn’t a good enough reason for them to have a relationship. Sanji likes Nami because she’s beautiful. If she was an ugly woman, would Sanji even give Nami the time or day?

I highly doubt it.

In contrast, Luffy’s trust and focus on Nami has nothing to do with her looks. It’s because of who she is as a person. Luffy, whether he realizes it or not, feels a pull towards Nami, and it’s something I began to notice this more and more the further I got into One Piece. Luffy also has confidence in Nami, but he still feels…rather protective of her. Even in the beginning of One Piece when I wouldn’t really call any of their interactions romantic, they’re both focused on each other.

I love Luffy and Nami. Their care for each other is what makes me root for them. I want them to find happiness in romance because they already have everything they need to succeed. Every king needs his queen, and Nami is more than worthy of the title. I love how strong, brave, and selfless she is.

I find it quite interesting how Oda used Strong World and Gold to re-emphasize Luffy and Nami’s relationship. I know their relationship isn’t the focal point of One Piece, but Oda could choose to write about anything, especially when it comes to movies. For Strong World, he had complete creative control since he wrote the script. For Gold, Oda served as executive producer for the movie and rewrote the ending for Gold. 

With Oda being such a calculated writer, it doesn’t seem possible that he’d write Nami and Luffy with these moments “just because” or without meaning. Oda is a planner. A small example would be him revealing his idea for Fishman Island in the chapter 121 SBS volume to a kid who asked about Fishman Karate. Oda said, “It’s halfway down the Grand Line which I will tell you about at some point. Please be patient”. The crew didn’t make it to Fishman Island until chapter 608.

I recognize that many Mangaka tease relationships but ultimately have them go nowhere or stay unofficial (I’m looking at you Hiro Mashima), so it’s entirely possible Oda will do the same, though I have faith he’s a better writer. But if that happens and someday far down the line One Piece ends without anything happening between the two, I will still ship them, and I will thank Oda for writing such a meaningful friendship.

But I really hope Luffy and Nami have explicit romance in their future. That would be rather wonderful, don’t you think?


I am fucking pumped for this story. I had to split it into two parts - which I’m totally not sorry about. I’ll upload the second part tomorrow. I got @agentpiku to read it through so it’s got her seal of approval. Hopefully it’ll have yours too. Thank you to the anon who requested this - you the real MVP. Enjoy, everybody!

Prompt[s]: In the theme of fairy tale fanfics could you do a kind of cinderella themed one where Odin is trying to marry off Loki for whatever reason and holds a ball and Loki is really not keen but Odin makes him go and he sees the reader and reader is really not keen and Loki is really confused because he can be annoyed about being here but like not anyone else. Thanks :)

‘A Wish Your Heart Makes’ (Part 1)

The ballroom had been transformed. Hidden away in a forgotten pocket of the palace, it usually lay dusty and derelict. However, at the sudden request of the Allfather, a band of servants had been dispatched to fix and tidy the dome-rooved room over the course of two weeks.

All four walls were now aglow. Candelabras held flickering flames aloft, painting the marble walls with gorgeous amber hues. Tying in with the decoration, a selection of wiry, leafless trees had been brought indoors and dipped in gold. Decorative orbs of red and silver hung from the branches, reflecting the candlelight and glittering like tiny little moons. A small string quartet and choral group were performing against the western windows, producing joyous music and warming the hearts of everybody in the room.

Everybody, that is, except the person for whom the ball was being held.

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Do you have a favorite character? Do you have a favorite non-pov character?

Thanks for the question!

Favorite POV character: Sansa Stark. No contest. I love her characterization, her genre archetype, her chapters’ themes, her inner monologue and her fascinating journey throughout the books. 

I love her characterization and, hell, I even appreciate it in A Game of Thrones. Yes, she was a snob and a brat who wanted things to be nice, the knights to be chivalrous, the queens to be graceful and the princes to be sweet, but she’s eleven at that time and all that idealism and naivety only made Ned’s execution all the more heartbreaking, opening the trapdoor underneath Sansa and causing her to fall into that horrific reality of King’s Landing.

Also, it’s really nice to have a classic princess that still has substance. In fact, I think Sansa was my first of the archetype to be given a rich density of character. I know, by now, Sansa’s genre archetype is old hat and has been done time and time again, given a more deconstruction-conscious fantasy market, but Sansa still calls to an inherent part of me that I’ll get to later on below.

Her chapters’ themes? Internal resistance, idealism, abuse, survival, story-and-song thinking, lies, knighthood, femininity, navigating the rules of high society and patriarchy, empathy, romanticism, the eventual disillusionment from reality and kindness-under-pressure… they’re universal (and even relevant to this day) and I can always return to them whenever I reread a book.

Her internal monologue is super crucial to the heart of Sansa’s characterization because A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords constantly play in her head. Passages and pages can turn as her mind whirls and the gears in her mind start to work. Anyone who tells you that Sansa is just a passive pawn clearly doesn’t read hard enough because she’s making active resistance in her mind against the Lannisters and thinking over the political implications of letters sent to her, trying to figure out if they can be trusted and which one she can take up while being safe.

She has an amazing character arc that takes her from a naive, head-in-the-clouds girl to an abused political prisoner actively resisting her captors in her mind to a woman taking control of a castle’s household under the guise of being bastard-born, all while trying to hold onto her humanity and retain a measure of kindness when she’s exposed to more and more horrors in the upper class of society.

Also, I personally think she has one of the best supporting casts in the story, all of the characters in her story pertaining to and enriching her narrative going from Cersei, Loras, Jeyne, Margaery, Olenna, Tyrion, Dontos, Littlefinger, Lysa, Myranda, Mya and Sandor, all of them challenging, adding, compounding upon her worldview, complicating her ideals and turning into her a fascinating person who’s increasingly seeing the strings of political theater and is going to start utilizing them with purpose.

Lastly, her want for there to be true knights? Breaks my heart because I constantly struggle with my ideals like that too. There are good values worth standing up for, but not everyone’s going to live up to them… but that doesn’t make the effort itself worthless. If the world fails us, then we should endeavor to live up to those ideals ourselves. There are monsters, abusers and indifferent people in the world, but the best we can do is hope to outlive them, hope to do it while being better than them.

In short, I will always be here for “He was no true knight.” and “If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me.”

Favorite non-POV character: Stannis Baratheon. Let’s see, grumpy, pragmatic, bitter, deadpan, grim, strict, yet fair, meritocratic-leaning with an inferiority complex towards his older brother who he thinks outdoes him everywhere that matters? GEEZ, STANNIS, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE PRETTY MUCH ME IN ASOIAF. 

But yeah, I love Stannis’ characterization so much. It’s such a multi-faceted portrait ranging from his strength (meritocratic ideology, drive towards justice, willingness to commit to good kingship) to his weaknesses (pettiness, willingness to commit to past grudges, bitterness and tactless manner of speech) and it’s such a rush to see him when his weaknesses outweigh his strengths in A Clash of Kings to later have the pendulum turned around nearing the end of A Storm of Swords.

And his character archetype is actually what I’d consider some of GRRM’s most subversive genre work. On the surface, he looks the Evil Overlord, complete with living at a grim island full of gargoyles, housing pirates, sellswords and a mysterious sorceress. He looks like the Evil Uncle because he’s rebelling against his “nephew’s rightful crown.” But the truth is far more complex, Stannis himself actually being the Cape, the man who wants to right the wrongs of Westeros, who wants to deal justice against the Lannister’s incestuous reign, who only came upon Dragonstone because he was doing his duty to his older brother.

His chapters’ themes… oh boy, they hit at me. Justice, duty, wounded pride, bitterness, past grudges, mockery from empathy, choosing from lawful or good, meritocracy, good kingship, the choice between valuing the individual or the many and complicated relationships with religion and gods… Stannis just hurts to read.

It is legitimately fist-pumping to read his character arc because it’s a rush. From a bitter, resentful, petty lord sitting at a dreary rock to a man who’s lost one of his central battles as claimant and who is torn between careening further into the abyss or committing to rising above the loss to a savior protecting the realm in truth rather than in title to a truly fascinating and worthy king who’s learning from the past, willing to take advice from all wells of knowledge and take charge to fight against the “only enemy that matters.”

And I tend to love Stannis’ supporting cast. I know we all love Davos, but I even love Melisandre because she brings an interesting facet to the philosophical/theological dialogue between the Dragonstone trio. Davos and Melisandre are constantly in conflict, externalizing the duality raging in Stannis’ heart and how he wants to conduct himself as king. And Stannis’ court also helps, being a bunch of (mostly) unlikeable, fanatic, squabbling lords and knights… who nevertheless help protect the Wall, ordered by their king, from the Free Folk attacking it.

