just what is she

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Elder Price's obsession with Orlando is SO much deeper than people realize. It's like a metaphor for his happiness. The way he describes the road trip with his parents was clearly a time in his life where he had felt true happiness to an extent that it still resonates with him at an older age. His parents told him if he worked hard for the things he wanted, then he'd get them in the end. And look at the result of that? He's like the perfect Mormon who focuses so much on 'being' a good Mormon that he doesn't have much of a life outside of that. After Kevin's incident with the general and Cunningham approaches him, Kevin launches into this big emotional speech about working hard to get what he deserves. And he talks about how he 'worked and worked' and it's concerning because Kevin equates Orlando to happiness and everything had fallen apart and crumbled at that moment. He truly gives up and believes everything is over for him and he's "just a guy who will die' and never find his way back to Orlando(aka happiness). But after he sees the play he's smitten and when he sings the small reprise "But they were happy, and wearing costumes, it was almost like...Orlando." which is the turning point in his view because Kevin realizes right there that 'Orlando' AKA HAPPINESS, can be made and found anywhere, it's not just a singular static thing. And that's why he stays because he has a new lease on life after that and understands that he can create his own happiness so-

Milo: I’m never letting you go, Irene. Seeing you lying next to me… it makes me happier than ever.

Supercorp au where Kara swears when she’s stressed and her favorite phrases are “fuck” and “fuck me”. So much so that Lena has gotten accustomed to answering internally, thinking things like “yeah” “sure when” “your place or mine” “I really do want to dear, but I’m quite busy at the moment” and that one time she says it under her breath and Kara hears her, goes up to her and says, “did you just understand kryptonese?” “Yes” “and did you just reply ‘I want to’?” “Uh y-yes”

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I personally don't ship Eremika, I've actually grown to hate all SnK/AoT ships, mostly because of the fans-However I understand that people like to ship things, so I don't grudge it. That said, what do you think about Eremika's fanbase? I haven't had good experiences because I didn't ship it and I was attacked (not physically, I just turned off the PC, other than slurs, it wasn't a big deal- It was alot of people though). Also, what do you think of Levi x Farlan?

the fanbase of eremika to me seems pretty nice. kind of hard to break into, in my opinion, because they seem rather tight-knit. hence, i rarely post fic to tumblr on my fandom blog. i’m just too shy. their closeness frightens me.

however, i’ve also noted that there’s a lot of carry over of touken fans from tokyo ghoul, and they kinda… creep me out. some of the fans of both sigh about hoping isayama will do with eremika what ishida did with touken and i’m just… creeped out. despite being long part of eremika hell, i saw the raws for tg:re 125. i don’t need softcore porn in this manga k thx. plus it’s not a romance manga so it’s fine to leave things open ended.

i’ve noticed that the snk fandom is particularly bitchy about ships. like, we’ll fight to the literal death defending out faves, but while discourse is annoying to some and all, there is a line that should really be set in fucking stone when threats and anon hate come in. that really should not be crossed, and i want to sincerely apologize to you if you ever got hate from an eremika shipper for not shipping it. i can’t really apologize for other ships– i’m not part of them.
i’m so sorry the fandom is like this, and i think if you’ve received hate for the petty reason that you don’t ship the same ship as someone, the sender deserves a good kick from tumblr and the internet. forever. 

the only thing that sticks in my mind about levifar is that one of my followers really likes it and i like reading their tags because they consistently leave comments in their tags. *w* other than that, i’m neutral on it.

Is it bad that I just blocked someone simply because they stated very adamantly that Lana’s cringeworthy EQ numbers in the musical episode were far superior to Hook’s number, Emma’s solo, and the entirety of A Happy Beginning?  I mean, maybe I’m just being petty, that’s a very good possibility, but at the same time I don’t think any sane, non-tone deaf person can legitimately claim that Lana outperformed Jen OR Colin, much less both of them combined.  That’s just pure insanity, and I would much prefer to go the rest of my life without ever seeing such nonsense ever again.

What if the secret behind Pippi Longstocking’s superhuman strength was that her mom was an Amazon from Themiscyra?

The Hogwarts Houses as Cats

Ravenclaw: Curious little cats. Enjoy spending their time watching birds and figuring out where that damn red dot comes from.

Gryffindor: Extremely adventurous cats. Loves being outdoors and going on endless journeys around town, but also is know to run into walls whilst playing.

Slytherin: These cats sneak around the house and plan out every move while playing. If there is a mouse, this cat will catch it.

Hufflepuff: Love catnip, treats, and being with their human. These cats become extremely attached to their owner, but will warm up to others as well.

Yes hello, Vetra’s backstory actually breaks my heart thinking about the stuff these poor girls had to go through. I gave you the cute, now you have to cry with me


“Unless we’re talking heteronormativity and having to hide who you are in order to be accepted, because that doesn’t sound like much of a privilege to me.”

(Gifs are from A Little Bi Furious by @claudiaboleyn)


9 Days of Sense8: Day 3 - Riley Blue


The thing that I disagree so much with people regarding Ciel twins
  • Our Ciel never be loved from his family

C’mon we have his own flashback of him having asthma and Madam Red taking care of his health while his mother and lizzy are concerned. 

There’s also a moment when his parent let him sleep together because he scared of the thunder. 

Vincent personally request to Diederich to help both twins anytime (So basically never he even forgotten about Our!Ciel safety and how he got the equal treatment, caring like he did toward Real!Ciel too). 

  • Real Ciel was quite evil toward Our!Ciel in the past 

You know when people said they hated twin cliche they thought of Real!Ciel not really care for Our!Ciel while this is so wrong I mean look they have a shared toys together to play. This image also implied that they used to play chess together. 

In the cult when both were being kidnapped, Real!Ciel assured Our!Ciel not to be scared because he’s here to protect him.

There’s also a foreshadowing where Arthur mentioned he is having little brother in the same age Our!Ciel when he got mentioned, Our!Ciel gave a sad smile because he probably also used to be cared so much by his twin brother. 

So regarding some people opinion, I may agree that the current real!ciel was no way kind like he used to be but I just hope people not disregard that Our!Ciel is no way get a bad treatment during his childhood until he is being kidnapped and prisoned in the cult. 


Kurt, what if it’s only a matter of time before I become like that?