just when i thought rib had learnt the meaning of continuity

New Student (Peter x Reader)

Summary- You’re a new student and after you embarrass yourself at lunch in front of Peter, Ned and Michelle, you get a visit from a guy who calls himself Spider-Man. 

A/N- I’m really just enjoying writing some complete fluff stuff, but i will be writing more dramatic stuff soon! (Send me a request, ask box is always open!)

Word count- 1710

“Hey,” a cute brown-haired boy, a slightly darker haired boy, and a curly haired girl all sit opposite you at the lunch table.

“Uh, hi?” Your eyes dart between then all. It’s your first day here, no-one has really made an effort with you yet, but you haven’t made much of an effort yourself, your anxiety has been in control meaning no talking to new people in fear they’ll judge you or you’ll make a fool of yourself. But you hadn’t been expecting people to sit with you at lunch, you purposefully chose to sit on an empty table in the back corner in hopes no one will notice you.

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BITE: Chapter 10

percy jackson / teen wolf crossover
sorry about the wait, i really appreciate how supportive you all are of this fic, i really appreciate all the likes and reblogs and asks and i hope you enjoy the update (✿◠‿◠)

10/? - Annabeth

The McCall’s couch was comfortable. It was better than the motel bed that Annabeth and Percy had been staying in, anyway. It was soft and long enough for Annabeth to stretch her legs out, and she felt relatively safe there, but she couldn’t sleep.

Percy was lying on a blowup mattress on the floor beside her; she could hear him breathing, a steady rhythm in the otherwise silent lounge. She wanted to check if he was awake, but didn’t want to disturb him if he was asleep.

So Annabeth was stuck lying on her back on the couch, staring up at the ceiling of this strange house and running over everything that she’d learnt over the last day.

Werewolves could be friendly, for one.

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letjonsnownap  asked:

"Puppy," "kindergarten," "stripes," "coffee," and "stegosaurus"

Thank you for the prompt luv! (Send me 5 random words and I’ll try to include them all into a one shot.)

So I was going to do the whole ‘SingleDad!Jon’ thing - but this sprang to mind instead….(I really hope that you like it!)

“Come on kiddos! We’re gonna be late if we don’t go now!” Jon hollered from his place at the front door of his flat, scruffy jogging pants, a shirt with a coffee stain on it and a piece of half eaten toast hanging out of his mouth.

“Uncle Jon, I am not a ‘kiddo’, I’m almost 10 years old!” Rosie grumbled as she made it to his side, folding her arms across her chest. Jon couldn’t help but grin and ruffle her hair, messing up the terrible braid that he had attempted for her.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love ur blog! If ur taking prompts, how about a jealous Miyuki who saw a girl confessing to Eijun?

sorry for posting this so late fgjhdfdj work had me busy but here it is :Oc jealous miyuki was rlly interesting to write tbh 

rating: general
couple: misawa
word count: 1,014 words
description: everything was static around him, his eyes focused on only one figure; that of a boy whose ears were cherub, whose hand moved to cover a shy smile (was that what he was hiding?) and quickly went to rub at the back of neck. honestly, miyuki kazuya would’ve been better off without witnessing the start of a love story  —  or so he thought.

“hyaha! you won’t believe this!!!—” it was kuramochi that sounded the alarm, thus having a handful of people gathering at the rail outside miyuki’s room, everyone keeping their voice a hush as a miracle was taking place; sawamura eijun was receiving what had to be his first confession! from a girl nonetheless!

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Can I? (M)

Originally posted by kaibility

» jongin x reader
» 3.2k
» ok so how about whipped baby boy!jongin…she takes control back in the end? 
» warning: smut (sub!jongin, fingering, riding)

“Can I ask you something?” Jongin says, looking up from where his head is resting on your lap. He brings his hand to your wrist to stop you from continuing from running your fingers through his hair, something he found very distracting. Once he sees you nod, you notice how his cheeks start to blush a little. “What’s my reward for being such a good boy tonight?”