There’s a lot of Stannis I keep coming back to, to be honest. It’s just inspiring that, amid all the destruction, death, rot and chaos of Westeros… there’s one man who’ll stand steadfast and fight for Westeros’ best interests because he’s the man you want against the Others when they come to bring the night that never ends. My One True King.

In short, I’ll always be here for "Stannis! Stannis! STANNIS!“ and "Then we will make new lords.”

Hope this satisfies!

[Pretends to crack knuckles]

Welcome to a new series that I’m lamely calling “The Legend of Meta”, because boy howdy, I sure have a lot of things to say on a lot of characters and about Breath of the Wild in general.. And I’m bad with naming things. I love writing meta (aka long ramblings) and the zelda series is my heart and soul, so why not make a series right? None of this is #confirmed by Nintendo, none of it is #official, merely my own thoughts and opinions.

If sonicmega finds this I’m gonna kick my own ass tbh I love him, great dude, great VA, but listen ok I don’t need him knowing I spent more hours than I’m willing to admit thinking about every little detail about his character. That’s just weird.

Word Count: 5031
Estimated Reading Time: 24 minutes, 51 seconds
Series: 1 of ?

Anyways, this post will contain spoilers from here on! Even the link!

Here is the complete dialogue script for Revali for your convenience!

So as you can plainly tell by the title card, I’m going to be starting off with our well known local bird and arrogant friend, Revali. I’ve seen a wide spread love, and wide spread hate rather quite equally for this character, and quite honestly? I can understand it. From what we are given in game, Revali is a self-absorbed, arrogant and rather downright rude Rito, but seemingly only to you, to Link. Many find this to be annoying, and many find it to be relatable, comical even! Which is fine, do what makes you happy! But as a rhetorical question, how many have you truly thought on his character?

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Count Your Lucky Stars (Alternative Ending 2)

Ok guys, here it is. The last update for CYLS. I decided to go with a happier ending this time because the Space Family deserves to be happy don’t you think? Anyways, thank you for joining me on this journey :D enjoy!!

Everyone was starting to lose hope. There has been no sign of Lance anywhere on their radars for about a month now. Maybe he couldn’t be found because he didn’t want to be, or so they thought until a call from the Arusians came in. Allura was a bit worried, to say the least. The Galra should have no reason to travel back to the planet now that they were gone. She called everyone to the control room, just in case this was just another call to say hi. The Arusians were friendly and often called to ask if their assistance was needed, or simply to see how everyone was. She opened the video feed to see the King with a stern look on his face. The worry only began to rise.

“Alteans and humans, we are your leaders. Take us,” he declared. Um…what?

“No, no, no you’re saying it all wrong. It’s: take us to your leader. The way you say it makes it sound like it’s the start of a very aggressive mating season,” a voice in the background whispered.

“Wait a minute, that choice of words, that voice. Lance buddy is that you. Please tell me that’s you or else I’m going to cry.”

“The one and only Hunkalicious, how’s it going bro,” Lance said as he came into view of the camera. A chorus of excited “Lance” was heard around the room.

“Lance my boy, is everything alright? What are you doing back on Arusia?”

“All of that can be explained later, for now, can you guys just bring me home?”

Home. After how they treated him he still calls this place his home. Lance still wants to see them after everything they’ve said and done. They’re going to prove to him that this place can be, that they can be worthy of that title. So, onward they went with full speed back to Arusia, back where it all began. It seemed fitting in a way, the place where they officially became a team, would be the place they make their family whole again. Everyone was a little concerned about how they’d react in front of Lance with the knowledge they now hold. They all made promises to themselves to start treating Lance more fairly.

It was just always so easy to not take the Blue Paladin seriously when almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a joke or a pick-up line. That, however, can’t be continued to be used as an excuse, especially since most of the time he’s doing it for their sakes. Just something to get them to smile or ease the tension in the room. With Lance and his antics, it was sometimes easy to forget that they were fighting a 10,000-year war.

It took about an hour or two, but they had finally arrived on Arusia where the people and Lance were already waiting for them to land. Pidge surprised everyone as she bolted out of the door and into Lance’s arms the second they touch down. She clung to him like a sloth with tears in her eyes and simply refused to let go. He just lifted her up to be able to move again. Everyone kind of just dog-piled on after that causing Lance to laugh. It was the greatest sound heard in the entire universe, or any alternate universes Slav was convinced existed.

The Arusians insisted that they stay for a party to celebrate their reunion, and who could’ve denied these adorable creatures. Rather than in the castle, this time it was hosted in the village down the hill, bonfire style. Everyone sat as close to Lance as they could to listen to him retell the story of his escape. Keith and Hunk were on either side of him, Pidge sat on his lap with her head on his chest to take comfort in his heartbeat, Coran across from him listening intently to every word, Shiro chose to stand so he could just watch over everyone, and while Allura was next to the Arusian King, she was giving Lance her undivided attention.

It was obvious that Lance was embellishing his story a little, but no one cared about that. They were all just so happy to see that even after a month in the hands of the Galra he was still as animated as ever. It also didn’t change the fact that what he did was amazing, and no short of heroic. Not only had he escaped and slowed down the main Galra fleet by wrecking their engine, but he also managed to free a good bit of prisoners as well. Everyone made sure to tell him he did a great job and that they were proud of him. They already made the mistake of not letting him know these things in the past. The reason it took so long for him to contact them was because of his injuries. One of the captives had taken him to their home planet to heal before he continued his journey. Coran had suggested that he received a check-up in the morning after a good night’s rest.

Pidge had already fallen asleep in his arms, and everyone agreed that it was time to call it a night. The only problem was that no one wanted to part with Lance after finally getting him back. This time it was Keith that shocked everyone by suggesting a slumber party in the common room. (“Awe Mullet, you really do care.” “Shut it, Lance.”) After Lance handed Pidge to Shiro and left them for a much-needed shower, everyone gathered as many pillows and blankets they could to make the ground comfortable. They wouldn’t even attempt the couch, that thing was far too uncomfortable, and you’d wake up with pains in parts of your body you didn’t even know existed.

Once everyone was showered, changed and settled in Lance had begun to sing softly in order to send them to sleep faster. It wasn’t surprising that as soon as he returned he’d start taking care of them. Everyone was forced to take back their earlier statement about his laugh being the most beautiful sound in all realities because his voice took the cake, and ate it too. So, for the first time in what felt like far too long, everyone had a peaceful night. They were even allowed to sleep in the next morning and it was what they all needed.

Three months passed since they got Lance back and they had to send him on a solo mission to retrieve an item needed for the castle’s repair. Only Blue could’ve handled the planet’s icy terrain, and Lance suggested going alone so that he can have some bonding time with his girl. They knew it was wrong, and quite frankly an invasion of privacy, but they wanted to make sure Lance knew they appreciated him. So, when he was gone they went into his room to look at the jars. It appeared that Lance had gotten rid of the old ones and started over. While “the bad jar” still had more stars than they would’ve liked, it was still significantly less than what it was the last time. “The good jar” on the other hand, was overflowing so much that there was a second one to hold the rest.

They knew that it would more than likely be impossible to get “the bad jar” to be completely empty, but at least they were taking a step in the right direction. They were becoming the type of family that Lance deserved. And they would only continue to prove to him that they were worthy of being called such.

Main Story/ Ending 1/ Ending 2

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Oh please write Sansa telling Jon more about how different he is than Joffrey!!

\(^o^)/\(^o^)/ *.*.* \(^o^)/

The solar was quiet so late into the evening. The light from the fire cast Jon in warm amber light. It was these moments Sansa cherished most. The calmness before the storm, the slow burn of wine running through her veins, and the way his skin looked golden here. It was not the first time she had thought impure thoughts about Jon, and if her blood was not soaked with wine, she may have felt the familiar wash of shame and guilt come upon her; but not tonight. Under the winter’s moon, Sansa saw a man, so weathered by hardships, so burdened by responsibilities and yet so beautiful by the fullness of his heart. She saw only a king, who was gentle, brave and honourable. 

“Your hair,” Sansa said, lips pressed to the rim of her goblet as the crimson liquid eased down her throat. 

Jon looked up from where he sat by the hearth, Ghost’s head on his lap. “What?” 

“Your hair looks as black as the night,” she continued, unaware of the slight slurring of her words. “And his was lighter than the sun. So different.”


“And your eyes. His eyes were like the sea, green with moss and algae, but yours – they are like a winter’s storm.” She couldn’t stop now that she had begun. She needed him to see what he refused to acknowledge about himself. Oh, he was always so stubborn. Sansa chuckled abruptly, shaking her head. “He was like a twig compared to you, Jon. He was small and built for nothing, but yours.” She suppressed a shudder, as her eyes raked over his body. “Even in your furs, anyone can see you are strong and capable. A real man, worthy of his title as the greatest swordsman in the land.”

