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Hello Squiggly, I hope you are doing okey! So I wanted to ask your opinion about hero/villain/anti-hero storyplot. I have been researching this kind of plot as I´m also trying to develop a story around it and watching your analysis of the Ghost Rider franchise got me really interested in knowing more about your point of view on the matter. Of course if you´ve got the time as I know you are a really busy person. I will be more to the point on the next ask!... ( part1)

(part2) So I wanted to focus on how the hero stories tend to be really good on the first episodes but then it starts to get quite repetitive regarding the episode plots as it mostly tends to go around the hero vs villain scenario where it the focus goes to have flashy action scenes and little character development. Which in my opinion gets old pretty quick in a long running show but I guess it kind of attracts the audience of young children and teens.

(part3)… I wanted to know your take in this and how is the focus you want to give to your project of Ghost Rider: Re-Imagined and if you had thought about this issue. I have seen your designs for secondary charactersand villains, while some of them might be outdated, I have noticed that they are really interesting and seem to have more in them than just the backseat character episode of the day. Of course I may be wrong as I´m talking without knowing your opinion.

(part4) I have followed lots of hero/villain shows and while they might not be my favorite I think they are really interesting to develop. But what I have found really annoying in this kind of shows is the lack of character development not only of the hero( if they are anti-heros, writers tend to give them much more development and I know you are focused on making Ghost Rider an antihero) but also of the characters surrounding them.

(part5)… Plus many shows get into really obvious clichés and tend to not give much effort in writing interesting villains but only making the “villain of the day”. Which makes the episodes,If not well written, get repetitive and bland, having the hero/anti-hero go against the bad guys just because that´s their function and secondary characters just acting as support to the plot or hero when needed, restraining any kind of development on their part.

(part6)…So I wanted to know about how much have you thought about Ghost Rider using these common tropes, and/or if you were going for a more unconventional way of presenting your hero/antihero story. I´m sorry if my thinking is all over the place, english is not my main language and I may have been quite vague adressing it because I didn´t want to spam your askbox with my lenghty rambling. I hope you have a great week and good luck with all your projects!! thank you so much!

This certainly is an involved question!  Let’s see if I can do my answer for you any justice.

I think the tropes you’re referring to are largely present in shows aimed at very young children, wherein the depth of the plot isn’t the main point.  Many old comic books followed the general “hero encounters problem, hero solves problem, hero saves the day; lather & rinse & repeat” formula, because it’s easy to crank out and easy to follow.  These kinds of stories tend to be very popular with younger children who aren’t necessarily looking for depth of story – they tend towards simple superheroes for this reason.

To illustrate my point, when you’re talking to a young kid about Spider-Man, does that kid ever once mention Peter Parker?  Nah, man, it’s all about Spidey saving the day from the evil clutches of Doctor Octopus!

As a result, because superheroes tend to lend themselves heartily to this formula, they are also its most common victims.  It’s unfortunate in a way, because that generally means older audiences don’t get the depth of story that these characters might otherwise offer.  But, again… that’s not really their intent.

The antihero trope you mention is largely for the same reason – most often, their purpose in the plot is to prove how the hero, being good of heart and genuinely friendly, can turn even an enemy into a friend.  That’s why the antiheroes often get more development – it’s to show that even the bad guys can become good guys.

As for how this any of this applies to GR:R… GR:R is aimed at a much more mature audience.  I don’t need to keep the plot super simple, because I’m not trying to appeal to a younger crowd who might not understand all the deeper and more complicated aspects of the characters’ development – an adult audience is more likely to understand and appreciate that kind of story, so if I aim it at a more adult audience, I’m a little more free to explore deeper character development.

Johnny Blaze in GR:R is a genuinely good guy, but he’s not necessarily a “Good Guy,” if you catch my drift.  He’s kindhearted and honest, but he’s dense as a brick.  He’s considerate and trusting, but also rather selfish and vain.  He thinks and acts with his heart, which occasionally gets him into trouble. He’s hard to make angry.   And above all, he’s naive.  He has quite a bit of room to grow as a character.  But his strongest merit, the quality about him that will never change, is that he genuinely means well and acts with both bravery and occasionally blind stupidity.