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Sheltered pt.4


<– Engraved 22 | Engraved 23 –>
<– Sheltered 3 | Sheltered 5 –>

Short: Law student and intern Kim Jongin uses his charms for a dangerous pastime behind the screens, but he falls for the most normal girl.
Words: 3064
Type: Angst/Fluff
Pairing: Kai x Miyong (oc)
Notes for update: 30
Warnings: drunk driving, being homeless, being kicked out, abandonment by parents and family.
A/N: This will run chronologically with Engraved, but it’s not needed to read this to understand Engraved, but the parts posted for Engraved after this will contain spoilers. It is also not necessary to read Engraved to understand what is happening here. But it will make things more clear.

Miyong pov

She looked at Jonging, who was curled up on her lounge chair with her run down copy of Twilight in his lap. “You look really engrossed in that.”

“Shh.” He mumbled, flipping the page, it made her snicker lightly as she stirred through the sauce in the pan. He’d been here with her for about a week now, she’d gotten so used to it. His presences, his groggy voice in the morning, his soft laughter in the afternoon, and hushed whispers in the night. Jongin was such a calm person, and living with him like this was easy. He helped her out around the house, cuddled with her on the couch, or sat in the chair quietly reading a book.

Originally posted by sehunoh

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KaraMel Fanfic #6

Title: Someone Who Is Honest With Her

Post 2x08

Prompt: When Kara comes back from Barry’s earth, she reveals a secret to Mon-El.

Also posted on AO3.

Another glass broke in Mon-El’s hand as he accidentally squeezed it too tightly. Cursing as alcohol splashed over his hand and t-shirt, he stood up from his seat in his room in the DEO to get a replacement. It was the third glass he’d broken in the last week.

Not that he didn’t have the right. Kara was still not back. Apparently she’d gone off with someone named Barry Allen to fight against aliens in his earth—Mon-El had absolutely no idea there were multiple universes—and she still wasn’t back. Which could mean a number of things, of course. They still might have not defeated the aliens. Kara might’ve wanted to spend more time with Barry because it’d been a long time since she last saw him—which didn’t really help with Mon-El’s situation, but that was a whole another topic.

Or she might’ve died in the fight.

Mon-El shook his head almost violently as he discarded the idea. No, Kara wasn’t dead. She was the most powerful alien he’d ever seen on earth, and she’d defeated aliens before. This alien attack in another universe shouldn’t be a problem to her.

Yet he couldn’t help worrying about her. He didn’t even have enough time to spend with her after he was healed. He didn’t even have the chance to tell her the truth about the kiss.

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Of Storm And Fire (part two); a Heroes of Olympus au

Title: Of Storm And Fire

Summary: Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, but not all of them were supposed to make it to the end. Annabeth fulfilled her part of the prophecy by freeing the Athena Parthenos. Percy was supposed to choose the world over her, but some choices are impossible, even for the son of Poseidon.

A re-telling of HoH & BoO, based on the idea that Percy was supposed to let Annabeth fall alone.

Characters: Literally all of them, basically. I’m going to cover the last two books

Pairings: Annabeth/Percy primarily, all other canon ships

Notes/Warnings: Canon levels of violence.

chapter one

read @ ao3, or continue below!


Hazel was, to be quite honest, getting a bit tired of this cryptic business. It came hand in hand with being a halfblood, but you’d think that with the end of the world rushing up on them, the gods would get over themselves. About the only thing that stopped her from mouthing off at Hecate was the presence of the witch-weasel, and Hecuba Queen of the Kennel. The last thing any of them needed was Hazel getting turned into a porcupine.

“Which option has Percy and Annabeth okay at the end?” It was a struggle to keep her voice steady under the relentless stare of the goddess of magic, but she managed.

Hecate tipped her head to one side, considering. “Percy Jackson was warned,” she said. “So were his companions. And yet, when the crossroads approached, he chose wrong and endangered more than just himself.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“The son of Poseidon and daughter of Athena are in Tartarus. No path remains in which they are both ‘okay’.” Her mouth twisted around the word like it tasted bad.

Tears pricked at Hazel’s eyes. She swallowed them down angrily, forcing herself to ask. “Alive, then. How do we make sure they live?”


“Hecate? Please. Please.”

