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You Always Know What to Say - Carl Grimes Imagine

request: Cool! Could you do one with reader x Carl? In it I want the reader to say the line “is this one of those times when you lie to protect your delicate emotions?”

a/n: this was such a cute request aw

“Why aren’t you telling me the truth?” 

Carl stood from his seat on the couch, wiping his hands on his jeans. “I’m not having this conversation with you. Not right now.”

“Then when? I don’t understand why you can’t tell me what’s wrong!” Carl shook his head and turned away from you, walking up the stairs. You followed him after scoffing and rolling your eyes. 

“I’m perfectly capable of telling you. I just don’t want to.” Carl had been hiding something from you, and you were determined to find out what was going on with him. 

“Come on. Please? I don’t want to fight. I just want to know if there’s anything I can do for you,” you said, quieting your voice. You figured yelling wasn’t going to get you anywhere, and you weren’t about to let him stay mad at you for asking him what was wrong. 

“No, (Y/N), there’s nothing you can do for me. I really just want to be left alone! It’d be great if you’d stop being so clingy for two seconds.” That stung. All anger had drained from your body, and now you were just upset. 

“Is this one of those times where you lie to protect your delicate emotions? Because I’m sick of dealing with your bullshit. I don’t get why you have to take your anger out on me when in reality, I did nothing wrong.”

My emotions? You think I’m trying to protect myself? Everything I do is for you! How can you not see that?” You couldn’t tell if he was frustrated with you or disappointed in you. Either way, you were shocked at what he said.

“Well, if this is protecting me, I don’t want your protection anymore.” With that, you left his house. 

“(Y/N), wait,” he sighed, but you weren’t in the mood to deal with whatever dumb apology he had come up with that time. 

The next day, you woke up earlier than usual. You felt bad about the day before, and you wanted to talk to Carl about it. You made food for both of you and carried it over to his house. Rick answered the door and told you that Carl was upstairs in his room. You knocked on his door a few times. “Hey, it’s (Y/N). I brought you some food.” 

The door opened, and he pulled you into a hug. “Oh, god, I’m sorry,” he said. “I was planning on going over to your place later today. I thought you were so mad at me.”

“I was mad at you, but I just want to talk now,” you said, stepping away from him and heading into his room. “Are you ready to tell me what’s wrong?” 

“I…I don’t know how to say this without sounding like an ass,” he started. “It’s not easy watching everyone praise you all the time. It’s not that I’m not happy for you. I really am. It’s just… That used to be me. I thought I was some remarkable case because I was the only kid, and then you came and kinda gave me a reality check.” He looked like he was ashamed of himself. “I wasn’t upset about you being better than me. I was upset because…”

“Because what?” You didn’t want to pressure him into saying something he didn’t want to, but you wanted to know what exactly it was that was upsetting him so much. 

“Michonne and Dad were talking about bringing you on runs instead of me. They don’t even need me anymore.” You were shocked. Why on earth wouldn’t they want him to go with them? He was one of their best shots, and he had more guts than anyone you’d ever met. “Ever since Dad found out I tried to kill Negan, he hasn’t trusted me the same. He doesn’t trust me anymore, and I don’t blame him.”

You placed your hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. “Your dad trusts you. He’s just worried. He wants what’s best for you.” Carl nodded and leaned into you once again. 

“You always know what to say.”

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When Kris leaves you because you never had a boyfriend before.

“Kris, stop! I get it, I’m sorry!” You were squirming on the couch while Kris relentlessly tickled you. “Say that I’m better looking than Kai!” Kris responded, showing no signs of  stopping.

“Yes! You’re better looking than Kai! You’re the handsomest guy I know! Please I’m sorry.” The tickling finally stopped allowing you to catch your breath as you were lying on Kris’s lap.

“You’re the worst boyfriend,” you pouted as you softly hit Kris on the stomach.

Kris chuckled, “not true, I bet I’m better than all of the other boyfriends you had before.”

You slowly shook your head causing Kris to raise his brows, “what? who’s better than me?”

“No one… Y-you’re actually my first boyfriend,” you shyly responded while playing with your fingers. Yeah you were a bit embarrassed to admit. You knew Kris had plenty of girlfriends before you while you had no dating experience at all. You felt pretty insecure, compared to his other exes, you sometimes wondered why you? Why did he choose you out of all the other girls?

Kris stopped playing with your hair after you said that, causing you to look up at him.

“I’m your first boyfriend?” Kris looked kind of shocked when he asked you that.