The Ghost Rider is simultaneously Johnny’s foil and also very similar to him in a lot of respects.  Without giving too much away, GR is cruel, uncaring, and unforgiving.  He’s extremely sharp and cunning, and he trusts nobody, making him a formidably capable individual.  He also has a terribly short fuse, and tends to act rashly when riled up, despite his normally astute observational skills.  That being said, he shares Johnny’s blunt honesty and a certain degree of naivete, though he’s naive in different ways than Johnny.  And they’re also both brave to the point of possible stupidity.

GR’s mere existence challenges Johnny’s overall naive trusting demeanor, and Johnny’s existence likewise challenges GR’s cold cruelty.  For either of them to grow as characters, they BOTH need to grow, and it’s not always gonna be pretty.  But for any of this growth to be meaningful, it needs to take place over the course of longer story arcs, rather than just doing a “villain of the week” formula.  Certainly, there will be a full rogues gallery for the story, and the same guys won’t pop up over and over again, but the end of each hypothetical episode wouldn’t just reset back to how things were at the beginning – consequences would be lasting and would carry over across the course of the series and serve as pieces to longer stories, with the occasional episode between them to offer a slight change of pace.

I hope this answers your question!  Thank you for being so detailed!

Flowers in the Window-Chapter 12: So Now We’re Here

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Chapter 12: So Now We’re Here

“Why did you let me move in? I mean, it just takes so much trust to let someone in like that. Why me?”

He paused for a moment, thinking over his answer. “You know, I don’t even have a good answer. It just felt right. I knew it was supposed to happen, I mean, you moving in.”

I could feel my heart swell when he said that.

“It’s like I could sense it,” he continued. “That you were meant to be one of my best friends.”

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Saw you wanted to write some angst, so I had to make a request. If you are okay with it, how about MC dies in childbirth? RFA+Saeran+V - Random Anon

For you Random Anon…..anything!!!!!! 


~He was prepared
~When you yelled that you were in labor he was already grabbing his keys
~Everything was going smoothly until he saw doctors running around frantically
~They pushed him out of the room and said that there was ‘complications’
~He was a hyperventilating mess
~When the doctors called him in he ran toward the door
~But they stopped him and handed him his baby girl
~”I’m sorry but……she didnt make it”
~He was frozen it felt like his entire life was just heartbreak and misery but he didnt have time to feel like that
~He had other duties 
~He had to take care of this child alone


~When you went into labor his protective side came out
~He didnt leave your side the entire time
~He was about to fight the doctors that were pushing him out
~He was in the waiting room pacing back and forth
~One of the doctors came out and told him the news
~He felt broken but was snapped back into reality when they placed a baby boy in his hands
~He just looked at the innocent child in his hands and told himself
~”You cant be sad Zen you have to show this baby love”


~During this whole pregnancy he made sure that you were eating properly and seeing the doctor once a week
~Everything wold be perfect 
~On your last week he took off work completely
~When you went into labor he already had Driver Kim waiting outside to take you guys to the hospital
~Everything was going great until they pulled him aside and told him that you were having complications delivering the baby and probably wont make it
~”No…..you will fix this I am not losing my wife”
~”I’m so sorry it doesn’t work like that”
~He walks over to you a grabs your hand encouraging you with a sad smile
~When your done you collapse almost immediately 
~They place the baby girl in his arms and even though he’s sad he cant help but smile


~He was yours and his baby’s protector
~”I promise nothing bad will happen to you guys”
~He was on the group chat just spamming it like
~And everyone was like
~Cool I guess
~Then he hears you just scream his name and he posts
~’Maybe a little sooner than I thought’
~He runs and just puts you in the car and drives like a maniac to the hospital
~When they force him out of the room he is really confused
~Hes even more confused when they hand him his daughter 
~”C-Can I see MC”
~”I’m sorry but….she’s gone”
~Everything just stops until he hears a baby’s cry
~He looks at this child 
~”MC how could you leave me with this beautiful child I dont know how to do this”
~He looks down at the baby and it grabs his finger
~He iS sObbInG