“You cannot make sure,” she said finally. “But I will show you the path that does not end in certain death for those two.”

It was only after Hazel had returned to the others and told them what she’d learnt that she considered the emphasis the goddess had put on those two.

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Drunken Love - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said: oh, and I meant 2 for Seb

02) “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

You laid in the bath water, you’d laid in it for so long that your skin was as wrinkled as a raisin and if you were being honest, you felt as bitter as a raisin tasted. The water was unmoving, completely serene, unlike yourself.

On the upside there were no more tears, you’d been a wreck for most of the past few hours. You sobbed as you walked up the stairs, you’d sobbed as you prepared the bath, you’d sobbed as you got inside the bath. But now the tears couldn’t come anymore, they’d finally given you a break. That didn’t mean the dark feelings had been banished though, no, they’d settled in your belly and continued to create tidal waves that hit against your ribs and caused a stir in your heart. You were drowning on the inside and it felt terrible.

There was nothing you could do though, he’d already left and you had no idea if he’d ever come back. As you got out of the bath you replayed the events over once more in your head; you couldn’t really stop replaying the memory, it was your own form of self-torture.

“I don’t get what you’re telling me to do here,” Sebastian had huffed, tugging at the strands of his hair which was a habit you’d learnt over the year meant that he was tired or stressed over something. You had a good guess why he was tugging at that moment in time.

You were sat on the couch with your head in your hands, you didn’t want him to see you cry. It was you who’d initiated this conversation (soon turned argument) and crying just felt weak of you, and unneeded. “I’m not telling you to do anything, I just wanted you to know how I feel.”

“No,” he said, “you are telling me what to do Y/N, you’re telling me to stop going out because you’re jealous. Do you know how that makes me feel?” He pressed a hand against his chest, not that you were looking to even notice. Sebastian gave you no time to reply as he answered the question himself, “it makes me feel like you don’t trust me.”

“I hadn’t intended to hurt you, it’s just…” You were interrupted by him throwing something at the wall, there wasn’t any inclination that he’d thrown something that had broken.

You suspected it was the pad of paper you left by the telephone in case anyone left an important message. “It’s just what, Y/N?!” He was fed up, it was obvious by his tone and the way he didn’t seem to care about what you had to say, even resorting to throwing things at the wall because his anger was more important than whatever you were keeping in.

“You make me feel like I’m not good enough.” You hissed out, wiping furiously at the tears which had caused your voice to waver in strength.

Sebastian had been hurt by what you’d said, his reaction was empty at first. All he did was stand there and stare at you, breathing heavily as he tried to think over each and every word that you said. Normally, he was quiet and didn’t really talk about his problems, which is what lead most people to think that he rarely cared about any dramas he might face. But you knew differently, you knew that he always over thought every drama that came his way. And to hear you say that, it must have hurt him so much because he loved you, heck, he adored you. And now he knew that you didn’t feel adored, you simply felt lost and alone in a relationship which he’d believed was pretty damn great.

He continued being silent as he grabbed his coat off the side of the couch, putting it on and then making his way to the door. “Where are you going?” You asked in a panic, now looking up so that you were able to follow his movements. This was another mistake on your part, as Seb finally saw your mess of a face. Black tear stains crawled their way down your pale cheeks, the red rims under your eye made even clearer by the dark mess of eyeliner which had once gracefully circled your eyes.

The fact that he didn’t answer wasn’t an inclination that he didn’t care, the reason Sebastian didn’t reply to you was simply because if he spoke then you would hear the tears in his voice.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered into the empty room after he’d already left.

“I’m sorry,” you said once more into the front room, still bare of Sebastian. You were now covered by his white and fluffy dressing gown, it had been a birthday present you bought for him but he’d often leave it at home whenever he went away because you knew how much you loved to wear it.

You were preparing to go to bed, quickly losing hope that he would be returning home any time soon. All you were going to do was turn the lights off but then you saw that notepad sitting on the floor and so you went and picked it up. On the front of it was the little note you’d written two hours before Sebastian’s return home, it was the note that had caused this entire argument.

From: “Princess”

To: Sebastian

Hey honey, it was so great seeing you the other night. Let me know when you want to hang out again, my body is ready lol.