“Yeah? Is that a problem?” You didn’t think being inexperienced would cause a problem in the relationship. What if Kris didn’t want you anymore? I mean who wants a girl who knew nothing about relationships when he can get far better girls?

“No, it’s just that I wish you would’ve told me that sooner [Y/N].”

“I didn’t think I had to Kris, why are you making such a big deal out of this?” You grew mad, it was embarrassing enough telling Kris you never even had a boyfriend, but now he’s dwelling on the situation longer than he should.

“I got to go.” Kris stood up leaving you there alone on the couch. You couldn’t believe it. Was Kris mad at you for being inexperienced with the whole dating scene? Were you not good enough for him? It wasn’t your fault, you just haven’t found the right guy, but now that you did find him, the whole relationship is crumbling apart.

That night Kris didn’t respond to your texts, he didn’t send you any cute good night texts like he usually did.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Sleep: A Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid) Imagine

A/N: This is an Anne Nonnie request for Y/N comforting Reid as he wakes up from a nightmare, and they end up confessing, and fluff and stuff. - Fuckeree

Rating: 14A (cause of the nightmare) 

Warnings: Sorta horrid and yucky nightmare


*Spencer’s POV*

I’m walking up stairs, there’s an attic door hole, but it seems to keep getting further and further away the more I climb theses stupid stairs. 

I can hear them screaming, but I can’t go any faster, and I can’t reach the goddamn door. The house is burning, and I can feel the smoke stinging in my eyes, as they water, partly out of smoke and partly out of fear. 

I’m panicking even more now, my chest is starting to burn, and I can’t breathe as I push myself up the stairs faster and faster. The door seems to stop moving, but now I can’t get it open, as I come face to face with it, the rusted padlock stares me straight in the eyes.

It’s blood spattered and rusted, duck taped together, and held shut by the loosely hanging curved piece. 

Even though it looks like it’s ready to fall apart already, when I grab it and haul on it, it seems to get tighter. “Please help us! Please! Please!” a woman’s voice is tearing at my ears, and it feels as though my head is going to explode. 

As I start to cough, my eyes blurred with tears, I try once more to pull it loose. Flames are licking at my ankles, and I start to scream, I don’t know who’s louder, the victims or me, as my pants and shirt take flame and start to burn me alive. 

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” my throat is nearly nonexistent at this point, and I can feel pieces of my skin sliding off. How long will this last before I die? Before they die?. 

I can’t even bring myself to think of them as my body bubbles and blisters, I’m going to die, it’s just a matter of time, and I hope they can remember who I am. I hope that they can lay these people to rest finally. 

When there’s nothing left but the sound of screaming and the crackling of the flames as they demolish everything around me, everything that once was. Who’s screaming? Because I certainly can’t tell if I even have my vocal cords anymore. 

*Y/N POV* 

It’s his rapid movements that shock you awake, in the dead of the night, the moon still peeking in from the window of the jet, his body is violently jerking, and your first thought is that he’s having a seizure, and then he starts to scream.

He’s smacking at himself, and shrieking like you’ve never heard him before, this wasn’t his usual nightmare, that woke the both of you, tears streaming down his face, this was a night terror, and he wasn’t waking up from this one unless you made him.

You can’t get close enough to touch him, without him striking out at you, and as you try to figure out a way to jostle him back to the real world, you don’t want to risk yelling, because he already is, and what help is it going to be? 

“Spencer, please, please wake up” you’re not sure what else to do, as you try and figure out a way around his limbs. 

You duck under his arms, and avoid his legs, throwing your body over top of him, and his eyelids start to flutter. “Spencer, it’s me! It’s me!” you lay on top of him, as he takes a deep, shuddering breath like he was running out of oxygen, and his chest heaves up and down, you on top of it. 

You hurriedly get yourself clear of him, and he throws the blanket off, snapping himself out of his mindset and into the jet once again. He’s wheezing, and wipes away at the sweat of his brow. 

“Oh my god” he breathes, and you approach him slowly, it seems to you that nobody else has woken up, no matter what commotion was happening. 

“Hey, it’s me, can I sit with you? You’re panicking” his quick, shallow breaths scare you a little, you’re worried that if he doesn’t get a hold of it, he’ll pass out once more. 

“Please” he groans, gesturing to the couch, and you sit down softly, setting one hand on his back, and another on his knee. “I want you to breathe in and out with me, nice, deep breaths, okay?”.

He doesn’t speak, just nods, and looks at you, his eyes on yours, beginning to mime your breathing. 

“Okay, did you have another nightmare?” you ask, keeping your voice at a gentle, soothing level. “Yea, I did, it was horrible” he winces at the mere thought of it, so you nod, steering away from the subject.