~Oh this poor boy
~The suffering is never done is it
~He is just shocked when they place the baby in his arms and tell him that you didnt make it
~He just holds the baby to his heart and gently rocks it


~He was extremely protective of you during your pregnancy 
~He loved his child so much already
~And when you went into labor he PANICKED
~And when they push him out og the room he literally punches a dotor
~He is staying in there with you 
~If you are in pain he needs to be there
~He blames himslef
~And when you just pass out he loses it
~Putting the baby in his hands just makes him even more angry
~Now he doesnt blame himself 
~He blames the baby for this
~Acts calm but when he gets home he just walks into Saeyoungs room and hands him the baby
~”Saeyoung……she didn’t make it and I just cant take care of this child right now please take care of my baby girl”~
~He cries forever and it takes a week for him to even be able to look at the baby

If you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay, after you rip the photo in two Chloe just kind of stands there looking at you in disbelief. It’s like she was expecting you to let her die no matter what.

I think that one look alone made me quite content with my decision. In that moment, she fully expected you to let her die, and she can hardly believe it when you choose her over everyone else.

Oh, and to my followers I apologize for the Life is Strange spamming as of late. The game has just really stuck with me. I don’t expect it to be at the forefront of my thoughts forever, but for right now it’s on my mind and demanding some of my attention.

Ive spammed all my other social media and this is borderline cheesy but Ill say this here.
Tonight I was with a hillary 08 campaigner. And, like most hillary campaigners, you could just feel it oozing out of him that he deeply loved this woman. We were gathered in a circle to talk about our thoughts on the election and when it came to his turn, he was just heartbroken over how hard it must have been for her. She wanted this so badly and she did eveything right… and everything went so wrong. And yet. Yet she still woke up and delivered a beautiful and gracious concession speech despite knowing that her opponent would not have done the same. And despite knowing that she had actually won the popular vote. But she always does that because that’s the type of person she is.

Later on, I asked him about what it was like working for her in 2008. He talked about how hard she worked and how the team would constantly defy the odds and pull off miraculous wins when everyone thought she was done. She had actually won the popular vote against Obama and essentially tied the delegates. She had a legitimate case for why she should have been the nominee. But she was not that type of person. When the time came, she always stepped aside to allow someone else their spotlight. My friend could remember specific excerpts from her speech at the DNC. He remembered the part where she kept chanting, “and that is why we must elect Barrack Obama, our next president.” The first few times, it was like daggers for her supporters who campaigned their heart outs for her. But by the end of the speech, everyone had rallied behind Obama. Hillary, who wanted to win so badly she donated a good chunk of her own money to the campaign, managed to balance genuinely endorsing obama to genuinely talking to her own supporters. She balanced that and she did that because she is that type of person.

And my friend had missed his mothers birthday while campaigning for her during the primaries in another state. And, classic Hillary, she sent a handwritten birthday note to his mother. Across the board, there are hundreds of stories exactly like this. Some of my other friends campaigned their hearts out for Hillary this year, but theyre not high ranking officials… just enthusiastic volunteers. Today, after delivering that heartbreaking concession speech, she managed to somehow find the strength to stay after and greet her supporters and she tried to hug them all individually . She is that type of person.

Again and again she smiles through all this shit and acts graciously even when she should be crying. We were all crying. At this point, though I have never met her, I am deeply fond and protective of her as well. We had the opportunity to elect this incredible woman as our madam president, whose fatal flaw was a belief in the goodness of the American people. I cannot agree more with everyone who has posted on facebook saying that we did not deserve her.

Hillary didnt deserve this.
We didnt deserve her.

Vegas, je t’aime

September 2015


I sat on the sofa in Adam’s new house, scrolling through Tumblr and laughing at all my fans being completely over dramatic. A lot of the time I just scroll through my dashboard without liking anything. I’ve realised that when they know I’m on they post a load of stuff to try to get me to see it….which is lovely but sometimes I just want to see what’s going on without getting, for lack of a better word, spammed.

“Are you on Tumblr again babe?” Adam called from the attached kitchen, where he was currently preparing what he deemed the greatest salad on the planet.