“I am no such thing,” Jon said immediately. “I am only a man, mortal just like Joffrey.”

“Mayhaps,” she said firmly. “But you are ten times the man he ever was. You are the best person I have ever met, Jon Snow. And that is fact.” 

“Sansa, I believe you’ve had one too many tonight. We should retire.” 

“No!” She stood up on her feet and reveled in silent triumph when she found herself steady enough to stand. “You have to understand and I’m not done. Sit down, Jon.” 

“I am,” he said, but there was a soft smile on his lips, so sweet and so devoted it scared her in a way she had never felt before. Sansa could dwell on it, dissect it and ruminate on why it was that someone she trusted so wholly, so irrevocably with her life and that of her kin could terrify her so, but now was not the time. He would soon leave her to fight a war she could not participate in and she must make him see himself the way she sees him. 

“Joffrey was a monster,” Sansa told him. She walked over to where he was and none-too-gracefully sat down beside him. Immediately her fingers carded through Ghost’s fur. He was so warm, so big and powerful; it made her ache for her gentle, graceful Lady. “He killed her. It was his fault.” 

“Who did he kill, Sansa?” Jon’s hand wrapped around one of hers and pulled it away from Ghost’s. He squeezed gently. 

“Lady,” she choked out, cursing the unbidden tears falling down her cheeks. “It was his fault, but I was so blind, so stupid and naive, I blamed Arya.” Her chest heaved, each breath an anguishing tear of her heart. “Jon, I don’t remember what I last said to our sister. What if I –” 

He pulled her into his arms, cradling her so her head would fit perfectly in the crook of his neck. She felt him kiss her hair. “Arya knows you love her. She does. Wherever she is, she will not doubt that.” 

“How do you know?” Sansa asked. “How can you know that?” 

“Because Arya loves us and she’ll find her way home to us one day.” 

Even she could hear the doubt in Jon’s words, but it was all they had to live on these days. Wherever Bran and Arya were, Sansa had to have hope. If she could find Jon, she could find them too. 

“Your heart,” she eventually said once she caught her breath. Sansa pulled back so she could better look at him. She placed her hand over his chest, feeling the speeding pulse of his heartbeat and finding hers matched his pace almost in perfect sync. “Joffrey had none, but you have so much.” His hand wrapped around where she had her hand. “And I fear it is your heart that will get you killed, Jon.” 

“But I have you,” he said, smiling fondly. “You said it yourself. I’m smarter with you by my side.” 

Sansa smiled in turn and shifted her body so she could lean her head against his shoulder. “So you are listening.” 

Jon wrapped his arm around her. “I may not right away and I may be stubborn about it, but I will always listen to you.”

“Good, then we may survive this yet.” 

The Case for Jonsa: 7x04

For a lot of people, this episode was a heartbreaker. I saw the tears that were shed for our sinking ship and I knew I had to do another one of these posts because it’s the kind of post the realm needs. There’s still a good case to be made for Jonsa and I pledge to make it, every week, until we achieve that sweet sweet climax that is Endgame.

Here we go!

Once again, Jon is getting weirdly violent at the mention of Sansa’s name.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Obviously the reason he got aggressive with Theon was because of what he did to Rob. I agree that’s partially true but if you watch his reaction carefully you can see that when he first sees Theon it’s just pure shock. He can’t process the emotions. There’s so much anger he doesn’t even know what to be angry about. Then Theon says Sansa’s name and King Quivering Lips gets the exact same look in his eye that he had in the crypts. He lashes out physically, just as before. And while most people don’t think this is sex related, think again. Don’t forget about Theon’s role in her wedding night. There’s every indication to suggest that Sansa told Jon everything that happened to her, which mean the last two men Jon threatened to kill were a man who said he loved his sister and a man who participated in her rape. It just seems like the writers are trying to establish a link between Sansa’s sexual vulnerability and uncontrollable emotion that Jon can only express in a passionately physical way. The shouting matches in public, violent outbursts, and let’s not forget the hug-nuzzling from last season, all seem like they’re part of an effort to develop their relationship despite a lack of screen time.

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The Right Path: Old Friends

@mayathepsychicc : you should actually write a story for the loki headcannon where he meets a black queen  from another realm and gets his shit together im living for that     

She sat on her throne staring at the man in front of her with a look of cold indifference, “Loki of…Asgard?” she questioned. He face was vaguely annoyed.

“Previously yes, but I am a frost giant of Jotunheim.”

“Right…why are you here?” she demanded, resting her chin on her palm as she sat, relaxed on her throne.

“We were once friends, I thought one friend to another, I could do you a favor.”

“Do me a favor?” she smirked, but the amusement didn’t make it to her eyes. Her dark eyes continued to gaze upon him indifferently.

“You need a king in order to-”

Her uproarious laughter cut off his statement. She held her stomach as she laughed. The sound echoed through the empty hall. Loki clenched his jaw as he watched her.

“What would make you think a silly thing like that, Loki?”

“The ancient rule of your people,” he answered with an indignant quirk of his eyebrow.

“You know what’s so great about being queen? I can change that.”

“How will you change it when your advisors already have plans to dethrone you?”

She gritted her teeth, obviously unhappy that he knew so much about her current politics.

“I’d sooner marry one of my own people. Why would I consider you?” she responded, all hints of mirth were absent from her face.

“Well I do not know about you, but I haven’t forgotten our the summer solstice you spent in Asgard and the current peace treaty in our land demands that you wed one of Odin’s sons” he smiled.

“Loki,” she said his name like it was a song as she stood. His eyes raked down her body as she did so, “I like you, I do. But Chaos has no place in my realm. You haven’t grown up since that summer. Furthermore, I am arranged to be married to another Asgardian to continue our treaty that maintains the peace between our realms.”

“Who is it?” Loki demanded.

“Do not worry yourself over it,” she touched his nose lightly. He noticed her eyes were sad as she told him of her fate to marry someone else. She turned to walk back to her throne.

“And what if I fight for your affections?” he took her hand before she was too far away. She turned back to him, a glimmer of something in her eyes, as if he had sparked something to life in her.

“Then you will have to gain my advisors’ approval…meaning your days of senseless mischief and chaos are behind you.”

“Then I will.”

“But why? As queen I still maintain all power. You gain nothing from this arrangement.” Her eyes narrowed as she tried to read his expression for his ulterior motive.

“Love?” he offered, smiling a little. She scowled at the word. His smile only grew at the sight of her disdain, for in the deepest pits of her eyes there was a glimmer of what he found to be hope, and he knew she’d give him the foot hole he needed to get what he wanted. Loki kissed her hand then bowed as she turned to sit back at her throne. She dismissed him with a careless wave of her hand.

The first thing on Loki’s agenda was to find out who Y/N’s betrothed was. It had to be Balder. He couldn’t imagine Thor agreeing to an arranged marriage, or Odin even asking him to. Balder was expendable, Odin wouldn’t think twice about using him as means to make a treaty. Loki decided it was time to catch up with his adoptive brother.

Loki first set his eyes on the queen of Luma, when she was but a princess, and Luma was a newly accepted land of the Bifrost. Her family dined with the Allfather, creating terms of their alliance. Luma is a beautiful place that’s known for it’s luminous wild life, architecture, and some of the most skilled engineers anyone has ever seen. Their people are fierce and strong, yet they prefer peace over conquest.  He remembered how her gown shone against her brown skin; he’d always remember the sight of her that first night. Loki had never seen a being more deserving of the title of Goddess than she. She had even dazzled Thor when they first met, though perhaps that wasn’t much of a feat. Princess Y/N was striking. Her hair was like a cloud of night framing her face and within it were jewels that made her look like the night sky sat atop her head. Shining jewels wrapped around her waist too, sitting on her hips that widen into curves he didn’t know he needed in his life until the day she walked into it. That summer solstice is when the treaty was made and when her parents promised her hand in marriage to a worthy son of Odin. That summer he assured he would always have a place among royalty.

The Queen of Luma sat in her chambers thinking of the whirlwind Loki had been when they were both young. He’d shown her all of the nine realms, and places only he knew about. They consummated their summer love affair in a realm of eternal night, where the stars stretched on forever. She still had the gift of his affection from that night, a stone that shimmered in the night, that hung from a chain around her neck. Then he was just the boy of mischief, all of his tricks were done in good fun, no one ever got hurt, in fact they brought smiles to people’s faces. For a long time it was an unspoken fact that she was going to marry Loki, but when he had Thor exiled all of that was changed. Even now she wasn’t sure the council would agree to her request to let him try for her hand after he waged war in Midgard. Perhaps they would remember how he fought valiantly among the Luman army when enemies attacked, or the countless hours of joy he brought their queen before he was so consumed in his own chaos.  The Queen knew Loki’s intention were likely impure, hell she expected him to have a plethora of tricks up his sleeve, but any ulterior motive he had could not rival her own motive.

She’d sooner die than marry someone she didn’t love all for the sake of some treaty because the Asgardians were scared of what their people could do to them in the event of a battle. Her people were stronger, faster, and smarter and Odin knew it. He was just looking for more warriors. Her betrothed was kind though, and given time she might grow to tolerate him as a husband, but he didn’t even care for the bond of marriage, not with her. They were great friends though. She had already began a plan for life with her betrothed. A secretly open marriage seemed like a great compromise. He could be with his true love, she could find hers and they could stay married for the treaty and the ceremonial purposes. That would be fine if all things were a secret. The thought of this grand plan made her groan. This was hardly a way for a queen to act. Sneaking around was for common thieves, but here she was trying to find a way for her happiness to live in a marriage she didn’t want.

“My Queen,” a handmaiden called as she knocked on the queen’s chamber door.


“The children are challenging you to another game.”

A smile spread across the queen’s face as she hurried to answer the challenge of the children of Luma. In all of this plotting and scheming the silver lining was her people, and the love they showed her. She wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. They’re why simply breaking the treaty is not an option. Y/N would not have her people take up their weapons to go to battle simply because she did not want to marry. It would be selfish folly.

Loki walked about the royal grove of Luma. It shone so brightly with vibrant blues and pinks, giving the atmosphere a hazy purple light. He remembered the first time he came to Luma. It was to visit the young princess of course. He chased her through the royal grove, her silken robes bellowing behind her like streaks of moonlight. He had smiled then, genuinely smiled. If he was going to settle for marriage then it should be with the last person who made him genuinely smile. He sat amongst the brilliant trees waiting for the queen’s betrothed to meet him. Upon realizing who it was he knew it wouldn’t be as easy as he’d hoped to win over the council. Thor walked through the grove, his skin a light purple with the glow of the plants around him. Loki always thought the Luman people looked better in this light, Asgardians just looked sickly.

“Brother! I never thought Odin would chose you to be married to the Luman queen,” Loki smiled.

“What are you doing here?” Thor frowned, his stance guarded. Loki smiled even wider at that.

“Visiting an old love, fighting for her hand in marriage.”

“It is too late for that, Loki. She must marry a son of Odin and you have made it clear that you loathe that title.”

“I might take it up again. If it suits.”

“Y/N is a kind person. She loves her people more than her own life. Lie down your wicked intentions, brother, if you care for her at all,” Thor pleaded.

“It is because I care that I must fight for her hand. Should I not fight for my love?”

“I would encourage your conquest, but if I knew nothing of your heart, Loki. It is not love that brings you here.”

“I disagree, love has brought me here. The memories of a summer of passion are still ripe in my mind. It was a happier time.”

“You were both merely children,” Thor sighed, “you knew nothing of responsibility and duty. It was a romance of convenience.”

“And what will your marriage be?” Loki rose an eyebrow.

“It will be a duty fulfilled to both of our peoples.”

“Do you think she will learn to love you, and you her?”

“I find her companionship rewarding as it is now,” Thor answered.

“A marriage between cordial friends?” Loki laughed, his tone incredulous, “and what will you consummate your marriage and produce a child from the sheer power of friendship alone?”

“I will do what is best for Asgard, as she will do what is best for Luma.”

“Pity. The two of you settling for one another. What about your Jane?”

“Do not speak of these things and go quietly in to what ever void you skulked out of.”

“I won’t back down,” Loki warned, “you had better run to your woman in Midgard while you have the chance.”

“You will not force your treachery upon Y/N,” Thor growled stepping closer to Loki as if he could do something to stop him with his own hands.

“No treachery, brother, only love,” Loki patted his shoulder.

“I hesitate to fight with you now, for fear of the stress it would cause Y/N, but if you do anything hurt her I will not hesitate.”

“I’m relying on your brawn, brother,” Loki called back as he continued to walk away.

Y/N let the children win their game, so they could go back and say they beat their queen. They all hugged her as she said her goodbyes and sent them back to their parents. She watched them go with a wistful smile on her face. They were the future of this land, she had to be sure that they had the protection they needed to grow up. She was the mother of this land, sworn to care for it, and ensure its safety. As she reentered the palace her head advisory waited for her, with a cross look on her face.

“Lady Thea,” Y/N spoke with feigned fondness, “what is it that brings you in my presence?”

“Loki of Asgard has asked for permission to compete for your hand,” the woman spoke as if the words physically pained her to say.

“Really? On what grounds?” Y/N asked, she wondered how he twisted their arms to let him compete.

“Love,” Lady Thea lied. The Queen gave her a look of dissatisfaction, “Black mail,” Lady Thea told the truth this time.

“What are his terms?” Y/N asked.

“We let him take the ancient trials of true love with you, or he tells a fatal secret about you and your betrothed.”

“Let him compete,” The Queen shrugged. Chances are Loki knew nothing of the real secret. Y/N needed more time to change the terms for being queen. Her people were on her side, even if the council was not. In a few days, they would vote and she would no longer need a king to be recognized as queen.

“As you wish.” Lady Thea nodded and scuttled away. Queen Y/N made her way back to her chambers to bathe before dinner. Thor intercepted her path.

“Y/N, this is madness, you must banish Loki from your lands at once,” Thor spoke urgently.

“That is poor judgment on your part, Thor. It is imperative that we keep him right where we can see him. Evil people find evil things in dark places. I intend to keep him in the ever shining lights of Luma. The true love trials will put him under fine scrutiny. He will not pass them… but I need the time.”

“It will postpone our wedding…”

“Then the people will vote and you will have more time,” She looked him in his eyes trying to silently convey what that meant for him. He would have more time to be with Jane. He’d likely have until her death. Thor picked up her hand and kissed it.

“I will not allow any harm to come to you. I will be vigilant of Loki.”

“I know Thor,” she nodded, opening her arms to embrace him.

“We will find a way to face our long lives like this,” she promised.

“It is not a burden to marry you…if not for…”

“I know. It will ease the transition.”

Thor held her, placing a hand at the back of her head, careful not to displace the jewels in her hair. He could love her, Thor decided. When the time came he could do it, for they were great friends now. How hard could it be to find romance?

“Dinner is not long from now,” Y/N announced as she let him go, “I will see you there.”

“Until then,” Thor nodded.

Part 2

~Mod Lillian

The Wound, the Lie and the Thing you Need to Learn Part #2

This is the second part to that post: https://minervacrawley.tumblr.com/post/165976476052/the-wound-the-lie-and-the-thing-you-need-to-learn

Telling you why narrative-wise Jonsa is endgame and J*nerys is not.

It finally centers the triangle Cersei/Jaime/Brienne as well as Dany/Jon/Sansa.

Cersei’s wound is a little more complicated so let’s start with the lie she blatantly tells Sansa: „Love only your children since love makes you weak. But it is a mother’s obligation to love her children.“. This lie was formed through the losses she experienced, so her wound is losing the persons she loved, first her mother to death, than her husband to his first love and her firstborn son to death. All of it made her weak and she loathed being weak.
She needs to learn that love is worth feeling weak. The death of every of her three children feeds into her lie end she is (understandably) devastated every time. Now that they are gone there’s no reason for her to ever feel weak again, since there’s nothing left that really matters to her.
That’s the other lie she tells Jaime: „The only ones that matter are us.“ stemming from her wound that only her other close family (Jaime and her children) were ever truly fond of her. To overcome this she needs to embrace the truth that other peoples’ lives are valuable, too.
(I think that’s, to some degree, her reason for not ordering Ser Gregor to kill Tyrion: He’s a Lannister after all and there are only a few left of them.)

The only person left with enough impact on her is Jaime, her other half. He is trying to hold her back from doing too cruel things, trying to reason with her but he fights a lost cause. Cersei is already a slave to her lie(s), resisting every attempt so convice her of the truth. She is clearly trapped in a negative character arc.

Jaime isn’t easy, too. I think his wound is being blamed his entire life for the one really heroic thing he did (aka killing the Mad King and being known Kingslayer for it). All his childhood Jaime dreamed of being a true knight and when he finally saved the lives of thousands of innocents all he earned was the disgust of the common folk and even more of the lords. (“Stark? You think the honorable Ned Stark wanted to hear my side? He judged me guilty the moment he set eyes on me. By what right does the wolf judge the lion? By what right?“)
So his lie may be „No one ever wanted to hear my side. They see me as the Kingslayer so why should’t I act on this reputation?“ James sees no reason to ever behave in a honorable way.
He needs to learn that it is not the opinion of others for one thing he did but the sum of all his actions that define him and there are persons that will acknowledge the truth.
Over the course of the story he experiences another wound: losing his swordhand and therefore his ability to wield a sword.
That forms the lie „Without my hand I’m no more the best swordsman of the Seven Kingdoms, I’m nothing.“.
He needs to learn that he’s more than his abilities with the sword.

Cersei can never help him to find the truth but does the exact opposite: telling him there is no need for honorable actions, she’s never shown interest in his explanation of Aerys’ death and she abandons him after he loses his hand. She even tries to „fix“ him by giving him his golden hand, as if he is not worthy with only one hand. She frequently urges him to betray the little whats left of his belief in chivalrous behavior (planning to betray Dany and Jon). She is the personification of hies lies.

But there is a personification of his truth, too and that’s Brienne. She the first (we know) to show interest in his part of the history and believing him, she’s the one to force him to not give up life after losing his limb, she shows him he’s a man if he is the prestigious fighter or not, she forces him to actually think about his life ("You have a taste…one taste of the real world, where people have important things taken from them, and you whine and cry and quit. You sound like a bloody woman!“), she provides a possibility to be chivalrous again (the Bear and the Maiden fair) and she forces him to consider his loyalties and what’s really important in the world („Fuck loyalties!“).
It is Briennes influence on Jaime that finally prompts him to leave Cersei, the lie, behind and rides off to embrace the truth.
He shows through his actions that he a) considers himself useful without his swordhand and b) is willing to do the thing he perceives as honorable.

Brienne herself has to deal with her own wound, for me it’s being scorned or laughed at only for being a warrior woman that does not fulfill common beauty standards. Her lie is „There will never be someone to acknowledge the person I am or love an ugly warrior woman.“. She is sure there will be no match for her, the only man she considers worthy would have to defeat her in battle. Something not many men are able of. She vows herself to the only man that acknowledges her abilities, but even to Renly she’s only a sword (and not his preferred kind of sword).
Brienne needs to learn that even for an unusual woman like her there will be someone that appreciates her whole self.
The first person to show her that truth is Catelyn, treating Brienne with respect.
But the most important to help her in overcoming her lie is Jaime. In the beginning he teases her, but he is the one to be be a true knight by rescuing her (something she never dreamt of to happen, herself as the damsel in distress) while praising her swordsmanship. He gives her his own sword, showing that she’s precious to him. With him she can be herself with all her singularities and not feeling odd. He is a man capable of being her equal.

Now to the Dany/Jon/Sansa relationship.
Dany’s wound is growing up expelled from her home to the stories of her more and more lunatic brother, her only family left who sold her like a broodmare. Through Viserys she formed the lie that „I can only find peace if my family sits on the Iron Throne. It is means everything.“ and „Our family ruled well for centuries so we are the rightful heirs to the throne.“.
She needs to learn that she can find happiness without being the queen of Westeros and that the throne is not more valuable than anything else as well as that birthright does not make a good ruler.
With the love of Drogo she experiences real happiness. He could have been the one to help her overcome her first lie, but he just wanted to help her get the throne what supported her lie.
Then she lost her beloved husband and their son and remained presumed barren, another wound only to strengthen her lies which adjust to: „I can only find peace when I sit on the Iron Throne. Drogo and Rhaego died for it, there’s nothing more important.“ and „I’m D*en*rys St*rmb*rn, the last dragon, mother of dragons and therefore rightful queen of the Seven Kingdoms. I’m no ordinary woman.“
That’s the mindset of a conqueror and she acts like one.
In the beginning she tries to be a good ruler: she frees the slaves, wants to make the life of the simple folk better, she’s interested in her peoples’ problems, she locks her dragons away when they threaten the safety of her people and she listens to her advisors.
But then something changes. Over her character arc, almost every person feeds into her lie of being the rightful queen by brith and those opposing that find an often gruesome death.
All of that strengthens her belief in the lie and leads her away from the truth. She grows into the personification of entitlement to finally fully adopt her position of mother of dragons, not men.

Jon, on the other hand, suffers from the wound of growing up as a bastard. He’s constantly reminded of his status by his stepmother, his half sister and later by the men of the Nightswatch with Alliser Thorne leading the way.
His Lie is „Due to my baseborn status I don’t deserve neither a lordship nor a family of my own.“. Despite that this is his heart’s desire. That’s his reason to become a member of the Nightswatch, being convinced that he will never achieve it.
Jon needs to learn that it’s not your birth but your actions that make you worthy.
Sounds familiar?

When you compare that to Dany you see that they are, like in so many areas, two sides of the same coin. Both of them believe that:
Birth decides if you’re a good/worthy ruler.
Dany on one side sees her birth as a reason why she’s going to be a worthy queen while Jon on the other side sees his birth as a reason why he does not deserve to be a ruler.

They can’t learn something from each other since they essentially believe in the same lie.

While Dany is on a path of fully embracing that lie since every defeat or win feed into it:

  • listening to Tyrion and not winning Castlery Rock the way she thought = defeat
  • listening to Tyrion and sending her allies to triumph over Kings Landing = defeat
  • finally embracing her position as mother of dragons and riding Drogon into battle (aka fire and blood) = win

To name a few.

She rejects the truth presented by Varys and Tyrion, two of her impact characters.

She won’t overcome her lie and fulfilling her character arc when she finally wins the war with fire and blood and sits on the Iron Throne since that would be the ultimate confirmation to it. She is head over heels into a negative character arc and resists every attempt to convince her of the truth. (Just like Cersei.)

While Dany is someone sure in every action she takes, Jon’s thinking a lot, scrutinizing everything he does. What will be the right decision?

His path is that of more and more embracing the truth. It’s the opposite.
One person to show Jon the truth is Sam when he suggests Jon as the next Lord Commander and he’s actually chosen. He gets that title (and the trust of his men) due to his actions beyond the Wall. It’s not important as what kind of person he’s born but what he decides to do. He realizes that he’s groomed into his successor by Jeor the Old Bear himself.
Jon even learns the bad side of that truth: If you do something your subjects does not approve you will have to bear the consequences.
The betrayal by his men feed into his lie of being no good ruler.
When he’s resurrected he is ready to leave his position behind but then there gallops another impact character into his life: Sansa. She’s the reason for him to finally accept his position as a leader. She pushes him into it (just like Gilly did with Sam).
If he won’t accept his role and accepts being the rightful ruler of the Wildling-Northmen-army their brother will die, their home will fall and Sansa herself will be abused by Ramsay.
After winning the BotB he still struggles with his position. He can’t overcome the feeling that he does not deserve to be Lord of Winterfell / King in the North. He is no real Stark so the title belongs to her. Sansa attacks this lie, telling him „You are a Stark to me!“, saying she treated him the wrong way in their childhood and insists that Winterfell’s master bedroom (symbolizing the North itself) belongs to him since he is the rightful king. Something he reached by proving that he deserves that title through his actions.
What intensifies all of her actions is the fact that she was one of the reasons for the development of his wound and lie.

In some sense, Sansa is Jon’s Brienne, the personification of his truth, while Dany is his Cersei, his personification of the lie.

„Yes, but Jon is in fact no bastard but the rightful heir to the Iron Throne due to him being Rhagar’s and Lyanna’s true born son. Won’t that destroy his lie for him?“

No, since he has to overcome his lie all by himself to fulfill his character arc. Instead, I think that will only feed into his lie. He is no bastard to a honorable man but the product of a love (?) that more or less caused the death of his mother, his father, his uncle, his grandfather(s), his half-siblings, his stepmother, his grandmother and some thousands of men. He descends from a family known for their madness and lunatic rulers, just like his late grandfather. Makes everything even better for a person like Jon who is excels in feeling guilty.
He will feel even more unworthy due to his actual birth. And I’dont even talk about the trauma of not being Ned Starks son, the man he idolized like a god.

„And what’s about Dany?“

Jon being revealed as true heir to the throne will attack her beliefs just like it did his. Dany has to realize that it’s not her who’s the rightful queen. She lost so much she hold dear in pursuit of her goal (her husband, her son, a lover, even her brother) and now they tell her there is someone with an even bigger claim? That’s like working your whole life for a job, sacrificing your private life, risk everything you hold dear only that your new lover gets that job… due to him being a man?
I think that will be the moment for her to fully embrace her position as mother of the dragons. She will be the queen by right of conquest. No one can tell me that she would settle in being queen consort.

