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Thank you so much for your message! I was in a huge slump last week but you helped me pull out my last post. Here’s a little Genji Pharah for you in their get along shirt! I wish I could literally do this to the gency/pharmercy fans…………. Why can’t ya’ll just be happy that Mercy actually gets so much love for once when in game she’s always the first one to get brutally murdered 

no offense but i really need more rp partners who are my friends like..  dont get me wrong i love all ships nd stuff but its always better when you’re friends with the person anD I want a friend who i can join rps with and have multiple ships with and be clingy w/ and try out new rp things with (for instance fl/rp or indies) and !! i just want a rp partner i can send memes (actual memes , not ask memes but ask memes are great too) to and just become close w/ and have the best greatest ships and i’m rambling but i want a tumblr friend who i can spam w/ stuff about our muses ( or smth ) or just spam w/ anything !! like !! i just want friends where we can play lame games 2gether and watch movies and have a hella emotional and cute plot at the same time i and i want ships where i can send ask memes !! and make moodboards nd cute playlists and other stuff and we can have tons of cute ships and- ,,, wow okay , i got carried away so my grammar in this post is bad but .. come b my friend or ,, just plot idc

i absolutely hate it when advice posts tell you to study all the time. i just read one that said, “if you sleep now, you’ll dream. if you study now, you’ll live your dream.” i mean, it could be metaphorical, but it’s actually a really unhealthy message. studying constantly is not healthy. you need to have a balanced life. you need to have a social life, you need to exercise, you need to sleep. how on earth can you be the best version of yourself if you only study? look after yourself. get at least 6 hours sleep a night. eat healthy food. go outside and see your friends. do things that you love. studying constantly, through the night and day, is not good for you at all. and it’s time that the studyblr community learned that.

“The Language of Love”  Negan x Reader

Word Count: 2,225

Negan x Reader

Request: Can I request a Negan one? Where the reader grew up in France but moved to the US when she was young, but kept her French accent/French as her first language. And she gets taken as prisoner by Negan, but he treats her really well because he’s attracted to her. But one day he just pisses the reader off and she starts to cuss him out in French, and it turns Negan on a lot. And it leads to smut?

Warnings: Smut (oral receiving and giving, no actual penetration), swearing, language kink, I think Negan in general should just be a warning, dom! Negan

a/n: this was a request from someone who messaged me, and I told them I would do it, but I just wanted to point out that I do not speak French. This is all from google translate so I sincerely apologize if anything is not correct!

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Growing up in a country that you were not born in was not the easiest of tasks you have ever had to do. You were originally born in France in a small town just outside Paris, and you lived there until you were thirteen. You loved it there, and once your parents told you that you were moving to the United States (Georgia, in particular), you were not pleased.

You grew to enjoy living here, and everyone was nice to you. The only real problem was the language barrier. You knew minimal English at first, and your French accent was thick. Of course, the other students loved it, but it made it hard for them to understand you, especially when you only knew a few basic words.

As you got older, English became second nature to you, and you barely spoke French anymore. Especially now that it was the apocalypse, none of your French-speaking family was alive anymore, and no one in your group could speak it. You tended to keep that side of you separate from your life now. Life now was different, and you treated it that way. You wanted to put your old self behind and become someone who would survive out here, and dwelling on the past wouldn’t help that.

The only time that you ever spoke French was when you were mad. Oh, man, when you were mad, it came out without you being able to control.

Baisez-vous, je ne vous dis rien!” You spit at the man in front of you. He calls himself Negan, although you’re sure that can’t be his real name. You figure it’s probably a fake name, like what the Governor used. He’s attractive, you’ll admit. The way he carries himself, his beard, just in face in general… Damn. But he was not a good guy. You’ll never let his attractiveness get to you. “Éloigne-toi de moi!”

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I’ve been randomly getting a lot of messages about Gio– So here’s actually an old drawing of him I drew back in the summer. I just decided to color it today haha. Before you say that Gio looks like Kii, Kii’s design is actually heavily based off of Gio, but they’re complete opposites.

My message to any Arc V fan that sees this. I actually did this about a month ago for a fanfiction but it felt better to upload this when the series has ended.  This is the first time I finished a Yugioh series on time, and Arc V was the series that reminded me to go finish watching all those other series (that I hadn’t remembered to go back to when I was much younger). 

It was really enjoyable meeting all you guys here on Tumblr. I felt quite welcomed even though I was a very late comer. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in the Vrains fandom as well. Thanks for the lovely fanfiction and art. Thanks also to everyone who has supported my art. I’m still an amateur but I’ll continue to do my best to improve and draw better. 