“Maybe….” I replied

“Are they still DYING over the fact we have never posted a selfie or anything?” He replied, trying to convey how dramatic he thought my swifties were, although deep down I knew he loved them as much as I did.

“Maybe….it’s so fun! Like they keep saying every single time you post a snapchat or either of us posts a picture on instagram their hearts skip a beat thinking it could finally be the end of what they have called the ‘tayvin drought’…and then they go and make super realistic photoshopped pictures of us which freak me out slightly….it’s hilarious!” I said, trying my best not to laugh as I wandered into the kitchen..

“Let’s see them…” Adam replied sitting on one of the barstools I helped him pick out, and pulling me onto his lap.

I scrolled through my dash showing him the photos and posts.

“Sometimes I feel like we are torturing them by keeping all these photos to ourselves….” I said, going out of tumblr and scrolling through my camera roll showing Adam all the photos I had of the two of us on my phone….like it was seriously way over half my camera roll at the moment.

“Well…you could just post one….or let me put you in my snapchat video instead of just the cats….but it’s up to you babe.” Adam said as I nuzzled my head into the crook of his neck.

“How about this…. I post a screenshot of my camera roll showing just the top or bottom of one of the photos….or will that just make it worse…maybe I should just post a photo….but no….but maybe….” I was voicing my current internal debate and I could feel the rumble of Adam’s laugh as I leaned on his chest.

“Ok well you sort that all out, and I will serve lunch.” He replied, lifting me off his lap and placing me back on the stool while he got bowls for the salad.


“Are you still coming to my show tonight?” I asked Taylor as she cleared the table after lunch.

“Yeah, for sure! I haven’t been for ages now!!” She replied, excited to be able to see me perform after I’d been to quite a few of her shows….although it was a little different. “It’s nice to have a few days off before I have to head out again!”

“Well it’s nice to have you here….the house feels a little big for just little old me.” I tell her, wrapping my arms around her from behind as she washed up.

“Well….Charlie and Burns basically live with you….so you’re not all alone….” She explained

“But they have their own lives!” I try to defend the fact that my friends are always around.

“I’m just joking Adam, I love how close you and your 'squad’ are…it’s cute!” She replied, bopping me on the nose like she does to Olivia and Meredith and walking away.

later that evening at the show


I was standing behind the DJ booth, mainly out of the sightline of all the people in the club, watching Adam work the crowds and play a mix of his older and newer songs, to the delight of the audience.

“TAY! You’re here!!” Charlie screamed as he walked towards me, having just arrived around half way through the set.

“Charlie!! So great to see you!!” I replied, wrapping my arms around him in a friendly hug.

We started chatting and taking photos of Adam, the crowd, atmosphere, and each other.

“Oh this is a great shot! It’s like you guys to a T ” Charlie exclaimed, handing me back my phone.

The photo had me smiling at the camera making a hand heart in front of me, with Adam in the distance behind me having turned around for a second to look back at us, he had his arms out to the sides and the biggest grin on his face.

“Hahah, yeah that looks great!!” I replied, smiling at the photo and seeing how the strobe lights and darkness of the club made me and Adam stand out. It was perfect, showing our personalities exactly the way we were and the way our friends saw it.

“Well you only get one shot to get it right…” I murmured going into instagram and formatting the picture. I then sat watching the rest of Adam’s set thinking about a caption.

Just as he was coming down from the DJ box I thought of it: 'Vegas…je t'aime’.

I posted it then went up to Adam.

“Congratulations babe! #That was fantastic!!” I told him wrapping my arms around his broad chest.

“Thanks babe!” He replied, walking me backwards to his friends table without letting me go.

“Taylor, you little ninja! You’ve set the internet on fire!” Charlie said, slightly drunk and laughing his head off.

“Wait? What?” Adam said, pulling out his phone to a bunch of notifications.

“So…yeah….kinda just gave them what they wanted….” I said, slowly and carefully to gage his reaction.

“That picture is awesome!! I love it babe!” Adam said, grinning broadly, making my shoulders relax completely.

I knew he had been waiting for me to post something, he just wanted to let me do it in my own time, no pressure, just overwhelming support.