just when i thought i couldn't love this show more

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Hi Kylie, sounds like you were a big fan of the early HBO GOT. Wondering if you had a specific moment when you knew the show had gone to hell? (I loved seasons 1-4, but felt like the scene of Arya sailing away was a fine stopping point. Everything after, I couldn't stand.)

Yup. For me it was just slightly earlier than what you mentioned:

I detail it a bit more here, but basically I was in full apology mode for all of season 4, and that was also right around when I began rereading parts of the books for the first time. I excused so much away, but I thought that season finale was unbelievably bad. I was so innocent then.

Moreover, that finale proved to me that D&D had no interest in adapting the books. No Tysha (after clumsily seeding it for 3 seasons), no Stoneheart, Jaime/Cersei fucking in the White Tower, a fanservice fight where Brienne ended up looking like a moron (she could have like…used her words).

Even then I tried to be like “okay, those last two episodes were off the mark,” while still getting excited, but that was right around the time we saw the Sand Snake’s casting as the only new women in Dorne, and Tyene whipped out her double daggers

Then I did even more rereading. So it was definitely a combo of factors, but I do think the gif above was the jump the shark moment for me.