Finally, Sansa. She starts believing that „Who’s beautiful on the inside is beautiful on the outside, too.“  and that „I only will be happy being the wife of a real hero like the one in the songs. Just like Joffrey is.“.
These lies will be crushed during season one, creating her wound of being left alone by her family with the enemy as pawn in their games. She witnesses the death of her household, the beheading of her father, the disappearance of her sister who’s maybe death. And she took part in it cause she trusted Cersei.
That forms the new lies that „There are no true heroes left. No one will ever save me.“ and „The only person I can trust is myself. Every other person will betray me.“.
Sansa experiences betrayal from almost every person she met: Cersei, Joffrey, the Tyrells, Dontos,  her aunt, Littlefinger, even Clegane left her alone to her inability to trust him.
She needs to learn that someone does not have to look like a hero to be one and that there are persons left she can utterly trust.

There are already some metas how Jon proves to be a true hero to Sansa (beheading Janos Slynt etc.). He does not look like a hero on the outside (he’s a bastard, part of the Nightswatch with their falling reputation) but his actions make him one. He is the one to attack Ramsay, trying to save their little brother and their home and avenging herself. Theon and Brienne count as unlikely heroes, too.

But even more important, Jon is the one to restore her trust in other people. Since her father’s death there was no one not following his own agenda with her, but then comes Jon who’s only concern is her safety. Who says „We need to trust each other!“ and „I will never let him touch you again!“. He helps Sansa to overcome her lie by showing trust in her, biggest proof is him giving her the North.
Jon is Sansa’s first impact character, convincing her that if there exists one person she can trust it’s him. Her trust in him is shown in her actions in season seven: „Jon is the real king.“, „The throne belongs to Jon.“.
Probably Arya and Bran will help her to fully embrace the Thing she Needs to Learn.

So, that’s it. I’m sorry for some awkward sentences, I was staring at my laptop for hours but I loved the exercise.

KBTBB Modern Deities AU

another au for the pile :’)) 

i’m a big fan of mythology aus, so i thought i’d add my own modern twist to it!

@maidofstars here’s the au lol @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @bolt8826

For the longest time, the gods lived in the heavens, far from the humans’ reach —at least, that was what people thought. In reality, the gods lived among the humans, silently masquerading as regular people to observe and judge the actions of humankind from up-close and personal. One day, MC, a minor goddess in the guise of a barista, receives a foreboding message from the council of major gods—apparently, all her years of hard work have deemed her a possible candidate fit to join the council. Nervous, she makes her way to the lair of the major gods, or more commonly known to the humans as the penthouse of the Tres Spades Hotel. There, she meets eight of the major gods, and from there on, she has to choose which one will mentor her.

Eisuke: The king of the gods and the god of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. His human front is (surprise, surprise) the CEO of the country’s biggest company. He’s the most beloved god because humans believe he brings prosperity and happiness to them. Because of that, he has the most lavish shrine with the most offerings. Most people don’t know, however, is that he himself used to be human a long, long time ago. As a human, he lived a life of suffering and died in poverty. When he was reborn as a god of wealth, he saw humans as a reflection of his former self—powerless, weak, and helpless. Of course, this changes when MC enters the council. He’s baffled at MC’s dedication to the humans despite how much they shun her, but he eventually comes to realize that there is more to humankind than just what he sees. 

Soryu: The god of justice, law, and order. His human front is a feared, but just prosecutor. Like his human persona, he’s also a widely-feared, but respected god. He’s in charge of keeping things in the right place, especially when it concerns social order. His job is arguably one of the most difficult, but he still does the best he can because he believes every human deserves the right to justice. He butts heads with Eisuke most of the time because Eisuke (in spite of being the king of the gods) doesn’t care much for order and  views humans as just tools for amusement. Honestly, some of the gods think Soryu’s efforts at trying to make things better is futile because humans, in their history, are inherently doomed to repeat their cycle of mistakes. At the very least, MC still believes in him, and for that he’s grateful.

Baba: The god of love and attraction. His human front is the owner of a quaint flower shop. Like Eisuke, he’s one of the more popular gods. His shrine is a fountain people thrown coins in so people can make wishes about love. He thinks humans are wonderful, adorable creatures, and he always does what he can to get their love wishes granted. In truth, he chose a job as a flower shop owner because he loves seeing the different people who come in every day to buy flowers for their loved ones. Still, despite being a god of love, he himself has never fallen in love and becomes quite curious about experiencing it for himself when MC becomes a part of the council.

Ota: The god of the arts and inspiration. His human front is a museum curator. People pray to him to look for inspiration and guidance. Being a major patron of the arts (and being an artist himself), he admires humans for their ability to create beautiful works of art. His shrine is the museum he works as a curator for. People leave offerings by the biggest painting in the gallery—a blank canvas. To be honest, he’s been looking for inspiration of his own. For the longest time, he hasn’t found anything worthy of putting up on that blank canvas. However, when he meets MC for the first time, he suddenly knows what to paint on that canvas.

Mamoru: The god of sleep, rest, and dreams. His human front is the receptionist of a quiet little inn. Back then, the other gods used to pick on him for being such a “useless” god. At first, his job and title don’t really seem that valuable as compared to the other gods, but eventually, he gained the respect of the council (and eventually became a member) when they saw how much the humans valued him. Though he doesn’t look like he does much, he’s actually a well-loved god among the humans because he grants them well-rested nights and good dreams. Nevertheless, he’s pretty lowkey about all the praise he gets and is content with his position. He doesn’t have much of an opinion on humans, but if he thinks they’re in the wrong, he grants them nightmares. He’s on good terms with MC and respects her for her dedication to the job.

Shuichi: The god of wisdom and knowledge. His human front is a Political Science professor at a university. He immensely values the pursuit of knowledge, so he specifically chose a day job that would reflect that. People always pray to him or give offerings to his shrine whenever exams are coming up, and he finds that endearing. He’s one of the gods that doesn’t hold a negative opinion of humans; in fact, he’s quite pleased that despite everything humanity has been through, they still try to learn from their mistakes and become better. He wishes his friend Hikaru could see that humans weren’t all that bad. He and MC get along well, as they both enjoy what they do and try to make the best of what they have.

Luke: The god of healing and medicine. His human front is (again surprise, surprise) a surgeon. At the hospital he works in, he’s known as the surgeon with god-like hands because of his skill.  A lot of people always place offerings at his shrine in order for him to grant good health. He isn’t really interested in the affairs of the gods, but when it comes to humans, he gets really passionate. He thinks humans are creatures that have to be protected; unlike the gods, humans are mortal and are prone to sickness. Sometimes, he gets too immersed in his job that isolates himself from the other gods completely. He admires MC for her passion and love for her job.

Hikaru: The god of death and mortality. His human front is a coroner. He’s not a very popular god due to his title. His shrine only gets offerings during funerals, and his name can usually be heard at hospitals or cemeteries. He’s in charge of making sure that humans can successfully move on to the next life. He’s honestly not a very big fan of humans because he’s seen the cruelty they’re capable of. Being a god of death, he’s seen and heard the souls of those who pass on to the afterlife, and some of the things he witnesses aren’t exactly the best reflection of humankind. After a long time of doing this job, he slowly came to hate it. He doesn’t understand why MC loves her job, seeing as though she still loves humans after seeing their true nature for so long.

MC: The goddess of fortune, chance, and luck. Her human front is a barista at a coffee shop. Sadly for her though, she’s not a very favorable goddess because most humans believe she only brings bad luck. She never gets any prayers or wishes from people, and nobody ever turns to her for aid. The other gods look down on her because she gets the least amount of offerings at her tiny, dilapidated shrine. Despite all of that, she still loves humans and wants nothing but for them to be happy (thus her job choice as a barista, so she can make people smile with her coffee). When the major gods recognize her hard work, they invite her to be part of the council and mentor her so that she can gain more recognition from the humans.

My thoughts on Fëanor-

-and false claims that piss me off

See, I have been wanting to just sit down and write things about Fëanor for so long now but I’ve never gotten around to actually doing it. What is the purpose of this? Well mainly as entertainment for my followers, but also to clear up some things that I keep seeing repeated over and over again, and oh how many posts I would reblog on here if only they didn’t take a cheap, unfunny jab at Fëanor - The character I love more than any other in any form of media ever.

I will unfortunately be unable to share actual quotes in this piece. I let my friend borrow my english copy of the Silmarillion and so I only have the swedish version here, which is admittedly HILARIOUS occassionally, but it means that if I have a quote - I will have to translate it for you, so it won’t be exact word for word.

I won’t be talking about the different texts and exact words, but rather misconceptions I’ve seen prodding around about him, and direct arguments I’ve seen come from different parts of the fandom. I see the majority of the Tolkien fandom as the gosh darn best people I’ve ever had the joy of stumbling upon - endless amounts of fan-pieces, whether it’s art, music or writing that never seem to go away. They just get better and better and I love you.

But like I said there are SEVERAL things that are always brought up falsely about Fëanor that I just can’t stand for, sort of like the criticism against Thranduil that ‘OH HE’S JUST A RACIST SHITHEAD AND HE’S WRONG’, when in truth he’s the only actually rational and sane character in the movies.

THAT is the type of things I will bring up here. Read on further if you think it might me amusing. If you decide not to I wish you a pleasant evening/morning/day :D

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Is Villainous Jim Possible in Season 2 of Trollhunters? Theory on the Triumbric Stones

With the cliffhanger ending of Trollhunters, a lot of us had been theorizing on what will happen to our brave hero after he (heroically and idiotically) walks into the Darklands alone. Fanfictions and fan ramblings have revealed many ideas. Theories I’ve seen include:

  • Jim successfully kills Gunmar and saves the children, but he’s damaged by the experience.
  • Jim acquires allies in the Darklands, and they take down Gunmar together.
  • Jim gets his butt kicked, his friends find a way to rescue him, and they take down Gunmar together.

My thoughts? Personally I think the last one is the most likely; the show has built up that friendship and love is what sets Jim apart from other Trollhunters and the show is called “Trollhunters” plural, meaning Toby and Claire and probably Blinky and Draal, too, will count as Trollhunters. So I strongly believe the show is building up to Jim realizing he needs his friends by his side for the final battle and that he should let them protect him just like he desires to protect them. Though he may also acquire allies in the Darklands, too. Jim has a way of making those around him feel the need to protect him. (He’s just too much of a cinnamon roll.)

But there is another possibility for Season 2 that I don’t think a lot of people have considered: Jim briefly joining Gunmar or Jim becoming a villain in his own right.

But that’s crazy, you say. No in-character version of Jim would join Gunmar. Even a Jim that’s turned jaded and “dark” would kill Gunmar, not join him. Gunmar wants to devour humanity; Jim is a human. These things don’t add up. And Jim being evil? Please. There’s a line even a traumatized Jim wouldn’t cross. And I think you’re right; I don’t think Jim would ever develop into a character that would join Gunmar or be outright villainous…at least not without some sort of outside magical influence.

But what if there is some outside magical influence that just might mess with his thinking? What if he could be controlled by something dark? Is there evidence for such a thing already existing the show?

Let’s take a look at those Triumbric Stones again.

So previously I made a post breaking down the various Arthurian references in Trollhunters (you can read it here) and in the process, I stumbled upon a thought: why did Merlin want to hide the Triumbric Stones?

First, let’s start with what we know about the Triumbric Stones. These stones are:

  • The Birthstone: The Heartstone from which Gunmar was born, corrupted by the first war between humans and trolls.
  • The Killstone: The remnant of Gunmar’s first kill, the Shattered King of the Quagawumps.
  • The Eye of Gunmar: Gunmar’s own eye that he lost in the battle with Orlagk for control of his Gum-Gums.

3 items: one from Gunmar’s beginning, one from Gunmar’s first murder, and one from Gunmar’s own flesh. Already these sound like sinister items, and none have good origins. One was corrupted by a horrific war and another a result of a murder. Even the third stone, which proves Gunmar can be vulnerable, was first removed from Gunmar by another powerful Gum-Gum, not a hero fighting against him.

Another clue about the nature of these stones is that Merlin hid them. Bodus’ poem claims that “The Myrddin Wylt obscured a Shadow’s bane,” Myrddin Wylt being an old Welsh name for Merlin. Merlin is the creator of the amulet that chooses the Trollhunters, and this amulet has 6 compartments to utilize the power of other stones, which is how Jim comes to use the stones they collect. If these three items were powerful enough to kill Gunmar and could be easily used by the Trollhunter with the amulet, why would Merlin “obscure” them rather than make them available to his chosen champion? Why not allow the Trollhunter, the keeper of peace, to “eclipse all who quarry with thine might”? What is so dangerous about these items that he would want to hide them rather than let the Trollhunter use them?

Then there’s the matter of who thought to find them after Merlin hid them. The Triumbric Stones are introduced to us through the last surviving work of the scholar known as the dishonorable Bodus. Dishonorable Bodus. One has to wonder how Bodus came to be called “dishonorable” and why it is the dishonorable scholar who recorded the location Triumbric stones.

And it could be that Bodus’ riddle even warns against wielding Eclipse. “Where worthy perish, ye will prevail in night and Eclipse all who quarry with thine might.” This could be interpreted to mean that, where worthy heroes perish, the wielder of Eclipse will win with darkness. This could mean that those who wield Eclipse are no longer “worthy.” After all, what can turn daylight dark? …An eclipse.

It’s all a little suspicious.

The episode itself may even hint at this. When the riddle was first read, Toby pointed out how creepy the riddle was, but Jim quickly silenced his doubts by focusing on the fact that it said “they could win.” It’s played off like Toby just simply didn’t understand the riddle, but was that possibly subrle foreshadowing?

Another potentially important detail is Eclipse’s black color and red glow. Color is seems to be symbolic in Trollhunters. (Personally, I think there’s enough evidence for color symbolism in Trollhunters that I could make an entire post on that alone.) And the color blue seems to be particularly so. Blue is the color for goodness and purity, the color of heroes. The Trollhunters’ souls are blue. The Trollhunter’s amulet and the armor and sword of Daylight glow blue. Heck, Jim, the chosen hero, is dressed nearly all in blue - blue jacket, blue jeans, blue shoes - and has blue eyes. Even the title is in blue.

So when Jim is no longer wearing blue, it could be a significant piece of symbolism. He’s lost his purity. He no longer bears the colors of the hero. He no longer symbolizes good.

Now this may not actually mean much of anything; the symbolism of blue is called into question when we see that Gunmar’s eyes are also blue. It’s possible I’m reading too much into this. But this is also Guillermo del Toro we’re talking about. He does tend to like visual symbolism and has used color before for this purpose. I think it’s perfectly possible he’s using color as symbolism and potential foreshadowing.

But even aside from the lack of blue, the color of the new armor is still significant. Jim’s new armor is black “like night,” whereas his previous armor was a shimmering silver. He’s gone from a light aesthetic to a dark one. A darker aesthetic is a sure foreshadowing of Jim either going through some dark stuff and/or turning a bit darker himself internally. It’s the same sort of symbolism used for Luke Skywalker in Star Wars as he became less pure. With each movie in the original trilogy, Luke had a darker clothing aesthetic as he became more open and vulnerable to the Dark Side. Jim seems to be getting similar treatment.

Everything about these Triumbric Stones and Eclipse just seems to indicate that these items are not meant to be wielded by heroes. They are sinister items of sinister origins, hidden by those who wanted to save the world and recorded only by those deemed dishonorable. Could they potentially have the power to corrupt those who wield them? If so…could they influence Jim to join Gunmar?

But, I hear you say, even if the Triumbric Stones are evil and corrupting, Eclipse is wielded “for the doom of Gunmar.” So even if they turn Jim outright evil, he would still kill Gunmar, not join him. So that still kills the “joining Gunmar” theory, right?

My final piece of evidence is the promo poster for Season 2.

Jim is standing in Gunmar’s hand, holding his sword aloft while souls (lost Trollhunters?) swirl around him. One could say this symbolizes his battle with Gunmar, and that’s how most interpret it. But look at how the picture is staged. Gunmar appears to be presenting Jim to the world…as if Jim was his champion.

And it was this poster that first got me even considering that possibility.

Now if Jim were to join Gunmar, how do I think it would unfold? I think it’d go a little something like this: With the influence of the Triumbric Stones, Jim will end being corrupted and become an agent of Gunmar. Gunmar, fearful someone else would use Eclipse against him if anything happened to Jim, uses this to his advantage Once he has his allegiance, Gunmar will try to force Jim to kill his own friends and open the gateway at Killahead Bridge, just as Vendel warned he would.

As for a villainous rogue Jim…I have trouble picturing what that would look like. While under the influence of the Triumbric Stones, the Jim we know would no longer exist, that’s for sure. And with del Toro manning this thing, we could go in a pretty dark direction, children’s show or not.

Now I could be way off base here. The Triumbric Stones could just be inanimate objects of power, neither good nor evil. But that’s why it’s a theory, right?

Regardless of how the rest of Trollhunters unfolds, I still agree that Jim’s friends will still save him, and they will still take on Gunmar together. I’m fairly certain that’s where this series is going. But rather than saving Jim from the terrors of the Darklands, it’s possible his friends may end up saving him…from himself.

Originally posted by itsjimlake

Get ready, indeed.