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Hinata: we should get married Kags: why? Hinata: cause we'd get wedding cake duh Hinata: *softly* and I'd get to keep you forever Kags: what Hinata: AND WE CAN WEAR WHATEVER CAUSE ITS OUR WEDDING HAHAHAA (may or may not actually be writing about this)

ok but let’s be honest hinata would totally get away with that cuz kageyama is about as observant as a brick around hinata like unless they’re playing volleyball his senses just go pffbbltttttt

Hand In Hand

Request:  Can you make a Carl fluff about how you go out on like a first date with him and go back to his place, but then right when things start to get heated rick and michonne or Judith walk in you and completely ruins the moment? Lol idk I just think fluffs like that are so funny : )

a/n: Thank you to the person who requested this really it was fun to write. It’s not very long and there may be some spelling errors but hey :)) Please don’t forget my requests are open and so is my messages! xo

Warning: A little bit of smut, no actual sex lol.

Tagged: @localantisocial :) Enjoy!!

You look at yourself in the mirror and try to flatten your hair down but instead you decide to put it up in a pony tail because Carl sees you in a pony tail most of the time anyway. Carl had asked you out on a ‘date’ and you happily agreed. You were also very surprised given that you liked him but he never showed any sign of interest.

When Carl arrived to Alexandria he was shy. Too shy. You, with the help of Enid, finally brought him out of his shell and then you two became best friends but you liked him a little more than that. You’ve dropped the subtle hints but he seemed to never understand the hints and then when he asked if you wanted to go on a date you embarrassed yourself by going bright red.

The knock on the door brought you back to reality as you checked yourself in the mirror again.

“I’ll get it.” You shout to Carol. When Rick brought his group Carol had to share a house with you. You didn’t mind though. It felt like having a mother again. You opened the door to see Carl stood calmly and you smiled.

“You ready to go.” He says as you shut the door behind you and nod. You follow him and he takes you to one of the many walls of Alexandria and smiles. “Because of the circumstances of our world right now I wasn’t really sure on what a date would be considered as. We’ve had fun outside of the walls I figured why not do it again but as a date this time?” He smiles and you blush

“Okay. Let’s do it.” You say as he started to climb the wall and you follow suit. 

You walk down the street of Alexandria, hand in hand, with Carl as you laugh.

“Yes! Not only did you almost fall over a log but then you almost fell over nothing and apologised for it.” He chuckles as you both walk together. “Hey, let’s go back to mine.”

You walk through the door and to your knowledge there seemed to be no one in the front room. He led you to his bedroom and you walked in and sat on his bed. As you look around you acknowledge the comic on the floor.

“Really? You’ve read that comic at least 13 times now.” You scoff and he tilts his head.

“If you can find me something else to read beside every comic here then by all means do it. But trust me, I’ve already tried.” He huffs and he comes to sit next to you, placing his hat on the floor by his feet.

“I had a good time today. I haven’t felt as good as I did today in a long time.” You whisper. He looks at you and smiles.

“You’re most welcome.” He utters as his face inches closer and closer to yours. Within a small amount of time his lips are on yours and you’re both moving in sync. You feel the kiss deepen as his tongue enters your mouth and you move to straddle him.

You continue to kiss him as you feel his hands move down to the button of your jeans and he’s soon deftly undoing it. His hand slides past your panties and his finger comes in contact with your clit. You gasp with an immense amount of pleasure when he put pressure on your clit and your brows furrow. His other hand moves to yours so that you’re both hand in hand while his fingers do works of magic.

“S-shit.” You stutter out as his finger moves further south and slips into you. You back arches into him and then the door swings open to reveal Rick, Michonne and a tired, but unwilling to go to sleep, Judith resting on Michonne’s arm. You push yourself off of him and do the button on your jeans up as you both sit up and look a them.

“Oh, sorry we didn’t mean to interrupt anything we were just um, checking to see if you got back. Looks like you did.” Rick says as Michonne’s head leans against Ricks arm and she chuckles. As does Rick when he sees you both go red.

“(Y/n) I’ll let Carol know you got home, she was a little worried about you. I’ll tell her you’re staying over our’s tonight then yeah?” Michonne mutters as they walk out of the room together. Just when you were about to laugh the door opened again to reveal an embarrassed looking Rick.

“Look just promise me. Make sure you use a condom or something yeah?” He says and Carl nods.

“Sure dad.” Carl utters as his checks turn crimson. When Rick leaves you laugh into Carl’s neck. “Wow.” He mutters.