Though Seb had explained to you that nothing happened (and you believed him), this little message had done nothing but add to your anxieties. He was constantly out, and constantly with other girls. You weren’t the jealous type - though you suppose that is something every jealous girl has said to themselves at least once - but when Seb would constantly leave you to go and spend time with these girls, no matter the excuse, it made you feel kind of worthless.

With a sigh you ripped the paper off and threw it in the bin, placing the notepad back next to the telephone and proceeding to turn the front room light off. It was just as you flicked the switch that you heard some fumbling outside your door, panic passed you instantly, but you were slightly comforted by the whispered ‘shit’ that came from behind it and then the crash of keys.

He was back.

Cautiously you moved closer towards the door and opened it, only to have Sebastian crash inside and onto your feet. “Ow,” he mumbled, though he didn’t sound actually pained. Instead he sounded like a two year old that had just walked into a wall, and the pout on his face only made this image more befitting in your mind.

“Sebastian?” You questioned, wondering what the hell was wrong with him as he struggled to get back on his feet.

“Y/N,” he sassed back, quickly laughing back at himself. That’s when you finally realised he was drunk, but not just drunk, no, the word drunk is too light for his state. He was completely out of it, so consumed by the alcohol in his body that he was practically in a different world. “It seems like the locks have changed on this house, you should check that out!” He raised a wobbly finger as he entered the house, making it as far as the couch before falling down.

Raising an eyebrow you turned back to stare at the keys on his floor, you suspected that he’d just been using the wrong key. So that he wouldn’t lose them, you used them to lock the front door and then you placed them in a bowl on the shelf which was filled with a mix of yours and Sebastian’s favourite books.

For a moment you felt like just going upstairs and leaving him in this state but that would have been cruel, especially because the couch was leather and awful to sleep on. “Come on baby,” you coaxed, trying to refrain from signing. You would have quite liked to have gotten drunk as well, so you didn’t really blame Seb for going down that route.

“Water!” He yelled, trying to form a sentence was too hard for him as his tongue was beginning to feel heavy in his mouth. A sensation that came with being drunk he supposed, though in his mind he wasn’t even drunk. All he’d had was one beer, then another, and a third, a fourth… after that one he’d lost count but he was sure that it was at least under ten. Though the more he thought about it, the more he realised the number might have ended up being quite large.

“Yes, I know dear. But first let’s actually get you into bed, okay?”

“You’re so sweet, no wonder I want to marry you.” You blushed at his admission but didn’t reply. For now you were just going to file everything Sebastian said into the ‘I’m very very drunk’ folder. “I swear I only had like…” Sebastian attempted once more to count the amount of drinks he’d consumed, this time using his fingers to keep track of the number but repeatedly having to start over. In the end he just shrugged, “an amount.”

It took a while to get up the stairs, mainly because he was repeatedly falling over on the staircase. But eventually you managed to get him in the bed. “Strip,” you ordered, knowing that he was going to wake up with a hangover no matter what you did for him, but the least you could do was stop him from being uncomfortably sweaty when he woke up.

“You can’t tell me to do that!” He yelled out, suddenly appalled at you which had you raising a curious eyebrow. “I’m married you know!?”

“Really?” You asked, even more shocked and curious now. “Can I ask who to?”

“Well,” he rolled his head to the side, though you imagine that was more because he was unable to even hold his body up let alone keep his head in place. “I’m not married yet, but I will, I’m gonna ask Y/N to marry me tomorrow. Because I love her, so much. Like she’s my life, and I want her to realise. I got a ring, do you want to see it?”

He began to reach into his trousers which you were in the process of taking off, and out from the pocket he drew a small square box. You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t surprised he’d managed not to lose it if he’d bought it before going to the bar, he’d practically lost his head he was so drunk. Quickly you placed your hand on top of his, “no, I think you should keep it a surprise.”

Seb took a moment, thinking over your request before dramatically nodding his head. “I suppose you’re right. Can you hide it for me?” He dropped it into your hand before you could decline his request. It took a lot of restraint for you to not open it and peek at the ring he bought, this whole ordeal had you feeling very curious. But you held yourself back and quickly placed it into his bedside drawer. “Cool,” he sighed, “I’m going to bed now.”

