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Hey! Can you draw Marinette's Genderbend version and original Adrien together? I think it will be awesome :D Thank a lot!

have some genderbent!Marinette and Adrien?

Unnecessary Lotor Meeting Headcanon

Imagine this:

• Lotor first meeting the whole crew planning on attacking but immediately lays his eyes on Lance (I been seeing fan art i needed to jump in, okay??)

• Keith is jealous by how much this guy is paying his full attention to Lance because that’s his what the heck???

• Lotor wanting to take him as a prisoner with intentions of stealing Voltron too

• Lotor dissing Keith everytime he talks or butts in and is a sass king (i just have a feel)

• Uncomfortable Lance, Flirty Lotor, Fuming​ Keith who is ready to fucking explode

• It became Keith vs. Lotor so fast that everyone else just kind of doing their thing and beating off anything trying to attack

• Lance would tease Keith of going to Lotor if he didn’t do something Lance wanted

• It immediately back fires and turns to being Keith pinning Lance to the wall

• Do not mention Lotor


• He cradled Lance​ in his arms and it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t him even if the little shit denies it

keith trying to figure out lance

i don’t know why but i just made this.. may come in handy some time….. feel free to use lmao

My life goal is to adapt every meme


Yuuei cycle club 


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

for @about-faces!

Daniel Howell

Summary: When Dan gets hate for changing his channel name, the only person can fix it is Phil. 

Genre: Fluff, Pouty!Dan

Warnings: None this time :) (Look I wrote one without swearing what a rare occasion) 

Word Count: 1,039

Dan gave a dark stare to his bright computer screen. All he could see was the page refreshing over and over again. Comment after comment. All of which complaining. Complaining about the name change.

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i was being dumb earlier so this happened

Otayuri Movie Night Headcanons

- They rarely go to the cinema, preferring the quiet and secluded company of their apartments, so they can talk during the film. Plus,Yuri prefers to have blankets and snacks and his cat.

- Otabek may or may not turn down the heating so Yuri leans closer.

- Yuri usually picks the films; turns out he’s really in to bad action movies. But sometimes, Otabek picks. And when he does, it’s always a RomCom.

- What? He gets a kick out of seeing Yuri blush at the sappy, romantic parts.

- And hearing him laugh is always a bonus. 

- Yuri is adamant that he loves horror films and has no issue watching them and that they absolutely do not scare him. Otabek knows that they do, but agrees t watch them in the hope that Yuri will cuddle in to him.

- He does. Everytime.

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fran-sama how you hands?? how do draw??? sgkshsksg i honestly love how you draw hands, could you please do a small ?? sketch?? to show how you draw them? im sorry but pls ilu qvq

TBH I’m not really confident in the way I draw hands just yet, they’re definitely the hardest part of the body to draw for me, but this is more or less how I go about them! As you can see my hands are incredibly semplified what are fingernails even and usually the smaller they get the less I bother with them (oops)

Anyway, as far as learning to draw them goes the easiest way is to draw them a lot, sadly and obviously o<-< I spent a lot of time filling pages with copied hands actually, both from my favorite artists and from real hands pictures, but while that’s a great way to start to grow confident with the shapes the best thing to do is to try and draw them as much as possible attached to actual people - it helps with proportions and expressiveness a lot, in my experience

and don’t be scared to use references, like, really, I use my hands as refs a lot while drawing and often look up specific positions I can’t reproduce on my own, hands are really expressive and can move in a whole damn lot of ways, there’s nothing weird in not being able to get a position right without visual imput 👍

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone!