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for all u Latinxs out there

I’m half Latina and honestly it gets me sO fruStRaTED when people disregard half my nationality (the Mexican part of course) because my skin is white! it’s a reoccurring thing!! this post is for Latinxs to reblog with dumb shit they’ve been told and stupid jokes and stereotypes they always have to deal with. Also for mixed race Latinxs who have to deal with the same thing I do. Feel free to rant and share your story below, or just share this around so that people can realize that maybe what they’re saying to a Latinx isn’t really funny, but instead really annoying and ignorant/disrespectful. I’ll start:

“You’re Mexican? What’s your dad, a drug dealer?”

I love it when movies/shows/comics have their own colour pallet. Like the creators are so careful with each scene, making sure that every colour matches with every other colour. I mean it would be so much easier to just colour the grass green and the sky blue (which are colours that usually clash). But to making the grass a deep teal while making the sky white/blue ice. its just… beautiful. They work so hard on the script and the directing and the acting etc that when they take the time out just to think about the colour pallet and how that will generate atmosphere, You know it’s true art.

Discovering Blue

Here it is, the promised 100 follower story! Yes, it’s the black and white soulmate AU, where you can only see in black and white until you kiss you soulmate. I know, I know, it’s been done a million times, but I liked the idea.

Genre/AU: Black and white soulmate AU, fluff, a bit of angst but it’s not much. Oneshot.

Summary: Dan is stuck in his boring, black and white world of annoying girls and parents who just don’t understand (it’s not a phase, mom!)… that is, until a new kid appears at school.

Word Count: 2,285 oops I got a little carried away

Warnings: A leeeeetle bit of angst and much stereotype many overdone wow

Other tags: black and white AU, soulmate AU, high school phan

(btw this is written in first person, idk I thought it would fit better. It’s a little different so let me know if you like it or not)

Ever since I was a little kid, I had always been fascinated by the idea of seeing in color. Of course, I had only ever seen in what my parents called “black-and-white”, so I really had no clue what I was missing, but I wanted to see it anyways. It sounded so amusing; strawberries being a different shade than blueberries, and lemons being different from limes, though they all looked the same to me.

I started looking for my soulmate early. Of course, in the beginning I never wanted to really find my soulmate- I just wanted to see the fun color my parents love so much. I would go around kissing everyone on the playground, testing to see if anything changed. Of course, it never did, and all that casual kissing just made everyone think I was a freak.

I stopped going around doing that because I realized how creepy it was sometime in primary school, and I figured that I had gone this long without this mysterious “color” in my life, I could go longer. I could wait.

Today was no different. I walked into high school, bumping shoulders with people because, for some reason, if you ever walked anywhere with a hood up you were instantly invisible. That was ok though; I didn’t mind it. Being invisible was interesting, really; I saw things no one else did. I knew who snuck off during classes to make out in the stairwells. I knew who brought razors with them to school and I would take them from their bags when I passed them in the halls. And being invisible meant I wouldn’t have to deal with Pam.

Pam wasn’t mean; no, Pam was just annoying. She followed me around everywhere, clinging to me and talking in her annoying, high pitched voice and laughing like a goddamn horse. She was completely convinced that I was her soulmate, and she wouldn’t lay off it.

Today she caught me right outside of first period English.

“Daaaaaan!!” She squealed, latching onto my arm the second she saw me. I groaned and shook her off.

“How are you today? I’m doing amazing, thanks. Oh, my gosh, how was your weekend? I went ice skating with my family, it was so much fun, we should go ice skating Friday night, what do you say?” She said breathlessly.

“I hate ice skating.” I said, plunking down in my seat.

Her face fell, then immediately brightened. “Oooh! I know, let’s have a picnic! You love picnics, right? I can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!”

“I’m allergic to peanut butter.”

“Ok, ham sandwiches?”

“I’m vegetarian.”

She frowned. “Fine, cheese sandwiches?”

“Hey, I think his point is less that he can’t eat that stuff and more that he doesn’t want to eat it with you.” A voice behind her said.

I glanced up to see a tall boy with dark hair smiling down at Pam.

Pam’s mouth fell open. She looked so surprised I couldn’t help but snicker. The boy dropped his book bag into the seat next to mine.

“Hey, I sit there!” Pam said, pointing at gaping indignantly at the seat.

The boy just raised his eyebrows. “Not today.”