After saying that he turned over and went to sleep instantly, left only in his underwear and t-shirt. You supposed that would have to do. The idea of sleeping was very welcoming to you, it had been a long day and way too much had happened, leading you to be emotionally and physically drained. Though at least it had ended on a higher note.

With a small smile permanently on your lips, you went around to the other side of the bed and settled there. Only to have Sebastian’s limbs be thrown over you in the middle of the night, he pulled you tightly into his chest and slurred out an ‘I love you’, falling back to sleep with you soon joining him in the land of dreams.

Part Two

Human Error

John, Sherlock

Summary: John wants Sherlock to list a few things he learned about John that he didn’t notice on first sight. Once again Sherlock’s cluelessness for mundane things get proven.

A/N: I was suffering from writer’s block, started reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and then suddenly whipped out a fic. I don’t know how this happened, but I hope you like it!

Words: 1 229

“How was your date?”

John froze in the doorway, his eyes flying toward the armchair that Sherlock always sat on. “What?”

“Your date. How was it?”

John straightened. “Do you care or are you just asking out of politeness?”

“The latter, of course.”

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Rough Silk

**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 2.2k
prompt: june writing challenge day twenty six
a/n: angst is so fun wow

You didn’t need many things to keep yourself satisfied. Two things in particular made you happy, however. Your ever-surviving memory foam mattress and Min Yoongi on that memory foam mattress.

It was simple, when you put some thought into it and looked at it through your own perspective. But, to your dismay, the life of someone engaged to a rapper isn’t that easy. Yoongi was never out of the subtly relaxed demeanour, kit or PR clothes. Any time he was, he was either asleep, in the shower or not with you.

Min Yoongi’s life was music. You couldn’t change that.

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‘Little Clifford Little Hemmings’ PART 2

requested by anonymous

part 1: Michael’s son and Luke’s daughter were in the same year at school and they are becoming more than friends

summary: Alex Clifford and Darcy Hemmings went on their movie date… Michael and Luke couldn’t resist also going on their date

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PDA: Public Displays of Antagonization

Fandom: Satan and Me

Ship: Natan

Word Count: 3411

Rating/Content: PG 13 for some questionable language, voluntary and involuntary alcohol consumption. And does purposely inflicting jealousy count as emotional abuse?

Summary: In which Natalie is apparently a good actor, and Satan’s idea of helping is cruel, but ultimately successful.

A/N: Um… Hi again ^^ My Lailix fic went over so well with everyone (thank you all by the way, you have no idea. I had a grin from ear to ear all day when I posted it. I’m glad it was well received) I decided to write another one with an idea I got today. This one’s for orange-plum this time since she ships Natan right? (I mean, she’s drawn it so it must be true). And she told me to write more, so I did. (because I totally needed an excuse to write Natan *cough*) Again, trying my best to stick to canon, so, this is what I got. Woot!

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A Spooky Circumstance

Because I couldn’t think of a good title

Summary: “we wore matching halloween costumes to this party” au 

Based off this post

The sequel can be found here

I wanted to do something else for halloween (check out my other fic here)

Have a spooOOky day!


Phil hadn’t wanted to go. Of course he hadn’t. People in a crowded place, with alcohol and costumes and music and blocked doors? No thanks. He was content with sitting at home, maybe with a pizza and a movie, if he could be bothered. His recovery from a cold was another reason he threw at PJ as he had tried to convince him to go.

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anonymous asked:

Oooooo yay! Felicity is getting ready for a date with Ray and then she hears a know on the door of her apartment to find Oliver.

I hope this is okay for you nonnie!!! I’m just following my muse on all of these <3

Felicity had not pictured her evening ending like this, nope not at all. She was meant to be eating out, even maybe do a little dancing with her date, Ray, not looking after a half naked Oliver Queen who was currently asleep in her bed. She sighed as her mind wandered earlier to the evening.