“Yeah, wow.” You chuckle as you move closer to Carl and lay your head on his chest as you both lay on his bed together. “Maybe we should check next time to see if anyone else is home.” You look up to Carl to see his eye starting to flutter shut. He nods.

“Definitely.” He sighs and you grab hold of his hand. You listen to his steady breathing as your eyelids get heavy. You both lay there, hand in hand as you fell asleep. You smile to yourself knowing that when you wake tomorrow Carl will still be there. He’ll be right next to you.

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Hi! I just wanted to say I love your art. I really love how you use colors and colorful lighting (does that make sense..?) and I wish I could do something like that. Thanks for drawing beautful kookmin art!


I know you didn’t ask for this but I’m doing it anyways because i have been getting a few messages about this and I’m nothing if not a masochist so I want to quickly show you that I ACTUALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING and you, too, can be just as effortlessly clueless as me when it comes to making your art shiny and colorful or whatever!

65% of digital art is knowing all the right ways to ‘cheat’. I use quotations bc it’s not reeeeeally cheating, but it sure feels like it. I’m allowed to say this, I spent 60k on an art education, ok. It especially feels like it to me because, I repeat, I usually have zero idea what I’m doing.

Digital art has so many tools at our disposal and yet we tend to overlook and forget about them. One of the tools that I tend to abuse use are blending modes in Photoshop. Here’s some quick and dirty examples:

Take this drawing I did of Jimin for example:

This is what I painted. It’s bland, the colors are boring, and it’s a little flat. I spent most of my effort on getting shapes and forms somewhat presentable. I’m an expert at laziness and doing the bare minimum and it shows here. Now save for adding some darker lashes to him, I got to this end result…

…by doing no more painting whatsoever. I literally just used the tools given to me in Photoshop. I don’t have the layered file anymore because I accidentally saved over it (don’t be like me kids), but here’s a basic overview of what I did:

  • laid down some VERY SATURATED bright colors randomly over the image with a large soft brush. You can seem some pinks on his lower body, and greens and blues on each arm respectively. 
  • set that layer with those bright colors to something like lighten. I forget exactly what blending mode I used, but you can really just play with all of them until you find something you like. i scroll thru the options five or six times before settling on something i like
  • blurred the bottom of the image to give it some fake depth feeling to it
  • added a fucking space picture for texture that i got off nasa (really! NASA IMAGES ARE PUBLIC DOMAIN AND FREE TO USE PEOPLE) and just set that layer to lighten and masked out the majority of it to where only small accents remained.

that’s literally it. here’s a detailed closeup of jimin:

and hey! you suddenly have a little bit more of a dynamic image without having to hardly do diddly squat. ISN’T ART GREAT, SO INSPIRING, WOW.

here’s another image that i did literally the bare minimum on:

when i say i did the bare minimum i really did. please don’t judge me too hard.

here’s what i actually painted.

this is a little embarrassing, lol. it’s just very basic shapes.

then i blurred the entire image and painted in some very faint details in the bg (like the extra branches and little bit of lighting in the bg)

then i added some of those bright colors on blending mode layers to give it some “lighting”…

here’s what the layers look like, and you can see the colors i used:

  • top layer: lighten
  • middle layer: screen
  • bottom layer: soft light

and then I added a space texture because i am NOTHING without my space textures:

and there you have a screen cap redraw I did in like an hour.

what’s that you say? more examples? let’s say you don’t necessarily want to change the lighting of a drawing, but the entire TONE of a drawing. you have a colder image you want to turn warm? i have just the thing:


i did this exact thing with this image:

contrary to what i may have lead people to believe, i’m actually shit at color palettes and color theory in general. i save all that legwork for photoshop. HERE is what i ACTUALLY painted:

completely different. but this is just how i work, i tend to work in pretty neutral colors and then adjust either as i go or after the fact. 

i started with adjusting the bg. i knew i wanted something really warm in tone, so i slapped a nice warm fill layer over it. i also added a tiny big of texture to the wall and a shadow on the floor to make it feel more dynamic.

here’s what those layers look like:

the adjustment layers are highlighted. the top his a orange to pink gradient set to multiply, middle layer is the texture, and the bottom layer is a midtone purple set to multiply with opacity at 69%.

then on to the figures. here’s my layers:

it’s literally just a bunch of playing around. this is more shadows at the bottom to give depth and some random saturated colors to give an interesting dynamic to the image. (don’t overuse this… it’s really easy to but try to resist. bright saturated lighting does NOT work on every image.)

then I added a warm orangeish fill layer and set that to multiply and well… this was the end result.