Incompatibility (Part II)

It’s nice to know I’m being called delusional for saying Jon and Dany are incompatible. First of all, I’d like to say that like everyone else, I assumed Jon and Dany were “Ice and Fire” when the series started. I thought it was the obvious outcome for them to get together. That was until, somewhere around season 4 Dany’s character started shifting towards a very murky territory in terms of commanding and ruling. I still brushed it aside thinking she just needs a good Hand to level it out. She got Tyrion and it helped only a little. (I don’t think they were able to complement each other’s strengths and make each other stronger and sharper as a team.) But then, the differences between Jon and Dany started becoming more and more obvious are the show went on. It’s easy to pull out the feminism card but there’s a part where social justice even when helpful seems patronizing because of privilege. That’s where Dany falls for me. 

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Title: Seduction

Summary: His mission was to seduce the angel, not to fall in love with her.

Characters: Natsu, Lucy, Zeref, Erza, Jellal

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Romance/Comfort

Word Count: 1,107

Also found on FF.net

“I don’t understand, Natsu.”

Onyx eyes snapped open at the sound of his name, peering up quizzically at the gorgeous angel. Her head hovered above his, her golden hair like a curtain around the duo, the tips of them tickled his chin. “What dontcha understand?”

With his horned head laying on her lap, her slim fingers absent-mindedly threaded through his thick, pink hair. He didn’t complain as he felt her red painted nails scrape lightly against his scalp. She dragged her hand around his slightly curved horn down to his ink-stained cheeks as she answered his question. “Why haven’t you completed your mission yet?”

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Dreams of Spring

About 2800 words.  Set after the events of the show and books, so consider this an AU.  I’ll have condensed notes on each of the new Stark children at the end for reference in any future writing, in case I get the drive to explore the characters (and postwar setting!) further.

Spring-born children laughed and ran outside the walls of Winterfell, and the King in the North was glad for it.  This made everything worth it:  the frantic minutes spent fighting in blooded snow and mud, the days spent in chains in an ice cell, the countless weeks and months spent traveling by saddle and sail, and the years spent freezing along the edge of the world.  The oaths he’d broken and the lives he’d taken had all been spent to purchase the peals of children’s laughter.

Not his children, the dark-eyed king thought solemnly.  Jon had swore once to father no children, but that burden had been set aside.  Still, the time was not right for it.  The king was not yet wed and he had promised himself he would put no baseborn babes into this world.

It was a different world from the one he’d known, but the idea of another long-faced lad sitting apart while his lord father broke bread was too much.

So the king was unwed, but not unmatched.  The tall woman sharing his company was proof of that.  They stood together on the battlements as they had so long ago, but nearer, elbows and shoulders almost mingling.  It was arguably too warm to wear the matching wolf-hide cloaks she had sewn them in winter, but allowances had been made.

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Just Royal Sweethearts (Rap Monster, You)

A little something for our favorite monster who’s celebrating his birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM NAMJOON! <3 This fic follows my kingdom au, “His Highness and I”  Enjoy!

Sunlight peeked through the slits of the closed-off curtains, causing my right eye to twitch as a small fraction of light hit my face.

I sighed, thinking that it was most probably morning and another day of princess lessons and royal duties must commence.

I sighed so heavily at the thought, I almost lost breath.

It’s been two years; two years since I became a princess. People often said I was living a fairy-tale—the “Happily Ever After" which a lot of people desired for. It wasn’t entirely false. Yes, I did get the title; Yes, I did get to live in a huge palace and wear beautiful dresses; and yes, I now had people at my beck and call…

But it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Being a princess was more than just looking the part in glorious ball gowns and shiny tiaras…

It was also about learning the culture of a place you didn’t even know existed till now. It was about memorizing laws, knowing important names, attending lessons and lunches with snobby women…

It may sound a little off-putting and hearing this from me might have shattered all your princess dreams, but it’s the truth. 

And that was exactly what made it all so great. It took a while for me to see it—to get used to the life of being a royal. At first I was just overwhelmed by it all as I was practically shoved into this role. I had to become a princess overnight and I shouldered a lot of pressure then, wanting to become worthy… wanting to make everyone proud. I didn’t even see myself as a person of great importance, let alone someone worthy to be a queen…

But as I got used to my schedules, lessons and lunches becoming part of a routine, I have begun to enjoy it. Most of all, I have begun to see its purpose—I’ve begun to realize my role.

Being a princess for me was mostly about being the face of hope to your people. I never thought I could be somebody until now when I started leading charitable projects throughout the kingdom. I thought my teaching days were over when I moved here but they allowed me to support my advocacy and I had been visiting schools and helping children become the wonderful persons they were meant to be ever since.

Being a princess gave me a purpose and that was probably the best part…

Well… not really.

I smiled at the thought, thinking the best part about this whole thing was neither the dresses nor crowns, nor the grand balls and charitable events I got to attend…

It was in fact being married to the love of my life: Kim Namjoon. My husband, who was not only that nerdy— most of the time clumsy guy I met back in college, but also the newly-crowned king of this beautiful and radiant kingdom.

I had always known Namjoon was special and though discovering the fact that he was an actual prince came as a shock… I wouldn’t have thought of a better role for him. He was smart, brave, and passionate. He ruled with stern conviction yet the kindness in his heart balanced the need to be a firm ruler, making him emphatic to the woes of his people. I’m proud to be his wife and honored to be ruling by his side as his queen.

My hand grabbed at the sheets blindly to my right in search of him and frowned when I felt it empty. I groaned, which almost sounded like a whimper—or the whine a child would make after being told that it was time to get up for school. I was about to retract my hand and curl into a ball when something large and warm caught my small hand, the bed dipping slightly and causing me to tip right into the arms of familiar warmth.

“I’m here, I’m here,” a groggy voice assured and I smiled through my sleepiness, snuggling closer to my husband who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Where did you go?” I whined and I felt the vibration on his chest as he chuckled.

“Bathroom,” Namjoon answered simply. “Surely you didn’t miss me already. I was barely gone for five minutes.”

I hummed, nuzzling my face against his chest and basking in his familiar scent. We barely get to have moments like this: mornings of waking up together. At the thought, that’s when I realized that it must be Sunday, for we usually didn’t have any duties on the first day of the week, which gave us a lot of free time to cuddle…

To not be the king and queen, but just husband and wife.

“I love Sundays,” I sighed as I felt him playing with my hair. “I get to wake up with you like this.”

Namjoon smiled at that before leaning over to kiss my temple. “Mmm… and I love you.”

I bit my lip at that, blush dusting my cheeks as I turned my head to look at him, squinting my eyes playfully.

“What?” He chuckled as he poked my nose.

Smooth, Joon.”

Namjoon snorted. “When am I not? That’s probably how you fell for me. I’m so smooth you slipped right into my arms.”

Laughter bubbled out my chest at that and the two of us giggled like high school sweethearts on their first date. Cozy warmth settled upon my chest; one that induced bright smiles and sweet sighs.

“Time to wake up?” I yawned; seeing that he was already wide awake, staring down at me openly. 

Namjoon reached out and cupped my cheek, caressing my skin with his thumb. The mere gesture was enough to make me shiver and Namjoon tightened his hold on me; leaning his forehead against mine.

It was moments like this when I ask myself however did I get so lucky.

“Just five more minutes,” he murmured. “I just want to look at you.”

At his words, I blushed deeply and punched his chest playfully, making him laugh. “Stop…”

Namjoon grinned, nuzzling my nose cutely. “Never!”


“Mmm. But you love it,” he said as a matter of fact.

“Nah. I love you more though.”

“Well, look at you. Learning from me now, are we?” Namjoon chuckled with a slight shake of his head before moving to get out of bed. “Come on love, sun’s up. We can take a walk in the garden and have breakfa—“ Namjoon’s words were cut short when he was suddenly pulled back down on the bed, petite limbs wrapping around his body like a koala had taken hold of him.

“You said five more minutes,” I whined and Namjoon laughed, succumbing to my embrace.

“You’re such a baby,” Namjoon teased as I clung to him; his arms wrapping around my form and squeezing tight. “Breakfast in bed, then?”

I looked up at him with a shy smile, the idea sounding completely blissful. “Please?”

Namjoon nodded as he ran his hand through my messy locks, patting it down and kissing my forehead sweetly. I must’ve looked like a monster with my bed head but Namjoon stared at me like I had poised the stars against the night skies and I’m not sure how I could ever deserve to be looked upon like that… to deserve such a loving and perfect husband.

“Anything for my queen,” he said and I that’s when I realized I didn’t need a crown to prove my right for the title of Royal Highness, Queen Y/N of Westleton. 

For right here in Namjoon’s arms, I already felt like one.


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