She stood in front of her floor length mirror gently placing her second earring through her ear, before staring back at her reflection. She was wearing a navy blue dress; it hugged her figure in all the right places. Ray had always said he liked her in blue and it did match her skin tone. She wore it for him, to make him smile after everything. A thudding on her door brought her attention back in the room. She frowned glancing at the clock, he was early.

“Just coming.” She shouted as she span on her bare feet, walking out her bedroom and towards the door. The hammering got louder and more persistent. “I said I’m coming.” She said pulling the chain open and turning the key in the lock, but still the knocking continued. She pulled the handle opening the door “God Ra-” she gasped as Oliver fell face forward straight to the floor in a heap. “Oliver?” She said staring at him unblinking.

“Felicity.” It came out pained and as a whisper, she immediately found herself on her knees beside him. She turned his face towards her; he was covered in small cuts and bruises like he had taken a beating.

“What the hell happened?” She gently rolled him over, her eyes immediately fell to his blood stained shirt. She found herself gasping, and inched closer. His eyes snapped to hers as he pulled himself into a sitting position. He still hadn’t answered her. “Oliver…” He nodded to the wide open door, she ever so gently rose to her feet, shutting and locking it.

“Bratva.” He said slowly trying to pull himself up.

“Wait… What!? I thought you said we had the night off, all of us, where are Dig and Roy?”

"They’re fine. It was just me.” He looked into her eyes then and he could see the fury in them.

“What the hell Oliver?” She said standing taller her voice rising. “Seriously how stubborn have you got to be to go out there alone? Have you learnt nothing? We’re a team Oliver. A TEAM!” She sighed and he dropped his head, slowly he pulled himself up off the floor.

"I wasn’t… I was on my way here…” He didn’t look at her then.

“Oh…” She shook her head. “Wait so they grabbed you off the street?”

“To be more precise… They knocked me off my bike, took me to a warehouse, tied me to a chair and proceeded to beat me.”

“But why?”

“Apparently to test my loyalty.” She ran a finger between her eyes sighing. “Which was proven when I broke free and knocked them all out, threatened their leader and spoke to Anatoly.”

“Then why are you here?” She asked staring into his blue eyes.

"Because…” He looked her up and down then, taking in her appearance. “I should probably go, you clearly have plans.”

"Well obviously, you gave us the night off I’m not planning on staying in every time. Not that I don’t enjoy staying in with a tub of mint choc chip and a good film, just you know.” She shrugged and Oliver couldn’t help the smile that crept up on him. He slowly made his way to the door, wincing slightly at his aching sides. As his hand reached for the key he felt delicate fingers circle his wrist; his eyes snapped to see the bright blue nails against his dark jacket, then up to her even brighter blue eyes.

“Oliver?” She said it so softly, with such concern. “You’ve come all this way, let me take care of you.” His eyes widened. “I mean your wounds… You’re injured, what sort of partner would I be if I let you go back out like that,” she gestured at his face and chest, “not that there’s anything wrong with you I mean god… I’m gonna stop…” She said closing her eyes briefly; she opened them to his eyes staring intently into hers.

"Felicity I don’t want to stop you living your-”

“Stop! Stop right there. You are a part of my life Oliver. Now come on.” She pulled on his wrist gesturing him to sit on the stool in her kitchen.

They stayed in a comfortable silence as she cleaned the small cuts on his face, nothing too bad thankfully. She looked at Oliver then, a small frown appearing, as she took a step back from him as his breathing seemed slightly off.

“Jacket and shirt off… Wait not like that; I… just let me see how bad it is.”

“Felicity there is no need, I didn’t mean-”

“Oliver…” She said crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow, ever so slowly he slipped his brown leather jacket off his shoulders. Then even slower he pulled his grey shirt up, Felicity’s eyes widened as his skin was mottled shades of red, and purple. He had tiny cuts on his body; he winced heavily when he had his arms above his head. Felicity instinctively helped ease his arms out pulling the shirt over his head.

“Thank you.” He whispered, not looking into her eyes. She gently trailed her fingers over his skin, making sure not to press too hard. She could feel his breath hitch at different points, clearly in pain and nothing else. She looked into his eyes then.