now i should say that i don’t always take such drastic shortcuts with my drawings. i do spend tons of hours on some paintings from time to time. but even with those i STILL use adjustment layers and blending modes and filters to enhance the art. example, everything i painted by hand on the left, and the same finished piece with adjustment layers:

it’s something that almost every artist does, and it’s time we stop pretending like people do this naturally, it makes aspiring artists work for something that isn’t attainable.

this ended up super long but i hope anyone who is looking for tips and tricks of improving the aesthetic of their drawings found this somewhat helpful. if you have any questions about specific processes, don’t hesitate to ask.

u ever think about how people say Tony isn’t a villain in civil war and yet Tony in the end behaved in exactly the same way that Zemo, actual villain of the movie did? Zemo wanted to hurt Steve and in doing so tear apart the Avengers and so he went after Bucky. Tony wanted to hurt Steve and so when he found out about his parents, he went after Bucky with the intention of killing him and taking him away from Steve forever

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I'm curious as to what your take on the Venom symbiote is? More recent media has unanimously had the symbiote make Peter more aggressive while wearing it, ruining his attitude and giving him a reason to try to ditch it, but I don't remember that being the case in the original comic run, I only remember it making him tired since it would possess his body at night while he slept to patrol the city, and the aggression and anger of Venom came from Brock. Will you be having the symbiote

(message continued) enhance Peter’s aggression, or is that too spoilery to ask? (Personally I think it’s an unneeded plot point and that Peter not wanting a clingy alien bonded permanently to him is enough, and that the alien symbiote having no negative effect on him besides a parasitic draining of energy actually provides more impetus for its rejection-fueled future hatred of him, but that’s just my opinion.)

‘Clingy’ is definitely the operative word when I think of the symbiote. The general vibe that I get is that it should follow the mood of a damaged and manipulative relationship.

Don’t know how much I’ll delve into Black Suit stuff in comic form, so I don’t mind sharing expanded thoughts on it here:

This version doesn’t necessarily make him more aggressive, but he does find the symbiote at a time when he is emotionally vulnerable. Rather than making him stronger, (and since it feeds best when the host is forthcoming), it dampens his inhibitions, making him take more risks, pull less punches - gets him the feeling like the suit has levelled him up.

But, it is a needy and jealous creature, that begins whispering doubt and distrust into his mind about his friends, so it can have him all to itself. It doesn’t possess his body during the night, but makes it harder for him to fall asleep - attempts to push him further and harder, overstepping its boundaries and exhausting him more and more. That’s when Peter reconsiders, and has to say ‘this isn’t working out.’ He tears it off, ending their relationship.

In comes Eddie Brock - the rebound. His relationship with the symbiote is far more toxic. Hurt by Peter’s betrayal, it uses Eddie entirely as an outlet for its rage and pain. What I wanted to showcase in ‘Together’ was Eddie having no personal grudge against Peter - in fact, they’ve never even spoken before. The symbiote forces Peter’s traits and memories onto its new host, trying to recreate what it had, while simultaneously projecting its own feelings through him. Eddie becomes the indoctrinated rebound and the vengeful ex both bundled up in one body.

As more of Eddie is eaten up, the symbiote starts taking charge, and Venom emerges.

So yeah, the aggressive side of the symbiote is a result of its connection to Peter, rather than a contributing factor!

edit: also, I dig your breakdown! Thanks for taking the time to write out those thoughts :D


i was already drawing these when i got this message so here u go anon :3

chara is still very distrustful of any humans who fall into the underground, but lil frisk manages to worm their way into their heart <3

meanwhile asriel is like omg a human chara actually likes?? gotta keep this one

i hate the feeling of isolation (esp. of being isolated from trans women) that i get when i’m writing work that takes weeks or longer to finish, like with my new stories. it’s so different from working on my old poetry chapbook, for which i wrote and posted a new poem every couple of days. it’s not that i need feedback; there’s little to be gained, i think, from likes and brief comments or even from messages that touch on elements of the work. i don’t even know how i’d function in an actual workshop setting now because i’m guided by such strong visions of what i’m trying to create that i’m only limited by a lack of time and money. with a story, it’s so hard to step back from the work of a day or two and have a sense that you’ve created something because even those few pages (at best) can’t be read on their own, they can’t be shared, and there’s probably not even a nice, pithy phrase in sight. but maybe this is just my own problem with fiction; that i’m often having to lay down the narrative first and then return to it with an eye towards the language, whereas in my poetry the two elements are so inextricable that there cannot be a poem if i can’t weave those elements together from the first sound. but yeah, the expansiveness of prose, the difficulty of stitching language to it on the first pass, problem of adding each day’s work to the greater narrative without losing the balance or straying in one of a thousand ways. that’s part of the isolation too. distance from my own work, then, distance from others.