Pam scoffed, grabbed her sequined backpack off the floor, and stormed to the other side of the room, throwing her bag into another seat and give a death glare to the girls sitting around her.

I smiled appreciatively at the boy. “Thanks.”

He grinned back. “No problem. Not your type?” I shook my head rapidly and he laughed. “My name’s Phil.” He said, sticking out his hand.

“Dan.” I said, shaking it. “Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around.”

Phil smiled. “Yeah, it’s my first day. Oh, where’s the history classroom? I’ve got that one next but I’ve got no clue where it is.”

“Oh, here, let me see your schedule.” I said, taking the crumpled paper out of his hand. I smoothed it on the table to get a better look at it. “I have history next as well, so I can take you there. Then you’ve got maths, that’s in the other building but I’ve got Photography and the maths room is on the way to that. Looks like we’ve also got French together.”

Phil glanced at the paper, then at me. “Cool, you don’t mind showing me around?”

And as I smiled up at him, I answered honestly; “Not at all.”

After French, we both had lunch, so I brought Phil out to the courtyard with me, where I usually had lunch.

"Wow, this school is just… beautiful.” Phil said, as he looked around the courtyard, and it was true; the area where they were was filled with soft grass, park benches, and flowering trees and bushes. I sneezed and Phil laughed.

“Allergies got you down?” Phil giggles.

I chuckled. “Maybe. But it’s worth it.”

Phil surveyed the courtyard again. “Oh, for sure. Shall we sit? There’s benches everywhere.” He said, pointing to the nearest park bench.

I grimaced a bit. “Well, I don’t like the benches much, actually… Besides, I know a better spot.” I said, smiling a bit.

Phil shrugged. “You know this school better than I do. Lead the way!”

I led Phil through the trees and over a short stone wall into a clearing in a grotto of cherry trees that were mid-bloom. Phil couldn’t help but gape at the gorgeous trees, but I just laughed at his reaction and sat on a bed of the fallen flowers.

“It’s so beautiful…” Phil said, nearly speechless.

Phil smiled. “‘Course it is, otherwise why would we be here? It’s not technically on school grounds, though, so… Shh.” I held a finger to my lips.

“Of course.” Phil plopped down with his cafeteria tray next to me, picking up a blossom and stroking its petals in his hand. “It’s such a shame I don’t have my color yet. I wish I did… My dad once took my mum and I to some woods, and they told me the colors of everything. I think they told me these were something called pink, and the leaves were green… But it all looks the same to me.” Phil said, letting the wind blow away the flower.

I nodded knowingly. “I can’t wait to get my color. There’s a few kids at this school who already have theirs; they’re the lucky ones, I suppose.”

Phil laughed. “And then there’s the ones who are convinced their color is right within their reach, they just need to realize their feelings for each other.”

I put my head in my hands. “Oh, God, don’t get me started on Pam. She’s been convinced since 7th grade that we’re soulmates, and no one can put her off it! But there’s not chance she is, I can’t stand her.”

Phil chuckled, taking a bite of his lunch. “Well, you never know. Sometimes your soulmate is right in front of you, only you don’t realize it yet.”

And when I glanced back over at Phil, something… changed. I suddenly saw a glimpse of something: in Phil’s right eye- there. There was a tiny bit of it, and for just a second, it hadn’t been grey.

I was startled, to say the least. It had to be grey; everything was grey, until you found your color. It was white or black or grey. But for only a second, that tiny piece of Phil’s eye- it hadn’t been any of those.

It was a different color; bright and colorful and shiny and new and fresh and airy. I didn’t know what to think of it.

“Um… Dan?” Phil said, waving his hand in front of my face.

“Huh? Sorry, didn’t catch that.” I said, snapping back into reality.

Phil laughed, his tongue slipping out the side of his mouth. "I asked if the cafeteria food is always this mediocre.”

“Sorry, it is. Today’s a good day for it, actually…” I said, smiling up at Phil.

He shrugged, leaning back on his hands. “Better than my old school.”

I snickered. “Yeah, be glad you didn’t go to our middle school. They had hot dogs there, and they were just awful- there was a running rumor that they were made out of car tires. And when you dropped them, they bounced. Not, like, a little bounce, either; like, two feet in the air.”

“You’re kidding.” He giggled.

“I am not!” I said, lying back with my hands behind my head.