“It’s okay, you’re back with me now, you’re on the jet, and it’s just you and me, and the others are still sleeping. How are you feeling?” he keeps eye contact with you, and you smile. “I’m okay, a little anxious, my heart is pounding, but I’m starting to come down”. 

“Good, am I helping at all?” you ask, moving yourself closer to him, your thighs brushing and he nods once more. “Of course, you’re my greatest asset at this point, I love it”.

His smile is precious, and you smile back, still rubbing his back slowly as he starts to breathe normally again. 

“Can I ask you a question? It may sound funny” his words are becoming clearer, and you take your turn to nod. “Of course you can, even if it’s funny, no matter what”. 

“Can I hug you? Please? I just feel like the contact would help me” you’re taken aback at first, and then you laugh, “Spence! Of course you can, here” you open your arms, and he puts himself in them, holding you tightly, his head tucked in your collarbone. 

“Thanks Y/N, you’re better than you know” his breath is soft, and tickles your neck, as you hold him tightly. 

“You’re welcome, you don’t have to ask, if I can help you, just do it, okay? I’m here for you no matter what, and I love hugs” you tease him, hoping to get a smile, and he puts you at arms length. 

“I’m going to say something else, don’t mind it if you don’t like it, but ever since we worked our first case together, I have felt this pull to you. Not only because of nights like this, but because of the kind of person you are. You’re.. you’re indescribable, and that’s my favourite thing about you”. 

He’s gnawing at his lip, so you softly touch his face. “I like you Spence, I really, really like you, and I want more nights like this, not you having nightmares, but being able to hold you, and talk to you, you’re my favourite”. 

His smile is genuine, just like your happiness, and he pulls you in again, this time his fingers trace soft lines up and down your back.

“That feels incredible” you sigh, draping your arms over his shoulders and leaning your head against his chest. 

“Come here, hold on, just sit like this” he moves you so that your curled up into him, and runs his fingers up and down your arms and across your back, you set your hand on his chest, and this time, when you go back to sleep, it’s pure bliss. 

Episode 4 of ’Doctor Stranger'

Too much feels. It’s not until this episode that I can say, yes, I do love this show. This will be a bit wordy.


Finally, it feels like a drama that has hit its stride. Some people may think the pace has slowed down too much, but I think it slowed down just enough for us to take things in.

All the characters are in their places – the mechanism and ecosystem of the hospital is getting clear. Doctor Han Jaejun is cultivating a team to treat the prime minister, but their comraderie has a falsity to it. Meanwhile, Park Hoon will presumably make his team from the scraps.

But the star of the show is definitely Park Hoon. And I am not just saying this because I am a Jongsuk stan. This episode could honestly be subtitled as “Park Hoon: Rise of a Legend”. From the moment he stepped into the conference room, he was a star.

I’ve stared at Jongsuk so much these past two years that you would think nothing would shock me anymore, but that moment he waltzed in, long coat all a-billowing and lens flaring, I was sold. Park Hoon is a charismatic fucker who can take over a room. Yet, later on, when they found out that he is from NK and threw scraps of money in his face. The pain and humiliation that flickers on his face, that was even better. Delicious to see him being pushed to the corner a bit – because he fights back like a wolf.

If Hoon is MVP, then Oh Soohyun (Kang Sora) gives him a run for his money. She plays the whole gamut of emotions barely brimming under her calculated surface. She is calm when facing her jerk brother and genteel when with her lover. But Hoon breaks through all that and we see a strong-headed girl who cannot lie to herself much longer. When she finally breaks down in the end of the episode, we cry with her because sometimes even the best intentions do not have a happy ending.

The woman who brings them together is Soohyun’s mom – in the end, they both want to save her because Soohyun wants to reconnect with her, and Hoon notices Jaehee’s bracelet on him and he grabs that as his last chance.

Hoon: “There is something I want to ask her.”
Soohyun: “There is something I want to tell her.”

When it comes to life and death situations, if you don’t grasp the chance, it could have been your last chance. Somehow I thought of the Sewol Ferry children and passengers. :( Btw, I felt that Soohyun is like the grown up version of that little girl, giving Hoon 500 won to save her mother.

Ultimately, I appreciate it when the show takes time to explore the characters and how they affect one another; if people value plor development over letting the characters breathe a little, then I just have to say we have to agree to disagree. (Lol of course I could be overthinking it and there is just less discussion on Naver tonight because ‘Secret Love Affair’ is airing their finale.)

Meanwhile, I leave you with one more Glasses!Hoon.