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"lot of good that did" that line is were I died xD. Seriously though, the newest chapter was so beautifully heartbreaking you actually made me cry with all the feels! Thank you for this wonderful fic, you've managed to make Mondays fun. Have a good night! 😘

I actually squealed when I wrote that line. I had a totally fangirl moment over my own writing and I’m not ashamed to say that😂

I was actually going to have a full on Rowaelin sex scene in that last chapter. But it didn’t fell right, not just yet at least, so I had Aedion walk in.

But I’m so so so glad you enjoyed the chapter! And thank you for reading it (and sending messaged, I love getting messages)😘

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i’m really sorry i think i accidentally sent an unfinished ask to your blog. if you get an ask saying “yaint’d’ve” please ignore it.

Honestly, receiving this in my inbox has made my day. I just laughed so hard when I saw it and then when your second message came in I literally died. But what was the whole ask you were trying to send me in the first place? I’m curious now. 

Yaint’d’ve… I’m seriously laughing so hard right now, it took me a while to compose myself enough to actually reply to this. I’m sorry for not ignoring it but this gem needs to be appreciated.

Sugar well received

I’m saying this because a year ago when I read something like this on tumblr, I wouldn’t believe it myself. 😅But it’s happening to me now! 🎉 SEA daddy, a daddy that I met only once, back in November. Just wired me 4K💸. He actually kept his promise on giving me an allowance and just when I thought it only applies to when we are meeting, but I haven’t seen him since Nov. 😬 But even though we are not seeing each other, I have been taking to him everyday, just a few messages here and there. Now I feel bad for not responding to his text as often 😝 So, sugar sisters out there, don’t give up! Real sugar daddies do exist!! Just take longer time and some luck to get them✨And forget about those guys who will low ball you and only hand you an allowance when there is sex involved. Thank god for SEA daddy, I think I’m dropping my Splenda daddy. May be I should keep both, but it feels so good to have a daddy who’s not calculative or fixated on money. 😌

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How did you and your bae get engaged? I love engagement stories >>>>w<<<<

Um, so this is going to sound ridiculous/weird/I don’t know, but I don’t have a good engagement story because… my partner and I had a sort-of love-at-first sight thing and so for us it just… was? We met online in a message board for a fandom, actually, although I didn’t think of it that way at the time? It was for a band. :D And so anyway… we were friends there and then met IRL and… that was it.

So then when we got engaged it was like, ok, ready now? Yep. Let’s go buy a ring. LOL

It all probably sounds ridiculous and it kinda was and there have definitely been… rocky parts. But that’s just normal, I suppose.

Be More Than Cute

I Always Get The Question Of “Why Am I Single” My Answers Usually Vary But They’re Still In The Same Sense Of I Just Haven’t Found The Right One For Me Yet. Although That Is True; There’s Actually Something That Has Been Making Me Feel Quite Apprehensive When It Comes To Dating Men. They Feel Like They Don’t Have To Do Anything To Gain A Woman’s Interest. I Believe It’s Because They Have Been Fed Too Many Compliments. They Feel Like Because Women Think They’re Cute That’s All It’s Gonna Take To Get Them Noticed. With Me It’s Not The Case At All. I See You; You Cute But What Else You Have To Offer Than Just Being That. You Cute But Are You Conscious. . You Cute But Can You Cook. . You Cute But Are You Cultured. . You Cute But Do You Have Charisma. . You Cute But Is Your Mind Challenging. . You Cute But Are You Compassionate. . You Cute But Is Your Heart Courageous. . You Cute But Is Your Voice Calming. . You Cute But Are You Into Commitment. . You Cute But Can You Communicate. . You Cute But Are You Creative. . You Cute But Do Your Presence Exudes Confidence. . You Cute But Are You Considerate. . You Cute But Do You Cry. . You Cute But Do You Think That’s Really Convincing. There Are So Many Other “C” Adjectives That I Would Prefer You To Have. Those Things That I Mentioned I Want In My Man. If I Can Offer All Of Those Things And More Why Can’t You Do The Same. I Always Heard That Women Rely On Just Their Looks But I Have Found Over The Years That Men Are The Ones Who Do. Now When I Look At My Dating Life I Feel Like I Was Always Being Offered The Short End Of The Stick. So I Ask All Men When You Try An Date Me Please Be More Than Just Cute. 💕💋

Happy birthday @cosmiccu !

Hope you had an absolutely stunning day today, and congratulations on becoming 18! May this year be the best one you’ve had so far ♥︎