“Jesus Oliver, I don’t even know if you have broken ribs or not. Why didn’t you go to Dig he would have been so much better…” She watched him arguing with himself. “Come on just talk to me.” He sighed then.

“I’ve told you, I rely on you.” She closed her eyes as she carried on cleaning the cuts and wounds across his chest and body. The air between them seemed to crackle in the silence.

“Why did you really want to come here Oliver?” She asked whilst cleaning his back.

“I… I miss you.” She frowned, and stopped. “I mean, I miss what we used to have the carefree conversations, talking to each other… Confiding in each other… All I want is you to be happy Felicity.” She came back around to face him.

“When are you going to realise you make me happy Oliver?” They stared into each other’s eyes, completely lost in the moment slowly they leant closer, when suddenly there was a slight knock on the door. The atmosphere between them changed, and Felicity suddenly remembered her date.

"I should go.” Oliver said attempting to stand.

“No.” She placed a hand on his shoulder pushing him down. “You need to sleep, need to heal and I don’t think you’ll get that at the loft with Merlyn there.” She said raising an eyebrow.

“But your date?”

“It’s not as important as you.” She answered instantly, and she noticed the look of surprise on his face. She shook her head, “I mean your health. Go get some sleep Oliver.”


“No my bed is free, go relax, nothings gonna happen here.” He gently got up then as she made her way to the door and him her bedroom. She opened the door, to Rays easy smile.

“Hello gorgeous ready for-” his mouth fell open as he took in her appearance. “Are you okay?” She glanced down then to see her blue dress was now stained with small spots of red.

“I… I’m fine. I just I’m not feeling great.”

“Want to stay in?” Her mind wondered to the man in her bedroom.

“Err no! I mean sorry Ray can we rearrange, something’s come up with a friend.”

“Of course, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, thank you.” She leant up and placed a kiss on his cheek before spinning back and locking the door.

“Sorry about the dress.” Oliver said standing in her bedroom doorway. “I mean you’d look beautiful wearing a rag but I think red suits you more than blue anyway.” Her heart quickened in her chest.

"Bed Oliver.” She said a little breathlessly trying not to let his words affect her.

“I know. Thank you Felicity.”

“It’s what friends are for.” She smiled softly, his eyes saddened for a second before he turned away.

“Don’t ever doubt how much I need you.” Oliver said softly disappearing into the darkness.

And now here she was, sat in her living room in her ruined dress, watching TV, eating mint choc chip out of the carton as Oliver Queen slept in her bed. She sighed to herself, wishing that he was in there for an entirely different reason other than sleeping. She closed her eyes taking a calming breath before she sought comfort in her ice-cream.

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First Words

In a world where your soulmate’s first words you hear are etched on your skin, how do you suppose Genos and Saitama reacts to it? Ao3 link.

Theirs is a world where the first words you ever hear your soulmate says is written on your skin. It can be unforgiving, and cruel sometimes. Yet, at times, utterly romantic.

Genos’ mum had the sweetest words curved around her ribs. You must have come from heaven, because you look too good to be true. His dad is ever the romantic, and he loved that those were the first words mum had ever heard him say. Even if his own weren’t much to look at, just a simple - Oh, I’m sorry, is this seat taken? - written at the slope of his shoulders.

They had met on a train, when she was on her way to her grandmother’s place, and dad was just heading to work. He never did end up going, following her to see the family instead, and got hitched not too long after. The perfect soulmate story.

“I don’t like my words,” Genos said, crying when he finally learnt how to read them. His mum pulled him close and hugged him as he cried for hours. “I hate it,” he said. “What if I hate my soulmate too?”

Genos’ mum had hummed, “They’re your other half,” she said, “And your soul is screaming for perfection.”

“But my soulmate is mean!” Genos said, lips twisted in a pout.

“When you’ve met them, it’s as if something clicks into place. A part of you that you never knew was incomplete, is suddenly whole again,” his mum continued.

Genos frowned and crossed his arms, “I don’t like my soulmate, I won’t like them!”

His mum laughs, and it irritates Genos. She’s not taking him seriously.

“Oh my darling, you’ll like them,” she teases. “Definitely.”


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