Phil laughed harder, pushing his fringe out of his eyes with one hand. “That’s amazing. I kind of wish we had bouncing hot dogs, it would make lunch much more interesting.” He looked over at me. “Hey, thanks for showing me around today. I really appreciate it, without you I would be totally lost.”

I grinned at him. “No problem.”

I walked Phil home. It wasn’t on the way, but I convinced him it was. I wanted to hang out with him for a bit longer, to be around this boy and get to know him. Besides, I was interested to see if his eyes would change again.

If they did, I didn’t see it. I went home, a bit disgruntled, but still happy. It wasn’t a waste of time if I got to talk to Phil a bit longer. I couldn’t explain what it was about this boy, but he was… different. He was easy to talk to, he shared my weird sense of humor, and he was really nice.

I couldn’t help but smile as I walked back to my house, thinking about the day and the touch of fate that had brought this strange boy into my life.

A week later, and I’m bringing Phil out to the cherry blossom grove for lunch every day. The day after we had eaten there for the first time, I didn’t intend to go back for a bit since my legs were sore and it was a bit of a walk, but Phil pouted until I brought him back, and the smile that lit up his face was worth my aching legs. We had spent quite a lot of time together, actually- the fact that we had nearly every class together didn’t hurt.

“Hey.” Phil poked me with his pencil. “Are you even listening to me?”

I shake my head to clear it. “Sorry, no. What were you saying?”

Phil smiled. “I was saying we should hang out after school, go get ice cream or something?”

“Sounds great!” I smiled, and he grinned back at me before we returned to our schoolwork.

Phil winced as he took another lick of his ice cream. “Note to self- carrot cake is a terrible ice cream flavor. I mean, really, whose idea was this?”

I laughed. “Who knows? Can’t be the same guy that came up with chocolate-vanilla swirl, this stuff is awesome.”

Phil tossed his cone in a garbage bin, then smiled slyly at mine. “If it’s that good, can I have some?”

“No!” I said, pulling my ice cream away from him. “My ice cream.”

“Oh, please? Just a little? Just a taste?” Phil wined, circling around me.

“No!” I giggled.

“Come on, Dan, one bite. One bite, please?”

“Absolutely not.” I laughed.

“Pleeeeeaaaseee?” Phil whimpered, shooting me puppy dog eyes no one could resist.

I sighed and lowered my cone. “Fine. One bite.”

“Yay!” Phil cried, taking a huge bite. “You’re right,” he said as he swallowed, “it really is good.”

“You know, we could go back and get you different ice cream.” I said.

He shrugged. “Yeah, but it tastes so much better when it’s someone else’s.” He grabbed my hand and took another lick.

“Hey!” I said, pulling my cone away from him, but his hand stayed firmly locked on my own.

I looked over at him, a smile playing on my lips, and- there- it happened again.

In his eyes again. There it was again, that… something. It wasn’t grey or black or white. It was that same bright color, that… blue. Soft and piercing at the same time, icy and kind.

I guess I stared a moment too long, because Phil stared back, confused. “Dan? You ok?”

“Oh. Yeah! I’m fine.” I said.

“Are you sure? You looked really shaken there for a second.” Phil said, placing his hand lightly on my shoulder. I glanced down at it.

A tiny patch of his hand was glowing.

Well, not glowing. But it stood out so differently from the rest of his pale grey skin that it might as well have been. This wasn’t the same rich shade I had seen in his hair and his eyes- no, this was lighter and softer-looking. Peach- that’s what my parents had called the color of skin.

Phil shook my shoulder lightly. “Dan?”

I lifted my head and looked straight into his confused eyes, then, in a second, closed the space between us. Noses bumping, lips clashing, eyes shut.

When I pulled away, my whole world had changed in an instant. All I could do was stare.

Trees burst to life before my eyes, leaves becoming hues of gold and yellow and red and green I could only have dreamed of before. Shops had brightly-colored displays and benches that used to be grey were red and yellow.

And Phil; Phil had color brighter than anything I had ever seen.

Black hair so dark it should’ve been impossible, a red shirt, navy jeans, and the most incredible eyes I could even imagine; blue and green and yellow, all whirled together into eyes that looked straight through your soul, into your very being, and yet still were soft and kind and caring.

“Oh, wow.” I breathed. “Isn’t it gorgeous?”

Phil stared at me, baffled. “Isn’t what?“